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Found 16 results

  1. I don't know if this is the right thread for this... but yeah. Alright, so I'm writing a book with a magic system that has to do with crystals. Different facets determine the strength and effect from the magic crystals. So, I've been doing research about it all and thought I should make a thread to talk about it here. I'll occasionally come on with a question about it for any people on the shard who happen to know things about these things. Here are a few things I was wondering about, how fast does the spinny thing (it's a technical term lol) have to be to facet a gemstone or crystal? Does it depend on the crystal or gemstone? Is faceting for gemstones different from crystals? Also, does anyone know about foot pedal powered gem faceting machines? 'Cause, the book I'm writing doesn't exactly have double A batteries to put into the things to make them work. Anyways, anyone got any answers or know anything about this?
  2. Heyo Humans! So, I have been debating about this for several days... and so I finally decided to make a Creative Corner - just in case! I did a sketch randomly and soo... yeah. Here it is! I can't draw hands, or people generally, so the proportions are probably a leetle bit off. Also, my phone has terrible picture quality, so sorry if it's a bit blurry! Vin sketch Hopefully, I'll also start posting some writing I've been doing - in this corner, I'll post sketches and art. I might make a writing corner soon (after exams) where I'll post concepts and short stories. Maybe. Have a wonderful day, Humans!
  3. Here we go again. I've found a way to copy over the old Geo Tracking Map to my new one, which I can edit. I'll also try and find a way to make some other people moderators of the map, to keep it updated in case something happens and I forget about it. Anyhow, I talk too much. Linky. (Please note: The original map I borrowed was updated more than a year ago. Many of the newer members will not be here.) List of Sharders by Country/ Continent will be upcoming whenever I can be bothered. Please, tell me who I've missed. (Especially tell me if you want admin rights.) Restriction to be on the map: You must have at least 10 posts and have been around at least 1 fortnight. Otherwise, we'll have a heap of people nobody's heard of. Sorry. Admins to the map: The Young Bard (PM me if you have any problems) Honor Spren Curious Anaximder (formerly Venture Mistborn) Darkness Ascendant Bleeder ccstat
  4. hey guys, I thought this would be an interesting topic that would inspire destruction, drama, mass chaos, civil war, create rivalries us to become friends more. enjoy, and clearly Elf is the best no contest.
  5. "Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the Isles of Survival. A new show on that has been subject to incredible amounts of speculation since its announcement, just weeks ago. We have a large cast of people, from all walks of life. Let's have a look at them after this quick word from one of our sponsors. Cast of Characters:
  6. Who else would like to see High Imperial on Duolingo?
  7. Now, I have no experience in tabletop games or D&D-esk stuff, heck, I've no idea what you even call it. However, the concept has always interested me, and I wanted to ask if it was fun. Probably akin to asking a someone, "what is a maths?" I'm sure, but if you could describe what it's like, that'd be awesome.
  8. LG27 - Strife in Ankh Morpork The GM apologizes for their extreme laziness, and intends to fix this appalling lack of RP in the next 24 hours. Note: The rules are subject to change during signups. If I decide to change a rule, I will underline the change and notify the thread of the changes. Any suggestions to improve the game before it begins will be welcome, and may or may not be welcome. I've tried to include as much about life in Ankh-Morpork as well, but if you think I've missed something obvious, mention it and I'll see if I can insert the role smoothly into the game. General Rules Days are 48 hours long. Nights are 24 hours long. Rollover time will be at 6:00PM AEST. Signups end on Thursday 20 October 6:00 PM AEST, and the game begins an hour later. Vote in red, retract in green. Players are able to perform 3 actions a Cycle, with up to 3 messages counting as one action. Doctor12 will be GM’ing the game with me. Order of Actions: Protect/Roleblock Actions Wages received Thieving Assassination Money sent to Assassin’s Guild Kill Actions Scan Actions Item Name Changes Item Trading. Clacks messages are revealed to Clacks Workers Transferring Money Independent Roles Patrician - The Patrician has the win con of learning the roles and alignments of every player alive at the end of the game, and survive the game. Due to your extensive scan network, you may discover the role type of a player each cycle (i.e. scan role, kill role, protect role, roleblock role), and the action they took the previous night. If one of your targets performed a scan, you will also be informed of the scan results. The Patrician can be deposed by a majority vote in the Guilds Doc at any time (the Patrician will then be executed). New Patricians are elected following the old Patrician's death in the Guilds Doc, again by majority vote. Post Office Master - Runs the Post Office. Has the win con of making the Post Office more successful than the clacks. If the Post Master dies, Post Office messages will increase from 1 penny to 3 pennies per message (however, they still won't be read by anyone other than the participants in the PM.) Clacks Master - Runs the Clacks. Has the win con of making the Clacks more successful than the Post Office. If the Clacks Master dies, Clacks messages will be made night-only. Monarch - the player who is the Monarch may have any additional role at the same time at the start of the game, with the exception of the Patrician. The monarch has an alternate win con of being elected Patriarch and being crowned. There is also a hidden faction of Monarchists who also have this goal. If the Monarch is elected Patriarch, the game ends with a Monarchist win, and all other faction goals, including the Faction Leader survive goals, fail. Unlicenced Thief - You run on the rough side of the law - stealing is a profession available exclusively to Guild Members. Once per cycle, you may attempt to steal something. However, if you are observed, you will be Arrested and not allowed to post or perform actions for two Cycles, and the money you took off your victim will be returned. To win, you must survive the game and have more than 15 coins in your pocket (remember, the Unlicenced Thief still may work as a Clacks Worker or a Post Officer.) Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler – Once per cycle, you use your incredible powers of persuasion to make someone give you a penny in exchange for one of your Sausages-in-a-Bun. They’ll become violently sick and be unable to complete their actions that cycle, but more importantly, you’ll have earned a penny! Win Con: End the game with 10 pennies or more. (C.M.O.T. doesn’t work for either the post office or the clacks.) Factions There are 4 factions in the game: The Assassins' Guild, the Thieves' Guild, the Night Watch, and the University Students. In addition, the Monarchists are also mixed in with the other factions, and do not know who the other Monarchists are. There are specialised roles in each Guild, however, not every specialised role listed may be included. Plain roles - roles with no particular power, are possible. The Assassin's Guild: The Assassin's Guild is the closest thing to an Eliminator faction in this game. Every Day Cycle, people may hire the Assassin's Guild to inhume (kill) someone. The Assassin's Guild is free to choose between the offers that are presented to them, however, they may not kill a player that someone has not commissioned them to kill (Assassins Guild members may not commission their own kills). Advertiser - The Advertiser is in charge of making sure that everyone is aware of the guilds prices and agenda, permitting them to suggest prices to kill certain players, which will be placed in the quicklinks next to the player names at the beginning of the next cycle. Once place, the suggested kill prices will remain next to the players name for the rest of the game unless the Advertiser chooses to update or remove it. The Thieves' Guild: The Thieves' Guild may target 2 people to thieve from each night. However, players can gain immunity from thieves if they choose to pay 25% of their current gold each cycle in a levy. The Thieves Guild will be informed of which players they can target each cycle. (They also may not target the same person on 2 consecutive nights.) Depending on which thief targets them, other effects may also occur. When you target a player, all the money and items are stolen, unless an item has a special ability to do otherwise. Pickpocket - The pickpocket only steals a players money and not their items, however, they may target an extra player each night. Banker - “Take a penny from a man, and he’s poor for a day. Make a man open a bank account, and he’s poor for the rest of his life.” Instead of stealing all their money at once, you steal 2 pennies initially, and then one penny per turn until either the Banker dies or the game ends. These pennies may not go toward the Tax. Highway Thief - The direct way is best. Threaten them with your knife, and you never get any trouble. If someone has an item that protects money or items from being stolen, it is ineffective against the Highway Thief. In addition, the Lookout role may also be included. Every Cycle, the Lookout may detect all the items a target player has. The Night Watch: The Night Watch, the outcasts of society, found their compatriots among the cobblestones and empty streets of Ankh-Morpork at night. Each night, you may arrest someone, roleblocking their actions and all actions against them. Sam Vimes - As someone who is cynical of all around you, you gain immunity from an action each night. As someone who is very selfless, you also give away much of your money to those who can't afford it, so you may call upon a player not to perform an action 3 times throughout the game because of their gratitude to you, although you earn 15 pennies less each cycle. Corporal Carrot - As someone who everybody trusts, you have extraordinary sway over people. Every cycle, you may shift a vote to vote with you. Angua - As a Werewolf, you are able to sniff out the role type of a player once every second cycle. Unseen University: The University of Ankh-Morpork trains students in the way of arcane magics. Unfortunately, most of the students are more interested in getting drunk and visiting various… seamstresses rather than focusing on their studies, so it’s up to those left to do what they can. The Librarian - The University discovered that late returns dropped by nearly 100% when you had a 200 pound orangutan to answer to. Every turn, you may compel someone to change their action target player to someone of your choice. The Luggage - The Luggage does it's best to protect it's owner - each night, all actions directed against the Luggages target are instead directed at the Luggage. If a kill action targets the Luggage, the attacker will die instead. However, if the Luggage or their target is targeted, the Luggage will not be able to vote or perform actions the next Cycle. Rincewind - Coming Soon! (I intend to put this role in before the signups end due to popular demand.) Guild Leaders Guild Leaders gain the alternate win con of surviving the game. The Head of the Assassin's Guild, Head of the Thieves' Guild, and the Patrician may post and see the doc. The Captain of the Night Watch may view the Doc, but mot post in it, and the Head of the Unseen University may post a message once per cycle through magic (also known as the GM), but may not view the Doc. In the Guilds Doc, all Leaders (not including the Patrician) are anonymous, referred to by their faction title, i.e. Head of the Assassin's Guild. Guild Leaders retain all skills and abilities they had before, however, when those abilities are used, there is a 20% chance for each ability that you will be recognised when you are performing an ability, in which case, the action you took will be revealed in the write-up. (Note: Residual effects, such as the Banker’s Thieving, are not included in this. If a Guild Leader dies, the next Guild Leader is elected randomly, unless a player within the Guild aided in the Guild Leader's death, in which case, they will be elected. (There will be no indications of which of these two it is.) It is also possible to depose a leader within the Guild Doc by voting them out (useful in cases of inactivity, etc.) in favour of a replacement by voting for a candidate you hope to replace the Guild Leader with in green. A majority vote in favour of the new candidate is necessary. Post Office and Clacks (a.k.a. PM Rules) People will be assigned randomly to either work at the Post Office or the Clacks, and under ordinary circumstances, you will receive 3 pennies a cycle. Clacks workers automatically get one action deducting from them when they work in the Clacks towers, however, they are able to read some of the messages sent through the Clacks (the messages will be divided equally between Clacks Runners). Post Officers do not have an action deducted from them, however, they also are not informed of any messages that are sent with the Post Office. Clacks Messages can be sent at any time, and will cost 2 pennies, while Post Office messages can only be sent at night, and cost one penny. Each individual post in a PM counts as a message. It is possible to have both kinds of messages in a PM, so please specify before each message which kind of message you're sending. The Post Office and Clacks compete with one another. As such, if you are a Clack worker and aid in the death of a Post Officer, or vice versa, you will receive a 2 penny bonus in your wage the next cycle, though if you aid in the death of one of your own, you will have a penny deducted from your wage the next cycle. Items & Trade You are permitted to trade items with other players in exchange for money or other items. Doing so will cost an action for both players, unless someone gives an item away for free, in which case, only the giver will need to submit an action. Both players need to clearly state the terms of the trade to the GM in the GM PM in the same cycle for the trade to take place. There is no way to verify the authenticity of an item if you are attempting to trade. If you are informed of an item that exists, there is probably an item with that name, but it’s purpose is not necessarily what the other player says, nor are item names necessarily an indication of what an item may do (particularly if the item was designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson). The GM will allow you to change the name of items at the cost of an action. Upon the death of a player, any items they had will go up for a public auction, in which only the item name is revealed. Alright, that's my game. Have fun, everyone, and merry killing! Clarifications: Q: Can you reveal your identity if you're a Guild Leader in the Guilds Doc? A: Yes, but it's not obligatory. (Actually, I stipulate that you can't confirm it with RL/OOG information, etc. for obvious reasons. You're more than welcome to lie if you so choose.) Q: What are messages? A: Messages are single posts within a PM. A bunch of other clarifications which I will transfer soon, for now seen here. Player List: Quick Links:
  9. Since I happen to be very skilled at writing grand and half thought out beginnings, let us BEGIN! Before Time, there was Eternity. A realm half made, forever shrouded in the mists of possibility. Although unpolished, there was grace in its form. A sort of beauty that can only come in beginnings. And so, in this realm, the Brothers sat. The bickered, as brothers often do. But, for cosmic entities such as these, their disputes were not small spats. No, these were titanic battles between concepts! Between the forces of creation! But, as we know, in the end, neither brother truly ended above the other. For they were too similar in their difference. There was Jengu, who was dynamic, bringing constant change in his wake. He wrought with his hands beings such as Chaos and the sun! Things which brought meaning, which changed. He was a temperamental god, to be sure. Constantly unhappy with that which he had created, he oft allowed it to be destroyed, or passed it along to his brother, Yezra. Yezra, who with his careful machinations built Order to combat his brother's dynamic Chaos. He created spires of unimaginable beauty, although they lacked spark. To Jengu's dynamic passion, Yezra sat silent. A static being, one who remained as he had been at inception, Yezra sought to be the antithesis of his brother, seeing such creations as his to be clutter. Over infinity, however, the brothers saw that their battles never truly changed. Although there was always a victor and a loser at the end of their arguments, neither brother ever truly succeeded in gaining that which they truly desired. Jengu created for the love of it, while Yezra built things with a careful plan in mind. Both spawned endless creations, each one imprinting themselves upon reality. As Yezra created Order, it in turn spawned all the functions of the world, the foundation for reality. Chaos in turn crafted demons and magic, which warped the laws of Order into a mishmash of ideas. The brothers hated each other with a fervent passion, while in their hearts they felt Envy. In time, both came to see the beauty in their creations and the creations which followed those. They saw millions of stars, shining. They saw planets which were cradles for life, holding creatures which were neither Chaos nor Order, neither of Yezra nor Jengu. Although they saw beauty, their rage overcame it. Together, Jengu and Yezra agreed to end their immortal duel. Together, they created something, which in time would come to be stronger than anything in either the Mundane or Cosmic, something which would shake the foundation of reality itself. Together, a soul was placed in the vessel of a human, a burning storm within chains. It would incubate within the body, until it grew and changed the world. We still wait for the king, the man who will change the world. Will he ever come?
  10. Are you ready for the new random stuff? Well good because I made it. Begin!
  11. This is the thread for all of your ideas/funny stories/jokes/etc. that you don't feel like deserve a whole new topic all to themselves. I'll start: Has anyone else here had Dole pineapple whip? It is AMAZING.
  12. The Competition Sign Ups for Mid-Range Game 6: A Venture in Atium “Today, my friends, I toast to the rise of House Venture!” Lord Venture raised his cup full of wine high in the air. The minor houses invited raised their own in toast as well. “And one of your own houses too.” That got them interested, especially the Great Houses who disguised themselves as part of the crowd. The invitations sent out had said Minor houses only, but it seemed a perfect time to commit a sabotage that would bring down the new Great House. They didn’t want more competition. They were satisfied with how things had been before the rise of Venture. Many of the minor houses whispered to their fellow house members. What in the Lord Ruler’s name does Lord Venture mean? Many thought. One person-or was it- shrugged. They seemed uninterested as they stirred their drink. Bored. They weren’t here for Venture. “Yes, I know what you are thinking. What do I mean?” Lord Venture chuckled at their responses. “Many of you might be wondering of my new particularly… suspicious source of riches.” More nods and more whispers. “Maybe some of you have come here planning to rob me of it.” He looked through the crowd pointedly and some shied away from the gaze. Some leaned in and others yet acted as if they had no idea what he was talking about. They were all dangerous, no matter what their mask was. No matter who they pretended to be, they were all the same at heart: Politicians. “Some of you may eye my house as a competitor.” The Great House spies knew what he was talking about. “Some of you care nothing for me.” The mysterious figure shrugged. “But you all want my atium.” That made a stir in the crowd. Atium? Did he say atium? “There is many of you here who wish me ill. For both of our protections, I offer you a deal. The biggest of your houses when all of those who wish my wealth enough to lie...” Lord Venture trailed off and looked intensely at each and every one of the nobles in the crowd. “When all of those who want my new wealth enough to kill for are dead themselves, I shall take the largest surviving house into mine.” “Dead?” That caused uproar among the crowd. “Become a Great House ourselves?” Some of the Great House spies looked confidently at one another. We will not fail. This atium will be ours and ours alone. All of these minor houses will lose their heads and lose their money. If it happens at a Venture ball then Venture will take the blame. “I suggest the benefit of an alliance.” Said the Urbain spy, sliding into the seat besides an Elariel one. They pretended they didn’t recognize each other, but they both knew what each other was. “An alliance?” The Elariel spy looked at the Urbain one and smiled. “Sounds intriguing. Tell me more.” Rules: 24 hour cycles. See Tin under Roles for PM rules. Every other player may choose to write an anonymous message to be revealed in the writeup. The next cycle, the players who did not write a message before take a turn to. Example: Cycle 1, X sends a message and Y does not. Cycle 2, Y sends a message and X does not. No images or links. Use your best judgement on length. If they get too long, I'll impose a word limit. Eliminators get a doc to conspire in. Victory Conditions: Alignments Minor House: Your house is very small. However, opportunity has come your way. If you can help root who’s spying on Venture for the other Great Houses, Venture might just bring you into their fold. Primary Victory Condition: Eliminate all Great House Spies. Secondary Victory Condition: Finish the game as the largest minor house. Great House Spies: You have been ordered to discover the secret to how House Venture suddenly rose to power. You and your fellows have infiltrated some of the minor houses that have been pandering to House Venture. You are to gather information through any means necessary, even if it means toppling a few minor houses. Primary Victory Condition: Eliminate Outnumber the members of all the Minor Houses. Order of Actions Day- Brass-Zinc-Lynch Night- Items - Tin - Pewter - Copper - Atium - Iron - Steel- Skaa Kill - Great House Kill - Bronze - Inquisitor Kill You can take two action. The anonymous message does not count as an action. Only one can be a metal. Roles Mistborn- A Mistborn may burn one of any of the metals below. They must chose one metal per turn and cannot use the same metal two times in a row. Steel- A Coinshot/Mistborn may burn steel to kill a different player. If that player coincidentally is also a Coinshot/Mistborn and targets you for death as well, neither player dies. Iron- A Lurcher or Mistborn may burn iron to save a different player from death. If that player is a Coinshot/Mistborn and targets someone for death, the kill is cancelled as well as the Coinshot/Mistborn being saved. Is only a nighttime ability and cannot save from lynch. You cannot Lurch yourself. This means that if X Lurches Y, any kill actions that Y attempts fail but he is protected from one kill. Pewter- Your pewter enhanced muscles prevent you from dying from the first time you would die. This is the only role that will let you live through a lynch. Tin- If the tineye is alive, any player can request that a message be given to another player through the GM. If the Tineye/Mistborn burning tin who is given that particular message decides to let it through, the GM tells the player what it is. However, the Tineye/Mistborn burning tin may opt to modify the message slightly. Bronze- You may burn bronze to discover another player’s role. It only shows if they are an allomancer and which metal they’re burning. The same result will show up if they’re being Smoked, don’t have allomancy, or are not using it. Copper- You may hide your and anyone else’s allomancy. Zinc- You may change one person’s vote, deleting your own. Brass- You may delete one person’s vote. Atium- May only be burned by a Mistborn. Will let you survive all attacks on a night cycle. Special Roles (may be included or not) Kandra- You may decide to eat a person who dies the cycle before. You are not told which options you will have. You will be told any messages the tineye has allowed them and then discovered. Whoever owns your Contract will be told whatever info you gain. You start as the Venture’s contract. If the Venture is killed, your Contract will be given to the person with the highest amount of atium. You will be told the owner of your Contract. They will be told what information you get but not you. You can survive one kill, including the lynch. Your alignment is the same as the owner of your Contract at the end of the game. Victory Condition: Whichever your owner has. Venture- You are a member of the House Venture and have the force of the Great House on your side. You start with two atium and the Contract to the kandra. Victory Condition: Kill all the Great House Spies Skaa- You don’t like any of these nobles! You just want to kill as many of them as you can before you’re discovered and lynched. You may kill once each night and you have the ability to escape from one kill except the Inquisitor’s. You may not use atium in any way. You cannot kill the Inquisitor. Victory Condition: Kill all nobles. Inquisitor- You don’t really care about any of the petty noble problems. Your only issue is the Skaa. You may kill once each night. If you kill a noble, it doesn’t matter. Victory Condition: Kill the skaa. Atium Atium is a valuable resource. Many will kill for it. During a night cycle, a player with a role may give up the option to use their action (and disable an extra life) in exchange for 1 piece of atium. Or, in the day cycle, the option to vote. Each cycle 1 piece of atium is available. Atium may be used to: Burn, for a Mistborn. Bribe someone to change their vote (the other player will receive one atium) Bribe someone to not take an action (the other player will receive two atium. Does not affect vanillas, with or without items) Buy an item Give to someone else (you can chose how much) X amount of items will be up for purchase for x amount of atium in day cycles. See Items for more details. Items Dueling Cane (1 atium) - Will kill one player before shattering. Poison (1 atium) - May be used to poison one player. They will die when you die. Marriage Contract (3 atium) - Join two Minor Houses together and turn them into one secondary goal wise. (see Houses) Will not effect a Great House Spy’s victory condition, they will simply be added into the Google Doc. The Minor House who offered the contract’s House Doc will be the newly joined one. The Great House Spies may not purchase a Marriage Contract but it may be used on them. Extra Metal Vials (4 atium) - Mistborn may burn the same metal twice in a row, but only twice. You can buy one item one cycle. You must wait until the next cycle to use it. If you have already used it and it isn't a passive effect (like Extra Metal Vials) then your killer doesn't get it. If it is passive or you haven't used it, your killer gets it. Houses There will be multiple Minor Houses. They may have two or three members. Each Minor House will have a Google Doc to share. A Marriage Contract will bring one Minor House into another’s. Each Minor House has a secondary victory condition, to be the largest at the end of the game. Marriage Contracts make the two houses one and their joint Victory Condition. Write ups:
  13. So copper feruchemy seems largely useless. When you store memories, you basically forget them. When tapping, they decay. I'm sure there'd be plenty of uses if you thought hard enough. For example, that really dumb thing you did five years ago? Dump the memory in a coppermind and chuck it in a river. I'll post some more when I can get to a real computer. EDIT: Clarification! Yay!
  14. RShara advised me to make this thread and think it's an excellent idea. So COME ONE! COME ALL! TO THE NEWEST THREAD IN THE VERSE *cough cough* I mean COSMERE!!! What is your Sanderson reading playlist people? I prefer heavy, unintelligibly sung song like Lamb of God and the like and I also like reading while listening to Down. Basically anything I've heard 17trillion times and that I love, will work as long as it's not too sing-along-y.
  15. I'm a huge fan of Brandon, BUT... I'm not the sharpest sponge in the kitchen (or however that saying goes), so bear with me here and try to ignore my more idiotic spewings. I'm mostly here to dump stuff into the art galleries and read crazy Hoid theories. Oh, and the great Brandon will be honoring my small town of Milwuakee for a visit so, can't wait for that!