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Found 78 results

  1. The gay male protagonist. Bane of mainstream literature. But things are better now™. *sigh* LGBT literature is still very much- actually hold that thought. The existence of that term alone shows the problem: that LGBT literature is a separate thing from straight literature. We rarely have fantasy, mystery or sci-fi whose main character happens to be gay, we have gay fiction which happens to have a fantasy, mystery or sci-fi setting, rarely. Mostly it's just romance. Written by women. *sigh* It's mostly erotica, basically not even aimed at the same gender. There are gay authors: Adam Silvera, TJ Klune, Will Walton, Benjamin Alire Sáenz,... well-known LGBT authors. Special thanks to Richard Morgan who finally wrote a non-romance with a gay male character as the main protagonist. Also Robin Hobb. Gay characters are almost never the main protagonist in the mainstream literature. Gay literature is still a niche genre and generally not taken to be a part of mainstream literature. When gay characters do appear in the mainstream and they're not badly written, they're usually secondary characters or at most, the deuteragonist. These authors are then treated like the bastion of LGBT literature and everyone else would remember their example for the next ten years as completion of the required dosage of gayness they can handle on their reading list. They will then cite these books everytime some poor sod mentions we need more representation, "wasn't that one book from 5 years ago with that one gay character (who probably dies later on) enough?" And these authors too, even after all this time, are in the minority compared to those who simply ignore that gay people exist. These are the books most likely to have a lot of romantic subplots. Love triangles, ahoy! "But we need romance in our books!" "Why do we need to have a gay character?" "what does it add to the character?" Female gay characters are, of course, fine. I mean there's also less gay female characters because it's not as daring and "female lead" is still something that can be used to sort books but at least people aren't directly opposed to them. Gay male characters on the other hand are an insult and a threat to masculinity everywhere *long exhale* So we have Ranette and Drehy filling the quota of gay characters in the Cosmere and they're tertiary characters. So far, we have maybe-promises from the author regarding gay characters in the future. On a completely unrelated note, how many love triangles have we had in the Cosmere so far again? This post is my anger and this post is my logic: Also check out this comment by @The Awakened Salad which addresses the question of why a character would "need" to be gay:
  2. For those who have read SA (stormlight archives) multiple times on which read through did you have the most theories/observations?
  3. so im finally reading it. if @Emperorstick ever see's this, he'll probably be dissapointed in me for waiting so long. Im not done, but im really really enjoying it so far. (im on way of kings btw)
  4. My name is Angry Mistspren, and I have always been just slightly dissatisfied with the ten orders that Lord Sanderson created for his Stormlight Archives Series. Not to shame Sanderson, but sometimes I wish that I could make my own order of Radiant. That’s likely why I made this thread, in order to share my ideas and also role play as these new orders. To be clear, I intended this to be an Alternate Universe of SA, where the orders are replaced by new ones. Also, I will only be imagining one myself, to leave this open for anyone who wants to join. In honesty, this may not go anywhere, and that will be fine. I just want to tell a story.
  5. We got the whole thrill gem would could we use it for?
  6. Is it just me, or does the costume in this picture look like Shardplate? Maybe someone on the production is a Sanderfan? On a side note, some of the photos show that this costume has wings - wouldn't that be a cool addition to a KR's armor if they didn't have a Surge that granted them flight in some way?
  7. Kaladin is my favorite character. In any series. Ever. He was already my favorite Stormlight character after The Way of Kings, and after Words of Radiance, I moved him all the way to the top spot. I was a little sad that he didn't get as much time on-screen in Oathbringer, but his return to his home and subsequent trip with the Parsh remains one of my favorite scenes.This brings me to my question: How do you feel about Kaladin? Since coming onto the 17th Shard, I have seen people who love Kaladin and those who don't find him all that intersting, or even find him a little annoying. This has made me curious: has Brandon Sanderson made a character who, if not universally loved, is at least universally not-hated? If you do hate Kaladin please comment and explain your reasons, do you find him badly written, does his character just not work for you, or is there some other reason? Feel free to comment no matter your opinion on Kaladin, I would love to "hear" your opinion.
  8. tropes

    The epic fantasy genre is still relatively young, at least compared to other literary genres. The foundational work of creating an entirely new category of literature, one defined by the creation of an entirely new fictional world where the story takes place, is attributed to J.R.R. Tolkien. Everything Tolkien had done have become standard fantasy tropes: dark lords, medieval settings, elves and dwarves. Of interest here is the medieval settings part, which defines so much of the fantasy genre: fantasy world settings are mostly based on Europe, around the medieval time period in thought and technology and the nobility. I'm not referring to the quality here, which is it's own trope, but the idea related to class & bloodline & the divine right of kings. Brandon Sanderson is Mormon, so the portrayal of religion in his works is something that has been discussed a lot. You can find answers to most questions you might want to ask him regarding this on his site itself and there's plenty of discussion here on the forums, on reddit, etc. The trope of nobles and commoners in his works, however, is something that is not discussed enough in my opinion, and when it is, it's usually mentioned as a throw-away comment: "yes, we get it, Brandon, not all nobles (are bad)" This trope has evolved over time from its origin, the divine right of kings. In the Lord of the Rings the only difference between the line of Kings and the line of Stewards is their pedigree. Some people are apparently inherently superior and thus have the right to rule over the rest of them. Let's not get into the other critiques of LoTR like race or apologetics (I suggest looking into CS Lewis for more on this). Denethor was a bad ruler not just because he was a bad ruler but because he wasn't the rightful ruler. Aragorn comes and he's the rightful heir and everything's chill now. The themes are still kinda there in Sanderson's works too, the trope has been transformed but not truly subverted. In Mistborn era 1, book 2, Elend institutes a constitutional monarchy which is still very skewed with only 1/3 of the representatives being skaa. This assembly then boots him out, rightfully through Elend's own laws but Vin goes on a rampage of murdering and/or forcing his competitors to submit to his rule. In book 3, he decides that the time for debates and legislatures is later somewhere in the indeterminate future when the crisis is over. I do understand what the stakes were that motivated him to do the things he did. I'm simply pointing out a plot point. In era 2 of Mistborn, the legislative branch is divided into two halves: half elected and half aristocrats. The main protagonist is one of the aristocrats and one of the overarching character arcs for him was about accepting the responsibility of being an aristocrat. There are forces from outside of Scadrial who are involved in trying to topple this system. In Warbreaker, the God-King of Hallandren, Susebron was a figurehead ruler with the power being concentrated in the Court of Gods. The other main characters all belong to the ruling classes as well: two princesses, one of them also the queen, a member of the Court of Gods, and an enigmatic former ruler. The antagonists wanted to overthrow the system but are thwarted at the end by Susebron who comes into his powers after having been educated by the princess-queen and given back his tongue by magic. Hallandren's future looks just a bit brighter with its rightful ruler in power. In The Stormlight Archives much of the story revolves around the Kholin family, who reunified the broken kingdom of Alethkar. The idea of fighting against the Lighteyes does exist but that stuff is less important than unifying under them to face a greater threat. Also, Lighteyes are mostly descended from the ancient Knights Radiant whose eyes glowed the colour of their Order, that's where both the colour and the notion of superiority came from. In Elantris, the kingdom of Arelon moves on from plutocracy to monarchy, but we shouldn't worry because Raoden is pretty chill. ~spoilers for Aether of Night~ I'm not saying that these issues might not get resolved in future sequels. The Mistborn era 2 broadsheets seem to be hinting at civil unrest and discontent. And if @asmodeus's theory* is right, it might become a major plot point in eras 3 & 4 Stormlight might not just be about the fight against Odium but a fight against hatred. And again, I'm aware of the plot, circumstances and characteristics behind these noble characters. I'm just pointing out that these were actual plot points in the stories. Brandon has broken quite a few tropes in his prolific career but for now at least, it seems, that this is the trope that would not break *asmodeus' theory: Also, go read Powder Mage you guys! Edit: There is a subversion of this trope in Sanderson's work: White Sand. Making the Diem less dictatorial and more accountable is one of the most integral parts of the plot.
  9. Most of you are probably familiar with "The Wave" rock formation in Arizona:" From the first time I saw it, I thought "Urithiru!" Some photos of Petra also look like the layered rock described in the books: I just found out about another real-world location that resembles our favorite city-above-the-clouds: it's a series of naturally-occurring marble caves in Chile. Check out pages 5 and 6 in this gallery: The caves can only be reached via boat, and it looks like the "floors" are water, so that of course reminded me of Purelake. What locations IRL remind you of places on Roshar?
  10. From the album InfernalSquid - Stormlight

    My headcanon of a slightly younger Dalinar, under the influence of the Thrill. I realize that he does not have a beard, but hey - he does look good in it. For the Odium in the constellations, I used botanicaxu's art of Odium - credits go to them for that part (ONLY).
  11. Created by InfernalSquid I made this over the course of two days, exceptionally proud. It has the Skybreaker glyph in the background.
  12. I've attempted to draw the shattered plains.... thoughts?
  13. So, I tend to be a very immersive reader. The scenes of a book play out in my head like a Hollywood action film, complete with camera angles, character voices, and sound effects. Sometimes, my mind will alter or add to character appearances and voices automatically, just because it 'feels right' (even though these alterations sometimes contradict the book). One such alteration that my mind came up with was a particular speech... erm, pattern... that Pattern used. Pattern tends to enjoy humming... a lot. I believe he is even described as 'vibrating' on more than one occasion in the series. This led my mind to do something rather interesting with how Pattern pronounced s, x, and z. For example, take this phrase from Words of Radiance: "Insults in particular will be of great use to my people, as they are truths and lies combined in a quite interesting manner." When reading this sentence in Pattern's voice, my mind tended to shift to humming, vibrating, and nasal-based noises, with some of the sounds extended to emphasize the vibrating effect. Here's an attempt to write out how it sounded in my head: "Inzultzz in particular will be of great uuze to my people, azz they are truthz and liez combined in a quite interezzting manner." Another example, which is even harder to decipher (and write, sorry): "You fear nonexistence, but is not unconsciousness the same thing?" "You fear noneggziztenzz, but is not unconjjiouznezz the szame thing?" Additionally, Pattern's voice was high for a male, almost affecting the classic 'nerd' voice (pinch your nose and pretend to be smart and you'll see what I mean). However, his voice deepened a bit when in Shadesmar. I believe that my mind made this jump because his form in the Cognitive Realm better reflects his true age and nature, as opposed to the condensed version that appears in the Physical Realm. I wondered if anyone else had given Pattern a bit of the same 'vibration' effect when hearing his voice in your head? What other characters did you give vocal quirks to as you were reading?
  14. From the album Stormlight Characters

    My take on Cultivation and the Nightwatcher, took a few artistic liberties but I am really happy with the outcome.
  15. Hello everyone! So for my first post I need an answer for a little dilemma I'm in of possible. I've been a Sanderson fan since he finished WOT and I will forever read anything he writes. Luckily my 10 year old daughter has taken to him as well. She's read all of Alcatraz, Skyward, and is just now finishing up Mistborn and is in love with it. My question is, is she too young at 10 to be reading The Stormlight Archives? I was worried about Mistborn a little but she's so far ahead in reading for her age and we've had some awesome, in-depth conversations about the story and characters, but I'm just concerned that SA might be a little too much. But she wants to read it badly when she finishes Mistborn. Do you guys think she'd be fine with SA if she made it through Mistborn?
  16. So, I recently came across this word of Brandon that got me thinking: So according to this word of Brandon, the spren that are shardblades right now, had a bit of their soul ripped off, which I believe is similar to what happened to the Parshmen. Do you think there is any actual connection between the two events, and if so, since Odium was able to fill in the cracks in the Parshmens' souls and have them regain sentience, do you think he could do the same thing to the dead eye spren, and in doing so corrupt them and bring them to his side? That would be kind of a crazy twist if all the shardblades in the world suddenly became living voidblades.
  17. Hello, Just to put it out there I have not read the Stormlight Archives I’m here for help getting a present made for someone who is a huge fan of all things Sanderson. So my question is what does Hoid’s guitar look like? Do any of the books provide a description of the guitar or type of guitar that it is? I would like to get one custom made if needed so please give as much detail as you can! Thanks a ton!
  18. Using F-Iron and A-Pewter medallions instead of gemstones, could it be possible to create a Scadrial equivalent to shardplate? With the limited knowledge we have about Allomantic technology, the medallions and the cube, it seems theoretically possible.
  19. Are they the related to surgebinding ?
  20. At first glance, Wayne and Shallan is probably not an obvious connection to make, but hear me out. Though the two aren't identical, there are a surprising number of similarities. [Warning: some spoilers ahead] 1. They both specialize in disguises, and get really into character when they do so. Shallan obviously has a problem with this, but we often see Wayne's narration as if he is the person he's pretending to be. He has no problem sliping out of these disguises, but it's still significant immersion. 2. They both killed someone when they were a child, which continually haunts them and makes them both unable to use their weapons. Shallan stabbed her mother, and this caused her to completely deny the existence of Pattern, her Shardblade, while Wayne killed an innocent man, which makes his hands start shaking whenever he picks up a gun. 3. They both often use witty and distracting comments to draw attention from more serious matters as well as their own emotions. Wayne is known for his random wit, and Shallan (at least in the beginning) has a sharp tongue as well. This is often as a way to lighten the mood or divert attention from what Shallan or Wayne is really feeling. (Shallan does this a lot more than Wayne). 4. They both really care about everyday people. We can see this in Wayne, and the way he instantly connects with and understands people during investigations, and with Shallan/Veil as she worries about handing out food to the poor and elevating the suffering of others. 5. They both feel stifled and controlled in calm comfortable environments, and prefer to be where there's danger and excitement. Wayne frequently convinces Wax that his life as a House Lord is boring, and that he (Wayne) woudl hate to be in such a situation. Shallan seems to be at her best when tracking down a killer or exploring the world, and dislikes staying behind or being protected. 6. They both use powerful investiture that makes them heal faster. Wayne's Gold Feruchemy and Shallan's Stormlight really only share that much, but it's worth mentioning. I thought that this was both cool and unexpected, myself, and I'm interested to find other similarities between these two and other Sanderson characters. He does, to an extent, reuse some tropes, but it often crops up unexpectedly. Anyone else notice something?
  21. Lift took a bite out of the giant chicken, this place is truly marvellous, I never seen chickens this big before. “mistress, you should really be paying attention, she’s giving some really important details” said the Wendell, the voidbringer “quiet voidbringer, I’m eating” shushed Lift “excuse me?” the blonde hair lady sitting across from her said bewildered “oh, not you go on,” said Lift, as she took another bit from the giant chicken “well... bla bla, warehouse, blabla”, the lady exposed, it’s probably important, but Lift was enjoying her chicken leg way too much. “Did you... did you get all that?” the blond haired lady asked in irritation. “wa? Oh yeah, you know warehouse... Scaryface, yeah” Lift answered “oh... you didn’t... you know what? here, I’ve written it all down, it has all the information on it, just give this to your boss, and may I remind you to follow the instruction to the letter” Said the blond lady as she placed a piece of paper on the table stared at Lift. “Yeah yeah, got it lady” Lift said as the Lady went out the door Sheesh what a weird lady, thought Lift as she finished her giant chicken leg and absentmindedly wiped her hands on a piece of paper, then tossing the paper in the fireplace. “MISTRESS LIFT” shouted the voidbringer incredulously, “that’s the paper with all the information!” “wha? Oh... crap” said Lift as she realized she just tossed the paper the blonde lady gave her into the fireplace. “Do you at least remember what she told you?” asked Wendell “no” Lift retorted, “did you?” “well no... I was too busy chastising you” answered Wendell “you’re useless voidbringer, well, at least I got the important part, warehouse, bad guy, that’s all Scary Face need to know” said Lift as she started licking her fingers “know what?” said Szeth, as he opened his office, “was that someone in need of assistance just now?” “Yeah, some bad guy in a warehouse, go take care of it” said Lift “That’s all you got?” said Szeth inquisitively “yeah, go take care of it, and go grab me a Survivor burger on your way back” answered Lift Szeth sighed and stepped out the door “you know, for a legendary assassin you are terrible at sneaking” said sword-Nimi as Szeth crept through the warehouse district. “How so? Sword nimi” asked Szeth “Well you’re wearing all white, I’m no expert but at least when Vasher sneaks, he wears brown” answered Sword nimi “Master Zahel has brown cloak, because he have not washed it in many decades, my cloak is white, because it was all I could afford, “explained Szeth “You could’ve at least got a Kholin uniform, you are a Skybreaker, Skybreakers should not dress like a brigand” Chided another voice, Ghost nimi, the high Spren that bonded to Szeth For once Sword nimi and Ghost nimi agreed on something, they agree on few thing, making fun of Szeth is one of them. “stop, it doesn’t matter, I am a master of stealth it doesn’t matter what I- “ Szeth said as he was cut off by another voice behind him”, “Oi, ‘ho goes there? Szeth turned, and found a Chall size of a man behind him, cracking his muscle in an intimidating fashion. Szeth heard of stories of people in this world with extraordinary strength, seeing the brute before him, Szeth realize the stories did not do them justice.” “oi, you should not be here” the man said “my apologies, I am simply lost” said Szeth “too bad, your in the wrong place at the wrong time friend, now I got to take care you “ said the man and charged “oh boy, it’s destroy evil time” Said sword nimi excitedly “No! This man must stand trial” rebuked Ghost nimi “I agree with Ghost nimi, he may have information on the evil committed here” agreed Szeth “Oh you’re both no fun” said sword nimi deflated Szeth went into a combat stance as Ghost nimi turned into a shard staff in his hands. Ground shook with the brute’s approach. The man certainly had strength, but Szeth have fought countless man like that one. As the man was in mere feets of himself, Szeth dug the staff into the ground and pole vaulted above the brute. The brute stumbled by his momentum, as he stumbled. Szeth swung his shard staff at the man as Ghost nimi coiled around the man’s body like a rope. “oi’ ow did you?” asked the brute in shocks he struggled at the shardforged coil. Szeth sighed a breath of relief; he will have to interrogate this one for information. As he walked towards the brute, he was hit by a dozen coin, some pierced his chest, others lodged in his back, he was knocked down by the impact. “Janus are you alright?”a the figure behind him asked the Hulking man “ye, that guy caught me by surprise thats all.” Answered the brute “it’s ok you oaf, he’s dead now, we’re almost done, let me get this binding off before Lord Ladrian or the cops come”. Said the mysterious figure Szeth smiled, these goons should’ve confirmed their kill, they have no idea what they are dealing with. Stormlight surged at his wounds, covering them up and pushing the coins out of his body. The mysterious figure turned in surprise. “damnation it, your that bloody blood maker aren’t you?” cursed the mysterious figure as he tossed down a coin and flew in the air. Cute trick thought Szeth, it seem the people in this world can fly as well, well too can play that game. Szeth lashed himself to the sky, following the man. The man could indeed fly, but he lacked none of Szeth’s grace and Szeth quickly caught up to the man. “WHAT? WAYNE CAN’T FLY? WHO ARE YOU?” asked the man in horror “I am Szeth Son son Vallano, Skybreaker of Roshar, yield and I will show you mercy” said Szeth “never!” said the man, as he shot a coin at Szeth. Szeth dodged easily, and with a swift motion he grabbed the man’s arm and gave a full lashing downward onto the ground. The man panicked trying to push himself up, but Szeth’s lashing was too strong and he slammed feet down onto the floor. The man yelped in pain and collapsed. He will live, Szeth thought, but he probably have to mend his bones for years. “what’s going on here?” said two man who showed up out of the warehouse as Szeth descended. Curiously, Szeth looked at his new foe. One is covered in a colourful flowing dress, another is... is, what could only be described as a small Chasm fiend. The chasm fiend, surprisingly, opened his mandibles and spoke. “Storms! It’s the assassin in white!” “We can take him, I got 1000 breathe on me,” said the fancy dressed man and raised his hands Immediately the ribbons on his dress raised up like a kraken and twisted itself Szeth. Szeth struggled helplessly. “ha see he ain’t so tough” gloated the man turning to his companion, “finish him.” The Chasmfiend charged, Szeth struggled in panic, then noticed one of the cloth was twisted around nightblood’s sheath. Szeth wiggled is body and managed to pulled out nightblood by a little. Dark smoke poured out of Nightblood’s sheath and began eating away at the cloth. “Wha? What’s happening” the man cried in surprise as nightblood began devouring the man’s clothing. “no you fool!” the chasm fiend said, as it turned in horror, “I’m not dying here!”. The chasm fiend began digging at the earth and in a moment was gone. Smoke ran up the cloth the man flailed in horror. In but a few brief moment, the smoke came upon him. Szeth, quickly grabbed the sheath and placed the sword back in his scabbard. “thank you sword nimi” thanked Szeth, “oh that taste, so nostalgic, so much flavour, not bland like stormlight” reminisced nightblood “Colours, my breaths! That cost me a fortune you bastard!” Complained the man, as Szeth decked him, knocking him out. Now that the guards were dealt with, Szeth entered the warehouse. To his surprise, Szeth found a warehouse full of guns, explosives and other weaponry. What is all this? he thought. “You! Stop! Don’t hurt me” cried a young woman with the look of horror “are you behind this?” Szeth asked “No... I think I was kidnapped by them and is held hostage here” said the girl Strange, Szeth thought, she’s held hostage but is not tied up. “Is she telling the truth Ghost nimi?” Asked Szeth “she does not appear to be lying” answered Ghost nimi. "Well, you're free now, go back to your family," said Szeth “can we hurry this up?” said Lord Waxilliam Ladrian impatiently, to Wayne as Wayne put up a bowler hat and a fake mustache “Why what’s up?” asked Wayne “I told Steris, I’d be looking at the proposals tonight” I don’t want to get caught” answered Wax “It’s ok, we’ll be back before she suspects a thing” said Wayne "I have Melaan covering for you" "Yeah but if Steris finds out..." said Wax worried, "its ok these are warehouse goons, we take care of them and be back before dinner" assured Wayne “Quicker than that it seems...” said Wax as they turned the corner of the warehouse and found police swarming the place. “That is all, your honourable ladyship” said a strange figure dressed in white, talking to Marasi “you took down a coinshot, a pewterarm and a... er clothbender all by yourself?” asked Marasi incredulously “yes, it was quite easy actually” said the figure in white “Hey Marasi, what’s going on here?” asked Wax “Lord Ladrian,” said Marasi in surprise “your tip with the warehouse was spot on, this man apprehended the criminal!” “wait what? I was about to... who...?” stammered Wax “Lord Ladrian!” suddenly a voice shouted behind him. It was Steris, in more anger that he ever seen her. “I knew you would be here! Oh do the proposal you said, you don’t want to be disturbed you said!” “But Steris, its for the greater-“stammered Wax “Oh don’t greater good me, I just want 1 night where you just do your real job, you know how important that proposal is?” lectured Steris angrily “and you!” Steris turned to Szeth in anger. “ I told you to just watch the warehouse,” “wait I can explain” Szeth stammered, “it was because-“ “no excuses, I even wrote it down!, oh you were suppose to kept watch and report everything back so Wax could rest for a night! Oh you could’ve been killed, and it would’ve been all my fault!” Steris said in almost hysterics “I errr, wow, I’m sorry Steris” Wax said touched by both thoughtfulness and shame “oh I suppose, everything worked out, it was good work I guess. You’ll get your payment tomorrow, from Wax’s allowance” Steris said starring dagger at Wax “er, yes, err of course, good work Mr... “ Wax said extending his hand “Szeth, son son Vallano your lordship” Szeth said and he shook Wax’s hands That... is a strange name, I wonder if he's from south Scadrial, I'd have to know more later. That was close, thought Shai. I was too cocky; I should’ve never done this in Elendel. She sighed a breath of relief as the last memories of what she called “princess in distress” persona faded from her mind. She was glad that she took an extra precaution, cosmere is a big place, you never know when you could run into someone who could squeeze the truth out of you. Weapons smuggling is dangerous business, and she does not want heat on her, or even worse her client. I spent a fortune on those mercenaries, and they were taken down by a single man, she thought. At least she was able to stamp them before she fled. Now all the words coming out the goons’ mouth was that it was all planned by the escaped Kandra, a wild goose chase of course. The eccentric Kandra knows even less about the operation than the goons, and finding a escaped Kandra is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Everything is still proceeding as planned.
  22. Looking back on it, the fact that it's possible to summon dead Shardblades is rather strange. Multiple details as to how this happens are ingrained in the books, but it's still slightly perplexing. Shardblades, at least before Radiants started showing up again, are dead spren. I suppose that since they're Splinters, they can't really die in the conventional sense of the word, but they can still die; i.e. stop being sentient or functioning, as seen with Adolin's Shardblade in the Cognitive Realm. So that means that a Shardblade is basically a corpse. So why would attatching a gem to a Shardblade restore some of its power? It's revealed that the 10 seconds needed to summon a Shardblade is the amount of time necessary to bring the Spren back from the dead and into the Physical Realm. We also learn, from Dalinar's visions, that Shardblades were only able to be dissmissed and summoned once gemstones were attatched to them. We also know that fabrials work by trapping spren inside of gemstones. So the immediate response would be that the gemstone traps the original Radiant spren inside the stone. But...that spren is dead. And besides, fabrials need Stormlight to function, and there's no mention of Stormlight being needed for Shardblades. Otherwise you'd need to wait between highstorms to summon it again. Shardplates need Stormlight, with gems needing to be replaced when they're broken or lose their Stormlight. Granted, we don't know exactly what Shardplate is, yet, but it seems odd that Shardplate needs Stormlight but Shardblades don't. Unless Shardblades do need Stormlight, but just use it up really slowly, so that we don't notice. But that also seems farfetched, as we know that quite a lot of Stormlight is necessary for something to transfer between the realms, like a dead spren in the Cognitive Realm transporting to the Physical Realm. Hopefully we'll get an explanation of this in one of the later books, but until then, does anyone have any theories on why this works?
  23. I was intruiged by the end (or near end) of Oathbringer, when Dalinar somehow unites the three realms, creating a temporary perpedicularity. There are some really good details there that could lead to further speculation on the nature of the Realms and of the Shards, so if you have the books handy I reccomend rereading the passage (Chapter 119). However, the part that stood out to me the most was on page 1139 in the kindle edition: "'No!' Odium screamed. He stepped forward. 'No, we killed you. WE KILLED YOU!'" Since the perpendicularity created was referred to as "Honor's Perpendicularity", I had originally assumed that this was Dalinar taking on the power of Honor, similar to what Vin does in Mistborn. However, Odium's use of the word "we" leads me to believe that this might not be the case. Since Odium's quest is to Splinter all the other Shards, I find it unlikely that he would have worked with someone else to Splinter Honor. Could he perhaps be referring to the original Shattering? Obviously this is just a theory, but the way Dalinar combined the three realms, along with Odium's fearful reaction (which wouldn't have been so extreme if he was facing an equal) leads me to believe that Dalinar might have somehow briefly touched upon the power of Adonalasium. Dalinar calling himself "Unity" is another hint, since Adonalasium was all of the Shards united. Since I'm planning to do more research on this, the theory isn't complete, so additions or rebuttals are more than welcome.
  24. Spoilers ahead! The topics covered should all be in TWoK and WoR Hey all I've been trying to sleep but this is eating at me now so I guess I gotta post it. First things first let's cover some basic things: Theory: You could speak with a dead person in Shadesmar if you're a lightweaver. Some things we know (correct me if I'm wrong here): -Everything has a spren on roshar, even body parts. -These spren gain identity in Shadesmar based on how they're perceived by living beings. -Pattern can talk to these spren's beads and translate/interpret. -People have souls, but when they die the soul leaves behind the body. So! A person might lose its soul when it dies, but the body remains there. Everything has a spren so the body probably has a spren, especially since it sees itself as a whole. Therefore you could probably find a corpse's bead in Shadesmar. This corpse would have very strong ties to the person it used to be, having been there to experience everything the person had. Presumably this means that the body's spren would behave very similarly to the deceased person. I think that because of this, Shallan (or any radiant in Shadesmar, even) could go into Shadesmar and speak with carbon copies of dead people; this would likely be especially easy with soulcast lighteyes statues, because they're still the same person and are perceived that way. What do you think? What use could you see in this?
  25. What would happen if you connected two spanreeds set both to either send or receive mode and then wrote something?