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Found 4 results

  1. I haven't read the books in a little while and I can't find anything on this on the wikis or from searching the forums. I know the Steel Ministry was the organization that the Obligators/Inquisitors were part of with the Canton of Orthodoxy specifically for "religious" matters but what was the actual name of the religion? What would you call someone who believed that the Lord Ruler was God?
  2. This was the 'invitation' being sent out to all of those who have earned notice or been deemed worthy. Only half of the invited are expected to return willingly, Grim knew. The ones that didn't would just be used in the required initiation rituals. Game Rules: Sign-ups will last a week, until sometime on Sunday, October 18th! Quick Links:
  3. How does the Steel Ministry support itself? It has been a little while since I read the books, but I don't remember any taxes. I remember only a few ways the Ministry gets money 1. The nobility pays Obligators to witness things, but that seemed to go to the individual Obligator and didn't seem to be that much money. 2. The plantation nobility also leased the Skaa, but that doesn't seem to be enough to support a government. Especially with all the "special" projects done by the Lord Ruler. 3. Atium. Again doesn't seem to make enough money for an entire government.
  4. So, I've been Googling for stuff about the Polestones earlier today when I stumbled upon this post by Phantom Monstrosity: I remember that someone here has already posted about smokestone being smoky quartz a long time ago, but the information about the best color for topaz is something new to me. Note that this post isn't on the 17th Shard forums (Phantom is no longer active here), but rather on the site called Steel Ministry, which appears to be a MAG site. Then I noticed the title of that thread: "Stuff we've learned from Brandon Firsthand". I immediately went to the thread's first page, and saw these gems: This was posted by Herowannabe, also a Sharder (and still active, it seems). Kurkistan and Kadrok, both active Sharders, are also members of Steel Ministry, it seems, and were participating in that thread. Phantom also posted WoBs written on his copy of Firefight: *** Q: Could you steal any trait hemalurgically that can be stored feruchemically? A: Yes you could steal any trait that could be stored. Q: How many Breaths would be fair to turn a mistwraith into kandra-ish? A: Turning a mistwraith into a kandra would be hard with Breath. It doesn't give [a word I couldn't make out; sentience?]. *** I think that's all the WoBs in that thread, though there's also a WoP that the blue-colored garnet in WoK was a typo. Anyway, I guess I can understand that Herowannabe, etc. were too busy to post these things here, but it's still a shame to let WoBs there go unshared. I'll try to visit Steel Ministry every now and then (even though I'm not into role-playing) just to see if there are new WoBs there, then post them in this thread for everyone to see. Of course, the Sharders who are also Steel Ministry members may also post new stuff here if they want. That is all for now.