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Found 5 results

  1. I was gushing to a friend about how incredible the two Girl Who Looked Up sequences are. Great writing, beautiful story, powerful tie-ins to the main plot and characters. Truly one of the standout pieces of Oathbringer. And I realized that it is the perfect self-contained bit of visual storytelling to adapt for the screen. We've talked before about how DMG owns film rights to the cosmere, and how despite the size of the story and world they appear to be trying for a Stormlight movie first. I wish them luck. But it occurred to me that to promote the project (either to filmmakers or to the general public) and/or to gauge interest, they could produce an animated short of The Girl Who Looked Up. It is a great way to showcase their artistic vision and their ability to adapt the material, and they could add all sorts of teases at the end about illusion magic or the Voidbringers or highstorms to serve as a hook. I know I would watch it over and over and over. In fact, they could do a series of shorts around Wit's stories (Wandersail, Fleet, and Mishim), and possibly other in-worlds myths. The nice thing is that this gives them complete freedom of medium. It's a story being told in world, so the visual stole doesn't have to match their eventual film. CG, stop motion, illustration, live action, etc are all free game. (It also gives us the possibility of getting something sooner, but that's just my excitement talking.)
  2. Hello and thank you for setting up the site! I have discovered Brandon Sanderson's books this summer and I have by now read all the Cosmere books published in the UK where I live – and currently reading Arcanum Unbounded! The Mistborn trilogy has been the first set I have read and it has been an immense inspiration for me as an illustrator! I have rushed through the books because I just couldn't have enough, and I am going to re-read them with the intention of illustrating more of the characters and salient scenes, as I often imagine things incorrectly after the first read through (You might see it in the first drawing I did of Kelsier and Vin I posted on the site, eheh). I am also open for suggestions from other fans, do you have a favourite scene/character you would like to see more of? Let me know, it is great to hear prompts and recommendations! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Fran
  3. I'm working on a 'History of the Cosmere' page on the Coppermind. I still need to flesh out the details in each one, and create some sort of Universal Cosmere Calendar to compare dates, but I think I have all the main events I need. Can someone confirm/ deny this? Also, I thought the Everstorm was just the starting point for the true desolation, but they seem to be registered as the same thing. Can someone tell me whether it's the Coppermind or my memory that's wrong? So, here it is. PLEASE NOTE: THIS HAS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SEVERAL COSMERE NOVELS. History of the Cosmere Thanks, TheYoungBard
  4. Many spambots have been appearing lately. I was trying to think of a solution to this, however, my coding knowledge is rather limited. So, if my suggestions are impractical or impossible, then feel free to say so. 1) Post limit I find that spambots seem generally able to post a large number of posts in a short space of time. If there were something in place to prevent new posts from people who had posted twice within the space of a minute (which I think would be impossible for a human to do), then perhaps that account should be temporarily susspended, pending admin review. 2) Report suspension Alternatively, you could just have a checkbox in the report file for 'spam'. If this is checked, then the account is suspended, pending admin. investigation, particularly if the account is less than 24 hours old. Most people here are responsible, and I don't think they would abuse this. 3) Have phone numbers in post titles and posts banned Fairly self explanatory. Even if it's not spam, I don't think it's a good idea for internet privacy to be giving away phone numbers. 4) Have key phrases searched for and banned "Baba ji" and "Horoscopes" have never been mentioned by anyone except spambots and people complaining about spambots so far as I can tell. Again, if there is something intrinsically flawed with what I've suggested, feel free to mention it.
  5. Ok first I'd like to say I'm not nearly as active as I was years ago so someone please let me know if I'm off base here and this has already been addressed or implemented and I will cease and desist. I think a useful feature would be to tag other users in a post and have it notify them when this happens. It would be a good way to alert someone of a topic they may be interested in and might not have seen, or even to draw attention to a certain post in a long stream that may otherwise get overlooked by the intended recipient. Anyway, I just thought about it and figured I'd mention it. The site is great and I love it here and I lurk all the time. Thanks for all the hard work, guys.