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Found 19 results

  1. So what does everyone think so far? I have only watched the first two episodes but so far I think it is off to a good start and will deliver on what I was hoping it would.
  2. poll

    This is an argument that I have been having with my brother for a long time, would a mistborn or jedi win in a fight. The mistborn is era 1 and thus has access to atium but not guns/era 2 metals(bendalloy,chronium, ect).
  3. fake theory

    so I was reading well of ascension, when I noticed that during the whole convectional of seran stuff with Sazed and Marsh, Sazed is ruminating on how he wasn't a warrior because of reason a, reason b, and reason c, then he said after talking about feruchemy, "strength did not, a warrior make." is Sazed Yoda now? are Yoda and Sazed companions? are they colleagues? or was this just an Easter egg? or a spelling mistake? we'll see...
  4. In about two weeks, the first two episodes of Obi Wan Kenobi will premiere, and right now we currently have two trailers. So what are your hopes for the show? What are you excited to see? What is something you don't want to happen? For me, this is one of the most excited, but also worried, I've been for a Star Wars show. Obi Wan is such an awesome character and he was one of the few bright spots of the prequel trilogy, so I'm excited to see him once again. However, I'm also worried, because if they get this wrong, it could ruin the franchise for me. So here are my hopes for the show: Please no cameos. I'm sorry, I love luke and Ashoka and all them, but this show needs to be about Obi Wan, not about how Luke or somebody else shows up in the very last episode. Get the Obi Wan vs. Vader correct. It's been confirmed that there's gonna be some showdowns between Obi Wan and Vader, so please get those right. Don't force anything, make sure it's all natural and that it flows with the story Bring back the awesome lightsaber fights of the prequel trilogy. If there was anything the prequels did right, it was making legendary lightsaber duels (i.e. Darth Maul vs Obi Wan and Qui Gon, Obi Wan vs. Anakin/Darth Vader). The Obi Wan show needs to recapture the magic of those duels Have a clear plot. Let's be honest, Book of Boba Fett didn't really have a clear plot, at least not from the start. Obi Wan needs to fix this. There needs to be a clear reason for what he is doing. From what we've seen in the second trailer, there seems to be more of clear plot, so hopefully this happens Well, what to you guys think?
  5. I had seen some requests for a Star Wars thread so here it is! Feel free to post anything about the second top grossing movie franchise in history! @Channelknight Fadran @Frustration @Negative_Null I know you guys wanted this.
  6. Tomorrow is May 4th, everyone! Tomorrow is Star Wars day! Star Wars fans, unite! Prepare for tomorrow's inevitable arguments about theoretical force powers, ewoks versus porgs, complaints about midichlorians (or just the Phantom Menace in general), and hatred towards the newest movie, "Rise of Skywalker!" Spoilers are allowed!
  7. So I recently watched the Clone Wars animated series. There was a lot of Jar Jar Binks for my tastes (I'm sure you understand.) But then I had a thought. This thought. Oh. This thought completely transformed how I viewed Jar Jar. Jar Jar Binks is a Ta'veren. We know just a few things about Ta'veren. They are spun out by the Pattern, which would be analogous in some ways to the force, to correct itself when it begins to drift from the intended pattern. We see them work in a few different ways, mostly by changing the probability of something happening. The impossible never happens, but the very unlikely can happen incredibly often. As unlikely as Qui Gon not using the force to move Jar Jar out of his way and instead letting Jar Jar jump on him before they both fell to the ground and let a giant hover tank run them over ultimately resulting and no bodily harm whatsover. Or that being just the thing needed to save Jar Jar later from whatever crime he committed to get him banned. And no matter how funny that 'bigger fish' quip was Qui Gon, you should thank the flaming Ta'veren in the boat with you that you're still alive. We can see a pretty clear demonstration of the Ta'veren pull at work. The damage to the spaceship forces them to land on Tatooine, where it isn't the Jedis or the royalty who meet Anakin Skywalker, but the other Ta'veren, doing his Ta'veren random chance thing by spitting out a Gorg leg rather than paying for it. On returning to Naboo, Jar Jar is made a Bombad General. That's quite a promotion for someone who was about to be executed, and while he wasn't much good in organized battle, he sure can retreat in style. He was manipulated into giving the Supreme Chancelor, another Ta'veren, emergency powers giving him the ability to form the grand army of the republic. In a mission to Toydaria, Jar Jar displays some impressive skills with his dexterity, and his ability to manipulate people's attention at the same time. On Rodia, he gets mistaken for a Jedi, befriends a giant underwater monster, and they manage to save Amidala. Back on Naboo, he impersonates another gungan and is accepted without question, then goes on to best General Grievous (though, to be honest, that doesn't take much in the Clone Wars.) There's a few other examples out there, but I don't want to dig through the whole clone wars, you get the picture. He was a major player and influence. He discovered Anakin, and in a way connected him to Amidalla and Palpatine by connecting him to the jedi. He was the thread the pattern set out to connect it all together to create the Empire.
  8. Hey everyone, I think Brandon works for Lucasfilm. Think about it. Swords that can cut through anything but other swords, (SA) Pushing and pulling things to you, (Mistborn) Basically, Brandon has created the Cosmere to be a Star Wars lead up. Kaladin and Vin have a child, who possess both allomancy and surgebinding. He has a child with one of Jasnah's children, who then have a child with the descendants of the Feruchemical people. The child at this point has the power to push and pull things, cut anything he feels like, stronger than anyone else, and is probably able to feel things around him. Now, we have reached probably after Mistborn Era 3, now, in an effort to save him from the now crazed serial killer Hoid, he is taken to Tatooine, and planted with one of Odium's agents, (Yah, Odium's totally a good guy now, he just focused his hate on Hoid and turned him crazy) now, we have Anakin Skywalker. You can tell he's a descendant of Kaladin because of his last name, which was the more modern name for the Windrunners. And yes, this is totally canon, Lucas himself told me (PS, I know, Lucas doesn't run Lucasfilm anymore, that's how long this has been going on for!)
  9. I just thought of these and wanted to share them! May Stormlight be with you May the Survivor be with you May a spren be with you May the mists be with you May your Breath stay with you May the Reconers be with you May Harmony be with you May the Shoad come for you And I'm not even a huge Star wars fan! Any ideas? If the awnser is yes, can you tell me your ideas? (FYI This is one of the days where my brain kicks into weird mode).
  10. I think she is a good choice and I really like her
  11. So the first Star Wars Legends film is out! What did ya'll think? I went to the first showing I could. The vibe in the theater wasn't nearly as fun as it was for Force Awakens, which was sad but understandable. Good points for the film: Everyone dies. I think this was a really good choice, even though I did really enjoy a few of the characters. Darth Vader being a boss at the end The film was dark. It worked well. More people who are force sensitive, that' really exciting to me. The droid was channeling HK 47, and it doesn't get better than that. There were some really cool throw backs to A New Hope, and Jimmy Smitts coming back as Bail Organa helped keep a tie to the prequel movies that I really liked. The Bad: Tarkin: Was it really neccesary to animate the character? Same with Leia, although they did a better job with her. He took away attention from the Death Star General, who I really enjoyed watching. I honestly can barely remember any of the new character's names. I don't need to since they're dead, but it's not a good thing when I can't even remember their names. I liked most of them, but I don't know what they're called... There were two points where character development felt really really odd. First was when the black extremist rebel just decided to quit and die. That just felt really weird to me. The other was when the rebel assasin decided to not snipe Jen's dad. I don't understand what motivated him to stop. When Darth Vader makes his entrance, my first impression was that a woman was in the suit. His walk felt really off in that scene, like he was swaggering or doing a runway. At the very least, there's some hip swaying, which is NOT Darth Vader. They also messed with his suit design, which doesn't make sense since it should be identical to the one in A New Hope. All of my cons are pretty small nitpicks, it was a good movie, and I enjoyed it.
  12. This was sort of an independent project up until recently, but there are so many great theorizers and thing-connectors here that I was wondering if some others might want to help create something richer and/or join in the fun. In a way this kind of started when I was a wee lad. I always thought the simulation theory was fun to play with and have half-jokingly referred to our creator as 'Player One', a fourth-dimensional geek girl with a great new life simulation game. This resulted in me adding 'layers' to things that can live together comfortably but look completely differently from different perspectives...things like ghosts actually being Rogue AIs and such. A few years back I was complaining about the Midi-chlorians (because...who doesn't, right?) and a friend challenged me to come up with a way to make them not suck...a challenge I started off grudgingly accepting but eventually really dove into with some zeal. Having recently become semi-obsessed with microbiology in general and RNA World in particular (Because wow...the tiny little machines that live inside cells that encode what are basically the first AIs (NIs?) are kind of mind-blowing) it wasn't that hard to make Midi-chlorians kind of cool...mix in a little Cordyceps for mind control, weave in a mechanic to give them the 'force' abilities (Dark Energy is the clock and Dark Matter is the code that runs the universe, and they just are more naturally able to interface with it than we are) and suddenly The Force isn't something mystical OR bugs, it's a plague that manipulates their hosts into fighting and turns 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' into a warning. Fast forwarding a little, I articled that whole thing up and it became a little hit (Secrets of Star Wars and the End of Everything), and then I started doing it every time somebody's movie or other form of entertainment did something to disappoint me. It allowed me to keep my neurons going and add a layer of enjoyment to an experience that would normally cause me to put my hands over my metaphorical ears and go 'LALALALALA'. It saved Interstellar for me (it works beautifully as the other half of 'The Others') and even got me past the part of Arrival that bothered the heck out of me (Maybe it's not a magical time-travel language at all!) This has me wondering...can we have fun connecting ALL OF THE THINGS? Can Battlestar Galactica be in the Star Wars galaxy, and the result of the inevitable droid revolution? (because seriously, they treat their droids like crap!) Was Westworld the training program for Cylons? Are the Dilithium Crystals in Star Trek powered by the trapped souls of the murdered originals when a copy is made for transportation? Is the original Star Trek really in the future? Or is that just William Shatner with dementia? Are the Highlanders just Force Ghosts that escaped here? What are our Midi-chlorian equivalents? (I call them Linden Folk in Innermore, but that was just an arbitrary choice) Are they the source of magic? Does Game of Thrones take place on the ruins of the Forest Moon of Endor? (that would explain a strange amount of things) And so on. I think there's a big fun opportunity to try to weave something coherent together and then start writing the stories that connect them all. It's a project I'll be doing either way, but I thought it might be really fun to make it a team effort! -Will
  13. I would think that this would be a very legit RP, I mean, Im thinking an almost apocalyptic setting with several different factions fighting for control of the galaxy. any thoughts? lets go big and have fun or else!
  14. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… The galaxy has fractured! Different factions, vying for control of the galaxy, have wreaked havoc among the star systems in their quests for power. In these moments of chaos, heroes on all sides of this conflict try to seize the day, bringing war and death wherever they go, and seek after yet another advantage in this bloody conflict. As forces fight in the outer rim, agents of the evil Sith Empire head to the dead planet Coruscant in search of the fallen jedi temple, but all is not as it seems.... It was dark in the old library, a fact complemented by the musty smell of decade’s worth of dust, decay, and neglect. Great statues, gave tribute to the place that had once been the home of the greatest Jedi order of the old Republic, before the Purge. It had been abandoned for much of the reign of the Empire, many considering the place haunted or full of dark memories. They were right on both accounts. Regardless, after the rise of the new Jedi order, the temple had been repurposed, serving as a library instead. A place of learning, with vast amounts of knowledge behind its gates, and many secrets in its vaults. Powerful secrets. Valran read in the dim light provided by the dying beacons surrounding him, decades of being left on and unattended had caused them to flicker and fade in and out like a primitive candle. Valran turned the page of the old book, the paper almost cracked as he moved it. There were seldom few actual books left in the galaxy these days, Valran hadn’t actually seen one before he’d set up shop in the abandoned temple. As inconvenient as they were, the information they contained was priceless. Valran was a tall man, by human standards. With blue eyes and brown hair, he looked much like his ancestors did. He didn’t like that though. It made him stand out on some planets across the galaxy. He usually tried to avoid such systems where he’d be recognized, sticking to the outer rim where life tended to be simple and dangerous rather than the alternative. The alternative, of course, was complicated and dangerous. Valran turned another page. Long ago he could have been banished from the Republic for simply being in this room, or even executed for reading this book. Now there was no one to carry out either task. Still, Valran thought. It would be fun to see the Jedi council's face when they learned he was studying the force techniques of a Sith lord. Things like this had gotten him expelled from the order. They were… interesting. Books about the Sith were always interesting. Or creepy. A great deal of them made Valran feel uneasy reading them, but there was just so much truth in them that he felt he couldn’t just leave them to the dust. If he could sift through all the brutish techniques, the manipulation of the force through sheer instinct, perhaps he could do something that was worth the price of his life. The Jedi looked down on him because of his studies, and the Sith hated him because of his connections to the Jedi. Not that he cared much for the Sith, as long as they didn’t bother him in his studies. Valran frowned. He felt… Standing up, he slammed his book closed and pocketed it in the hooded cloak he wore around his shoulders. He walked to the center of the room, where a circular platform waited. Standing on the platform, Valran hit the switch with his fist. The platform shuddered with age and misuse, but still managed to serve as a lift to the main library. He entered the library, rising from a hole in the table that he had cut with his lightsaber. It had been fused shut and he had no way of getting in. He entered the dark library greeted by the glow from head gear mounted lights. Soldiers, six of them. Though he felt that there were more ahead. Valran felt something in them, a familiar feeling of darkness. A darkness he hadn’t felt in nearly three years. The Sith had found him. Drawing his lightsaber Valran leaped into the air, activating it in mid-air-it burst into a glowing green blade- and brought it down on the closest of the Sith troopers. The blade sliced completely through him. Burning through bone muscle and armor as if it were no more than wet paper. The Sith fell with hardly a startled yelp. There were shouts as the other Sith troops noticed. Valran tore into them cutting three of them down with almost astonishing speed and ease. The remaining two Sith raised blasters and fired rapidly, bolts of plasma ripped passed him as he rolled underneath them. Coming back up from his roll, Valran raised his lightsaber to deflect a set of bolts. One was sent backwards towards the Sith who had shot it, hitting him in the head and sending him reeling. The second Sith trooper attempted to flee, but Valran jumped and landed between him and the exit, slamming his weapon into the Sith’s gut as he landed. “You should have let me be.” Valran growled. The Sith hit the ground with a thud. “Freeze!” Valran turned his head to see a dozen more Sith troopers blocking off the exit, all leveling blasters at him. “Don’t move, Jedi,” Valran cocked his head. Then with a snap of his wrist, his arm moving at a near blurring speed, he attuned the force to his will. The group of soldiers shot backwards at an incredibly lethal velocity. Crashing, no, slamming into the wall behind them so hard the stone cracked. Valran released them with a drop of his hand. “I am no Jedi,” Lightsaber still activated, Valran made his way past the crushed heap of Sith and from there down the hall and into the main corridor. The corridor was massive. Big enough for three or four airships to fit with still enough room to maneuver. More movement. On the balconies above. Gripping the Force, Valran leapt up three stories to the nearest of the balconies. He swung his saber in an arc decapitating one sith and carving the other in two. Freehand lashing out, Valran ripped a sidearm from a holster at the Sith’s side. He raised it and fired three times into a surprised Sith’s chest. He fell and Valran dispatched another four in the same way before the small blaster ran out of ammo. He spun out of the way of blaster fire from below, deflecting several back to their source. One grazed his arm, burning it painfully. He hid behind a grey pillar. “damnation to you people,” he shouted, “Why can’t you leave me alone!” He spun out from the pillar, slamming the soldiers below with a crushing push with the Force. Valran tapped his wrist communicator. “Arsev, I need a quick pick up.” He deflected more blaster fire. “Roger that,” “Meet me at the balcony by the library,” “Of course, Sir.” Closing the comm link, Valran leapt to the ground below and landed in a run. Blaster fire burned through the air around him as he ran. He deflected what he could, but was forced to take cover behind another fallen pillar. Blaster fire stopped. Valran frowned but did not spend any time thinking on it, gripping the Force again, he concentrated on the broken pillar he took cover behind. Anchoring himself, Valran slammed the pillar with the force, tossing it into a group of soldiers who had begun to creep towards his position. They scattered as the giant stone came hurtling towards them at a deadly speed, shattering on impact against the stone floor. “I’m sick of you people!” he shouted to the advancing group of Sith troopers. They began firing at him in earnest. He deflected them, sending many back towards the ones who shot them. They forced him back towards the open balcony. He heard the roar of engines as a single ship flew over the entrance. “I’m here” Arsev said on the comm link. “Good, I need some air support.” “Firing rockets, sir.” A half dozen rockets shot through the air, trailing smoke. They impacted the ground around where the troopers stood. “Direct hit, sir.” “Good, I think I’m done here.” He rubbed his forehead. Valran jogged to the balcony opening, stepping into the sunlight he winced. It had been a long time since he’d seen light that strong. One or two month’s maybe. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the sight of what used to be the great planet of Coruscant. Or rather the decrepit, half-molten slag that was left of it. It used to be Coruscant the great city world, now people mostly referred to it as the Graveyard. Uninhabitable. “Sir, I must request that you put on your helmet. The air here can still be deadly.” Valran tapped his wrist and his helmet materialized around his head. “Is the transmat ready?” “Yes, transmatting now.” Valran’s vision went blue and his gut jerked inside of him. The blue faded to reveal what had been his home for the last ten years, his ship. The Javelin. “Welcome back, Sir.” Valran glanced at the small flying droid. R-17 –or Arsev as Valran preferred to call him—was a first class AI assisted reconnaissance droid. He traveled with him nearly his whole life. “What’s going on? How many ships are in the area?” “My sensors are picking up three separate Specter class starships in orbit above the Temple. They seem to be more concerned with taking control of the building than they are in you.” “Will they follow us?” Mark said, throwing himself into the pilot’s seat. “I calculate a twenty-three percent likelihood.” Arsev said. “I would suggest jamming them before entering hyperspace.” “Done.” Valran hit the controls and burst into the blue, black and white of hyperspace. “What is going on down there?” commander Veyes of the Sith fleet demanded. There had been nothing but confused yells and startled chatter all over the comms since they touched down. “We’re not sure, sir,” a voice said over the channel. “Some sort of Jedi attacked our men. We have thirty-seven reported casualties so far, but-“explosions sounded over the comm. “sir, he has his own ship, estimated two dozen casualties from its weapons. Target is fleeing in a cendar-15 class ship,” The Captain stood up straight and pointed to one of the ship's gunners. “Lock onto that target.” “No.” a deep voice said. Shivers ran down Veyes spine as he heard it Veyes turned to gaze into the yellow eyes of a Sith lord. Darth Ventrus. “The pilot is of no consequence to us. Focus on the containment of the-“he cut off suddenly and turned to face the window of the bridge. He gazed into the distance, towards a single Cendar-15 class ship. “Valran…” he said. The ship disappeared. The bridge was silent for a few moments, then Ventrus turned to the captain. “Secure the temple. Forget the Jedi, we have what we need.” With that, Darth Ventrus turned and stalked from the room.
  15. As many of you may have noticed, there is a thread for the upcoming SW VII (so excited, by the way), but how about the books, and all the games and comics? This thread is basically just to allow for sharing of SW awesomeness without being restricted to SW VII. So I'll start: Who here has ever heard of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic? I must say, it is quite possibly the best $5 I have ever spent. It has given me over a hundred hours of enjoyment, and is like a playable novel. EDIT: For Seonid, this thread is not meant to step on your toes at all, I just wanteveryone to be able to appreciate the full spectrum of Star Wars. Peace is a lie, there is only Passion, Through Passion I gain Strength, Through Strength I gain Power, Through Power I gain Victory, Through Victory, my chains are broken. The force shall bring me, A full Irish Breakfast, Complete with both White and Black Pudding.
  16. I can't believe nobody's posted anything about this yet! So I will. The new Star Wars trailer came out last night, and it's as awesome as I could have hoped for! Who else liked the trailer? EDIT: This is now the official star wars episode VII discussion thread. There can only be 1. No more, no less. Unless there are two. In which case, this thread is the master, not the apprentice.
  17. 'Ello again, 17th Shard. Pretty basic question I've got for you today. Is this-- --worth watching? I've heard a few good things about it, but I haven't gotten any solid recommendations for it before. Is it a piece of quality entertainment? Is it appropriate for children of all ages? I'd appreciate an opinion from anyone on the Shard who's seen it. Please and thank you.
  18. Okay. The dumbest thing about Star Wars is that all the books are canon. All of the books. (Yes, I said stupidest. Even dumber than Jar Jar.) That is the equivalent of the judge of a pie contest saying "Every one wins because I don't want to eat pie." Those stupid, stupid people. Ugh, it makes me so mad that some people can be so lazy and still make so much money.
  19. Ok so, a big question debated between my friends is whether a jedi could fight a mistborn and win assuming a lightsaber is an investure-charged metallic object and the force can be sensed using brass. I for one go for the jedi but what are your opinions?