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Found 666 results

  1. From the album Roshar Relief Map

    3D relief map of Roshar, created by blending real satellite data from US space shuttle missions, rendering them in a 3D engine, then painting till the creation spren came out to play. More details and prints available at

    © Grant Hansen 2021

  2. I realize this theory is going out on a limb, and makes a couple of very big assumptions. But I really think this could be a possible route to how the things go in StormLight book 5. Ever since I finished Oathbringer, I've come to the conclusion that since Honor and Cultivation restrained Odium in some way, Odium himself is only a real threat while he has the fuzed and singers obeying him. Obviously, there are humans following Him, along with the Unmade and Thunderclasts, but the vast majority of his forces come from the singers. The Fuzed are basically helpless without willing singers to sacrifice their bodies for them. When I realized this, it also occurred to me that the way to defeat Odium is to find a way to separate him from the singers. My first, relatively stupid, idea was to simply find a way to have the humans and singers on different worlds. Obviously this is never going to happen, since the humans have lived on Roshar for so long, and since the singers were the original inhabitant species, both feel as if it rightfully belongs to them. So I started trying to figure out what might get the singers to turn on or reject Odium. I've posted a theory already about how I think it was the singers that started the wars in the first place. But that alone wouldn't be enough to change their minds. They might not be happy that it was the Fuzed and their like that started the fighting, but that doesn't seem like it could overshadow their anger at humankind. The years they spent as slaves to humans is what is truly fueling their rage. That's when it hit me. What if the humans weren't the only ones to blame for the singer's enslavement? Stick with me on this. During Dalinar's last vision in WoK, Honor tells Dalinar various pieces of puzzle in the conflict between Him and Odium. One line that specifically stood out to me was when he mentions that Odium has realized that the people of Roshar will fight amongst themselves if left alone. This is a fairly simple concept. Getting multiple enemies to turn on each other is one of the easiest ways to defeat opponents. He also claims He will be dead by the anyone ever receives the message, if anyone even does. So it's safe to say that Honor died shortly after he created that message. This line in Honor's message is the first of two pieces of information supporting this theory. Honor's death would have happened after the Herald's decided to abandon the Oathpact (since the visions not only showed their abandoned swords, but at least one vision afterward at FeverStone Keep), which means that two of the four largest unifying forces for humankind, their god and his heralds, would be gone. The main unifying forces left would be the Knights Radiant and the singers, humankind's enemy. You might be able to see where I'm going with this. If Odium could figure out a way to remove both of those, humans wouldn't be as strongly united anymore, and would likely turn on each other. This brings me to my main point. I think that Odium intentionally setup Ba-Ado-Mishram's imprisonment, knowing what would come of it. I believe that Odium realized what would happen if the singers were removed from the equation; that the Radiants and their spren would choose to end the orders if they no longer had an enemy to fight. Honor encouraged the radiants not to give up even after they found out that Roshar originally belonged to the singers, and he also acted as a check against their powers. With Him gone, they lost both of these things, and Odium was likely crafty enough to deduce that if he could remove the singers somehow, the knights would be gone, and humans would eventually start fighting amongst themselves. But what's the evidence that Odium did anything like this? It takes a some amount of reasoning, but there is another piece of information that supports it. The fact that the entire population of singers were bonded to BAM at the time of her imprisonment. Not counting the Listeners, since they were separated at the time. Previously, the Fuzed had taken over willing singers, and some voidspren had granted some singers forms of power. But, if it's possible for one of the Unmade to grant every existing singer a Regal status, then why didn't Odium himself do this? Why hasn't he done this during the current desolation? A larger quantity of powerful soldiers would be better for his army. It doesn't fit. With the way Regals act so aggressively, it's likely they've be even more willing to give themselves up to the Fuzed. Yes, it's possible that there just weren't as many singers at the time of BAM's imprisonment, and this evens things out, but that answer doesn't sit right with me. If their numbers were proportionally smaller, then the Radiants shouldn't have needed to imprison BAM to end the war. During one of Venli's flashback chapters, the voidspren Ulim talks to her about how BAM was imprisoned and what that did to the singers. The fact that he never mentions anything about Odium being responsible makes sense however, since he wouldn't want to reveal anything that might turn singers against Odium, assuming Ulim even knew about it. We don't know when exactly human's learned to imprison spren, but judging from the way the Fuzed were surprised by it, it was probably after Aharietiam. We also don't know where humans learned to imprison spren in the first place. It's entirely possible that Odium himself leaked that knowledge to humans, but i admit that's pure speculation. It's more likely he took advantage of humankind's ability to imprison spread in gemstones. And let's not forget that Odium would need to eventually bring the singers back. Obviously, this is done with the Everstorm. While the Stormfather said that the Everstorm is new, it is old of design, which means that the idea for it probably existed before the recreance, during the time of the desolations. So it could easily have been a part of Odium's plans. It is also possible that he just never thought that Taln would be able to resist for for over four thousand years, and figured by the time Taln broke (which never happened) the humans would be sufficiently divided. If the information that Odium was responsible for the singer's enslavement were somehow distributed to the singer population, I imagine that would turn the entire situation on its head. They might not be any less angry at humans, but if they found out the very god they were following, the one their ancestors had followed, had betrayed them and gotten them enslaved, they would probably abandon Him pretty quickly. It's the sort of thing that could end the war in a chaotic enough way to upend the new Odium's plans and bring a semi-conclusion good enough for the first half of the ten book installment. Of course, the contest of champions would still happen, but this would be a dramatic enough event to impact even that.
  3. We know from RoW that in order to 'reverse the polarity' of Investiture and turn it into anti-Investiture, at least in the case of Lights, you need to separate it from its normal tone and then make the next thing it 'hears' that same tone with different intent. Now, Navani accomplished this isolation using vacuum tubes. However, I think that with access to allomancy, there's an easier way. So we know that, besides muffling allomantic pulses, coppercoulds interfere with Rhythms. Therefore, I think that if you put a Light inside a coppercloud* and then exposed it to its proper anti-tone while it was still in there, you'd get anti-Investiture. *It's possible you'd need a copper savant or multiple overlapping clouds or something to fully block out the tone, since we know that with enough juice a coppercloud can be pierced, but maybe not. I want to say just taking scale into account that Shards' pure tones would be pretty good at piercing copperclouds, but looking back it feels like the tones are actually pretty difficult to hear outside certain special conditions.
  4. I'd like to share my favorite theory that no longer seems possible. So, when I started reading stormlight archives, my brother shared several ideas he had about the series. He avoided spoilers, since he hates them, but since he was three books ahead of me at the start, he had a few ideas about the future of the series. My favorite one that he came up with involved Taravangian's diagram. Since Taravangian isn't able to remember what his super brilliant self (brilliant T) was thinking the day he wrote the diagram, there's always been a lot of speculation about what exactly he was planning on that day. Based on the translations a certain king of Karbranth and his people were able to make, it seemed to be pushing him to try and assume control of Roshar to put himself into the best position to negotiate with Odium. Now, like Dalinar, I think Taravangian's pride and desire to prove himself the best and smartest ruler influenced the not-so-brilliant Tarangian's actions, but this isn't about that. What interests me is what was his brilliant self really planning. This theory is probably not relevant any longer, since Taravangian is now Odium, but what if brilliant T was trying to maneuver his future self in a way that created an opening to defeat Odium? Not put him in a position to negotiate with him, but actually defeat him? However, there's not much to support this idea, other than the fact that it would be a truly spectacular plot twist. It seems similar to a detective style story where the protagonist was the killer the entire time, which is part of why I like it. Only in this case, it's the past self tricking the future self, knowing that the future self can't be trusted. It would have made for a great reveal, if present Taravangian realized he'd been tricked the entire time by his past self, and deciding what he'd do going forward. And again, I realize the theory is almost certainly debunked, now that Taravangian is Odium and no longer following the diagram. Unless he thinks on what his past brilliant self wrote him at some point in the next book and makes a decision based on that, it seems impossible. So, what are some of your favorite theories/ideas that didn't end up happening?
  5. We've seen that Stormlight in general is capable of repairing damage to a person's Spiritweb, and Regrowth seems to be an amped up version of standard Stormlight healing. With that in mind, do you think Regrowth would be able to purge the excess investiture from someone's Spiritweb and repair the damage done by savantism?
  6. There's still so many Stormlight topics left to do (and such little time) but it's time to do a deep dive about Jasnah! We delve into her philosophy and a certain lesson, her "lunacy," and what happened with her in Rhythm of War! This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Alyx (Feather), Ian (Weiry), Jessie (Lady Lameness), Evgeni (Argent), and Shannon (Grey). Brandon's Rhythm of War Chapter 17 Annotation on Jasnah's sexuality: Today's amazing thumbnail is by Grant Hansen: 00:00 Introductions and Show & Tell 06:46:29 Jasnah 13:27 Personality, Philosophy, and the Lesson 1:05:50 "Lunacy" 1:32:17 Jasnah and Hoid; Jasnah's Sexuality 2:23:11 Wrapping up 2:25:54 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  7. My first fanfic ended up accidentally becoming a novel! I hope people will read and enjoy it. The focus is on Kaladin working on healing from PTSD and depression in the context of a relationship with Adolin, and later, Shallan. It's got some hurt but a lot of comfort, and humour too
  8. This is my second fanfic of a romance for Kaladin. This one takes place immediately at the end of Rhythm of War. Different story from my first one, but kept the character name because I like it. About 22,000 words.
  9. A fun, light-hearted parody of the children's song Sandwiches by Fred Penner...only now it's about how much Hoid loves Investiture! Mild spoilers for Mistborn, Warbreaker, and Stormlight Archive.Hoid's Magic Song - based on Fred Penner's Sandwiches song.mp3 Lyrics: [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once. [Verse 1] I'm a roaming and a rambling And a wandering all along, And if you care to listen, I will sing a happy song. I will not ask a favour And I will not ask a fee, But if you have yourself some magic Won't you give a bit to me? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Allomancy's fine. I like lerasium, I eat it all the time; I eat it for my supper and I eat it for my lunch; If I had a hundred beads of it, I'd eat them all at once. [Verse 2] Once I went to Nalthis, Summoned to the God Queen, I swear she was the brightest lady That I'd ever seen. I told her she was colourful And could not ask for more, I told her a story Then she threw me out the door. [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Biochroma's fine. I like Heightening, I breathe it all the time; I take Breaths for my supper and I take Breaths for my lunch; If I found a hundred Breaths, oh well I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 3] Well, once I met a brilliant girl, the fairest in the land, The Brightlords of the country, they were asking for her hand. They’d offer her alliances, Emeralds to appease; I offered her some magic And she said that she was pleased! [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Bonding spren is fine. I like lightweaving, I use it all the time; Stormlight is my supper and Stormlight is my lunch; If I had a hundred broams of it, I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 4] Well magic could be colour, breath, or light, or metal platters, But they are all so good to me, It really doesn’t matter Lights or kites or being right, Any kind will do. I like the Cosmere’s magic, How about you? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once.
  10. I have been in the process of adding The abilities of a mistborn, full feruchemist, and the stormlight powers to mario 64 using the sm64 decomp repo. I am almost done adding feruchemy, almost halfway done with allomancy, and just started adding stormlight. SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 18-03-41.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 20-49-16.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-25 07-36-55.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-25 06-41-47.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-24 21-29-40.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-24 05-25-37.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 20-49-16.mp4
  11. I'm sure that I'm not the first person to post something like this, but one thing about having a series that sorts people based on personality, is that you can't help but think some characters would be perfect for that group. Like in Harry Potter with the school houses, I often like to think that one character or another would be perfect for a particular order of Knights Radiant. I decided to compile a list of characters throughout the cosmere, that as far as I know have never set foot on Roshar, that suit each order of radiant. I hope to build more lists like this in the future, sorting characters from other fandoms. BondSmith-Sarene (Ellantris) Sarene seems like a natural politician to me. She not only initiates a political marriage for herself to unite two kingdoms, but works with political allies to help keep the kingdom from falling apart. Her husband Raoden might seem like a better choice, but he seems more like someone who just wants to improve the lives of people, not unite different people. WindRunner-Vin(Mistborn) A no brainer, for me. She can fly through the air in a similar manner to WindRunners, and she had to learn to care enough about people to protect them. First her friends, then the people of the empire. She struggles with exactly the same conflict with killing that Kaladin does, so she strikes me as an ideal Windrunner. SkyBreaker-Waxiliium(Mistborn Era 2) Waxillium seems more sure of his actions for killing than Vin does, and he is referred to multiple times as a lawman. He also flies through the air with his abilities, similar to WindRunners and SkyBreakers, but while he is a protecter, he sees himself as a lawman. He could probably go either way between WindRunner and Skybreaker, but I see him more as a Skybreaker. DustBringer-Hrathen(Ellantris) DustBringers are described as people who seek self mastery. This is supposed to be appropriate because of the destructive powers they wield, which seems like a good fit for Hrathen. He is a religious soldier, demonstrating his considerable control over himself during his fast in Ellantris, but he is also willing to resort to destructive means when he sees it as necessary, such as when he instigated a bloody conflict in Duladel. EdgeDancer-Fafen(Warbreaker) Most people probably don't remember that there were three princesses in Idris. But Vivenna and Siri had a sister in-between them in age. She was a monk in a country where their jobs were mostly to grow food for poor people. This seems to fit extremely well with EdgeDancers, given their attitudes and powers. TruthWatcher-Tindwyl(Mistborn) This order was tricky, since most scholars would fit the role of a TruthWatcher, but I settled on Tindwyl. Most keepers, with one major exception, seem to focus on discovering and recording knowledge, keeping a more objective and neutral position in their world's affairs. This makes it seem like most keepers would fit the role of Truthwatcher. LightWeaver-Shai(Emporer’s soul) -Another no brainer. Shai is a skilled artist (though I don't like how she uses her talent), is extremely good at lying to herself, and possesses an ability that is very similar to soulcasting. A natural LightWeaver. ElseCaller-Marasi(Mistborn Era 2) A couple of people would fit the order of ElseCallers, but it's tricky since we've only seen one so far. But I think Marasi works. She is someone that seeks to improve the world around her, but does so in an intellectual way, instead of through fighting. Her explanation of the broken window theory in Alloy of Law shows she has a scholarly side to herself, and she seems to me to be similar to Jasnah. WillShaper-Hammond(Mistborn) I struggled with WillShapers more than any other order. In the end, I chose Hammond because he is a bit of an oddball, and the WillShapers are supposed to be a diverse group. He ended up fighting for the freedom (WillShaper ideals) of the Skaa, despite initially agreeing out of a desire for riches. He is different from most Thugs due to his philosophical pondering, which is atypical to people with his powers. StoneWard-Captain Goradel(Mistborn) StoneWards are said to have ideals related to being dependable, and Gorodel seems to fit that role well. After Vin spares him, he seeks repeatedly to make himself useful, even in dire situations. From helping Skaa survive a cold winter during a siege to delivering a vital message when the world appeared to be ending. He probably does so partly out of a feeling of debt to Vin, but still impressive. What do you think?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums. Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere else. I have been thinking about Bondsmiths, Connection, and why it's so dangerous lately, In this series, we have a reoccurring issue that happens when a Bondsmith starts trying to understand their powers and it usually ends badly. Ishar played with the surges and destroyed a planet. He is doing experiments with Spren. I have a hunch he is playing with adjusting connection so he can escape Roshar. When Melishi discovered how to seal Ba-Ado-Mishram in a gem it damaged everything on Rosthar as stated by the Sibling. The events that followed were the Recreance. What did the Radiants know that we don't? Lastly, Dalinar is literally changing the very nature of the Stormfather. Now we have another Bondsmith... Navani has been set up and this scholar amongst scholars type character. I imagine that she is going to apply her skills in this to her new Bondsmith powers. I can only imagine what she might discover. Can a Bondsmith allow Rosharins and their Spren to world hop? Can a Shard be uninvested/connected from a system? What even is Adhesion? Navani is the perfect meta gateway to some high-level Cosmere mombo-jumbo (or would it be Capital Mombo-Jumbo?). That being said eventually, she is going to mess around and find out something she shouldn't. It's the nature of a scientist. I would love to see Brandon parallel her story to J. Robert Oppenhiemer and how he felt when he realizes what he created with the atomic bomb. I am terrified for book 5
  13. We learn that in RoW, there is a possibility that Hoid lost his Investiture. While I've seen it debated whether he got tricked by Odium or not (or the other way around), I don't think this matters. Mistborn Era 2 is after Stormlight 1-5 (Chronology here), and Hoid shows up, which means he's alright. Am I the only one who noticed this? To be fair, Hoid's cameos were brief so maybe he isn't totally fine, but he was able to get out of Roshar. Edit: should have posted this in cosmere discussion
  14. So, just a quick little question for fun: What d&d (5e) classes would each main character in Stormlight be, and what level ?
  15. Think about it, Brandon has set himself up for a Vorin book series. The current sequence goes like this. WoK - WoR - O - RoW Book 5 would make it symmetrical!!! WoK - WoR - O - RoW - KoW It just makes sense!!!
  16. Hello, I have been rereading ROW and trying to focus on some of the Radiants with less screen time. We see that Gaz, like all of the other members of Shallan's Deserters has joined the Unseen Court and presumably bonded a Cryptic. I remembered that Brandon said that if Elokhar had been allowed to progress with his oaths he would have had to eventually admit to being a bad king. We know more about Gaz than any of the other new Lightweavers, so I tried to guess some of his Truths. I imagine his first truth (besides the oath) would be about his gambling. Admitting that an addiction is real and out of control is the first step after all. Gaz reads as a pessimist because he is always complaining and expects the worst from people, but he is one of several people to become inspired after seeing Shallan's drawing of them. I imagine another early oath might be admitting that he actually can become a better person, like in the drawing. However I think that a later oath (4th or 5th) would have to be him admitting his culpability in the deaths and mistreatment of the bridgemen. We see in WOK that he is bothered by what he is doing and in WOR when he explains it he is quick to pass the blame onto Sadeas and his superiors. This oath is the one I would be most interested in seeing on screen, either the actual swearing or a scene where he apologizes to the bridgemen and its made clear that this is part of him admitting truth. He may also have to admit to his cowardice Tib
  17. I recently was thinking about the secret societies of the Cosmere: the Ghostbloods, The Ire, The 17th Shard. They all have representatives from one of the important worlds in the Cosmere: Scadrial, Sel, Yolen. They also are all paying attention to Roshar during the events of Stormlight. So the natural question is what is Roshar's society going forward? And if there is more than one, which one will Shallan be a part of or run? There are 3 choices as I see it: The Diagram, the Skybreakers and the Sons of Honor. The Diagram seems like a likely choice given that it was run by a man who Ascended, and he has greater designs beyond Roshar. I actually think this will happen. But as the title suggests, I want to talk about Shallan, and of all the secret societies, she has the least connection to the Diagram. This could be a theory in its own right, but I haven't given it enough thought to do so. The Skybreakers are actually in a weird place. Shallan has a connection to them through her brother and . I think they will be a force in the greater Cosmere. Plus in order for them to travel the Cosmere, they run into the same problem as Shallan and the Ghostbloods: how do you get Cognitive Beings offworld? However, Shallan is not a SkyBreaker and doesn't seem to like following laws much, so I can't see her working with them. An interesting thought is that they may actually be a part of the Diagram, given their current oath to Odium. But I wanted to talk about Shallan, and so we come to the Sons of Honor. Hear me out. I know that the Alethi group was more or less wiped out. But Restares, the person who we are pretty sure is the head of the group, is friends with Shallan and Adolin. He doesn't really seem to care about the organization beyond its goal to get Shards offworld. So I can see him agreeing to cede the title of Restares to Shallan if she solves that problem. It gets deeper though. If we assume that Shallan and Adolin travel together, similarly to Felt and his wife, we get a pretty cool bit of foreshadowing. If Dalinar Ascends, then Shallan and Adolin could be considered "Sons" of Honor. This is a direct parallel to the Ghostbloods being representatives of a Cognitive Shadow. They already have the former contacts of the organization, and could pretty easily take control of the organization, and restore some of the honor to the Sons of Honor. I am aware of the big problem that people seem convinced that Adolin is doomed in the next book. I don't think that really hurts this theory too bad, other than the cool Son of Honor connection. This is my first post, so please give me some feedback and let me know what you think
  18. I'm more of a writer than an artist, but drawing can be relaxing. I just think the swirls look cloudy or windy, and they were fun to draw.
  19. So, an idea I had a while back would be that I would love to have explored would be reincarnation in the Cosmere. I'd love to see older characters come back and play a role in other worlds. I'm not sure how it could work for most characters, since they'd have to have new names and origins, making it hard to tell who they were in a previous life, but I think it could be interesting. The person I can think of it working best would be Vin, or someone else who's held the full power of a shard. Maybe that could enable them to have some memory of their past life, similar to an expanded soul being able to linger in the cognitive realm. Though honestly, I'd just love to see her reincarnate in the second half of the stormlight series as a Windrunner, with Elend as an Elsecaller and maybe Ham as a singer.
  20. Hi there! I'm new to the forum, but I've been enjoying Mistborn and the Stormlight archive for years. I look forward to interacting with all of you about these amazing series.
  21. So I’m in the middle of Elantra’s and it seems that taln is suffering an affliction not unlike the hoed, he is in such pain he is essentially insane and like a hoed he constantly repeats a mantra as a coping mechanism and finally, like riino, he is only salvated when being enhanced from investiture, riino was enhanced by the lake and taln was inhanced for a small amount of time by dalinars oath, thoughts?
  22. Just finished Oathbringer yesterday!!!!

    © Ariel Edwards

  23. I Am Vyre If only Moash had known himself better, had accepted his pain, it wouldn't have come to this... Set between OB and RoW 3000 words Rated teen Heed the tags for content warnings!
  24. Looking around I found Sanderson doesn't like to write pregnant characters, but had thought about how his magic systems would affect pregnancy. Stating at least that hemalergy would be bad, and stormlight would be likely better than without it. But that's honestly really vague and made me even more curious. I imagine edgedancers and truth watchers could easily use growth to speed a pregnancy along. But that also makes me wonder if they can do the same to an adult, if they could just be aged to dust etc. But that's less relevant here. I'm mostly just looking at the personal healing aspect of stormlight. Pregnancy could be considered as being invaded by parasites, just as alcohol is seen as poison. So if someone views it in that way, would stormlight end the pregnancy? Kaladin kept his brand and couldn't get a tattoo for the longest time. It just didn't feel right, or like he was ready yet. But more like, Shallan (as an example) not seeing herself as capable of or ready to be a mother, making it so pregnancy can't really happen or last long after implantation once she's using stormlight for anything else. Or would it just mask the pains and limitations normally associated with it? Would stormlight healing prevent developmental issues in the fetus, such as from consuming the wrong things (caffeine, alcohol etc)? Do the radiants get to choose on a conscious level, or does the investiture just so what it decides it best? It seems to do nothing for menstruation (which I have to agree with shallan, is very unfair) so possibly reproductive issues are considered differently, even before any "alien" DNA is introduced into the equation.