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Found 177 results

  1. Some Investitures, such as Sand Mastery or Surgebinding allow their practitioners to grow in power over time based on certain circumstances for each system. But what if you gain that power via Hemalurgy? For example, let's say that a Hemalurgist spikes a Sand Master and steals their ability to wield White Sand. If that Hemalurgist were to Overmaster, would they grow in power? If they do grow in power, is it the contents of the spike that grow in Investiture, or does the Hemalurgist's own Spiritweb grow instead?
  2. So, this is a bit of a niche question, but I've been wondering - Progression can obviously cause plants to rapidly grow, but could it be used to make plants rapidly rot as well? I ask because I was thinking of the ability to use seeds to rapidly generate topsoil via Progression; you'd plant some seeds, accelerate their growth, accelerate their rotting, and repeat the process, in a fashion similar to an accelerated version of the way that pioneer species colonize things like new volcanic islands. You'd probably need to mix in some manure or stuff like that, and use nitrogen-fixing species for the best effects, but it seemed like it might be a useful ability (albeit somewhat redundant with Soulcasting, probably). On the other hand, I wasn't sure if Progression could be used to accelerate rot in the first place, or whether the fact that Investiture is fuelling the growth would prevent you from using saprotrophic organisms (e.g. fungi) to do the decomposing - if you're supplying the energy, would they consume the plants you put them on?
  3. These alomancy grenades are suuuper cool. They add a whole different dimension to abilities but there's a few edge cases where I'm kind of unsure as to what the result would be, like tin and pewter? they'd just make everyone inside be tineye's and pewterarms for duration? this is probably a headache which Brandon is trying to figure out atm (unless he already had to sit down and really think about it). But what's interesting about these grenades is how they erase Intent (or maybe it would be more accurate to say Command) because anyone can use them and they work on general not specific things. I also wanted to add if these things could be done for things outside the metallic arts but I find it difficult again because of lack of Intent or Command. Unless you can also store certain Intents or Commands like a Lightweaver illusion or a gravitational pull in all directions.
  4. I woke with a massive head ache, and there was a body lying next to me. There was strange looking creature standing over us. Around me it looked like a deep crevasse in the roughs. As my head cleared I asked the creature "Where am I?, and Who or what are your?" It said I am a Cryptic and you can call me Fractal. You are in the Chasms on the shattered plains. Then it asked me "whzy dos I feel az if you aren relatedz to Taldar mynz bond matez?" I looked at it and replied "I am not sure what the shattered plains are but where I am from I am considered an Identity mirror. It is kind of like being a living hemalugic spike except I copy personalities to my metalmind of people I come into contact with then I weave parts of that Identity into myself." I continued "You can call me quicksilver. I must have come in contact with this Taldar while he was alive and before his journey lead to this final destination" Out of nowhere I heard or felt something say your oath is accepted. Suddenly I felt an infusion of power and my headache vanished as well as many other minor pains. I also felt a flood of knowledge about what Taldar had known of these new abilities. I seemed to suddenly have as well, an understanding of who and what Fractal was. I filled the Pewter and Gold minds I had gained access to when I mirrored some other ferings Identities with the surge of power I felt. Once I gathered anything useful I looked at Fractal and said I guess we should get moving since I don't think we are safe down here. Then with pewter aided strength and filling Iron climbed to the plateau. Looking around I said to Fractal "where to from here?"
  5. Out of all the Surges, I'd have to say that I find the Surge of Cohesion to be the one I'm most interested in. Because it almost feels like a strange yet alluring combination of Waterbending and Earthbending from Avatar, except even more broad somehow. So let's come up with some cool applications for it. Just for fun. I'll start with one that's been stuck in my head for a while: Stone 'Power' Armor. The concept is a bit weird but also fairly simple, the Surgebinder uses Cohesion to mold stone/metal/etc around their body, hardening the exterior by 'letting go of it' while keeping the insides moldable and movable via Cohesion. Thus letting them have a 'liquid' armor that they could reshape on the fly for swords, hammers, shields, etc. It wouldn't be as tough or efficient as Shardplate, but it would be accessible to any Willshaper or Stoneward before they swear the 4th oath. A decent substitute in most scenarios that don't include defending oneself from Shardblades. Any other cool ideas?
  6. So I’ve been studying the power of the various magic system and while Surgebinding and Elantrian Aons are cool I am under the impression that there are 3 Canadites for the strongest. Hemalurgy, Compunding, and Forgery. But I wanted to her other input and discussion.
  7. Title. Would it possible for say, a horse to bond an Honorspren and become a windrunner, assuming the spren isn't being upity about bonding an animal? How intelligent would an animal have to be? Could a plant do it?
  8. So hypothetical question, let's say you have the stupidly rare opportunity to Bond with any 2 Spren of your choosing, which of the 10 Orders would you simultaneously join? You have to uphold the Oaths from both Orders you choose. I'd choose Willshaper and Windrunner, simply because their oaths would match up pretty well, with saving people and freeing people being the core elements. Plus the powers would be awesome when used together. Any thoughts?
  9. In your opinion, what would make for a particularly fun/cool/interesting powerset for a metalborn character who bonded a radiant spren? For simplicity's sake we'll exclude Mistborn, full Feruchemists, Hemalurgy, and corrupted spren like Glys. Twinborn combinations are allowed, so long as the result is more awesome than the sum of its parts. First one that comes to mind is a Rioter or Soother who's bonded a cryptic. For one thing, you get to double up on social abilities by mixing lightweaving and emotional allomancy. For another, I'd be curious to see whether you can mesh emotional allomancy with soulcasting to riot or soothe the souls of objects, making it easier to persuade them to change.
  10. So could the Surges of Cohesion and/or Tension be used on liquids like water, or would that not work? And could they be used on gases as well? Thoughts?
  11. If Stormlight can heal your spiritual aspect, which you store parts of when you fill a metalmind, could you continuously fill strength while healing the missing strength? different from compounding as you're not always tapping, but allows you to replenish your stores very fast. This assumes that feruchemy makes a part of your sDNA disappear temporarily in a similar way to Hemalurgy.
  12. Hey there, new 17th Sharder here. Been reading a lot of the Stormlight Archives lately. So one of the important things about stormlight is that unless it's stored into a gemstone with no flaws then the Stormlight will inevitably leak. And from what I understand is that Perfect Gemstones are pretty rare, so I've been wondering about how one could make a Perfect Gemstone with only what is on Roshar, with no Worldhopping cheats. The most obvious idea is Soulcasting, but it's been said in the text (as far as I know anyway) that you can't Soulcast gems. I assume that this also applies to the Surge of Transformation, so that idea is currently off the table. Another idea I've had is using the Surge of Cohesion to manipulate the shape of a gemstone to match that of a Perfect gemstone, which I think is plausible but would much more difficult in practice. Any other ideas?
  13. Hey there, so I've recently had an idea that I'd like a bit of help fleshing out. So this idea sort of came to me while I was thinking about a certain section in a Mistborn Era 2 newspaper, the one with 'K and N', who are probably Krhiss and Nazh, asking people to come to them if they hear their metal tools start to talk to them (Which all on it's own is interesting to wonder about but I digress) and I was also thinking of a fanfiction idea where a new magic system occurs on Scadrial. So the idea is that during the Catacendre things go a little wrong and bit of Ruin and Preservation are torn and became Splinters, like Spren (Though I don't know if I should call them that or not) these Splinters then attempt to mimic the Nahel Bond but due to Scadrial's Affinity for Metal they need to use one of the 16 Metals as a middleman. And the metal they Bond to must have some kind of Connection to the one they wish to bond with , so they can't just Bond with a piece of scrap metal, more like some kind of family heirloom or something of great significance to the 'Bonded' which is also Allomantically viabe. They can't Bond with a Metalmind or a Hemalurgic Spike due to them being Invested. Which would mess up the Bond. There will be 16 types of Splinters which for the sake of simplicity I''m just going to call Spren, there would be one for each of the metals like Steelspren, Pewterspren and so on, I don't know exactly what powers the person would get from this Bond or if it's be more like an Aviar Bond. But I wouldn't want them to be anymore powerful then what is shown by the Metallic Art, Compounding not included. Any thoughts? I'd love to hear some.
  14. Hey, JustQuestin here, I've got an idea I want to use but I want help to flesh it out. This idea is creating a new Magic System based on the principles of Surgebinding and the Metallic Arts, specifically Spren and the 16 Metals. So the basic outline (if you could even call it that) I have for this is that during the Catacendre, some things go a little wrong and bits of Ruin and Preservation are Splintered off and become similar to Spren, they end up deciding to mimic the Nahel Bond (Don't ask why they'd know about it they just do) but they have to use certain Metals as sort of middlemen for the bond to work, the 16 Metals to be precise. The core of this is from a newspaper article from the Second Era of Mistborn, the one with an ad that has 'K and N' asking people to come to them if they notice they're metal tools start talking to them. I don't quite know what the powers granted from this would be, nor how exactly one would gain this bond aside from having a Connection to a piece of metal, like a bracelet or something. Thoughts?
  15. Bondsmiths and Fused using the Song of Prayer pull new Light from the Spiritual, but it seems like most Radiants use Stormlight from spheres and gems or the highstorm (Investiture already present in the Physical Realm). Is it end-neutral for regular Radiants but end-positive for Bondsmiths and Fused? That seems odd.
  16. The Surge of Transportation can be used to move between the physical and cognitive realms. Could it also be used to fully enter and exit the spiritual realm, allowing one the enter at one point and exit at another, essentially allowing them to teleport? The Oathgates seem to do something like this, so could an Elsecaller with enough practice do the same?
  17. So I had this theory just pop into my head as I was reading and it basically is this: Will Syl eventually choose to be enlightened by Sja-anat to better understand emotion? So far all the spren of Roshar have been of Honor and Cultivation and recently, some, touched by Odium. Odium is described as passion and emotion so it makes sense that his power would help sapient spren to better understand emotion, especially in humans. Syl has expressed a desire to better understand Kaladin and his emotions, even going to Dalinar for help. Would not then, she go to Sja-anat to become more than just of Honor and Cultivation? Maybe even Odium? We know that Odium is not going anywhere now and that he is now a part of Roshar so would it be wrong to assume that spren will start being influenced by his power? What are your guys thoughts on this? Am I completely wrong?
  18. A question in the recent spoiler stream regarding units of investiture got me thinking about this. We know that Kaladin and Szeth each are intuitively aware of Basic Lashings, that the first lashing removes your Spiritual Gravitational Connection to the planet below you, and it "falsifies" a similar Connection in the intended direction relative to the surgebinder. The question: Are all basic lashings equal? Does every Windrunner, Skybreaker, and any of their squires, use the same amount of stormlight to pull with the same gravitational force? We know that allomancers have different power levels based on how far removed they are from the introduction of lerasium into their lineage (also maybe how much lerasium? unsure), and that unkeyed metalminds can alter a person's ability to access and use investiture, sometimes even granting whole new abilities. Is there some defining characteristic, be it genetic, spiritual, or otherwise, that may alter a surgebinder's ability to use more stormlight, use stormlight more efficiently, or just have stronger (or weaker) effects?
  19. A Radiant increases their power by increasing the strength of their Bond with their Spren, which is really just a very strong Connection. If a Radiant who swore the first oath were to tap large amounts of Connection from a Duraluminmind, could they bypass the need to swear more oaths in order to increase their power? Or maybe even if you couldn’t bypass the need to make more oaths, could you maybe be able to speed up the process of swearing more oaths?
  20. If a Radiant stored their connection to their spren in an unlocked duraluminmind, could someone else pick up the metalmind and become a Surgebinder or is that not how F-Duralumin works?
  21. If someone with the intent of Hemalurgy went to Roshar and stabbed a Windrunner in the right place with an Atium spike, would the Hemalurgist be able to steal a spren bond in a similar way to an unchained Bondsmith?
  22. We have info from WoBs and in universe conversations which say that the Surges manifest different for the different Orders. However, we don't really see that. We mostly see that whatever one Windrunner can do with Gravitation, a Skybreaker can also do with Gravitation, or that whatever an Elsecaller can do with Transformation, a Lightweaver can do. Discounting Renarin and Bondsmiths because they are the exception which prove the rule. But upon reread, which I do a lot of, I think I can see a very good example of one time where we see a Surge manifest differently between orders. In Oathbringer, when Kaladin is flying a group of people above a highstorm, he says that he's not just making them fall forwards like normal, he's also creating a sort of wind funnel around them, keeping them from all separating in the wind. I think that's a Windrunner only ability. Scientifically, Kal has created a bubble of higher pressure air around him and his friends, keeping the winds from disrupting them too much. That's Adhesion. While Adhesion sticks things together, its not with a chemical bond like glue, its with suction. Air pressure. My theory is that every order of Knights Radiant uses a little of their other Surge whenever they use a Surge. Windrunner Basic Lashings also manipulate air pressure while their Full Lashings also manipulate gravity (maybe, I have no proof for this). Lightweaver, well, Lightweavings have a little bit of Soulcasting in them, adding extra substance to the illusion (see the Battle of Thaylen Field for a disputed example). If this theory is correct, that would explain why the Surges manifest differently between Orders, even if only in small ways. The Knights can't stop themselves from using a tiny amount of their other Surge whenever they use one. However, I want to add one more thing to this, something I've seen most other people miss (and something I reeeeeeally want to ask Brandon about.) The Essences. Each Order is associated with an Essence, and while we normally think of these for Soulcasting as they play an important role in limiting that power, I think they're more important than just that. We don't know if that association is just cultural or if its magical, and even if it is just cultural then it might have become magical through the ways that the Cognitive Realm functions. If it is magical, then what happens if we change that association? What if he had a Windrunner who's essence was Blood instead of Wind? Would that change their powers at all? Would it change their Resonance? Anyway, a question that I think should be asked at the next QnA with Brandon is: "Each Order of the Knights Radiant has two Surges they can use and an essence associated with them. Is that association simply cultural, or is it magical? Would changing the essence of an Order change they way they use their powers?"
  23. So we know that Adhesion can be used by Dalinar and Ishar to mess with Connection, and when that happens its described as Spiritual Adhesion. But something I was thinking about recently is a scene in WoR, where Shallan convinces Vathah and Red and the others to stop being deserters and to be good soldiers again. Pattern says that she Soulcast them, which Shallan is confused and disagrees about. Maybe Pattern is right and Shallan did Soulcast them, but not in the Physical Realm. She Transformed their Spiritual selves, just slightly. Once I made that connection I started thinking about the other Surges. When Venli uses Stoneshaping she was able to communicate with the stone of Ur, something which seems like not normal Stoneahaping. But maybe she was using Spiritual Stoneshaping, rather than Physical Stoneshaping, making a Connection between her and the stone. Do all Surges have Physical and Spiritual versions? Do they have Cognitive versions?! Please help me here hahaha
  24. Can a Radiant only use Stormlight held within their body to fuel their surges, or can they use stormlight that is near them, but not currently held within them? If they can only use stormlight within their bodies, how did Jasnah use her Soulcasting abilities in WoK without glowing?
  25. Is there a way to allow other items to be brought with you when utilizing the surge of Transportation that is used by the Fused such as the Pursuer? Would piercing yourself with metals allow you to bring them with you, since they touch your soul? Could you take Feruchemical storages with you using this method? Would Hemalurgic spikes be able to be transported with you if you traveled this way?