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Found 711 results

  1. Okay, so I’m taking a little from Jedi vs Knight Radiants here but what about Knight Radiants vs allomancers? 1) mistborn vs Knight Radiant 2) misting vs Knight Radiant 3) feruchemist vs Knight Radiant 4) twinborn vs Knight Radiant 5) fullborn vs Knight Radiant 6) Kelsier vs Kaladin (or some other high end Radiants like Dalinar) You can pick the specific orders/oath level and metals and as @Duxredux has pointed out, you pick all the undefined parameters. 7) Awakening vs Knight Radiant 8) any magic system vs any other (the best users seen so far against each other specifically)
  2. So I was wondering about the formation of new types of spren as well as the existing types. I believe it is Hesina in a Kaladin flashback who says that everything has a spren, so I’m curious about a couple things: do new spren form when new ideas are formed. Say for example musicspren exist but then someone invents jazz on roshar, do jazzspren form? With Navanis new fabrials and airship is their an airship spren now and a spren for each of her fabrials. If Tashikk has a revolution could we see the existence of democracyspren or communismspren. Finally, do you think spren have spren. Mainly does the sprenspren exist, the spren of spren, and then obviously there creates a loop where we could see the existence of anticipationsprenspren and so forth with each spren having a spren and continuing. I’m curious to hear peoples thoughts on this I’ve wondered ever since reading WoK but this is my first ever 17thShard post.
  3. So I haven't really seen any pages talking about what people think will happen in the cosmere in the later eras, specifically the space/sci-fi. I recently just read a very interesting WOB that I believe is not canon but could show us Sanderson's plans or ideas for the future. (spoiled for length) (Underlined Bold is mine for most important parts) So long story short, Scadrial and Roshar seem to be in some sort of a conflict and both want control of the Avier. Their ship uses Allomancy to fly, and the Knight Radiant is a Skybreaker and has learned of a way to make a gun from their spren that can use an external ammo. What are your thoughts and predictions? Why would they be fighting, who do you think would win, etc. Also, do you think that their respective planets will be united or not? And will the other planets take sides or form their own factions?
  4. Okay, so I don’t know if this has been explained elsewhere or what but I’ve been wondering why in the Scadrial system the Shard’s impact can be seen in the Godmetals and the Mist but on Roshar it is in the form of Light, Tones, and Rhythms. What do you think is the reason behind this is? Also, would there be a Godmetal, Light/tone/rhythm, and maybe even type of breath (as breaths are little pieces of Endowment itself so are a reflection of its power (I think? Please correct me)) for each and every Shard? (And maybe the combination of all is Adonalisium’s Light? (in Roshar’s case)) So far I’ve assumed that that is just the natural form that Investiture takes in a given system but if that’s the case (it’s just natural) then why that form and not some other? Sorry if this seems a bit cluttered and messy or just plain stupid
  5. Panorama of Roshar. Hope you guys like it! I had a LOT of fun painting this one, though I was nervous about accidentally spoiling something as I was only starting the Oathbringer at the time of painting this. I'm definitely painting more of Stormlight in the future. Maybe Jasnah... or Pattern? I'd love to be commissioned for official art for the future books, that would be the dream! I also welcome any feedback and critique, both for artistic execution and lore, but keep in mind that there had to be some liberty in putting together Urithiru so low and close to the Shattered plains and Horneater Peaks, for the sake of making the focal pieces clustered [Urithiru + Stormfather above the Shattered Plains] in the center of the painting as requested, for custom book sleeves with for all 4 books. Their spines, when put together, show the center of the painting. "The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it? It's the next one. Always the next step."
  6. It's mostly all in the title. If Kaladin somehow went brain dead, would Shai(if she somehow was on Roshar) be able to recreate his soul? I mean (Emperor's Soul) He hides a lot of his trauma, and puts on a front of "I'm doing fine!". The question is how well does he hide it... Also, I don't know if any one person knows all of his experiences.
  7. Hello, can someone explain why only Shallan and Renarin out of all radiants could sense Re-Shepir's presence at the Urithiru tower?
  8. d&d

    Hello! I am somewhat active in the D&D community. As such, I am a minor user on the homebrew site D&D wiki. On D&D wiki, there is an unfinished class for Knights Radiant. I want to finish it, but I need help. Reply if you want to help finish it! Here is the link:
  9. As a trans NB Cosmere fan, I'm constantly fascinated by the exploration of gender in the Stormlight Archive. At one point Shallan mentions that despite the fact that she uses he/him pronouns for Pattern, she doesn't think he has a gender. Are all spren canonically nonbinary?
  10. The concept for this is short story roleplay. I'll make a very short single quest idea, for instance, the first one is transporting a payload of silver across part of threnody. You come up with your player idea, something simple but dynamic without a large arc. I set up the plot and we start playing. When we're done with the first story, we go on to the next, each being very short. You could have a reoccurring character, or do a new one every time. Here's the basic summary of the plot, then a more in depth explanation: You have been hired! A small large shipment of silver is being transported from this very town to Boschester. It is expected to leave at the next Shaiday. Good fortune to you, and may the Shades never catch you, sincerely, Adonalsiumwillrememberourplighteventually If you want to join, just put a character roughly following this sheet, or a brief concept and name. Character Sheets for Story 1:
  11. Fullborn vs 4th ideal radiante. Which orders can defeat a fullborn?
  12. Over the last six months or so I've been working on a creating a physical 3D model of the continent of Roshar. It's still a work in progress, but I have some actual physical products to show for it as of recently. My end goal is to make the entire map out of wood and project animations like Highstorms onto it. So far, I've made a prototype map out of foam using a CNC router. And I have used a projector with it to project the map of Roshar onto the foam: The reason I post this is I would like some feedback. Eventually I want to do something with this similar to the interactive timeline of Roshar the staff put together, but in three dimensions. Like I mentioned, I would also like to add the Highstorms to the animation, so you can see how they interact with the geography and mountains of the map. Is there anything else I should add? Change? Improve? I have a time limit, but I'm curious to see what people think. Finally, here's the 3D digital model I used for this in case anyone wants it for a project of their own. Feel free to use it, though it is fairly rough, so the geography isn't exactly perfect and the topography is complete guesswork.
  13. The King's Drop in the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve has been glowing brightly in a dark vault for 200 years. Uh... how? The explanation that it's a perfect gemstone and can hold Investiture indefinitely is all well and good, but energy in the form of light as bright as daylight is being emitted constantly from that gem. It hasn't diminished in that time presumably, and I doubt they lied about it. So where does that light actually come from, if it's not the Investiture emitting radiation in the form of light? Where does the actual light of Stormlight come from?
  14. The wait is over, the Secret Project episodes have been slain and the Stormlight Archive 5 prologue episode is finally here! (Your resident editing Feather appreciates the patience for the slight delay.) Though deep down, we all know the REAL wait is going to be for this book's release because this prologue is SPICY. Spoilers for all published Cosmere works (but no secret project spoilers)! This episode's cast is Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), David (Windrunner), Shannon (Grey), Evgeni (Argent), and Jess (LadyLameness). Read the Stormlight 5 prologue here: Thumbnail image is Rider of Storms by Connor Chamberlain: Check out the first episode of our new reread series, SpanReads: If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected] -------- 0:00:00 – Intro 0:07:05 – Initial Reactions 0:14:15 – Gavilar 0:24:18 – The Stormfather 1:03:43 – A Herald’s Death: Chana Davar? 1:16:21 – A Herald’s Death: Someone Else? 1:23:03 – Thaidakar 1:48:08 – Ba Ado Mishram 2:01:11 – Taravangian 2:11:01 – Final Thoughts 2:24:26 – Who’s That Cosmere Character? 2:42:36 – Conclusion
  15. So, I don't know if this has been thought of before, but I have had a theory for some time that we will eventually see more orders of the Knight Radiants-or at least sub-orders. Let me explain-we know that surgebinding is a result of Honor and Cultivation and that worlds with a invested shard have a magic system based at least partly off of the shard. Odium has now started investing himself more and more into Roshar and we've seen the effects in the Fused and voidbinding. Renarin, has bonded a spren corrupted by Odium and has manifested new variations (hence the sub-orders) on the original truthwatcher abilities. He is still a truthwatcher in that he accesses the same surges, he just manifests them in new and different ways. What are your guys's thoughts on this? Do you think that we could see sub-orders of the original Radiant orders?
  16. If a bonded Knight radiant bonded to an Honorblade, say a Windrunner bonded to the Dustbringer Honorblade, would they gain their own Gravitation and Adhesion and the Division and Abrasion of the Honorblade? If a Knights Radiant bonds to an Honorblade, do they gain the surges of the Honorblade with their own surges?
  17. Who would win in a fight? A Fullborn or a Knight Radiant with all 10 surges? To keep the fight fair, each contender will have had 1 year with their full capabilities. The fight will take place where there is enough metal for the Fullborn to move around, but not enough to make it unfair. To start of with, the Fullborn will have full metalminds, and full metal reserves. The Radiant will have maxed Stormlight as well. Considering the healing capabilities, the fight will end when someone has "decapitated" their opponent. They are NOT aware of each other's capabilities. Please keep in mind that the Fullborn would be from Era 2, and would have access to the new metals such as cadmium, bendalloy, nicrosil, etc.
  18. What happens to a spren whose bond isn't sufficiently advanced to manifest as a Shardblade when their KR breaks their oaths? (Thinking about Syl on WoR, for example) What happened to all the spren whose bonds weren't sufficiently advanced to manifest as a Shardblade during the Recreance? Did they become deadeyes too, but manifesting only in the CR? Are they "less dead" because their Bond was less advanced? Has this been directly explained in the books? Or maybe in WoBs? Thanks to everyone who answers!
  19. A few years back, my sister and her husband asked me to paint their trunk. They decided they wanted something from Sanderson's books, as we all read them. The trunk has 3 panels: on the left I was inspired by an illustration in the 1st or 2nd book, in the middle is the inside cover illustration for Words of Radiance (if I remember correctly), and on the right I did what I could with my own imagination! The medium used was oil paints.
  20. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

    © conjchamberlain

  21. One issue I have noticed when people talk about Roshar going off world, rather it be radiants, stormlight or anything else highly invested, people tend to forget the gravity-like pull that the investiture feels to the planet (or system) of origin. As mentioned by Mraize in RoW when he was telling Shallan the ghostbloods purpose. So I wanted to use this to brainstorm ideas on how to possibly make this work. we know first off that we’ll need perfect gemstones to hold the stormlight. second a way to cut off the connection to roshar, to lower/negate the pull. we have two possible options. 1) as shown in oathbringer, stormlight used inside an aluminum casing is not detected so the most likely is a chest made of aluminum to resist “the pull” 2) we have seen how anti-stormlight/voidlight was made using a vacuum. could a vacuumed container also be used to possibly resist or severe the pull to roshar? maybe a combination of the two? What are your thoughts, also my first post so I’ll love to start meeting y’all.
  22. I've been re-reading the Stormlight books and have been thinking about specific events along with the current conflict raging during the Last Desolation as well as the overarching conflicts across the Cosmere. It seems likely to me, though not definitive, that Odium is more or less a permanent problem. Certainly Rayse was (so far) unique in being both able and willing to destroy other Shards whether or not he required help to do so. That motivation may have been unique to Rayse, but his time holding Odium could also have driven that course of action even if Rayse was already amenable. Either way, even with the change in Vessel to Taravangian Odium is still very dangerous and potentially hostile to the other Shards. Harmony strongly implies this in the epigraphs to chapters 37, 39, and 40 of RoW: If we take these sentiments to be true (which may not be wise, as Harmony is new to the deity scene, though his holding two Shards may give him unique insight) then it's not unreasonable to conclude that the goal outlined in the epigraph of chapter 34 of RoW is driven by Odium itself and not so much the Vessel bearing it: So whatever changes might exist when Taravangian destroyed Rayse and became the new Vessel of Odium it seems like the threat to the Cosmere is unchanged, and therefore so are Hoid's efforts and the situation for the other Shards. Odium is deific, and so far we don't know of any other Shards which are capable of Splintering (or otherwise destroying) a Shard. At some point Odium became trapped on Roshar, and while that was a good-enough solution for several millennia it clearly isn't permanent. Permanence in resolving this danger seems important for otherwise (mostly) immortal beings like the other Shards. For these reasons the current plan of Dalinar and company is doomed to fail. Their victory in the contest of champions, if it even takes place, will only push Odium's efforts into the future to some unknowable extent. And the wording of the agreement is unclear as to what, precisely, will happen if Odium's champion loses. Therefore any conclusion to Odium as an antagonist, whether in Stormlight alone or in all of the Cosmere works, cannot be: 1. the contest of champions, 2. changing Odium's Vessel, 3. destroying Odium, or 4. persuading Odium to behave differently. So that leaves the question "what is to be done about it?" And here is my answer: the only way to deal with Odium is to combine it with another Shard, thereby modifying how it operates. Such a combination has seriously hampered Harmony's ability to act on his own, for example. The discovery of the titular Rhythm of War implies that the combination of Honor and Odium might work and be worthwhile; Odium and Cultivation would presumably also work and be locally available to the Rosharans, but seems (to me) more dangerous than Honor/Odium and would require two possibly unwilling Vessels be dealt with. I presume that Vessels don't typically want to combine their own Shard with others for the same reason Odium doesn't want to, that it would change the raw expression of the original, fundamentally distinct Shard. My specific prediction is that Dalinar will use his powers to reconstitute Honor's Shard somehow, foreshadowed by his ability to open Honor's Perpendicularity and Odium's response: If Honor can be reassembled, then it could (perhaps) be imposed upon Taravangian or Taravangian himself destroyed and Odium taken up by anyone that also takes up Honor. Maybe Dalinar, maybe Kaladin, or maybe someone we don't know about yet. The specific person that does it would be less important than the idea that instead of unbridled hatred running around we would have honorable hatred (whatever that might be). It's not necessarily an end to any threat from Odium at all but is the only way I can think of that might deal with the Shard in any meaningful way. I don't know if this will happen in Stormlight 5, in Stormlight 6-10, in a different Cosmere work, or at all (obviosuly, lol!). My money's on sooner rather than later, as I imagine the ultimate villain(s) of the Cosmere will be Autonomy, Thaidakar, Hoid, or some combination of them rather than Odium, the major confluence of Cosmere events will involve a lot of things happening on Roshar, and the ultimate conclusion will be a re-forging of Adonalsium anyways. But that's an entirely different kettle of wild speculation.
  23. Do we know what happened to Honor's shard? If he was killed should the shard be left behind? If I recall though it has been some time since I read The Final Empire, were Ruin and Preservation's shard left behind which allowed Saz to take hold of them? Sorry if this question has been asked, it just popped in my head.
  24. From the album Bean’s Art

    Hey everyone! This is my dream chull, I have dubbed him Merlin!
  25. A thought I had the other day of how FTL travel could work in the Cosmere: Brandon had dropped a number of hints over the years of works that have inspired him. What I can imagine is something that blends Dune and Star Wars for FTL travel. I think it will use a combinations of the magic systems that can be used by one Navigator, but probably needs a team just to be safe. First you will have traditional rockets to help with small adjustments, but they won't be used for FTL. A Misborn will be employed to steer the ship and give it its initial thrust. Momentum will become an issue in space, but I believe that "anchors" will be set up throughout space to keep the ship moving faster and faster (similar to the spikes Kelsier and Vin used in Era 1). However, they won't be traveling through space itself, they'll be traveling through Shadesmar. I believe the Cognitive Realm has shorter distances and would give a Hyperspace type feel as they travel between the Realms. An Elsecaller would be best since they seem to have the easiest time going back and forth (Am I correct on this?). I can see them surrounded by a giant dome of perfect spheres to use the stormlight. I can also envision Roshar becoming very important for fuel in the future. He who controls the Stormlight controls the Cosmere? Do we see conflict between the previously friendly House Stormblessed and House Kholin? Maybe Roshar will be known as Jasnian Prime? I know the use of Medallions could come into play, but I think having full blooded Misborns and Radiants would probably be more powerful. I also understand the work of Rabonnial and Navani demonstrated how magic has specific sounds and the insane amount of different Light-Magic there is on Roshar. I'm sure there is some combination of all the Cosmere magic that can make FTL work, so if you can point that out or poke a hole in my theory, please do!