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Found 652 results

  1. So I’m in the middle of Elantra’s and it seems that taln is suffering an affliction not unlike the hoed, he is in such pain he is essentially insane and like a hoed he constantly repeats a mantra as a coping mechanism and finally, like riino, he is only salvated when being enhanced from investiture, riino was enhanced by the lake and taln was inhanced for a small amount of time by dalinars oath, thoughts?
  2. I have been in the process of adding The abilities of a mistborn, full feruchemist, and the stormlight powers to mario 64 using the sm64 decomp repo. I am almost done adding feruchemy, almost halfway done with allomancy, and just started adding stormlight. SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 18-03-41.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 20-49-16.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-25 07-36-55.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-25 06-41-47.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-24 21-29-40.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-24 05-25-37.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 20-49-16.mp4
  3. I recently was thinking about the secret societies of the Cosmere: the Ghostbloods, The Ire, The 17th Shard. They all have representatives from one of the important worlds in the Cosmere: Scadrial, Sel, Yolen. They also are all paying attention to Roshar during the events of Stormlight. So the natural question is what is Roshar's society going forward? And if there is more than one, which one will Shallan be a part of or run? There are 3 choices as I see it: The Diagram, the Skybreakers and the Sons of Honor. The Diagram seems like a likely choice given that it was run by a man who Ascended, and he has greater designs beyond Roshar. I actually think this will happen. But as the title suggests, I want to talk about Shallan, and of all the secret societies, she has the least connection to the Diagram. This could be a theory in its own right, but I haven't given it enough thought to do so. The Skybreakers are actually in a weird place. Shallan has a connection to them through her brother and . I think they will be a force in the greater Cosmere. Plus in order for them to travel the Cosmere, they run into the same problem as Shallan and the Ghostbloods: how do you get Cognitive Beings offworld? However, Shallan is not a SkyBreaker and doesn't seem to like following laws much, so I can't see her working with them. An interesting thought is that they may actually be a part of the Diagram, given their current oath to Odium. But I wanted to talk about Shallan, and so we come to the Sons of Honor. Hear me out. I know that the Alethi group was more or less wiped out. But Restares, the person who we are pretty sure is the head of the group, is friends with Shallan and Adolin. He doesn't really seem to care about the organization beyond its goal to get Shards offworld. So I can see him agreeing to cede the title of Restares to Shallan if she solves that problem. It gets deeper though. If we assume that Shallan and Adolin travel together, similarly to Felt and his wife, we get a pretty cool bit of foreshadowing. If Dalinar Ascends, then Shallan and Adolin could be considered "Sons" of Honor. This is a direct parallel to the Ghostbloods being representatives of a Cognitive Shadow. They already have the former contacts of the organization, and could pretty easily take control of the organization, and restore some of the honor to the Sons of Honor. I am aware of the big problem that people seem convinced that Adolin is doomed in the next book. I don't think that really hurts this theory too bad, other than the cool Son of Honor connection. This is my first post, so please give me some feedback and let me know what you think
  4. My first fanfic ended up accidentally becoming a novel! I hope people will read and enjoy it. The focus is on Kaladin working on healing from PTSD and depression in the context of a relationship with Adolin, and later, Shallan. It's got some hurt but a lot of comfort, and humour too
  5. I'm more of a writer than an artist, but drawing can be relaxing. I just think the swirls look cloudy or windy, and they were fun to draw.
  6. Just finished Oathbringer yesterday!!!!

    © Ariel Edwards

  7. I Am Vyre If only Moash had known himself better, had accepted his pain, it wouldn't have come to this... Set between OB and RoW 3000 words Rated teen Heed the tags for content warnings!
  8. Looking around I found Sanderson doesn't like to write pregnant characters, but had thought about how his magic systems would affect pregnancy. Stating at least that hemalergy would be bad, and stormlight would be likely better than without it. But that's honestly really vague and made me even more curious. I imagine edgedancers and truth watchers could easily use growth to speed a pregnancy along. But that also makes me wonder if they can do the same to an adult, if they could just be aged to dust etc. But that's less relevant here. I'm mostly just looking at the personal healing aspect of stormlight. Pregnancy could be considered as being invaded by parasites, just as alcohol is seen as poison. So if someone views it in that way, would stormlight end the pregnancy? Kaladin kept his brand and couldn't get a tattoo for the longest time. It just didn't feel right, or like he was ready yet. But more like, Shallan (as an example) not seeing herself as capable of or ready to be a mother, making it so pregnancy can't really happen or last long after implantation once she's using stormlight for anything else. Or would it just mask the pains and limitations normally associated with it? Would stormlight healing prevent developmental issues in the fetus, such as from consuming the wrong things (caffeine, alcohol etc)? Do the radiants get to choose on a conscious level, or does the investiture just so what it decides it best? It seems to do nothing for menstruation (which I have to agree with shallan, is very unfair) so possibly reproductive issues are considered differently, even before any "alien" DNA is introduced into the equation.
  9. What’s the difference between malen/femalen and male/female? Just because there a different race doesn't mean we need to use different words.
  10. Round up, round up! Come one, come all to the amazing Two-Armed Brits Chouta stand! This time, we'll be going through the lovely menu of chouta flavours that we were provided from the Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter exclusive drinks coaster. We decided we could definitely give making these a go. Let us know how you think we did! Leave a comment down below on what you'd do differently!
  11. here's another thing i forgot to post hehe Eshonai with charcoals
  12. The Bantu culture was a very gradual movement of new ideas and stuff, and it had a very gender-based society, but not very patriarchal. Men were hunters and warriors, and women did art, music, and crafts. Like the Alethi. Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.
  13. On this list of weird canon facts I give you this! Kelsier is a cat person. Marsh is a dog person Hoid would like heavy metal music Hoid loves bacon The Shard that Kelsier would find the most fun to punch is Honor Hoid has dressed in drag "several times" Shallan is a Ravenclaw, Jasnah is Slytherin, Dalinar is a Gryffindor, and Kaladin is Hufflepuff Elend's name means "misery" in German which was not intentional Taravangian would make a worse US president than Rashek "Gemheart" is a thing you can call your spouse in Alethkar Lift states on multiple occasions in Oathbringer that Dalinar has a tight butt If Drehy lived in Azir he would need to fill out paperwork to date a man (Sigzil mentions this in OB) Anyone want to add more?
  14. Apologies if it has been discussed or I've forgotten something. What would happen to a sapient spren if it was captured in a gem? We've obviously seen lower spren be captured and we've seen Unmade like the Thrill and Ba-Ado-Mishram (kinda seen) be captured, but what about the in-between? Could you manifest some effect from a fabrial made with a Sapient spren? What would happen if the gem was broken and the spren escaped (would the spren experience a loss of function, cognition, etc.). (I think this has been somewhat discussed in some Shardcasts about Ba-Ado-Mishram.) Does this affect bonds (thinking Nahel) in strange ways?
  15. I posted this over a year ago—2 maybe?—and have edited and added a chapter at the end. It is a romantic fanfic for Kaladin, set immediately after Oathbringer, and has no spoilers for RoW. About 39,000 words, just so you are warned.
  16. This post contains spoilers for Stormlight Archive’s Rhytm of War, Mistborn’s Bands of Mourning and minor spoilers for Warbreaker. Proceed with caution. In the epilogue of Rhythm of War, Wit encounters the new Odium and their interaction leaves us wondering if the encounter truly happened as Wit expected or whether he has been outwitted (hah). I will summarize some “facts”: 1. Wit planned entering the old palace in order to meet Odium. 2. Investiture can be used to store memories. 3. Odium notices that Wit stores his memories in his Breaths. 4. Odium does something to Wit’s Breaths. 5. Wit appears panicked. 6. Wit appears to have forgotten he had already met Odium. 7. The encounter “repeats”. 8. Wit loses his perfect pitch, an ability granted by holding a sufficient number of Breaths. I think it is safe to say that 1. – 3. are facts. I will explain what I think what really happened during 4.-8. Put on your ralkalest foil hats and let's dive in. Wit, the man himself, gives us a few hints in the epilogue. Wit does a coin trick while talking about storytelling. He explains to Design that performing a magic trick without actual magic is more impressive. He talks about misdirection (“dirty tricks”) and then shows us that he had two coins all along. Now here is my theory: Wit knew exactly what he was doing. He planned to meet Odium and he planned to trick Odium into thinking he had been outwitted. “But wait”, you say. “Odium did mess with Wit’s Breaths! He stole them and that’s why he loses his perfect pitch. To that I say: “True, he stole his Investiture. But what about second Investiture?” Breath is not the only thing in the Cosmere capable of storing memories. Copperminds can do so as well. Wit is shown playing with a coin. That’s his Coppermind. He uses both Breath and Copperminds to store memories. These are the two coins that are parts of a whole. During the initial encounter, he starts storing his memories from the last few minutes into his Coppermind. When Odium “attacks”, Wit truly is panicked because he doesn’t know what’s going on. His memories are partially in his Coppermind and therefore not in his mind. His lack of information makes the rest of the encounter scary. While Odium talks about his predecessors’ agreements, Wit finishes storing the memory of the meeting into the Coppermind. The Breaths are a decoy, the misdirection. Odium does steal a few of his Breaths but Wit has a backup in his coin now. After their second encounter, Wit appears to have forgotten that they had already met a few minutes before. He seems confused and looks for Design. Then he meets Odium. At this moment, Wit genuinely thinks this is their first face-to-face meeting in over a thousand years. While talking to Odium, he glances at his coin and thinks “I wanna tap that. But not now with Odium watching.” The encounter ends. Wit walks away and tries to whistle. He notices a few of his Breaths are missing. He taps the coin and recalls his memories. Their first face-to-face meeting in over a thousand years had gone exactly as he had imagined. Some problems and possible answers about this theory: P1: It might be impossible to upload memories into Breaths and into a Coppermind at the same time. A1: 1. Wit could have stored half of his memories in his Breaths and half in his Coppermind. He can then piece together through context what happened. 2. The more interesting explanation is that Wit created this scene in advance (storytelling) and left those memories as a decoy for Odium. Here is an excerpt from the epilogue. The biggest clue, however, is the very last sentence of the epilogue. He *imagined* the meeting, as in he created images of it. How? Lightweaving. P2: Why does Odium notice the Breaths but not the Coppermind? A2: Wit says (Like Breath.) (Unlike coins.) Breath is Investiture that Wit is endowed with. It is a part of him, at least temporary. Metalminds store Investiture outside of the body. Odium is not interested in the coin at all. Why would he? Breath is much more interesting. Maybe if he had not noticed that Wit stores memories in his Breaths, he might have been curious about the coin. But that’s the magic of misdirection. P3: If Feruchemy existed before the Shattering or if Odium learned about Feruchemy at some point before Rhythm of War, he would be much more wary of a coin, something that is not commonly used on Roshar. A3: During his negotiation with Dalinar, Rayse says This implies that the different manifestations of Investiture are not known to each Shard. Plus, Odium was trapped in the Rosharan system, so he might have missed a few things P4: Why did Odium not notice that Wit's prepared memory was fake? A4: Wit is an amazing storyteller and could create illusions with Yolish Lightweaving prior to bonding a Cryptic. The Surge of Illumination would enhance and complement his abilities. P5: Why could Odium not foresee that Wit would attempt to create a fake memory? A5: Wit spent quite some time around Renarin who can interfere with Odium's predictive powers. Wit's Fortune allows him know where he is supposed to be but even without Fortune it would be smart to stick around Renarin if you want to avoid Odium's gaze. P6: Is Wit even a Ferring? We only know he is an Allomancer. A6: BoM chapter 21 Wit doesn't have to be a real Feruchemist or Ferring. He would just need to have access to a filled Niccrosilmind. P7: Where would Wit get a filled Niccrosilmind from? He visited Scadrial during Era 1, presumably left and came back during Era 2. However, Stormlight takes place before Era 2. A7: Wit could have visited Scadrial again between Era 1 and Stormlight to get a Nicrosilmind. Another and easier solution is that someone brought the Nicrosilmind to him. There were at least three Scadrians on Roshar, two of which are heavily implied to be Ferrings or Feruchemists. So that's my theory. I invite you to re-read the epilogue with these thoughts in mind. Channel your inner conspiracy theorist and try to find as many connections between what Wit says during his performance to the Spren and what happens during his meeting with Odium. I would love for you to add your thoughts and expand this little theory. TLDR: Wit is an advanced method actor. He played the fool but was actually still the Wit. He said to Odium "~~You cannot have my memories~~ Please feel free to take my memories" but only if you can find the right ones.
  17. Could the prologue chapter in stormlight archive book 5 be that of gavilar and tell us all the secret, like how he got the antivoid light.
  18. The Vorrin women covering their left hand is incredibly arbitrary. There are some weird taboos surrounding it that don't seem to make sense for the society, especially given the difficulties it adds to the life of the scholars/musicians. More, it's hard on lefties (WoB here), meaning it's the left hand, and not the non-dominant hand. So why would the Heralds pass on that particular tidbit of wisdom and gender roles to society, compared to stuff like "bathe regularly" and "wash wounds"? I think it might be sort of silly: one of the Herald women had a malformed, damaged, or mangled left hand, and always kept it covered (malformed is my main choice, since other damage would likely get healed). This mutated into a tradition of "women cover their left hands" in much the same way that "Radiants' eyes turn pale" mutated into "Lighteyes should be the elite ruling class". Obviously this is sort of a crack theory, but I feel it makes as much sense as anything else?
  19. So, recently was thinking back on Brandon's description of the Ghostbloods while talking with the 17th shard. To summarize very very briefly, Brandon mentioned that the people drawn to Kelsier's organization are very cut throat and competitive (much like their leader). However, those that Kelsier handpicks or directly oversea tend to be more along the lines of what we saw in era 1. So, A thought I had was that the organization draws people more innately like Kelsier. Yet, the ones he prefers to serve under him are more like his old crew in that they serve as the brakes to his acceleration. As we saw a lot in the first mistborn book Dox, Ham, Breeze, and Clubs all worked hard to curtail some of Kelsier's worst traits. Now given Kelsier's obvious comfort with his own insanity and his egotism I think he is doubtful to try and work very hard to change that. So instead he essentially hires people out to be his own conscience. Particularly given his natural inclination to like innately good people even while not being one himself. Afterword Thank you to those who read this. Kind of random but I guess I am feeling the withdrawal of cosmere content and wanted to voice some thoughts. If you have comments, contradictions, or just wish to talk more I encourage you to comment. Hope you all have a great day, night, etc. Just keep in mind, "There's always another secret."
  20. Hi all my husband got me into Brandon Sanderson, knew there was a good reason I married him! Looking forward to chatting on all things cosmere.
  21. This is my second fanfic of a romance for Kaladin. This one takes place immediately at the end of Rhythm of War. Different story from my first one, but kept the character name because I like it. About 22,000 words.
  22. SPOILERS for MISTBORN: SECRET HISTORY and OATHBRINGER and a little bit WARBREAKER Well, that’s my theoretical ramblings. I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts! p.s. I’ve no clue if my idea is original. I thought about looking through the threads to see if anyone was already discussing it, but there’s SO many threads. Any tips for finding discussions quickly on the 17th shard?
  23. I've recently finished the main Stormlight Archive series (haven't read the novellas) and I was wondering what to read next. I've also read the first two books of Mistborn era 1 so I'm probably gonna read Hero of Ages next, but what should I read after that?