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Found 450 results

  1. Just a really random thought. I might have the name wrong but when wax and wayne were talking strategies they talked about 1 where wax would fling Wayne into the middle of everyone then he would splat and heal think that was called rotten tomato. Well if we replaced wax with kaladin and wayne with lift how far could she make it. Slick her self and kaladin just lashes her like crazy....lets say kaladin stays behind so he cant keep lashing her.
  2. Hi, I am fairly new to Brandon’s books. I’ve listened to Elantris, Mistborn, and stormlight books. I know that Hoid appears in all three series of books and therefore assume these are all happening in the same “universe” what other books are included in this? I’m so intrigued by Hoid and who he is and what he is trying to accomplish. What else do I need to read if not to get more answers on Hoid (seems like Brandon is working up to something with him) but to get all the stories surrounding this “universe”?
  3. From the album Radiants

  4. Ok, so bear with me on this one. Something has been bothering me, like many who read Oathbringer, ever since Odium said "We killed you." Like many Stormlight fans, I have been mentally (and literally) screaming "What do you mean by WE!" And anyway I've done some thinking, and I think that Unity, instead of a new Shard, as many have theorized, is actually and old Shard that used to live on Roshar. A Shard that was (presumably) killed by Odium and ((possibly Honor?)) (((Working together?))) There is a little possible evidence for this. In the death rattles, one of them goes like "Three of Sixteen ruled, now the broken one reigns" or something like that. Feel free to correct that. Anyway, the way that is worded makes it seem like Odium, the broken one, is not in that original three. Also, since we know there are 3 god-spren--the Storm dad, Nightwatcher, and the Sibling, that leads me to believe that there used to be 3 Shards other than Odium, since it doesn't make sense to me that a Knight Raidiant would bond to a spren of Odium, or that Cultivation or Honor would have two god-spren. That other Shard, Unity, was not liked by Honor or Cultivation or any other Shard. Which makes sense, because they might feel threatened by the fact that he might try to Unite the Shards back into Adonalsium or something. I'm thinking that the Cryptics might be spren of Unity, which is why nobody likes them. It also just makes sense, because math and lies don't really make sense as belonging to Honor or Cultivation, but I can see Unity liking the fact that math is a unifying principle of the universe or something like that. Also, it would make sense because the Dawn Cities are all math based, and they are linked the Uthirthiru in some way ( I think theres a line about the strata being similar? And they both are grown out of rock? Feel free to check that.) And we know that the sibling was related to the tower city as well. So, if the Sibling is a spren of Unity, it all works out. Honor or Cultivation (or both) wanted to get rid of him, but couldn't due to limitation based on their Shard Intent. Neither of them could kill Unity, so they invited Odium, knowing his violent reputation, to come on over to Roshar so he could take care of Unity. That also explains why Odium was allowed onto Roshar on the first place, because I feel like two Shards working together could have blocked him from coming there, if they so wished. Anyway, Odium splintered Unity (possibly with help from one or more of the other Shards) and decided to stay. Eventually, he also splintered Honor, and Cultivation went into hiding. A part of Unity survived, and may have been that voice that's been guiding Dalinar since Book One. That voice seems really distinct from the Stormfather, and I think he once even said so in Oathbringer that he wasn't talking when Dalinar heard the "Unite them" voice. The light that Dalinar feels at the end of books Two and Three may also be the effects of Unity. Dalinar was able to briefly hold whatever is left of Unity, which allowed him to summon the Perpendicularity and all that fun stuff at the end of Book 3. I think that as the books progress, we will only keep on seeing how Unity is actually separate, and wants to be revived. Some odd bits: The splintering might have been the Scouring of Aimia. The Aimians that are a bunch of cremlings seem like something that Unity might have created or liked (since it's a bunch of cremlings unified into one creature) and he might have lived in Aimia. The Unmade might be corrupted Splinters of Unity. I don't think that Odium could have nine relatively large spren of himself and still remain as powerful as he is, so I think he corrupted the Splinters of Unity after he killed him, and those became the Unmade. Obviously, it isn't a perfect theory. And if you've made it to the bottom, congrats on somehow getting through all my disorganized thoughts. Anyway, I want to know what you think, so please feel free to share your thoughts on my theory!
  5. So we know at the recreance through the vision that Dalinar see's that the Knight radiants leave their blades and plate at the fields in front of feverstone keep. But we know that there aren't hundreds upon hundreds of blades and plate in roshar so what happened to them all?!?! So what happened to them, were they recovered by the shin or taken offworld? and if they were taken offworld than why haven't we seen them in other worlds? Either this is a massive mistake or suddenly we're gonna be shocked by hundreds of shardweilding shin riders in the immediate future? Any thoughts or theories on where they might be?
  6. So as of late I have been pondering how exactly Hoid has such a seemingly insurmountable healing factor and how he has managed to live such a long time. Well I think we might have some clues from the; fused, returned, heralds, and our beloved survivor. All of whom found a way to keep themselves anchored to the physical/cognitive realm and refrain from passing on. The common denominator of course is that Shards and likely heavy amounts of investiture were involved. Why is this relevant? Well I think Hoid might actually have gone through a similar process during the shattering, since we know he was the only one there to refuse a shard (at least as of now) we don't know what impact the shattering might have had on the rest of those present when Adonalsium was killed. Anyway I think the shattering may have released enough investiture to give Hoid the same kind of immortality cognitive shadows have, he was just fortunate enough to still have his body at the time. As I read on the coppermind odium gave the fused a portion of his power so they could become cognitive shadows, but since they lack an anchor to the physical realm they require hosts. Heralds on the other hand have no bodies created for them at the start of each desolation. While I must concede neither the Heralds or Fused share Hoid's healing ability and this does somewhat hurt my theory I do think it is worth noting that Honor, Odiun, and Endowment are just shards yet they are able to create immortals. One could only imagine the magnitude of investiture Adonalsium must have had within it and I doubt that God went quietly into whatever awaited it. So I think the fact Hoid was alive and therefore tied to the physical realm gave him a more potent immortality and is why he seems simply unable to die. Hence, why nothing save Nightblood (seemingly the embodiment of entropy for the cosmere) well known to devour investiture is one of the few weapons that seems capable of causing him lasting harm. As always I must acknowledge this is just a crazed theory and I admittedly do not have much supporting evidence for my inference. I do hope you enjoyed this idea though. Sorry, also forgot to mention Elantrians who are also immortal, seemed unfair to leave them out. Yet another edition. As for why the others took up shards when they might have already been immortal. Well I think they just might not have been aware, and were likely eager to become gods.
  7. Alright had a crazy ideas and felt like sharing. Something always bugged me about shinovar, we know they have a collection of honorblades and that their home is far to the west and experiences very mild highstorms (Which originate in the east). Furthermore they seem to consider both stormlight and stone sacred. Anyway a question came to me rather recently. How do they train honorblades users in their abilities which require vast amounts of stormlight? While a certain amount could be explained through trade and hoarding, their is still likely a lack of stormlight in their area. So I couldn't help but wonder where they get enough investiture, hence why I am making the logical jump that honor's shardpool is there (i am aware the coppermind says his perpendicularity has no set location but I don't know if that is word of Brandon or not). When Dalinar summoned honor's perpendicularity vast amounts of stormlight came out, while i doubt this would be the same in shinovar a consistent leaking of investiture from the perpendicularity might explain how they have enough stormlight for things like using honorblades and trade. Also this would not be too shocking as shinovar is the lands given to humanity when they came to roshar and found honor. Also this is not unprecedented as on scaladarial preservation's shardpool slowly accumulated investiture into the beads of lerasium. So That is my theory on where Honor's perpendicularity may be. Hope you enjoyed.
  8. In the prologue to The Way of Kings it is said that Szeth's stormlight can't restore a limb "killed" by a Shardblade. However in Words of Radiance and Oathbringer we see several bridgemen doing just that. So why the inconsistency? Is it just that Honorblade stormlight healing works differently, but why shoud that be so?
  9. Beware some mild to moderate spoilers ahead. If you don't want to have anything spoiled you can stop watching at 4:30 and you will not have anything spoiled for you!! If you are new to our channel, welcome. If you are new to Brandon Sanderson, we are really excited that you are here! There is a reason that he is Peter and Trever's favorite author, and in this episode (which we promise we tried to keep short) we explore some of our favorite quotes by the great Brando Sando as well as some of the reasons that we have chosen him to explore fantasy characters and how they relate to us as real-life people. We hope that you enjoy this video whether you have read all of his books or this is the first time reading him.
  10. New member here! So I just finished Oathbringer and my heart just shattered into pieces knowing that Kaladin/Shallan isn't happening. Don't worry, I'll learn to live with it! (or maybe I'll ship the OT3, because why not?) To channel my woes and sorrows, I decided to focus on the other thing I love about this series : the unique world building. In here I'll be challenging myself to design concepts for a mock Stormlight IP (be it a game or a movie, I'm still not sure). DISCLAIMER : The designs I post here will take liberties from the description the have in the book. My mind's eye is kind of a rebel in that sense. The artwork you will see will be a combination of the book's description, Shallan's sketches and my own flavor mixed in. I hope to post every week to keep my skills up and eventually have a complete portfolio for myself. Suggestions and inputs for inspiration and references are greatly appreciated! 07/01/2019 - INSPIRATION I started reading TWoK 2 years ago and only got back to it this year. I got hooked enough to finally finish all three books and the Alethi culture just screamed 1300s Middle East-South Asia. The Kholin Monarchy, where you had one king and a dozen or so high princes with a 'department' assigned to them reminded me of Persia's shah and sastraps system. Another clue that really influenced the design I wanted to make was the concept of a safehand and havah, two fashion elements that brought the sari, kameezes and kurtiz in mind. ladymxdnight from discord, really helped me out on that one. And lastly, the one element that really sealed the deal on how I saw SA's world was the Parshendi singing in battle. When I read that, I knew I had to go Bollywood. Yep, you read that right. If it were up to me, SA would be a Bollywood film. Thankfully, a really great Bollywood film came out a few years ago that got me really excited to design SA in this direction : Padmavaat by Sanjay Leela Bansali INTIAL SKETCHES As any concept artist will tell you, warm ups are important. After seeking out my references, studying them and recreating them to an almost maddening degree, I started doing simple and quick sketches to further flesh out the designs I see in my mind. Below are quick concepts for the Kholin Uniform, Jasnah and Shallan's Kharbranth havah and initial portrait sketches of Adolin, Elhokar and Kaladin. See you next week!
  11. So I’ve been thinking about all that we’ve seen stormlight do, and I got curios about what storm light could potentially do. It can heal eyesight (renarin), it can heal shardblade cuts, broken bones, arrows through the face, burns away toxins, helps with the cold, and they don’t need to breath when holding. So what else can it do? It’s said that the best way to kill a radiant is decapitation, or a shard slice through the spine. But could it help with dehydration? Could it help with starvation and other stuff like bad eyesight, for example, bad hearing? And how does it determine what needs to be healed? If someone is born without a finger would it grow a new one? Or what if someone was born with an extra finger? Would the stormlight remove it? i would love to hear your thoughts on this. P.S. why did it heal renarins eyesight? Wouldn’t it be like kaladins scares, or rysns legs?
  12. Scenario time: Lets say you where a herald and you had just died ..... But instead of being tortured on Braize the voidbringers did research on you and decided to send you off somewhere else in the cosmere. To endure the worst that planet has to offer. Basically what I'm asking is what cosmere torture would you not want to endure for four thousand years.
  13. From the album Stormlight Characters

    My take on Cultivation and the Nightwatcher, took a few artistic liberties but I am really happy with the outcome.
  14. In the recent Shardcast the casters were discussing how we know very little about Cultivation's vessel. We don't even know her name or race, merely that she is considered female. Brandon has many times stated that not all of the original vessels are/were human, and there is rampant speculation about which ones (namely Endowment and Autonomy) might be dragons. It seems to me that it would be an inappropriate waste to have the gathering of the most powerful people in the Cosmere reflect only two of its species. This has led me to theorize that Culitivation's vessel might be a singer. I know that the one time that we have seen Cultivation "in the flesh" so to speak she appeared closer to human than singer, however she was appearing to Dalinar at that time and as Odium shows at Thaylen Field species swapping is easy for shards. Cultivation being a singer could help explain why she and Honor decided to settle on Roshar, and an ancient deific singer-human romance-to-last-the-ages would fit the Stormlight Archive thematically quite well. Tib
  15. Potential for spoilers, obviously, for Stormlight four. But from what I saw, nothing we didn't already now from Stormlight 3. The Tor article I though it was neat. a four minute excerpt.
  16. I recently reread the Way of Kings after finishing my Mistborn reread and in Mistborn there is a chapter where Sazed is describing Trelagism where "They saw the stars as the Thousand Eyes of Trell watching them. The sun was the single, jealous eye of Trell’s brother, Nalt." The Interlude at the Purelake in the Way of Kings caught my attention when they described their god as "Nu Ralik was their god, but you always pretended that he wasn’t. Vun Makak—his younger, spiteful brother—had to be tricked into thinking you worshiped him, otherwise he’d get jealous." I also kinda remember a story where one moon was jealous of the others but I don't remember what book that was in. I just can't help but feel that these are all connected. (I do believe in the Autonomy=Trell theory)
  17. So I recently finished re-reading Way of Kings for the third time. While reading it, I remember placing a note (ebook version, so I have highlighted and noted a lot of passages) about what at the time seemed a relatively unimportant scene. Then, browsing the forums just now, I read this question to Brandon: The reason I find this so interesting is because the passage I noted (in chapter 54: Gibletish) contains Highprince Hatham, Dalinar, and an ardent talking to a Natan man. The ardent says this: "One wonders if you are equally devout when not standing on our soil." I found this a bit strange, since the only place on Roshar where soil exists is in Shinovar, and we've seen that practically nobody knows what it is. It's also not an idiomatic phrase, since Rysn's babsk has to explain to her the meaning of the word. Yet here is an Alethi ardent on the Shattered Plains, about as far away from Shinovar as you can get, using the word soil. Even if we consider that this ardent somehow traveled to Shinovar at one point, and that he grew comfortable enough with their phrases to use soil metaphorically like this, why would he do so when surrounded by people who won't know what he's talking about? At first I had considered this to simply be a slip-up in the writing, since to us on Earth that sort of phrase is relatively commonplace. But after seeing this mention that you could discover worldhoppers by examining their speech, and then a very similar example being used to demonstrate, I am suddenly less sure. Thoughts?
  18. SPOILERS FOR ALL OF THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE Culturally, Religiously, Historically, Emotionally, Medically, Psychologically, and Physically, Szeth is a beautifully intense character. Let us know your thoughts on our video!
  19. I have fan fiction I would like to share—about a girl for Kaladin. Ultimate hubris, I know.
  20. Initial Sketches for Kaladin's Kholin uniform. Heavily inspired by the Sherwani
  21. Okay, so it seems that I'm not the only person who's come up with a version of this idea (hi, @Truthless of Shinovar!), but I presented the theory at JordanCon during the Cosmere Speculation panel, and it seems as though I should codify it in some sort of organized fashion so that all my crazy details can be seen. And also so I can go on record with this thing so when it actually happens you can all hate me. We all know Brandon has been moving the plot forward faster on Stormlight than most of us expected. So I think that Stormlight 5 is going to be the Knights Radiant vs. Rayse, final round. Rayse has freed himself from his entrapment on Braize and is ready to wreak some havoc on Roshar to make sure nobody there can challenge him (and root out Cultivation in the process). Ultimately, he will be defeated. I think he won't be re-trapped, though; I think he'll be killed. However, there is one important detail when it comes to killing Shardholders: Dropped Shards will Splinter naturally if not picked up. (Correction here: It's not an automatic given that a Shard will Splinter when dropped. There is a WoB ( that states a voluntarily dropped Shard could Splinter, or become self-aware, or any number of other things. None of them if applied to Odium are going to create Super Happy Fun Time for Roshar.) Imagine the chaos that would inflict upon Roshar's entire Investiture biome. That much Hatred Investiture (and no, I do not believe Rayse's nonsense about Passion) spreading out throughout the planet, loose, leaking into everything? It'd be a disaster. Cultivation has more than enough knowledge to be aware of this; certainly the Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and the Sibling are as well. I'd bet money that most, if not all, of the Radiant spren have a pretty good idea of it. So it's reasonable to expect that the KR will be aware of this danger when they take on Odium. They may even have a plan in place to try to re-trap him, but I expect that ultimately to fail. They'll have to kill him. There will be no other choice. What then happens when the Shard of Odium drops, ready to Splinter into a million pieces of Hatred and leak into the planet's Investiture irrevocably? Or become a self-aware monster spren? Or get absorbed by one or more of the Unmade? Or any number of other potentially apocalyptic results? Dalinar picks it up. He doesn't do it to gain power. He does it to protect his friends and family. He does it for Honor (though his decision may involve his bond with the Stormfather being broken) - because humans brought Odium to Roshar; it's only proper for a human to fix that mistake. Most of all, because he has managed to deny Odium's power before, he does it because he believes he's the best person to do so. He believes that he can resist the Shard's intent better than any other person on Roshar. He might even be right. So he picks up Odium, rips every last shred of power that Rayse Invested into Roshar, and leaves. There are several reasons why I think Brandon will take this route: 1. It's an interesting full circle to take for the character. He starts out life as the perfect scion of Odium, though he doesn't know it at the time. He's ruthless. He's violent. It's through a huge amount of experience and development that he learns to control and reject that side of him. He becomes a better man. Then as a result of becoming that better man, he takes on the embodiment of what warped his past in an attempt to shield others from the evil that tainted him. That's some serious heroic tragedy. 2. Brandon likes to hurt us. 3. So far, our experience of the "negative" Shardholders has been pretty after-the-fact. We never saw Ati before he picked up Ruin; likewise we don't know exactly how awful Rayse was before he picked up Odium. We've seen Harmony, yes, but he's been pretty Light Side so far. It will be much, much more interesting to take a character that the readers have a strong emotional investment in and have him take up an "evil" Shard. The impact of seeing our hero Dalinar slowly corrupted by Odium's influence as he becomes an overall Cosmere Big Bad will cause internal reader conflict, and that's a good way to tell a story.
  22. We've seen in the cosmere that most healing works by changing your physical self to more accuratly match your spiritual self. It has also been said that after a person has accepted a wound and learned to work around it magical healing won't work because your spiritual self would have changed. So that brings me to Lopen. In WoR we see him start to regrow his arm and it finishes in OB. But by this point hasn't Lopen accepted his missing arm? Why is he healed?
  23. I saw a couple posts on allomantic FTL and got thinking about other planets, like Roshar. If stormlight powers fabrials, could Roshar develop a sort of piping system that carries stormlight, like wires do electricity? The only thing that gets me hung up on this is if the stormlight could move through the piping efficiently. I was thinking a sort of gemstone tube, that could carry stormlight to destinations. If anyone has any ideas about this, feel free to comment.