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Found 8 results

  1. THE END IS NIGH! Or at least the end of the first draft of Stormlight 3 is almost here. The progress bar on Brandon's site is currently sitting at 98% and should reach 100% very soon. At Wednesday's San Fransisco confirmed that it will be released in November 2017. Unfortunately that is still about a year away. I think last week's release of Edgedancer has helped cut the worst of our cravings, but if it still wasn't enough I have good news. The Unfettered II anthology, originally scheduled to release on December 6th has had its ebook released early, and as we reported earlier, it includes the first FOUR Dalinar flashback chapters! I for one plan on picking it up as soon as I can and there will be a spoiler forum where they can be discuss them soon. In other news forum member @David_Fonti just released a computer animated Stormlight fan film that he and a team made. I really must say, they did a fantastic job. It gives a taste of what a Stormlight adaptation could be, and I hope we see more. In addition to the film itself he's posted a behind-the-scenes documentary on how the film was created which I found quite interesting. Discuss it here!
  2. Hey there Sanderfans, those of us who are also fans of board games certainly have a lot to look forward to! Not only do we have Mistborn: House War (and Mistborn: The Siege of Luthadel) on the horizon but board game company Nauvoo Games just recently announced they will be creating and releasing a board game based on The Reckoners series. Here is their press release: I for one look forward to learning more. If anyone is going to be at GenCon this weekend go say hello! For Alcatraz fans the Tor/Forge blog has posted the first chapter of The Dark Talent (which is only a little over a month away from release)! Check it out here. Now those of you who subscribe to Brandon's newsletter will likely remember he shared this back in January 2015. So it is not new to everybody, but it is still a great chapter and I really can't wait to read the rest of the book. Back in March we reported that Tor Books was releasing special limited edition Stormlight Companion for Independent Bookstore Day. Well the Tor/Forge blog just recently announced that anyone that subscribes to their newsletter will receive a free digital copy of the Companion (people who are already subscribed need to sign up again though). There really isn't anything that fans like us don't already know, but it is a handy little reference book. Finally Stormlight 3 is over 2/3rds drafted! Woohoo!
  3. We have been insanely busy at Hoid's Secret Base (or the 17th Shard HQ) recently, so we have a huge deal of news to talk about. Today, we will be talking about a more precise Stormlight 3 release date (it's later than you would like), a sweet, sweet preview of the White Sand graphic novel, and the second printing of the Elantris leatherbound which you can order right now. Stormlight Three Now to be Released Fall 2017 Revealed in the Calamity signing in Houston, Texas, Stormlight 3 will now be out in 2017. This is a bit later than the State of the Sanderson 2015 implied initially. In that older post, Brandon thought we would see it in Fall 2016, with the caveat that his team warned him that that would not be realistic, and so we would see it in 2017 instead. I am sure many of you were hoping on an early 2017 release, but it appears that it will be Fall 2017. This, I am sure, is disappointing. You might wonder why it is taking so long, and why Brandon has so many other projects on his plate. I would like to say that Brandon was extremely rushed on both Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. I think we would all prefer that he gets these huge, colossal books correct, and not have him need to change the ending, like he did with Words of Radiance. All this means is that even if the first draft gets done this summer, there needs to be a lot of revision and editing to make sure he gets it right. As for why he works on other projects, he's said many times that working on other books keeps him fresh. If he didn't write other books, that wouldn't actually speed up him writing Stormlight 3. We would just have times where we don't get any Brandon stories at all. I think this all works out, in the end. White Sand Preview, Coming in June io9 has posted an extensive (and exclusive) preview of the White Sand graphic novel, which is set in the cosmere on a planet called Taldain. This was the story that Brandon wrote that got him his agent, Joshua Bilmes, but was never published. Now we see more of it, and it's pretty cool. We get to see a ton of pages from White Sand, and the first volume is coming out in June! Exciting. White Sand's graphic novel is being produced by Dynamite Entertainment, with writer Rik Hoskin, artist Julius Gopez, and colorist Ross Campbell transforming the source material into the graphic novel format. You can be sure we will keep you updated on our first look into this important planet. (It's where the Ars Arcanum author is from!) Elantris Leatherbound Back in Stock We knew the Elantris Anniversary Leatherbound Edition would come back in stock eventually. It is a little later than we expected, but it is at last back in stock on Brandon's store! The last ones sold out rapidly, so you'll want to get on this one quickly, I imagine. It is a second edition, but this leatherbound is so incredible, it is absolutely gorgeous. I could not recommend it more as the definitive version of Elantris. If my apartment ever burns down and I take one belonging out of my house, it'd probably be my copy of this. Seriously.
  4. Brandon has begun writing on Stormlight 3 in earnest, and today Brandon revealed that the flashback character for this Stormlight book will likely be Dalinar. This may come as a surprise to some, as the previous working title for this book, Stones Unhallowed, as well as Brandon's initial plan suggested Szeth was to be the flashback character. However, more recently, Brandon said that it could be either of the two, or Eshonai, depending on which information needed to be revealed first. While Brandon hasn't officially decided, he won't know for sure until he finishes writing the sequence, he is definitely "leaning that way". The other flashback characters in the first five Stormlight books will be Eshonai and Szeth. Since the original plan was a Szeth, Eshonai, and Dalinar order, it seems likely that we will have Eshonai for book four, and Szeth for book five. That will be it for the first half of the ten book Stormlight sequence. There's a time jump between books five and six, and Brandon will take a break from Stormlight books to do some other projects, like the Elantris sequels and the modern-day Mistborn trilogy. Update 1 to include info that it is not 100% certain just yet. Update 2: Brandon has further clarified that he is currently writing the book assuming it is Dalinar's book, and that the current working title is Oathbringer.
  5. Since Brandon isn't sure anymore about who the third book will focus on, should we rename the page back to Stormlight 3?
  6. Did anyone notice the small tweet on the side bar by Peter and is that picture the next update by Brandon? Also, can we get a separate section for stormlight 3 as we are getting more info to discuss and hopefully news on the release date. Check out the picture and Peters reply however this may be a joke look at this topic can we have a final ruling?
  7. Hey All! Make sure to read your September, 2014 newsletter from Brandon the bottom is a sample chapter from Stormlight 3! Cheers.
  8. Oh boy, there's been a ton of news this week, so let's get started. The biggest news is that there is a reading from Stormlight 3! You can find it here and here. Also, the illustrious WeiryWriter also transcribed the reading. What else do we have? We also have the Legion: Skin Deep cover, which you can see to the right. Legion: Skin Deep is twice the length of the original Legion story, and you can order the limited edition hardcover from Subterranean Press. But, here's a cover I like even more: the cover to the Well of Ascension trade paperback. I really enjoyed the trade paperback of the first Mistborn book, and I like this cover of Well of Ascension. Koloss swords are scientifically known to be totally awesome.