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Found 10 results

  1. Here's the thread for any real life Christmas stories or traditions that you might have. For me, my family has a pickle ornament that my grandparents hide somewhere in the house on Christmas eve, and on Christmas whoever finds it gets a special Pickle Present. So, what are all your stories? @Nathrangking @Ookla's Dice @Ookla the Rhadamanthine @Ookla The Female Chicken @Ookla the Shadowed @Ookla the Ethereal @Ookla the Sarcastic @Aspiring Writer @Ookla the Sly @OoklaWasTaken @Ookla the Channelknight @Chasmgoat @AmazingGoob @Ookla the Grammatical @Ookla the Naxdin @Ookla the Sprinkle @Ookla's Dice @Ookla the Tortured @Ookla the Steampunked @anyone else
  2. On a site full of fantasy fans, I figured that a fair number of us probably play Dungeons and Dragons. So here's a thread to put all the wild stories about the shenanigans your party gets up to. Here's a favorite story from my campaign: The Letter Bunny So, one of the characters is a very wholesome warlock of the Demigod of Cute Fluffy Animals. This is relevant because it meant that he had a bunny costume in his inventory. The party was at a tavern on a journey when they overheard a drunk messenger bragging about how he had a letter to the leader of a nearby city - someone that the party was already suspicious of. So naturally, the party decided to steal the letter and read it. Before they could figure out how, though, the messenger left the building and got on his horse. Not wanting to let him escape they started to chase after him, but the horse was much faster than they were, so they had trouble catching him. Then the warlock, Kjørfraexx, had an idea. Kjørfraexx first changed into his bunny costume, and then got the wizard to cast Fly on him. So garbed, he shot after the rider and quickly caught up. He used prestidigitation to scatter sparkles around, and announced that he was the "Letter Bunny" - a being that he explained as being like the tooth fairy, but for letters rather than teeth. Remember, this messenger was very drunk, and being a warlock, Kjørfraexx had very good Charisma. And then Kjørfraexx rolled a nat 20. So the befuddled messenger handed over the letter, received a silver piece in exchange, and was sent on his way. Imagining him explaining this to his superiors was one of the highlights of my week.
  3. A while ago, I posted a thread, in the RoW area, asking what landmasses people thought could exist. My evidence chief evidence for another landmass was this: Puuli's interlude Hello there! Remember Res. The next clue is at work, you know... A shop. The story of the Wandersail Spiked Chasmfiends anyone? Now most people agreed with me, that there probably was another landmass, but that's irrelevant. Today I want to talk about the tales Hoid tells in SA, and like the wandersail, how I believe that they are relevant, to the plot of SA... OoOoH You found a link At first glance, Hoid's stories seem to be nothing more than little Easter eggs. But... We know that's not the case, because of the Girl Who Looked Up. The Girl Who Looked Up seems to be directly relevant to early human history in the Rosharan system. Probably telling of the consequences of Surgebinding, or the humans venturing out of Shinovar. I've already shared my thoughts on what I think the Wandersail is, and quite frankly the tales of Fleet, and the clever moon continue to stump me. What do you think? Post thoughts below:
  4. In Words of Radiance, Wit tells Kaladin the tale of a man named Fleet, who races the highstorm. Fleet dies at the end, having run across the entire continent and ending in Shinovar. I think that when he died, he became invested with enough investiture from the storm that he was able to stay alive as a cognitive shadow, and possibly even ascend, though not to the level of a shard. There are a few key phrases in the story that are leading me to believe this: 1st, when Kaladin asks Wit if he was real, Wit responds "As real as I am". He could be twisting things, but I think he is being honest about him being real. 2nd, after Fleet has died in the story, Wit continues with "His body dead, but not his will, within those winds his soul did rise." This is the strongest part of my belief for a few reasons. First, we know that the highstorm is essentially a moving perpendicularity, as it is described as a place where all three realms meet. There is also enough investiture there to create a cognitive shadow. Furthermore, the wording "rise" (with the italics actually in the book) match with the theme of people ascending to become shards. Though this is a lesser case, it makes a lot of sense to me. 3rd, just after the last part, Wit continued "It flew upon the day's last song, to win the race and claim the dawn. Past the sea and past the waves, our Fleet no longer lost his breath. Forever strong, forever fast, forever free to race the wind." This seems to be talking about him riding the storm across the world at first, and then shows how Fleet continued to ride the storm forever. 4th, this could just be part of the story, but it also gives a timeline for when this could have happened; near the start of the story, Wit said this: "In time long past, in times I've known, he raced the Herald Chan-a-rach. He won that race..." Mentioning a specific race with a specific herald gives more credence to the idea, at least in my head. 5th, right after Wit confirmed that Fleet died, he smiled. This seems to me to hint that Wit knows Fleet lived on, if not as the Stormfather, then at least as a cognitive entity sustained by Honor's power. I'm not sure if Honor intended for Fleet to ascend at first; if it was a conscious effort from him, windspren, or the power itself, but it fits so well with everything I know about cognitive entities and people ascending (to become shards). Another connection from this theory comes from a WoB here: "[referring to the Nightwatcher and Unmade] The Stormfather is different from the others because it's a Sliver." I'm not sure yet what significance this would hold, or what power the Stormfather has given/used up, but I feel like lends credence to the idea that the Stormfather was a human that became spren-like because he became a Sliver from holding the power. If this theory is correct, then it also brings up another interesting question about other Shards and Avatars: are many other Shard's Avatars originally human/equivalent(singer)? Or is this unique? It seems like it would be extremely interesting in regards to Autonomy and her Avatars. If you have any more evidence either for or against this theory, I'd appreciate it if you commented it.
  5. Hey! I collected all of Hoid's stories in a document! This is for your theorizing pleasure, and for potential memorization! Hoid's Stories I was interested in reading all of them, so I collected them, and couldn't think of a better place to share them than here!. I included the Wandersail (Way of Kings Chapter 57), Fleet (Words of Radiance Chapter 59), The Girl Who Looked Up (Combined both Shallan's Version and Hoid's, Oathbringer Chapters 25 and 82), Mishim and Tsa (Oathbringer Chapter 67), The Dragon and the Dog (Rhythm of War Chapter 80), The Origin of the God Kings (Warbreaker Chapter 32) Hoid’s Stories.pdf Hoid’s Stories.txt
  6. Hello there! This is a place where you can put your sad stories and have other read them, review them, etc. They don't need to be related to Cosmere or Brandon or fantasy at all, anything is allowed as long as it doesn't break forum rules. Inspiration here, just scroll down a bit. And with that, I believe Lunamor has something to post.
  7. I'm a new Sanderson fan. I've dabbled in writing my whole life, but just recently became inspired to create a Sanderson/Star Wars kind of fantasy world. I don't have everything figured out, and I am still looking at ideas. And yes Shadowlight sounds like Stormlight but the magic system is totally different, and actually more inspired from the force in Star Wars than it is by Sanderson magic systems. I don't know exactly what this magic does, I've been leaning more toward a multi faceted Shannara like magic system, that has consequences. I'm not fond of Harry Potter like magic with almost no repercussions. Shadow and light magic have to be used in tandem of each other to keep balance. It's a very duality inspired kind of thing with the push and pull of yin and yang. What's interesting about this magic system is that it's broken so to speak. The world is in a fallen state because two powerful magic users (not sure exactly what to call them yet) clashed in a sort of world shaking apocalypse causing battle of heroes. Their mentor trapped them inside the magic that they draw from changing the nature of the magic itself and drastically changing the world. I haven't decided how I want to make the magic be originally. Shadowlight is very restrictive and the original magic is just about infinite. There is a travelling nomad group of people I'm calling the Travellers right now that walk travelers paths to keep the magic in balance. Paths that are actually giant runes on the surface of the world. Here I wrote a prologue that refer to the two magic users that I mentioned earlier who are the "gods" of this world though not really gods. I'm not entirely sure about what I want the real Gods to be like, but I always thought how interesting it would be to have immortals that aren't really gods, but they are worshipped like they are gods because not everything is known about them. Galaphos and Balinox are not the main characters, that's something that I need to make clear. They are in the background though they are still very important to the story. The main character is a Prince named Roval. Anyway, feedback would be appreciated. Ask questions about it if your curious. Do any of you have experience with magic systems cause I sure don't. World building ideas? Please let me know! Prologue: It was a painfully infinite existence. But it’s what he chose. If he didn't all would’ve been lost. Galaphos knew that. All he worked for would’ve been in vain. Ghaddeus told him so. How long has it been? Hundreds of years? Thousands? Dozens? He couldn’t seem to grasp time anymore. It slipped through his fingers. It took away his loved ones and spirited them away into the afterlife. The one he’ll never see. Time. In his earlier days he wouldn’t have thought he would want that old friend back. Instead now he was immortal watching over the world like some God, though far from being one. His only company being his mortal enemy from long ago. Or was he still a friend? He didn’t know anymore. “Will you finally speak to me after all these years?” The man who spoke was shrouded in darkness. It was both figurative and literal. A man he fought extensively in his mortality, back when he was called a hero. Those days were over now. Now they were forced to exist in harmony. Ever existing. “Forgive me, you just look thoughtful,” the man’s voice resonated through the expanse. The darkness swirled, its tentacles reaching for Galaphos. “How do you know its been years?” Galaphos asked? “I don’t,” said the man as he stepped out of the shroud. He looked the same as he did that fateful day;His black and red tunic, curly blonde hair and smiling blue eyes untouched by age. His features bewitched the masses at one time. In those days looking at his face made it hard for one not to trust him. It was a power he used often, proving useful in his ascendancy. In those days he wasn’t frightening until you got to know him. Now, though that power was unusable for him, for how he was in mortality manifested itself physically in immortality. Shadow was in his very skin. It leaked and drifted around him in a kind of cloak of darkness. Balinox. He was shadow just like Galaphos was light. Galaphos had sometimes wondered if he served some higher purpose. Was there a God that chose him to watch over this magical realm, or was this punishment for his failure? He decided it could be either depending on his perspective, and the former gave him purpose when the latter gave him misery. So he chose the former. At times he longed for the days of innocence when he and Balinox were magic users rather than magic immortals. The days they didn’t have to watch the masses in their happiness and grief, their joy and sorrow, their life and death. The evil and the good that was born from them, and the ones that were not. Their mentor Ghaddeus has told them they needed to wield their power with wisdom. Galaphos wanted to listen, but couldn’t of Balinox wouldn’t. Not really. He needed to be there to oppose him. “Are you pondering this meaningless existence?” Balinox drawled stopping at the border between his expanse and Galaphos’. They couldn’t touch each other, so the Times Galaphos wanted to punch Balinox in the nose was always wishful thinking, “because I do at times. You know I watch people, people who try to achieve what I did. They don’t understand that it is now impossible. The old man made sure of that.” “Ghaddeus was wise,” Galaphos said, “He understood what I couldn’t. I thought if I just became stronger and stronger…” he shook his head, “I was too ambitious…” “Ambitious?!” Balinox let out a booming laugh that rippled through the atmosphere. Galaphos wondered if mortals down below could hear him. “Too ambitious? My dear Galaphos you weren’t ambitious enough! If you joined me you could’ve lived with your wife and children in peace! In fact, I could’ve found another way to immortality, we couldve been the equivalent of gods, not this cheap counterfeit existence! Instead because of you, we are stuck in this eternal magical sphere giving our infinite selves to the uncaring, unfeeling masses? And for what?!” “For the world,” Galaphos said quietly, “we could’ve destroyed it. We were too powerful…” “Ha! I like to think I was too powerful and you were just along for the ride.” Galaphos turned away from his counterpart. It was interesting to think they were like friends at one time. It was true, if Galaphos did join Balinox in his rise to power, he would’ve kept all his promises to him. But it wasn’t right. It just wasn’t right. Nobody should’ve been allowed that much power. But Balinox found a way. He always found a way. And Galaphos at the time felt he should catch up to him. He was always a step behind. Then things got out of hand. He tried too hard to fix it. To fix it himself. To fix his friend. Eventually the world could not contain them. Their battles were taking too much of a toll. So Ghaddeus their wise mentor trapped them in the very magic they drew from and changed the nature of magic in the process. Now the sides could not fight anymore. Light and dark must work together. It was difficult at first, getting used to immortal life. Being able to view the inhabitants of the world, listen to conversations almost like you were there. Watching life begin and the same life end. There were some whom he paid more attention to than others. Some who possessed the same gifts he had. He was drawn to them. His energy as well as Balinox’s lingered in the world, and there were some who had an affinity for it more than others. He felt as if he was in more places at once. It was strange until it felt normal. There was a man down below that Galaphos has been watching for quite some time. He reminded him of himself, his innocent self. He sent his disciples to him, to guide him, to turn him into a hero. As much as Galaphos attempted to guide him, the man simply would not accept the dark along with the light. That was essential, but he simply wouldn’t do it. His judgment was lacking. All that was left was for Balinox to make his move. Why was he holding back? Galaphos peered down into the village. The people were open to his view. They lived simple lives under the reign of their king in a place that was being threatened with monsters of all kinds, not all sentient beings. The neighboring forest has been cursed by Balinox albeit indirectly. Though horrific, Galaphos saw it as an opportunity to do some good. He placed his hero, or as Balinox calls him his “White Knight”, on a path to a village who was on the brink of destruction. They needed someone they can depend on, someone who can give them hope, someone who could do what no one else could for the people. Galaphos wasn’t certain how long it would last. The look in Balinox’s eyes seemed to speak tales of terrible curses yet to come. “Have mercy on the man Balinox,” Galaphos muttered, “At least for now. It’s his wedding day after all.” The celebration was meager but grand. His hero met a beautiful young woman on his travels and today they were to be married. He saved her and the villagers from certain doom and no one in the village would dream of missing their hero’s wedding. However his hero attempted to ignore the consequences of his action, and someone or something had to pay the heavy price. Galaphos glanced at Balinox questioningly who was sharing a view of the venue. “What’s wrong friend?” Balinox said with a smirk, “the best gifts are often given at the right moment.” His eyes fixed mischievously on the bride. Galaphos eyes widened in realization. “Balinox no… you can’t direct all that magic toward one person! Not her!” “Well you know what they say,” Balinox drawled as the bride and groom leaned in for the kiss, “one monster deserves another.” It happened quickly. Years worth of backed up shadow magic rushed out of their eternal prison. Galaphos wished he could do something, but all he could ever do is wish and watch. Despair bit at him as the young woman hunkered down with a moan, stumbling from the alter. People rushed to her aid, her husband at the forefront. “No, get away,” Galaphos cried. He could not warn them. How many times must he learn that? Her body convulsed on the floor of the chapel. More people crowded around shouting for a doctor. Shortly they would see that no doctor could help the bride’s condition. A blackness spread through her skin, spikes grew up from her body tearing through her dress. Her breath quickened as she began to rise from the floor crouched on all fours, hair hanging about her face, blood shot eyes dodging from person to person in a state of confusion. Her brave husband stepped forward. He reached out to her calling her name. She cocked her head curiously, no longer being able to recognize him. Then she sprung. The struggle was brief. Newly grown claws ripped at vulnerable flesh and fangs tore out his throat before the congregation could react. With a guttural roar she ran on all fours towards the exit of the chapel leaving the mangled body of her husband behind. Shouts of demon rang out in the village and it wasn’t long before the mob of men was assembled. The woman didn’t get very far. Collapsed in the town square, her monstrous form was fading away. But it was too late for her. Men fell upon her until she was dead. “Your White Knight has fallen!” Balinox said triumphantly. “This isn’t a game Balinox,” Galaphos said gritting his teeth, “those are real people. You took the life of that woman…” “Well it’s nice to see you still have a grip on reality my friend,” he said with a casual wave of his hand as he retreated into the shadows, “just let me know the next time I can best you. I’ll be waiting. “ Galaphos placed his face in his hands. It always took sometime to recover from interventions. Then he would continue his search for another hero. Someone that can make a real difference.
  8. So I was just browsing Brandon's website today, as one does, and I came across a new "status bar" he has set up underneath Oathbringer, simply titled "Secret Project". Anyone have an idea what this could be??
  9. Okay, so I'm working on this fanfic-ish thingy (I hesitate to call it a fanfic, no major characters are directly involved) set in the roughs, and the protagonist is a lawman/reformed petty criminal. He's also a chromium compounder, which is awesome, but also leaves me with a problem: how do I challenge him without pulling out all of the stops and making him fight a storming shard? Sure, I plan on having him lose his chromiumminds, but how would I even manage to do that realistically? He's a rusting god of good luck! I know for a fact that it's possible, nothing is impossible, but it's probably going to be very hard... Any ideas?
  10. So this is an odd idea that has wiggled its way through my brain for a while. Imagine you are in a public setting boasting about your greatest adventures what would you say? How would you present yourself? But now imagine you are not limited by the constraints of books (or any other media you are passionate about) being separate. So tell us about your travels and the adventures you have had or are having now. And without further ado: I have flown on the winds of Pern; Sailed the waters of Earth Sea; Trekked across rock and rills of Ulm; Passed through the rifts of Midkemia and Kelewan; And hopped the worlds of the Cosmere. I have mastered the weaves of Saidin; Studied the three arts at the Adventure’s Academy; Wielded white gold in the Land; Survived the dark-after on Austar IV; And feel the old magic of the Wood The old gods of the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse know me. I am recognized within the faerie and vampire courts. I have paid my respects at the marble tomb on the grounds of Hogwarts. I have held counsel with the High Kings of Prydain, and Narnia; And made friends with the dragons of Chetwin, Fiest, Jordan, Le Guin, McCaffrey, Novik, Paolini, Sanderson, Yep, Yolan, and many others. PS If you have trouble guessing all of the books and series either look at my profile or look up the authors listed. PSS if this has been done before can someone point me in the right direction.