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Found 1 result

  1. Cycle 3: Someone set down their binoculars next to a small stick and forgot where they put them. “Ha HA! Foolish human, I have stolen your property!” The small stick reveled in its accomplishment. “I shall see all and know all and you shall rue the day that you..” *snap* “Huh, what’s this? Binoculars? These could be useful.” Abraham picked up the binoculars, not noticing the small stick he had broken with his large boots. “Hey guys?” Holding up his mobile for light, he looked over the binoculars carefully. “I think we might have some new visitors in the city. Just keep a careful eye out.” … DeTess sat among the other mercenaries growing tired of their threats at one another. They hadn’t caught a single epic yet or even had a lead on which one to go after. Things were becoming very unorganized and she figured this was exactly what someone wanted. She stood and shouldered her bag. “I’m going to get some intel. You lot can stay here and kill yourselves for all I care.” The angry group of mercenaries didn’t take kindly to that. No honour among thieves and killers after all. Miranda smiled to herself and slipped away in the chaos that ensued. No one noticed her leaving since she wasn’t a usual part of the team anyways. Flipping open her mobile she made a quick call. “Another down. Have you made contact with the ally?” The response was what she was hoping for. “Thank Calamity. I’ll have to stay here for now or they’ll get suspicious, but keep me updated.” _____________________________________________________________________ Stick has been attacked and killed! They were a Loyal with a Binoculars item (it has been removed from the game). ( but they weren't) DeTess has been lynched! They were a Loyal with no items. Sart was killed by the inactivity filter! He was a Traitor with no items. Lynch results: Cycle 3 has begun! Because the cycle would end on Christmas, it will now be extended by a day and it will end at 1 PM CST on December 26th. Player List: Black Market: The Shard is kicking my butt and not being helpful at all. Due to an unseen PM that did not appear in my inbox the binoculars are still in play. *face palms