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Found 16 results

  1. We now know that Bondsmiths existed on Ashyn before the Nahel Bond was discovered and they were able to bind Surges somehow (Surge fabrials, probably) and use Connection to achieve spectacular results. Comparing this description with what the Dawnshards were supposed to do, it seems quite likely that they were simply using them. If so, is it possible that Ba-Ado-Mishram was able to get one somehow and use it to cause the False Desolation? Each Unmade can be mapped (with some fuzziness, of course) to a KR order, with the exception of Bondsmiths. BAM's abilities during the False Desolation, however, seem like a supercharged, Roshar-wide, version of what Bondsmiths can do (providing Connection and Investiture). It was also the first time she showed these powers: the KR weren't sure how she did it ("Ba-Ado-Mishram has somehow Connected with the parsh people") and we know that historically they feared Sja-Anat more. I think it is in the realm of possibility that her original powers were completely unrelated to this, but, against all odds, she was able to obtain a Dawnshard. Maybe it was stolen from Aimia? In such case, the Scouring might have been an attempt to repeat the False Desolation by Dai-Gonarthis
  2. The idea of this is that rather than replying with full guesses, everyone replies with any info, arguments, or connections on the subject they have or can find, and I'll continue to update the main topic. There's enough information now that we should be able to piece some things together with a lot of certainty. In making assumptions here, we want to make assumptions that narrow down the possibilities significantly more than they decrease the likelihood. I've numbered all of the WoBs I'm using in a spoiler at the bottom. Essentially all of these use RoW update 5 ([1]), so read that if you haven't. When I reference that update, the connection includes more than just the group format. What we know about the group format: Deductions: Character groupings as they can be determined from those deductions: Going slightly beyond WoBs - Likely candidates for Character1: Various archived speculation (now redundant or incorrect, but still contains interesting things to consider): WoBs:
  3. We've learnt from Syl's Interlude that Bondsmiths can strengthen bonds between humans and spren, which Dalinar doesn't seem to know how to do yet. Could it be the Spiritual version of the Surge of Tension? We've mostly seen Dalinar using pure Adhesion or the mix of Bondsmith Surges (e.g. repairing objects) so far and strengthening a bond seems to kind of fit the description of "making things more rigid, less flexible" (a definition of Tension from this WoB). Assuming that this is the case, what about the Surge of Cohesion, which is pretty much the opposite of Tension (at least in the physical sense): We know that Willshapers are all about seeking freedom, so it seems entirely possible that they can use Spiritual Cohesion to weaken bonds. That leads to two interesting implications: A. Syl is bound to remain within some distance of Kaladin, but what about the Reachers? Is it possible for Willshapers to weaken their bond somehow so that their spren can explore their surroundings more (which we know they love to do). The fact that Willshapers also have the Surge of Transportation (which seems to allow Soulcasting at a distance) might also be a factor in maintaining a bond despite physical isolation B. The first Willshapers on modern Roshar are Singers, which offers some very interesting options. Can they use bond weakening to "exorcise" Voidspren from Singers (and replace them with other spren)? Can they go even further and expel the Fused from Singer bodies?
  4. After reading the Syl interlude and the discussions about it, I have been coming up with a tentative theory about how spren are involved in making Shardplate. I propose that lesser spren are attracted to the bonds between the radiants and their spren, and when the fourth ideal is said they enter into the bond somehow (possibly through the sapient spren). This bond then changes the nature of the lesser spren. Here are some of the things that has led me to this theory. From the Syl interlude, we can read her thoughts on the Shardplate: “It was pretty. Maybe Syl should have hated it, as she did Shardblades, but she didn’t. It was kind of a corpse—well, lots of corpses—but not as offensive. The difference, she supposed, was attitude. She could sense contentment, not pain, from the Plate.” This quote supports the idea that lesser spren help form plate, but it also causes some issues. In Oathbringer, we see examples of some of these “cousin” spren being attracted to Kaladin and Dalinar at key points. The theory I see most often is that these spren become plate. However, some have rightfully questioned if a windspren (and what we know about its nature) would be content to stay trapped as a Shardplate. There is also the issue of not being able to see the spren after they have become plate. There are two possible solutions I came up with that could account for this. 1. The spren that become plate are ones we have not seen yet. They are a unique spren that would be content as plate. They would also likely be the same spren that half-shards capture to create the ability to block a Shardblade. This idea could very well work, but it would not require the involvement of cousin spren (which some evidence supports). 2. The other idea is that the lesser spren (such as windspren), change in nature when they enter the bond. We can Syl and Pattern change overtime as their bond with a surgebinder deepens. Admittedly it is not exactly the same thing, seeing as they are not content to stay as blades. However, we see that Wyndle is willing to become a blade when needed, even if it goes against his nature to not want to kill. I think the bonding has the ability to change the spren. I believe this is part of the reason the Stormfather and Dalinar do not want to enhance or strengthen Syl’s bond in the same interlude. Another thing that has bugged me about spren becoming plate is the idea that a windspren could block a Shardblade when we see Syl kill a spren in Oathbringer. True this could have just been because the spren was of Odium, but I get the impression that spren themselves are not completely able to block a blade. If something about the spren changes during the process, however, this could explain how it is able to do so. This is why I lean toward this explanation. The idea that Spren change when they become plate could explain why we do not see them floating around in any examples of people that already have it. It could also explain how spren would be content to stay as plate. I am not sure how well this theory will hold up, but I think it is a good starting point. This still leaves me with questions about how the spren would be bonded. Is it with the surgebinder somehow, or would it be through the sapient spren? Syl mentioned having children, which makes me lean towards the idea that bond could possibly be hers. Also, if they did agree to let Syl enhance her bond, is that something we have seen before? What exactly would happen? And if cousin spren do change to form plate, then what the heck makes a half-shard? Is it transformed plate spren, or is it something else entirely? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.
  5. There is a Stormlight 4 hopes thread, so I decided to make a Stormlight 4 fears thread. The question is simple: what don't you want to see in Stormlight four? I will start with three things: 1. Kaladin failing to say the fourth ideal again, and being killed while struggling to say the words. 2. Moash killing members of bridge four. 3. Love triangles of any kind.
  6. It’s official folks - Stormlight Four has an confirmed title! First announced by Tor then retweeted by Brandon, the newest edition to the Stormlight saga has been confirmed to be named Rhythm of War. Brandon floated this as the tentative title back in February 2019 during the initial outlining of the book, and it appears it stuck firm. Like with previous Stormlight novels, Rhythm of War will also reflect the title of an in-world text. Brandon has confirmed that this text will not be written by human hand, which fits nicely with a Venli focused book. Will we see another piece from our spotlight character, like in Oathbringer? Or maybe we’ll see some historical singer writings? Like always, RAFO. Here’s what Brandon has to say about it: Along with a title confirmation, we’ve been given a sneak peak at what may end up being the end page art of either Rhythm of War or Stormlight Five. This gorgeous piece by Donato Giancola, depicts Talenelat’Elin, Herald of War, and has been described by Isaac Stewart, Brandon’s art director, as striking “...the right balance between realism and symbolism, and gives us a heroic, yet tormented, version of this beloved Herald.” This painting is the first in what seems to be a full set of Herald portraits, with multiple other pieces currently in the works. According to Issac, which Herald’s end up in each book will be depended on who best fits the novel’s theme and which artwork pairs well together. Isaac explains: Last, (but not least!) Tor's post has also confirmed that Michael Whelan will be designing, what we all know will be, a stunning art piece for the cover of the American edition of Rhythm of War. Many keen eyed fan’s have been quick to notice the symmetry in the book abbreviations - WoK, WoR, OB, RoW - and speculation has begun about whether Stormlight Five’s title will follow the same pattern and be KoW. Think this might be the case? Put your comments or title predictions in the comments below!
  7. Anyone interesting in some updated speculation on the Stormlight 4 outline? Here's the visual outline from Brandon's latest update: I'm sticking to my guns from my original speculation when Brandon revealed the split into three arcs, more or less. Brandon has said that Dalinar's role will be somewhat reduced in book 4, and that makes me strongly suspect that he's one of the two characters in Group Three. I'm guessing that Dalinar will be busy with politics in this book. His main role will be continuing to develop/unite the Coalition and to continue establishing the reformed Knights Radiant. He'll be in Urithiru naturally. So the next question is who might Dalinar be paired with? It has to be someone with a story to tell in Urithiru. I've seen Szeth proposed, and that makes sense. But I'm left imagining Szeth just following Dalinar around while he attends meetings, and I have a hard time seeing this as particularly compelling. Meanwhile, I strongly suspect that we need to advance the subplot concerning Urithiru itself in book 4. We know the city is a giant fabrial in some sense, and we know from Pattern that there's something odd going on in Shadesmar around the city. So you need someone who knows about fabrials and you need someone who can enter Shadesmar. It's got to be Jasnah. There's perhaps an argument to be made for Shallan, with Navani around for fabrial support... But Shallan has other things going for her, and I think Jasnah is a much better fit. Besides, she's the Queen of Alethkar now. She doesn't have time to be roaming Roshar on adventures. She's going to be in the center of the politics. In the center of the Alethi refugees in Urithiru. Digging into Urithiru is going to involve the Sibling, so it makes sense to have Jasnah paired with our first Bondsmith as well. And of course this let's Navani be around her husband while she assists Jasnah with the Urithiru business. This all fits really nicely, the way I see it. Group Three: Dalinar and Jasnah Next I'm going to follow the popular opinion and agree that Group One is all about the primary conflict between humans and singers in/around Alethkar. We've received two preview excerpts so far: one where Kaladin makes an appearance in Hearthstone and one of Venli in Kholinar. You might argue that these locations are quite distant, so maybe we're dealing with two separate groups here. However, we know that these scenes are almost certainly coming from early on in the book. I'm guessing something will bring them closer together by the end of Part 1. We also know from this recent update that the Primary Plot will primarily feature three characters. I don't see anything obvious role for Shallan to fulfill here, so I'm going to sit her aside. Who's left? We've got Szeth, Renarin, and Lift as our other "main characters." (I'm leaving Ash and Taln out here because I reeeealy don't think we're going to see them step up yet.) We've also got Adolin as a sort of secondary main character. My money is on Szeth. We've never really seen a whole lot from this dude. A few interludes in TwoK. A few chapters in Oathbringer. And he's gone through so many changes through all this. We really need a chance to understand who Szeth is before we launch into "his book" next. He's certainly the perfect person for... whatever job Kaladin is up to sneaking around in northern Alethkar. And I'm betting we'll see some sword-nimi development as well. Brandon's surely going to double down on the Cosmere significance that we saw in Oathbringer. So who's our 4th and 5th characters in this group? Renarin and Lift could work... But I'm betting we see Lift take a back again. She doesn't have any essential role to play in the current story and she's young. She's going to be in Dalinar's newly established Hogwarts, injecting some of her humor in the Urithiru plots on occasion. Interacting with the Azish who are around. Renarin has been set up as a scholar so I don't know what he'd be doing out there. My money is on Adolin and Moash. Adolin and Kaladin have so much chemistry, so it just makes sense to put them together. He's a Highprince, so it makes sense for him to be out taking action to retake his homeland. And it makes sense for Moash to be wherever Kaladin is. And it makes sense that he'd end up where Venli is. Group One: Kaladin, Venli, Szeth, Adolin, and Moash So what about Shallan? She's the biggest gaping hole so far. The "what" with Shallan is obvious. She's part of the Ghostbloods. This is the key plot that she's involved in, and the most interesting. Oathbringer didn't feature much Ghostblood activity after Part 1, so it only makes sense that we're going to dive in deep on book 4. And the Ghostbloods want her to investigate Sja-anat. Oh lookie. Of the "ten primary characters" there's only one I haven't really found a place for so far, and he has a direct connection to Sja-anat of his own: Renarin. Now, Renarin is a really mysterious character, and I don't think he's going to fully shine until books 6-10. So I'm not supposing that we're going to walk away from book 4 with all of Renarin's mysteries uncovered. I simply thing he's a solid choice if you need someone to give this Unmade a visit. I'm not entirely sure why Dalinar and Jasnah would be comfortable sending these two off to single-handedly. I skeptical Shallan will reveal her Ghostblood mission to begin with. So how does this happen? Here's my guess. Another huge story element that Oathbringer uncovered a few times was the fact that weird things are going on in the Horneater Peaks. We've had a time jump. The Horneater Peaks are in the middle Jah Keved, so this is a HUGE vulnerability for the Coalition. Meanwhile you've got Rock who probably needs to pick up his responsibility and go take back his homeland. This is the key. Dalinar and company realize they need to investigate the Horneater Peaks. They need a team to go in, do some careful recon, and see if there's anything that can be done to secure the region. What do you do? You call Bridge Four. This gives a place for Brandon to insert several Bridge Four characters into the story without trying to cram all of them around Kaladin's activities. It gives Rock a chance to return home. It makes Dalinar/Jasnah/Navani/Adolin more comfortable with Shallan going along. (She'll probably have Ishnah, Vathah, and maybe some others with her as well) Shallan doesn't have to reveal anything. She just goes along and (either intentionally or by mistake) ends up interacting with Sja-anat, who has moved into the neighborhood now that Kholinar is secure. Group Two: Shallan and Renarin I'm guessing that Adolin or Szeth were originally planned to be with this second group, and then Brandon just realized the third major character didn't really need to be there, and probably could have a more interesting role elsewhere. --- So there's my predictions. Anyone else want to take a swing?
  8. Anyone know when the new info will be released on the ten orders and their surges that Brandon mentions in his last SotS?
  9. TOR just confirmed Stormlight 4 will be released 11.17 of 2020. Here's the cover summary they posted on the pre-order link landing page: After forming a coalition of human resistance against the enemy invasion, Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant have spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. Neither side has gained an advantage. Now, as new technological discoveries begin to change the face of the war, the enemy prepares a bold and dangerous operation. The arms race that follows will challenge the very core of the Radiant ideals and potentially reveal the secrets of the ancient tower that was once the heart of their strength. Let us discus.
  10. Fans of the Stormlight Archive, get hyped because Tor and Brandon Sanderson have officially announced November 17, 2020 as the release date of book 4! From what we know, there’s a lot to be excited about in the book. In an article on, Brandon says that book 4 will have one of the first scenes he created for Stormlight, and that it may be his favorite in the entire series. He’s also previously stated that the Wit epilogue for book 4 is planned to be one of his favorites. Whether this is the scene that Brandon is referring to in the article is yet to be determined, but I can’t wait to read and find out. Fans who are eager can already pre-order the book from Amazon and other major retailers. The Amazon blurb gives some exciting hints as to what we can expect the plot to be about. A fabrial arms race, challenging the Radiant ideals and discovering the secrets of Urithiru? I, for one, cannot wait for November 17th and the chance to read the next part of the incredible journey that is The Stormlight Archive.
  11. Today, Brandon posted another update on Stormlight 4 on Reddit. In his last update 2 months ago, Brandon announced that he had finished the entirety of Part One, with the book 28% complete. Today, Brandon has officially hit the halfway point, with 200k words written out of a planned 400k. For reference, Words of Radiance was just shy of 400k words. Here are the highlights of this update: Potential Flashback Character Changes The most unexpected news in this update was the announcement that we may see a change of flashback characters! Eshonai has looooong been Brandon's plan as the book 4 flashback character, even after he decided to kill her off in the opening interludes of Oathbringer. While he was looking forward to writing more from Eshonai's PoV, Brandon is now concerned that her flashbacks will "feel like fluff" and not add much to the story. Venli on the other hand knows more of what's going on behind the scenes with the listeners, and is in a position to explore more cosmere mysteries and provide answers to some burning questions. The flashbacks aren't written yet, and Brandon hasn't officially decided. So we'll have to wait and see where things go from here. What do you think? Are you itching for some more Eshonai or does the phrase "cosmere mysteries" (Brandon's words) have you like, "Yes, please?" Visual Outline To accompany this update, Brandon included a visual outline of book 4, breaking the story down by parts and plot arcs: In Brandon's third update, he mentioned that the book was outlined as three primary story arcs which develop in separate locations: the Primary Arc featuring four characters, the Secondary Arc featuring three more, and the Tertiary Arc featuring two others. It appears that things shifted around slightly as the "Primary Plot" includes five characters with the "Secondary Plot" only listing two, though Brandon also mentioned that Group One would focus on three characters in particular (with the 5th potentially having no viewpoint chapters aside from an interlude). This outline also gives us a sense of where these plot arcs fit into the five-part structure of Stormlight Archive books. It looks like we'll see the Primary Plot running throughout the book while the Secondary and Tertiary Plots will swap in and out. The flashback sequence for book 4 appears to be concentrated in the final three parts, which is a bit different from what we've seen before.There's a lot we don't know about how this fits together, but when has that ever stopped us from speculating?! Let us know in the comments what your theories are for which characters belong to which group and where you think their story will play out! Writing Outlook Brandon is still 30k words behind schedule, which equates to about a month of writing. He's hoping for a productive September, but some touring in October (France & Israel) might hold him back. We'll have to wait and see whether Brandon is able to hit his January deadline. If not, we may be looking at a Spring 2021 release. Brandon did emphasize that if it comes down to hitting a deadline or finishing the book right, he WILL delay the book until he's happy with it. So that's where he is. As usual, we must say how fortunate we are as a fandom to follow an author who is so up-front about his process. Even if Brandon doesn't hit 2020 as a release, I'm sure it'll be because he wants to make the book as good as possible.
  12. We got a very short reading from Stormlight 4, courtesy of a video update from Brandon that aired at San Diego Comic Con 2019. (It was delivered via video since Brandon is still in Spain at the moment.) Check it out! Not a whole lot happens, but it is a Venli reading, which is pretty cool! Too bad we don't get more of it. Looks like we are getting the name of a type of Fused as well? And... towers? What do you think? Dragonsteel Entertainment would like to discourage creation of transcripts for this reading.
  13. Today, Brandon posted another update on Stormlight 4 on Reddit. He's finished Part One of the book (which is 111k words long), which, assuming the book is about 400k words long, is about 28% of the book. Brandon is modestly confident in a 2020 release date, but he did warn that if the book needs more time, he will take it. He went into a detailed analysis of word count and evaluating how he's doing in order to be done with the rough draft by January 1st, which is essential if the book would release in 2020. You can check out the numbers yourself, but he worked hard to make up some lost time, but also lost some time when he toured in Germany. (We reported that in Germany he got to write some of the Sixth of the Dusk sequel, but Stormlight writing requires a lot more focus than he do when traveling. So though he's 33k words behind what his target would be to be done January 1st, he's optimistic. Brandon's next step is to work on a revision of Part One. Though this puts him a bit more behind--just about a week's worth--it allows for his editor and the rest of the team to do an editorial pass. He did similar part-by-part revisions as he was writing Oathbringer, and the hope is that if he finishes writing the rough draft by January 1st, much of the book will have editorial feedback done, and he can hit the ground running with Draft 3 immediately. He also reiterated how Book Four has more of a Way of Kings style to it, with its three different arcs hitting climaxes at different times, rather than an enormous ending. He is doing this for some variety. But, then he said that Book Five will have an ending more like Books Two and Three. So that's where he is. As usual, we must say how amazing and fortunate we are as a fandom to follow an author who so up-front about his process. Even if Brandon doesn't hit 2020 as a release, I'm sure it'll be because he wants to make the book as good as possible. Other Novellas to be Done Before There's some other news that has fallen through the cracks before this Stormlight update came out. In the Reddit thread where Brandon confirmed the Sixth of the Dusk sequel, he also spoke how he wants to write more Stormlight novellas set in between the books. He said he's hopeful to do Rock or Rysn's novella also this year, but he'll have to see. Apparently, the Rock one "kind of needs to happen." Interesting! Brandon said the Rock novella would be post-Oathbringer, with him returning to his homeland. Brandon also said a Lopen novella would be set between Books One and Two, done "someday soon." Brandon "the many projects" Sanderson at work, folks. Fan Art Policy Update Recently, Dragonsteel updated their fan art policy, and made it easier to find. Now you can find it on under About Brandon, but here's the direct link. Check it out and if you have any questions, email [email protected]
  14. Add your own! Kaladin and Adolin start dating Shallan lightweaves herself a boyfriend Renarin and Rushu and Navani invent sliced bread and the wheel Adolin accidentally resurrects Sadeas Sadeas conquers all of Roshar and unites them under the Iron Throne Sadeas realizes his true Calling is to unite Westeros instead and leaves Rock and Lopen start a restaurant called the One-Armed Herdazian Lift eats tons of chouta and farms stormlight at the OAH The economy collapses due to the aforementioned farming Moash becomes a Highprince but then goes to Reshi Isles because that was hard work and he wants a vacation Venli becomes a full willshaper and makes statues of Eshonai everywhere The Parshendi decide that the whole war thing was a bad idea and go to OAH to eat pancakes The Parshendi get into a pancake eating contest with Lift and lose The Parshendi go massively into debt due to contest Debt starts another war
  15. We have a few short news items for you this week! First up, Brandon has moved the Stormlight 4 and 5 outline to 25%. Brandon wants to make sure the next two books are plotted so he doesn't miss any plot threads at the end of the first Stormlight arc in Stormlight 5, which you can read about in his Stormlight 4 Update 1 Reddit post. Next up, the amazing Miranda Meeks made a fantastic piece of Vin and Elend for the Hero of Ages Leatherbound, and now you can buy a poster of it for $10. Miranda outdoes herself again, and the piece is absolutely fantastic. There is a high probability I go buy this one and frame it, because dang. It's also called "Defending Preservation," which is just an awesome title. The poster is 16" x 20", which to me seems worth that $10. Lastly, the Hero of Ages Leatherbounds now are open to be personalized on Brandon's store. There, Brandon will write your name in the book, which a short greeting. You cannot get cosmere questions in these now. But, if you were holding off on the leatherbound because it was only available signed, now you can get it!
  16. Okay so let me explain... I was super bored yesterday, so I ended up doing this... You know how Brandon puts up those little percent bars on his website? I'm keeping track of those with the graph paper, and the spots around it will fill with stuff~ the title, cover, the pdf Brandon gives out with viewpoint and interlude characters laid out, etc.~ I might post again, in a few months, as it will inevitably fill slowly, but surely. (Also, I realized that the word Stormlight has 10 letters, so I colored the first 3 letter the color of the first three books, and will fill in number 4 once it's out. )