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Found 6 results

  1. suggestion

    I've seen a few attempts to do Stormlight Archives rpg adaptations, and I am hopeful for one day getting one using the Mistborn Adventure System (if only so we can do the Realmhopping crossover we deserve). However, I've been trying to think of other systems that could work well for it. Part of the difficulty is how the system lines up with other systems - you'd need a game that allows for a variety of powers and advancement of characters. MAG works well because it's very adaptable, as is FATE. However, I am terrible at designing game balance, and though I've seen some adaptations of the Surges for MAG, I can't develop the others on my own. FATE could also work to an extent, since you can let it be more flexible with the aspects and all, and it works well for non-surgebinders as well. However, I also had another idea. Godbound is an OSR style game that was built to represent players playing as gods in a world where the gods of old are dead. They are Godbound - a new generation of divine entities made for a war now over, and faced with a world to deal with. Thematically, it works well. For those who haven't read it (and if you want to, there is a free version that has the basic rules on DriveThruRPG), each power is tied to a Word, and Godbound are bound to three words each to start. As they level up, they get points, which can either unlock gifts of words they have or bind other words. In addition, in the Deluxe version, there are other options beyond the words provided. This includes creating new Words out of powers from the others, martial art styles called Strifes, and options for customizing Godbound. The idea I had was to have each Radiant have a set of Words for their surges, with gift options based on some of the other gifts in the book rearranged. In addition, there will also be the Sword word, which everyone can potentially bind (despite its name, it covers all sorts of martial combat). This word also works for Shardbearers who are not Radiants (the one thing the system doesn't do WELL is differential power-levels; however, I'm thinking Shardusers and Fabrial users may get a separate selection of words, or else just use the mortal creation rules). All of this is just an idea, but I wanted to share it to see if anyone had any opinions on it.
  2. So, now that we have brand new a snazzy software the forums, I wanted to (re?)visit an old idea I had, but I can't remember whether I shared - adding an optional text to a spoiler block's title so it display what it is a spoiler for. I often see spoiler blocks that don't specify what they are spoiling - and while this doesn't bother me personally, as I have read everything, I could see people accidentally getting spoiled because of this lack of information. Is this now possible?
  3. A short while ago, I was browsing another Wikimedia forum, and I found a spoiler tag. After a short time of investigating, I found this. It's allows spoiler tags to be used on the Coppermind. I, personally would be in favour of this. It can prevent other awkward work-arounds. Very tangential SoS spoilers: It also means that we might be able to spoiler some of the older books major twists as well. Warbreaker Spoilers: So, are spoiler tags on the Coppermind a viable option? Is there any reason not to have them, seeing as they're already Wikimedia software?
  4. I've frequently seen the pages at the bottom of the page with information on, for example, "History of the Cosmere". The annoying thing is, these things often break off halfway, sometimes not allowing you to go pack to the previous page. I feel if we were to have a page with, in order, links to all the pages in the "History of the Cosmere" category, that it would be easier to navigate. Same applies to others like this. I'd be willing to work on this, but I'd just like to get approval from admin before I do, in case there's another plan that I don't know about.
  5. Simple little edit. Sometimes, people quote things said pages before. To save yourself the trouble, would it be easier that when you click the 'quote' button, it automatically generates a link back to the original post so you can click to go back to it?
  6. I suppose this is aimed at Joe, resident God King of Theoryland. I've been doing some thinking as to difficulty you guys at Theoryland have in keeping up with new interviews and Q&A's and whatnot. You guys work hard, I know, and I know that you're overworked, understaffed, and underpaid (ha! monetary compensation!), but the small number of people with editing privileges and inclination is a big bottleneck. I know that re-formatting and tagging Q&A's can be a surprisingly difficult and time-consuming process, but you guys need to do it all yourselves (I think? If not, then ignore this thread, please) not only because you're the only ones with privileges but because you have an (admirable) vested interest in keeping up the quality and consistency of the database, especially so far as tagging goes. In order to take a bit of the work off your shoulders, might I suggest a way for the community at large to contribute? It may not help all that much, with a relatively small "active" base like the Coppermind has, but anything that took at least an equal amount of work off your plate would be worth it. The system I propose is that you open up the database to allow any number of "junior" accounts. The one and only privilege of these accounts will be to submit provisional entries for the consideration of the powers that be. Then you guys review the entries and edit them as you see fit before adding them to the database proper. That way, you get at least some amount of links, formatting, and maybe even tagging that you don't have to work on. You can just alter submitted entries, at least some of the time, which should be easier than writing them up from scratch. Now this may be too hard to implement or you may already have this system in place and I'm just ignorant, but I think such a system, if easy to put in place, could be beneficial.