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Found 34 results

  1. ketek

    This thread will be dedicated to the holy Vorin poetry form, a ketek. They must read the same forward and backward, but you can alter verb forms. Please promote this thread, because there isn't much about the ketek on this site, and I love this poetry so much, so let's try and fill this to the brim. Make keteks about life experiences, characters, or anything. My ketek below is about forgiveness.
  2. Nightblood can cut through Fused, Thunderclasts, and Spren. 2 questions. Yes, I know that Nightblood hurts like crazy when you draw it. But If Szeth drew it some more, he could’ve annihilated the Fused forever. However, can Nightblood destroy an Unmade or the Nightwatcher, Stormfather and Sibling?
  3. We saw Sja-Anat uses her windsprens as spies at the end of RoW. Clearly Kaladin can command to armor's windsprens. So I wonder that is Kaladin can use his armor's windsprens as spies. Also I wonder about Jasnah's armor's spren. Is she can command to them or it's a windrunner thing?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm kinda new at this (just joined the 17th Shard, so please a have a bit of patience if you can). So I've been over my head, rereading the last chapters of Rhythm of War, alongside the Musings of El, and I don't know what to expect. It has been made obvious that Hoid fooled Taravangian (Odium) into making him believe that he erased Hoid's short term memories, and that Hoid doesn't suspect that Rayse is dead. I've read in another post a theory of Hoid playing a Reverse Uno card on Taravangian, making him try for a tie in the contest of Champions. This is very interesting to me, but also there are a lot of things that don't quite fit for me; we know Taravangian wants "to save them all" (which I assume he refers to all the people of Roshar, both humans and singers), could he be referring to Cultivation, knowing that she has her own agenda? Or is he referring to Hoid's plan (this sounds less appealing to me, since he just erased his memories stored in his breaths and then left him like that)? Could El be referring to this when he spoke about a Great War? If you got to this part, I thank you all for reading, thanks again for welcoming me to the community!
  5. This is a watercolor painting I did a few years ago of the Shattered Plains. It's an aerial perspective that places the warcamps on the right. I realize that this orientation probably isn't accurate, considering the position of the sun, but I claim artistic liberty. There's a green stain, as well as a tear where I accidentally blended the yellow of the sun with the blue of the sky, but otherwise, I'm happy with how it turned out. I'd appreciate any feedback or thoughts! With regards, Ap
  6. Hi all and welcome to the Overlady Reads Oathbringer, Part 1! In the lead up to Rhythm of War, come with us as Lucy reads Oathbringer for the first time. We decided to do this book with one video per part because, and I don't know if you guys noticed, these books are really goddamn long! Feel free to use this series as a refresher for what happens during Oathbringer in the lead up to Rhythm of War. Prepare to hear Lucy's fresh thoughts on the mysteries established in Part One, like who Odiums Champion is, the author of Oathbringer and who could forget, the mysteries of May Aladar.
  7. Art by me.
  8. From the album Rosharan Nature Journaling

    Elemental spren!
  9. Kaladin Stormblessed ✦ A Cosmere Character Study ✦ SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Soldier ✦ Surgeon Radiant ✦ Rulebreaker Brother ✦ Bridgeman Warrior ✦ Windrunner ⠀ Kaladin - foremost of the main characters from the Stormlight Archive - has lived a life full of strife. Seasonal depression (or seasonal affected disorder/ SAD), depression, slavery, apathy, anxiety, helplessness, poverty, death in his family, guilt, PTSD, and more than that pervade his story.⠀ Hear what Trever and Peter have to usay about the poor surgeon’s son’s mental state.⠀
  10. So we know that Dalinar will eventually have to face Odium's champion, and who that will be is not yet known. But do we know whether Dalinar himself will actually fight? Or rather appoint his own champion? Dalinar is still a capable warrior yes, particularly with stormlight to aid him, but he's getting older now. He may opt to have someone, such as Kaladin, serve as his champion against Odium's. However, Dalinar is a bondsmith and the Stormfather mentions on at least one occasion that he has the most powerful of the surges, so perhaps Dalinar has an advantage there. Even if he were to fight himself, what weapon would he use? He wouldn't have a shardblade, unless that is when the stormfather finally gives in on that matter. Perhaps he could use one of the honorblades? I believe Vyre now has Jezrien's, but if Dalinar could get hold of one of the honorblades then he would have a shard and hopefully new surges to play around with. But still, how will he face his enemy do we think? The nine shadows of Odium's champion sounds dangerously like a reference to the unmade (perhaps somehow fused into the one champion?). So even with a blade and possibly two extra surges, how could he even hope to defeat his enemy? I realise I am not very familiar with the deeper lore of these books, but that's why I'm here asking questions, right? Anyway, I welcome your thoughts.
  11. So in Kal's fight with Szeth, we saw that Syl was capable of taking many forms, namely as a sword, spear, dagger, and shield. After reading this I got the impression that a spren can take on the form of essentially any weapon for the radiant. But as I thought about this I began to wonder if it is the same for ranged weapons. I'm sure a spren could take the form of a bow, or crossbow or whatever, but if they did how exactly does it work? Does the spren act as the bow and the arrows? Or simply the bow and you have to use regular arrows? Or could you use a regular bow with your spren acting as the arrows? Obviously, the spren being both is the more useful alternative, but I'm dubious as to whether the spren could actually manage it. Anyway, I hope someone knows more about this and can help me out.
  12. We saw when Dalinar bonded the Stormfather that he would not have a shard blade. I wonder whether this is the case for all Bondsmiths, and whether it applies to shardplate as well. Presumably a bondsmith could still wear shardplate without any issues. Also, I always got the impression that the Stormfather refused to be his blade out of pride, is there anything actually stopping the Stormfather from becoming his shardblade? Presumably, if Dalinar could be persuasive enough then the Stormfather may be convinced to become his blade. Feel free to correct me wherever I may be wrong. I welcome your input.
  13. Would a feruchemist (either a soulbearer or full feruchemist) who had ended up in Roshar and bonded a spren to become a radiant, then be able to store stormlight into a nicrosilmind? That is, would they be able to store stormlight in a nicrosilmind and use that rather than carry spheres or gemstones around with them everywhere they went? Is a nicrosil mind capable of doing this or would it simply store the ability to use stormlight, not the stormlight itself?
  14. How exactly does one steal the investiture of a radiant using hemalurgy? I would assume an atium spike is needed since atium is supposed to be able to steal any attribute, but when you steal their investiture do you force the spren to bond to you via the spike or do you simply take their ability to use stormlight without the spren?
  15. So I read some things saying that Stormlight Archive will be 5 books, and others saying it will be 10 books. Which one is correct? (I found both sources on the Brandon Sanderson website)
  16. I'm dedicating this, mainly, to discussions about the Unmade, particularly Sja-Anat, Taker of Secrets, and where they fit in the plot of SA. This was mainly inspired by section 4 of Oathbringer where Shallan communicates with Sja-Anat before using the Oathgate. Any theories, speculation, or hard evidence is accepted.
  17. I was wondering if anybody had a list of the different accents used in the Stormlight Archive and what they sound like. Perhaps some of them are similar to real life accents. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. So my question is whether or not the crustacean animals on roshar came from breeds of animals on Earth. Axehounds=Dogs, Chull=Cows, etc. And if this is the case does Shinovar have all the Earth animals? Some? Which? And does it have Rosharian ones as well? Crossbreeds? One thing that sparks this is Hoids talk of Earth/Yolen animals on Roshar to Shallan and Kaladin, and Shallans mention of turtles, which are not crustacean.
  19. This will be my first thread here on the shard but I’ve been lurking for a few months now and I think I know how I works. My question: What uses do allomancy and feruchemy have in terms of the whole cosmere? Connection can obviously help with language barriers. Allomantic bronze can seek investiture(probably) but can Allomantic brass control parshendi? How about lifeless? Can fNicrocil store abilities or just investiture? I’d like to hear the wildest abilities you can think of.
  20. From the album Shadesmar

    Kids at school were coloring pictures from one of those "adult coloring books". I stumbled upon this picture and I totally borrowed it, made a copy, and colored it to look like the Shadesmar. The resemblance is uncanny.
  21. Here's a fun idea for a topic~ Picture your favourite Brandon Sanderson novel (since, after all, this is his official fansite)... as a video game. Here's how this works. Pitch your favourite novel or novels, then state what video game genre would best fit an adaptation of said property and explain why you think it's the best fit in the first place. Oh, and any details about mechanics or how you'd approach turning any of these worlds from a video game angle would be plenty cool. For instance... since neither Warbreaker nor Elantris are as heavily action-oriented as Stormlight Archive or Mistborn, imagine a Telltale-style point and click story game. When you consider Prince Raoden, he's more of an investigative scholar and diplomat than an action hero like Kaladin or Vin, a Walking Dead-esque game would be perfectly suited to exploring a story mechanically in his shoes. What about you guys, how would you like to see the Sander-man's work adapted into video games?
  22. So, I noticed one of the members of Ghostbloods wore a mask, and when questioned about it by Shallan, she stated she wondered why people here (either meaning Alethkar or Roshar) went about so brazenly without masks. In the newest Mistborn book, we are introduced to a civilization that always wears masks, and said something similar about the people of Elendel not wearing masks. Also, this is my first post, so hi!
  23. Horneaters are a mix of Parshendi and humans! That is also why Rock is able to see Syl when others can't.