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Found 24 results

  1. I am a stick!
  2. I was reading Oathbringer outside when I suddenly realized that I wasn't alone... there was a character from Words of Radiance standing right there!
  3. Hi people I am totally new to the shard and also I am a stick what are you. I've certainly come a long way... A long... Long... Way... Vinegar cipher, remember that. You know the drill, PM me once you've cracked this: Qchdfdivbzma. You've nearly won... And your ending where I started. All right! I'm done! Whoo Hoo!
  4. So my wife and I are on the second season of Daredevil--she's half-assed watching. She hears something and asks, "Did he just call him 'Stick'?" I said, "Yes. But he could be fire." Her look was totally, "What the Hell does that mean and why did I marry you?" Haven't said another word. Waiting for the Ask. I have "smart-chull" issues. :-D
  5. For Christmas, I got one of those little cinema light-boxes, usually intended for inspiring quotes and the like, but being the insanely obsessed Sanderfan that I am, I put the following quote... We love a good Stick meme.
  6. This episode on Ashspren’s Absolutely Not Serious Theories (AANST... good ring to it)… We all see Stick as a possible bit of comic relief during a time period in which we see Shallan discovering more about herself— funny content, but serious Cosmere ideals. However, Stick might be more than it appears. Firstly, it is important to remember what Shai from the Emperor’s Soul said about everything, even inanimate objects: everything views itself as something. With this logic from what I like to call the “Tables Have Feelings Too Lecture,” we can infer that Stick, everyone’s favorite character from Words of Radiance, must view itself as something. Therefore, Stick has its own patterns of thought, and must be able to think for itself. Nobody tells Stick to be a stick, Stick tells itself to be a stick. Thus, when Shallan tries to get Stick to change in Shadesmar, Stick proceeds to tell her what he sees himself as: a stick. Shallan tries to force it to change, telling Stick that it is actually fire, but she does not understand that Stick has made up its mind. But, where does this lead on a larger scale? Well, Stick is actually very helpful, and may have been able to predict the future. We start back at Stick’s signature line: “I am a stick.” It tells this to Shallan repeatedly, as if it wants her to know something. And indeed, it does. Stick wants Shallan to know to stay true to herself. It is very self-aware, and tells Shallan to be the same. However, Shallan stumbles upon Stick, she is not having struggles with her identity yet— this takes place later in Words of Radiance, and is seemingly resolved at the end of Oathbringer. This is where the part about telling the future comes in. Stick is warning her to be more self-aware at the moment, so that in the future, she would not have as many problems. Now, we see at different points in Oathbringer that Odium can see, and provide visions of, possible futures. This is shown through Renarin and his corrupted spren, Glys. Is Stick’s advice for the future and Odium’s abilities just a coincidence? I think not.
  7. Welcome to a place where all can worship, and become one with the stick!! (and maybe negotiate with each other in a neutral location.) Come to a place where all can forget you guild memberships, and worship the one true God instead. The Link: This is officially endorsed by the Sticknaughts and The Church of the Stick
  8. I am a stick.
  9. From the album The Doodlestorm Cometh

    My profile pic, created and edited by me. Stick, in all of his stickly glory, belongs solely to Sanderson.
  10. I am wondering if anyone has a threshold list of reputation awarded on this site, can you have negative reputation, I'm very new, but have heard of a Zuchini who sounds like he maybe made a lot of people very angry. I am also wondering if you get Reputation by posting things sometimes as well? Or if it's based solely off of other Users Posts. Anyone? Edit: I only just made a connection on how similar Reputation here seems to be similar to Breaths, in that you only get one, and other people have to will it to you. Humorous in my mind, Also. Is Reputation based on what forums you frequent? I.E. Dark Eyes and Skaa are two different realms.
  11. I am a stick. But seriously. While we've all talked about the stick as one of our fav characters... It's time to do a real consideration about the mechanics and limitations of soulcasting. So obviously a soulcaster uses stormlight to transform the substance of a material. I suspect that for a radiant who can soulcast, it doesn't matter what kind of gem they draw light from (unlike how it is with soulcaster fabrials). But soulcasting can be difficult difficult. Shallan failed to turn stick into fire (even though she could apparently transform a whole boat). So. What makes an object resistant to soulcasting? 1. Investiture. This should be pretty obvious, since investiture interferes with investiture. I would guess that the reason stick proved more challenging than a boat was partially because the stick was wood that was still alive, and thus more invested. 2. Connection / cognitive intent. It seems like the basic "intent" of a spren can make it easier or harder to soulcast. I would guess it is still possible to soulcast an object against its own will (I doubt the spren of the folks who attacked Jasnah in that alley really wanted to turn into fire or smoke or any of that), but more difficult (especially since human beings are invested). So. What I'm laying out here is not remotely groundbreaking in terms of realmatics, but its worth doing this anyway since I haven't seen anyone give serious consideration to what can make something soulcasting immune. It's worth conjecturing what the rules of this power are, since I have no doubt Sanderson has restricted it with a set of rules. I bet other magic users are pretty storming hard to soulcast. They are more invested, and also connected to at least one shard. I don't think you could just soulcast a voidbringer or stormclast to make it go away. Nor could you soulcast a fellow radiant into fire. And don't even think about trying to soulcast something like a shardblade, or, god forbid, nightblood. It's also probably pretty hard to soulcast something with a really strong identity (no, I don't mean spiritual identity... more like, identity as in how you see yourself). Even though some historical artifact might be completely nonmagical and not too invested... Still pretty hard to soulcast, just because so many people have thought about the object that it has developed a more fixed self-perception. So, living things, invested things, famous things, or connected things. All hard to soulcast. This means that some things are nigh immune to soulcasting, which is probably good since otherwise to be honest the power would be a little too strong.
  12. Alright. So we're all aware of the critical discussion between Stick and Shallan in The Words of Radiance: But Did we ever stop to think that maybe Stick would be featured in other Cosmere novels? No? Yes! Warbreaker: Elantris: * ** the 's' in stick isn't originally capitalised in the books Notice something common? Every character wants to use Stick as a way to practise a magic system tehe. While Stick refused to be used for Shallan's intended purposes, it did give in to Vivenna. Raoden thought of using Stick, but Stick escaped in time. I don't even know how that fits in to all of this lol. Stick is a Worldhopper --> Theory confirmed Note that this is no more than a joke not to be taken seriously Edit: this would've looked a lot cooler of my reputation level was Worldhoppper. Alas, that's a loong way to go. XD
  13. Guys, Stick is a feruchemist. (Or at least a ferring) Let me explain. Earlier today, I was thinking about the benefits of tapping Identity. Doing so, as I understand it, will make someone more confident in who they are. Then I realized that Stick is the being most confident in their own identity, repeating one thing over and over I am a stick Stick was so aware of who he was that he could resist being turn into something he wasn't.
  14. By the ending of WoR, I had a lot of favorite characters: Dalinar, Szeth, Kaladin, Adolin, Jasnah, and many more, but there was one character that stood out, and I think all of you agree when I say the Stick is the best character in Stormlight. Now, to the question, I am very intrigued by this character, and I just wanted to know if you would like for the Stick to become a main character in the series. If many of you say it's a good idea, I will make everything I can to suggest Brandon to make the Stick a main PoV character. (Please, do not take this seriously)
  15. Groot was one of the first things I thought of when I first read about The Stick. I thought it only fitting to combine the two. I created the drawing as a t-shirt design, but I didn't get a chance to get it onto the t-shirt before the con I wanted it for, so thought I'd share it here.

    © Copyright (c) Mostlywhatnot 2015

  16. So.... Why is the stick so popular? I was shocked to see a whole chapter dedicated to its mind on Brandon's page a few months ago and looked for a reason for it. In an interview he said he was surprised by people wanting to see more of the stick as well. Why? Why is it so damnation popular? Is it because we celebrate the failure of Shallan? That would make sense, except most of you people like her. Is it because the stick is just so gosh darn loveable?
  17. Fellow brethren of The Church of the Stick! Multiple Factions march to war, spread their own doctrines and establish their own truths! But we know who the True Idol is! Stick. In all his Glory. Who shall answer my call?
  18. Recently in this section of the forum I have noticed this "church of the stick" has gained a very large influential cult following. Has anyone else noted this disturbing and ominous occurrence? Let us hope these radicalists do not become to powerful if they start to gain more power I ask for people's help to crush this "church". Though the Church of The Stick does have a nice ring to it (strokes chin and weak mind crumbles ) I seem to have changed my views on the great church. I Am A Stick, all praise the great Church of the Stick and let it be known I stop my days of Hersey I wil erase my previous identity, I am a stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick.......
  19. Okay, so I know that you all love your stick, but I'm here with a grave warning. As all of you that have heard of it can probably figure out, my primary fandom is the Warrior Cats one. We had a totally amazing stick character once, one that was owned by a character named Rock. The stick was in a totally canon relationship with a sarcastic blind cat named Jayfeather, and all was well. Then this happened. So what does The Stormlight Archive have in common with Warrior Cats? Well, there's a stick. There's a guy called Rock. And the sarcastic Hoid refers to himself as a blind man. So all I'm saying is, don't take your stick for granted. Something could happen to it. Rock could offend Hoid by calling him an airsick lowlander, causing Hoid to break the stick. If that happens, you want the stick to know how much you loved it, and you want to know that you spent every moment you could with your wonderful, beautiful stick. Beware. The Warrior Cats fandom took our stick for granted, and we've never quite recovered from it.
  20. Sticks are more complicated than we thought
  21. Turns out sticks have more complicated views of themselves than radiants think
  22. These are pseduo-photoshopped by a non-photo editing software user. But they are mine. =)