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Found 40 results

  1. It's past midnight Eastern, and my successful book purchase on Google Play says that Starsight is out! That means it's time for full book spoilers. So this is the requisite full book reaction thread!
  2. Important note: This ruleset was written before Cytonic and the novellas. Think of this game as an alternate continuity of sorts. The UrDail, in collaboration with the DDF and using M-Bot’s hologram technology, have sent a team of Spies to Starsight, this time to root out and assassinate the members of Winzik’s Inner Circle, who are responsible for the corruption within the Superiority Department of Protective Services. Can the Spies complete their mission, or will it end in disaster? -- Welcome to QF64: Spies in Starsight! I, Szeth_Pancakes / @Ookla the Omniscient, will be your GM. I'm new at this, so if anyone wants to co-GM the help would be greatly appreciated. Your IM is @Araris Valerian. Another important note: Since Ookla season ends in the middle of this game, please provide your non-Ookla name in the signups to protect my sanity. Thank you The game will start on Saturday, December 17 at 9:00 PM PST (12:00 AM EST). Rollovers should hopefully be short due to the light game rules, but we'll see :shrug: Rules Player List Rule Clarifications Quick Links Have fun!
  3. The title of this discussion is pretty self-explanatory. If you could spend the day with a Skyward or Starsight character for a day, who would it be? I've pondered on this for a while and honestly, I'd like to spend a day with Brade; see what her life is like and stuff you know? Maybe learn about how she came to be Winzik's minion and see how she's being treated for being a human on Starsight. Brade isn't one of my favorite characters (nor do I dislike her, just neutral) but she's intriguing enough for me to want to know more about her character. I feel like there's so much more to her--in both personality and history--than what we were shown in the book. I know this sounds like whole lot of stuff, but anyone can learn so much within a single day. Those are my thoughts. How about you guys?
  4. A drawing by my sister of Spensa in the last chapter of Starsight with Doomslug and M-Bot. (after the epilogue, which is weird.)
  5. Some Burly Burls
  6. Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
  7. Brandon said that Skyward 3 will have two alternating POVs, but he didn’t say who would be joining Spin. I hope it’s Jorgen, but I think it’ll probably be Alanik or Brade.
  8. Anyone out there planning a reread before the releases of the novellas & Cytonic? Maybe we could plan to do certain chapters by certain dates & discuss. Regardless, I know I'll be rereading them since I need a refresh on the characters and plotlines.
  9. Cuna is living proof Winzik lied. Winzik claimed that Spensa killed Cuna at the end of Starsight. Spensa actually hid them so that the people Winzik sent after them couldn’t find them. The fact that Cuna is alive should prove to the people of the Superiority that Winzik is a liar with twisted intentions. I think that either Winzik will once again send people to kill them or the story will reach the people.
  10. In the Cytoverse section of the Coppermind (, it includes Skyward but not Starsight. In the Starsight page, it says that it is in fact in the Cytoverse. I'm not sure how to fix it, so could someone help do it for me? Thanks!
  11. So I was rereading a thread where somebody asked why Spensa heard stars and Jorgen heard slugs. I answered that it’s because Spensa never cared for Detritus and longed to explore the sky and beyond the debris field, while Jorgen saw Detritus as his home and as he told Gran Gran, he didn’t want to escape it - he wanted to protect it. The fact that this mindset causes him to hear Taynix implies that the Taynix are the key to saving Detritus. Thoughts?
  12. I finished Starsight the other day, and the revelation about Doomslug and its species was pretty much what I expected. But at one point, I think when they were just going to Starsight for the first time, something weird happened. Spensa said "By who," and Doomslug responded by saying "Whom!" I took that as an indication that Doomslug could actually speak the language, but it hasn't been followed up on. What does everyone else think? Is it a typo, or something I've missed? Am I making a big deal of nothing? Or is there something else about the slugs? Maybe you really do have to be sentient to be cytonic.
  13. How did M-Bot not notice that Doomslug was hyperjumping to move around when he has such sensitive and powerful short range sensors-?
  14. I recently watched one of Brandon Sandersons livestreams in which one of the questions was if he put reference to other media in his books and for the most part the answer was no, but the exception was the 1956 film Forbidden Planet starring Leslie Nielson in which an advanced race called the Krell was wiped out under unknown circumstances. which I think is so cool because this is one of my top fave movies of all time and it's a really cool reference. For those who do not know, and who do not care about spoilers, I will share two clips from the film and we can discus both this book and the film if you want, or just the book. But I had a bit of a fangirl moment as soon as I read the name Krell so I just had to share it. The first clip does not talk about the Krell but the second one does.
  15. Here's a video of a little game I made based on Starsight. It's kind of like Asteroids, and it's not meant to be very textually accurate, just reminiscent of Starsight elements. (The ship, of course, is M-Bot.) Starsight.mp4
  16. Here is a new and improved version of a game I recently posted, now with a light-lance included! Here's a video of the gameplay. Not very high quality video, but it works. starsight2.mp4
  17. Are there any drawings in Starsight like in Skyward? I listened to the audiobook. If there are drawings or diagrams in the physical copy, can someone send me pictures of them, please and thank you.
  18. I noticed there seems to be a distinct parallel between the characters of Morriumur and M-Bot; reproduction, or birth, seems to be an important theme for both of them. Morriumur is a dione "draft," or an individual who hasn't been born yet. They hope to earn their birth by proving themself as a warrior. Likewise, M-Bot longs to be a sentient living being which, among other things, is capable of reproduction. At one point in the story, Spensa helps him create a drone and M-Bot entertains the idea of giving his "child" a personality. Unfortunately, there is something in his code that forbids him from duplicating his code at will. But by the end of the story, both Morriumur and M-Bot achieve their goals of reproduction; the former having proved themself in battle and thus deemed worthy of birth, the latter having become a wanted fugitive on Starsight and therefore painstakingly copied his code line-by-line between forced shut-downs into the previously mentioned drone. One had a great ending. The other, not so great. I'm not sure about the significance of this parallel. Will this continue into the 3rd and 4th novels? Can we draw conclusions about the outcome of one character based on another? Another somewhat obvious parallel was between the humans, Spensa and Brade, who were both excellent examples of self-fulfilling prophecy. Brade, and her pessimistic acceptance of humans-are-evil. Simply put, if you always think you're a failure, you'll likely be a failure. As with Brade, she always believed she was evil, aggressive, and capable of violence - and that's exactly what she amounted to. On the other hand, Spensa was always optimistic and as a result, she managed to divert the delver thus saving two major civilizations and winning over much of her crew and Cuna to her cause. Although these two are like opposites, they're also very similar in this regard. Again, I'm not sure if it's safe to draw any conclusions from these observations. Perhaps it's just a cool literary tool. Have you noticed any parallels between characters in this story? I feel like Jorgen and his journey must have a parallel somewhere but I can't really figure it out. Vapor? Gul'zah? Hmmm, no probably not Gul'zah the burl...
  19. I'm a long-time reader of Sanderson's works but a first-time poster. I'm a family man and software developer in Tucson, Arizona. Over the years I have loved all his books, he is easily the best author of all time. My favorite is a tie between 'The Way of Kings' and 'Towers of Midnight.' I've never been very good at posting in forums. But I'll try to drop by from time to time (especially when I'm in the middle of a fantastic Sanderson book).
  20. So I was thinking that for me, one of the coolest aspects about this new series by Brandon Sanderson is that it allows for endless possibilities for fan-content when it comes to alien species. Starsight describes the Superiority as filled with variety without number, and if a species as "aggressive" as the Burl are allowed to join, then just about any alien species could join as long as the species isn't openly hostile towards the Superiority. Obviously you can't make up your own "primary intelligence" species, because those spots are peopled by a limited number of races that Sanderson already has filled. I thought that maybe we can fill this thread with everyone's own ideas for "Fan-Species".
  21. I’m messing with the Diones for my alien species pages and thought I’d show you all the WIP! i know Morriumur’s face is supposed to have different features for each, but I only learned that after I drew this.
  22. Alien page for the Varvax! To the bottom right are designs for Winzek and the Cleaning Lady, and some interaction shots of the Krell in their exo-suits. I heard some feedback that the exo-suits might not be completely accurate, so... my bad!
  23. The first Sanderson book I read was Skyward, and I came to find a natural liking for his protagonists as well as the mysterious race known as the Krell. In Starsight, we learn that the KRELL are actually another race, but that's a different matter. What bothers me is when I recently started reading Arcanum Unbounded and Sixth of the Dusk. According to The Coppermind, the krell in that story are different than those in Skyward and Starsight. However, knowing Sanderson's writing, he rarely does things just for fun. Do you think this could mean that he's trying to introduce Skyward and Starsight into the Cosmere? Just a little further piece of evidence: The Krell in Sixth of Dusk are beach creatures, and the KRELL in Starsight turn out to be crablike things in suits of armor.