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Found 6 results

  1. We got a very short reading from Stormlight 4, courtesy of a video update from Brandon that aired at San Diego Comic Con 2019. (It was delivered via video since Brandon is still in Spain at the moment.) Check it out! Not a whole lot happens, but it is a Venli reading, which is pretty cool! Too bad we don't get more of it. Looks like we are getting the name of a type of Fused as well? And... towers? What do you think? Dragonsteel Entertainment would like to discourage creation of transcripts for this reading.
  2. Today, Brandon posted another update on Stormlight 4 on Reddit. He's finished Part One of the book (which is 111k words long), which, assuming the book is about 400k words long, is about 28% of the book. Brandon is modestly confident in a 2020 release date, but he did warn that if the book needs more time, he will take it. He went into a detailed analysis of word count and evaluating how he's doing in order to be done with the rough draft by January 1st, which is essential if the book would release in 2020. You can check out the numbers yourself, but he worked hard to make up some lost time, but also lost some time when he toured in Germany. (We reported that in Germany he got to write some of the Sixth of the Dusk sequel, but Stormlight writing requires a lot more focus than he do when traveling. So though he's 33k words behind what his target would be to be done January 1st, he's optimistic. Brandon's next step is to work on a revision of Part One. Though this puts him a bit more behind--just about a week's worth--it allows for his editor and the rest of the team to do an editorial pass. He did similar part-by-part revisions as he was writing Oathbringer, and the hope is that if he finishes writing the rough draft by January 1st, much of the book will have editorial feedback done, and he can hit the ground running with Draft 3 immediately. He also reiterated how Book Four has more of a Way of Kings style to it, with its three different arcs hitting climaxes at different times, rather than an enormous ending. He is doing this for some variety. But, then he said that Book Five will have an ending more like Books Two and Three. So that's where he is. As usual, we must say how amazing and fortunate we are as a fandom to follow an author who so up-front about his process. Even if Brandon doesn't hit 2020 as a release, I'm sure it'll be because he wants to make the book as good as possible. Other Novellas to be Done Before There's some other news that has fallen through the cracks before this Stormlight update came out. In the Reddit thread where Brandon confirmed the Sixth of the Dusk sequel, he also spoke how he wants to write more Stormlight novellas set in between the books. He said he's hopeful to do Rock or Rysn's novella also this year, but he'll have to see. Apparently, the Rock one "kind of needs to happen." Interesting! Brandon said the Rock novella would be post-Oathbringer, with him returning to his homeland. Brandon also said a Lopen novella would be set between Books One and Two, done "someday soon." Brandon "the many projects" Sanderson at work, folks. Fan Art Policy Update Recently, Dragonsteel updated their fan art policy, and made it easier to find. Now you can find it on under About Brandon, but here's the direct link. Check it out and if you have any questions, email [email protected]
  3. Add your own! Kaladin and Adolin start dating Shallan lightweaves herself a boyfriend Renarin and Rushu and Navani invent sliced bread and the wheel Adolin accidentally resurrects Sadeas Sadeas conquers all of Roshar and unites them under the Iron Throne Sadeas realizes his true Calling is to unite Westeros instead and leaves Rock and Lopen start a restaurant called the One-Armed Herdazian Lift eats tons of chouta and farms stormlight at the OAH The economy collapses due to the aforementioned farming Moash becomes a Highprince but then goes to Reshi Isles because that was hard work and he wants a vacation Venli becomes a full willshaper and makes statues of Eshonai everywhere The Parshendi decide that the whole war thing was a bad idea and go to OAH to eat pancakes The Parshendi get into a pancake eating contest with Lift and lose The Parshendi go massively into debt due to contest Debt starts another war
  4. We have a few short news items for you this week! First up, Brandon has moved the Stormlight 4 and 5 outline to 25%. Brandon wants to make sure the next two books are plotted so he doesn't miss any plot threads at the end of the first Stormlight arc in Stormlight 5, which you can read about in his Stormlight 4 Update 1 Reddit post. Next up, the amazing Miranda Meeks made a fantastic piece of Vin and Elend for the Hero of Ages Leatherbound, and now you can buy a poster of it for $10. Miranda outdoes herself again, and the piece is absolutely fantastic. There is a high probability I go buy this one and frame it, because dang. It's also called "Defending Preservation," which is just an awesome title. The poster is 16" x 20", which to me seems worth that $10. Lastly, the Hero of Ages Leatherbounds now are open to be personalized on Brandon's store. There, Brandon will write your name in the book, which a short greeting. You cannot get cosmere questions in these now. But, if you were holding off on the leatherbound because it was only available signed, now you can get it!
  5. Okay so let me explain... I was super bored yesterday, so I ended up doing this... You know how Brandon puts up those little percent bars on his website? I'm keeping track of those with the graph paper, and the spots around it will fill with stuff~ the title, cover, the pdf Brandon gives out with viewpoint and interlude characters laid out, etc.~ I might post again, in a few months, as it will inevitably fill slowly, but surely. (Also, I realized that the word Stormlight has 10 letters, so I colored the first 3 letter the color of the first three books, and will fill in number 4 once it's out. )