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Found 1 result

  1. It’s the year 342, and the discontentment of the people at the injustice of Elendel is barely seething below the surface. As chaos errupts around the Basin, with the growing food shortages in the outer areas of the basin going unanswered by the government, now is the time to act! In Bilming, the largest port city, and home to many a university, you have made your home, and now you are fighting to keep it that way. Led by students inspired by Lord Elend and his fellows, supplies have been stockpiled, with plenty of guns and ammunition to go around. When the signal came, you rushed to do your part in setting up a barricade in a carefully chosen location. Now you make a stand as you wait for the people to rise up with you and overthrow the upper crust that doesn’t care at all for the working class. Welcome to L35: Miserables. Being unwilling to miss the opportunity to make that pun, here we have a game inspired by Les Miserables, set on Scadrial, in the Elendel Basin, around the time of the riots and chaos of Shadows of Self. But before you go any further, there's something from Doc, my Co-GM, to read. Be sure to check it out. There'll be a quiz later. It's also the shape of things to come. The Rules: The Friends of the ABC are manning the barricade to oppose a corrupt government. It’s the job of the Constabulary to end this riot by any means necessary. While they are able to keep the Friends pinned down, they don’t have the numbers to overwhelm them. So instead they have to rely on Infiltrators who have joined the ranks of the Friends to sabotage their efforts from the inside. As long as there are infiltrators in their midst, the Friends cannot hope to hold the barricade. Each cycle will be 96 hours, broken up into 48 hour ‘day/night’ turns. Note that flavour wise, this will be more like 6 hour blocks of time so that 4 full cycles will be a day of in game time. During ‘day’ turns, everyone may place a single vote on someone to lynch. The player with the most votes is killed. In the case of a tie, one of the tied players will be chosen at random. Votes are placed in red, and retracted in green. If you place multiple votes, only the earliest vote will be counted. Don't go back to older posts and edit in retractions - if you need to vote then retract, do so in the same post, otherwise post the retraction in a new post. During ‘night’ turns, the Infiltrators get to attempt a kill on one player. The game will be starting on a day turn. Roles The game will start in a week. Once I've worked out what will work best to start the game (next Saturday is a bit messy for me), and the best times for my Co-GM, I'll edit in a countdown, and give a final rollover time. One last thing to note - I have a couple more ideas for thematic roles that I may also include in the game. I will make a further post about these later if I decided to include them. Quick Links: