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Found 429 results

  1. Has anyone made Rock's stew? If so, can you tell me your recipe?
  2. With Fantasy TV being the hip new thing, I've been thinking about how episodes for a potential Stormlight Archive TV show could go. Here are my rough musings of the different options: One viewpoint/episode: Each episode would follow a specific main character for a good chunk of their story. For example, one episode would follow Kaladin from being in the slave wagon to his choosing not to kill himself by jumping in to the chasm. The next would follow Shallan from the Queen's Pleasure to Jasnah's ethics murder lesson and so on. When POV characters were together, it would still focus on the actions of one character if they split off from one another (Adolin & Dalinar for example) and maybe have the finale of a series follow multiple view points to deal with events like the end of Oathbringer. Chronological: Events follow chronologically jumping between multiple characters an episode. This would resemble the books closely with the sequence of events following roughly those of the POV chapters with less important events cut out for time reasons. Something in the middle: An episode would focus on a particular POV character but will occasionally cut away to other characters. For example, Kaladin could be the focus of 3/4 of the episode but could have snippets of Shallan and Dalinar to break up scenes. I'm also curious how the flashbacks could be handled. Should it be like the books where one series follows one characters backstory or should multiple characters backstories be in each series. The story as written obviously works better with each characters backstory playing an important part to the flashback characters plot but I'm sure it could be adapted so that you get some backstory of the other characters in earlier seasons as that might lend itself better to TV even if each season focuses closer on one character to match up with the plot. I'm currently feeling one viewpoint/episode with flashbacks sticking to the way they are in the books. What I don't have an idea for is how to present the notes at the start of each chapter like the last words of the dying from TWoK
  3. *Note I haven't posted a whole lot and don't know how to hide spoilers. So warning Spoilers If I remember correctly there is a WoB that all the heralds were at the palace during the night of Gavilar's assassination. So we of course know about Jezrin and Ash being there for sure as of Oathbringer. What about the other heralds? Is Liss possibly a herald? Or were they all background?
  4. For all of you musical fans out there, I have to point something out. The song "Do You Hear the People Sing" fits perfectly with the Parshendi. I can just imagine Venli singing this as the Highstorm approaches. The lyrics are below. And Javert could totally be a Skybreaker.
  5. I'm making a Dungeons and Dragons class based on the Knights Radiant and I've hit a snag with regards to these two surges. All help is welcome. Thanks
  6. Scenario time: Lets say you where a herald and you had just died ..... But instead of being tortured on Braize the voidbringers did research on you and decided to send you off somewhere else in the cosmere. To endure the worst that planet has to offer. Basically what I'm asking is what cosmere torture would you not want to endure for four thousand years.
  7. Hey guys, this question contains spoilers but I was thinking about it recently and I wanted some theories.
  8. So just a quick question but what D&D classes and sub classes would you put Stormlight characters into? Some I feel are pretty straight forward like Adolin being an Eldritch Knight Fighter, but it could get a bit more nebulous like Renarin I could see as a Knowledge Domain Cleric. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts and how many D&D nerds are also Sharders
  9. What are the mist spren that work as crew on Honor's Path. People have said that they are the truthwatcher spren, but I think the difference in appearance between of refracted light and mist with doll like hands and face is too big. I think they might be another sentient spren that simple does not or cannot create a nahel bond. Based on things that have happened in previous cosmere books I think it would make more sense if there were not 10, but 16 sentient types of spren.
  10. So, I recently got into MTG through a friend at school, and have started looking into getting sleeves. But then I realized that what I really wanted were sleeves with bridge four glyphs on the back. Brandon likes Magic. Why on earth do these not exist yet?
  11. I recently reread the Way of Kings after finishing my Mistborn reread and in Mistborn there is a chapter where Sazed is describing Trelagism where "They saw the stars as the Thousand Eyes of Trell watching them. The sun was the single, jealous eye of Trell’s brother, Nalt." The Interlude at the Purelake in the Way of Kings caught my attention when they described their god as "Nu Ralik was their god, but you always pretended that he wasn’t. Vun Makak—his younger, spiteful brother—had to be tricked into thinking you worshiped him, otherwise he’d get jealous." I also kinda remember a story where one moon was jealous of the others but I don't remember what book that was in. I just can't help but feel that these are all connected. (I do believe in the Autonomy=Trell theory)
  12. During Taravangian's interlude in WoR he first mentions a former ardent named Dova who discovered the Diagram and forced Taravangian to either assassinate her or induct her. He inducts her by the time of the interlude she is the head of the Silent Gatherer's, Taravangian's Death Rattle factory workers. At the end of OB when Taravangian tells Dalinar that he believes that Dova is actually Bettar the Herald of the Elsecallers. This frustrates me, as I am a subscriber to the well-supported theory that all of the Heralds are currently inversions of the ideals they represent. (ex. Ash the artist destroying art, Nale the lawman a serial murderer, Jezrian the leader a wretched drunk) However leading the Silent Gatherers isn't really an inversion of what we understand Battar to represent. Jasnah, our only Elsecaller and presumably all Elsecaller's and their patron, are a pragmatic group dedicated to using knowledge to preserve the long term survival of the species no matter the short term cost. Of all of the Radiants that we have seen, Jasnah seems the most likely to recognize the brutal necessity of the Silent Gatherers. However, the actions of the Silent Gatherers is a direct inversion of what we understand of the Herald Vedel. Vedel is supposed to be loving, healing and is associated with surgeons. Her order of Radiants, the Edgedancers, were most concerned with the welfare of the lowliest people in society, specifically the "forgotten" and "ignored", the exact group that the Silent Gatherers exploit. (in the guise of healers) The fact that Taravangian merely suspects that Dova is Battar, instead of outright confirming it, leaves open the possibility that he is correct that she is a Herald but is misguided about which one. It seems pretty reasonable to me for Taravangian to mistake one female Herald for another as modern rosharans do not seem to have a clear understanding of what the Heralds looked like, and I am not sure he knows the full extent of the Herald's insanity. Tib
  13. Throughout the Stormlight Archive we see people writing glyphwards and either wearing them or burning them. Is there any actual power involved here, or is it just as Jasnah thinks, an irrelevant superstition?
  14. So Brandon has outright stated that we will be seeing an new Dustbringer in Rhythm of War. I have seen surprisingly little speculation about who this will be, so I will lay out my theory. My theory is that the next Dustbringer to be introduced in the series will be Balat Davar. I will start with a few extra-narrative reasons that I believe this: Firstly, Brandon likes writing Radiants with tragic backstories and Balat comes with a pre-packaged one that can be seen through Shallan's flashbacks. Secondly, Balat has been given a surprising about of screentime including his own pov interlude, it would seem a little odd for this much time to be spent on him if he was just going to be Shallan's kinda pathetic older brother. Finally, from a timeline prospective for all of the first 3 books Balat has either been far away or in the past, RoW will be the first time when Balat is in the place where modern plot is happening and it just so happens thats when we get our Dustbringer. As for in-world reasons that Balat could become a Radiant. One is that it has been confirmed that while radiance is not hereditary being related to Radiants can bring someone to the attention of the spren. This is supported by, Tien being a proto-lightweaver, the astonishing number of Kholin Radiants, and the fact that the Davar family has already had at least 2 members start the process of bonding spren. This familial connection suggests that we should take the idea of more Davar Radiants seriously. As for why I think Balat would specifically be a Dustbringer. During Shallan's brief conversation with Pattern about Malata, he talks about how the Ashspren and their Radiants are very destructive and enjoy breaking things and tearing things open because they want to know what is inside. Balat has demonstrated similar interests (though admittedly even more destructive ones) by his interests in tearing apart animals, setting fires, and watching axehound fights. Additionally, the primary and secondary divine attributes of the Dustbringers are brave and obedient. This fits thematically with Balat's history and personality. Balat spends most of Shallan's flashbacks in a strange position as the only one of the Davar children actively resisting their father while at the same time (at his own repeated admission) not being brave enough to truly stop protect his siblings. I would love to hear any reactions or other possible theories. Note: I am not saying that Balat would have to be a successful Dustbringer or that he would necessarily be on the same side as his sister, just that I think he will be the primary Dustbringer character for the first half of the series.
  15. Right after arriving, we ran into another Stormlight cosplayer!
  16. I think I have a grasp on this but I want some help with it. At the battle of Thaylen Field Dalinar held Honor and used the power when he united the 3 realms and created Honor's Perpendicularity. The Coppermind says that any person that does this (holds the power of a Shard) becomes a Sliver. It also says that a Sliver knows it is a Sliver. Does this mean that Dalinar has gained knowledge of the Cosmere? Does he now have a better understanding of what the 3 realms are, and what happened to Ashyn, and the presence of other Slivers & Shards through the Cosmere? And if so, how does everyone think he will he use this info in the fight against Odium?
  17. Welcome to Alethkar! Alethi and Parshendi alike have gathered for a night of celebration: they’ve just signed a peace treaty between their peoples! What could go wrong? GMs: Wilson, Orlok, Elbereth IM: Alvron In this anonymous game, each account will take the name of a character from the Stormlight Archive prologue (though we added some characters who may or may not have been there, to flesh out the numbers a bit). This means you will be playing as an SA character. Woo-hoo! This is a partial blackout game. Here are the things we can tell you: Each character has multiple win conditions. These win conditions may or may not be primary (if you have a secondary win condition, it’s merely a bonus if you achieve it, but will not affect whether you win the game or not). The lynch does not kill. Insead, lynched players are cast out of the palace. Ostracized players can no longer interact with those inside the palace, but they will have access to a doc with all other ostracized players and can interact with them. Every third cycle, there will be a vote among ostracized players about who should reenter the palace. Players who remain outside will still have things to do and can still possibly win (though it’s much more difficult). Ostracism is not the end of the game. (Ostracism functions sort of like Elantris in LG12/LG44) PMs are closed. Everyone has access to a set of general actions right from the start of the game. These actions include: vote manipulation, attacks, protects, roleblocks, redirects, action spying, sending anonymous messages, hiding, and drinking. Not all of these actions are guaranteed to succeed, and some of these actions may have partially negative consequences when used. We will reveal more a little more about each of these at the start of the game. Every player will be in multiple docs. Roleplay will be rewarded. There are 25 characters; however, we do not necessarily need all 25 in the game if we don’t get 25 players. The game can function well enough with 20 (though we’d like 25!). If we get more than 25 people signed up, we will randomly select who will play and the rest will be on the pinch hitter list to replace any inactive players. You can sign up either in this thread (don’t create a character, obviously) or by PMing the GMs. Unless otherwise stated, rollover will start at 1 AM MDT (8 AM BST). We expect it to take approximately 1.5 hours to figure everything out and start the next turn. Some rollovers might be shorter. Some might be longer. The game will start at 1 AM MDT on Wednesday, 5 September. Quick Links:
  18. Hello everyone! I'm a college student (and recent recruit) and was searching on Red Bubble for some fun stormlight related stickers when I realized there were almost NONE. I thought to myself how is this possible when I know so many amazing artists and fans of the series exist??? I personally thought it was a great tragedy, especially since harry potter, percy jackson, and so many other series have an endless sticker treasure trove. So, I took it upon myself to create some new ones that I thought might be worthy of the series. However, I only started a few days ago (2 lol) so I don't have that many. -Thanks! Vivid2323
  19. Just what the title asks: If you had a chance to Q&A with Jasnah, what would you ask her? (I'm thinking post-Oathbringer questions) Mine are - What was it like growing up with Gavilar and Navani as parents? As Alethkar's new leader, what do you plan to do about the new Desolation? What do you think of the prohibition of men not being able to read or write?
  20. Hi all! Long time podcast listener and forum lurker, new to posting. Just reading the first WoR Ryan interlude and it mentions that the Larkin has: Which reminds me of the descriptions of Dragonsteel we've seen. When describing Frost especially there were a few mentions of silver. It's not a lot to go on but combined with the fact that they look somewhat like you might expect a dragon to look it's certainly got me wondering. Apologies if it's already been theorised / disproven, I hunted around for it but couldn't see a post. Either way I'm glad to be here!
  21. Lopen patted Dru on the shoulder. The slender Alethi man looked up and nodded toward Lopen, showing reddened eyes. Loving a soldier was not easy, and now that Kaladin had returned from Alethkar alone...
  22. I was looking at these two diagrams and noticed something I hadn't seen before. It was easiest to see when switching between tabs on the same browser on these pages: and The symbols for the surges (the little circles) have their left sides identical, while their right sides are vertically flipped versions. The surgebinding one they're symmetrical left and right, but the voidbinding one is based on the same symbol, but instead of being symmetrical, the right half is a 180 degree rotation. Symmetry is important on Roshar. I've never heard anyone talk about it (though I'm sure it's out there), but I think that symmetry is meant to represent the making and keeping of oaths. I think these voidbinding symbols where the second half is the first half flipped on its head might be meant to represent the breaking of oaths. Oddly though the symbols corresponding to the symbols for the Orders of Radiants (the big circles) remain symmetrical right and left, though they have very different styles to their surgebinding equivalents. Maybe because they keep different kinds of oaths? I'm also wondering who the woman on the outside is, where it has the heralds on the surgebinding one. I wonder if she might be one of the unmade. Sja-anat? Ba-Ado-Mishram? I don't know.
  23. While relistening to Oathbringer again, I was on the part from Rock’s POV, and I was remembering that I heard on shardcast that Brandon confirmed that there are part human singers. I couldn’t find it in arcanum, but I thought they said that these include the Herdazians and the horn eaters. They listed the herdazian fingernails as evidence of their singer heritage. Anyway, so in Rock’s POV there’s a part where he is cooking and thinking of when he would cook with his mom and she would hum. He felt like he could almost hear her humming sometimes. I think he’s faintly hearing the rhythms. Any other signs you guys have caught?