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Found 7 results

  1. To persuade them to increase their number above three was seen as treasonous. So, they can, but they are not allowed to? How else can this be interpreted? The "3" is so important that even suggesting the impossible is treason? Or are there other spren that could potentially make a Bondsmith?
  2. I have a very simple theory on acquiring/becoming squires as/to a Knight Radiant: 1. You need Connection between the Knight and the squire, 2. Windrunners have more squires than other orders because they have spiritual Adhesion, which works differently than that of the Bondsmiths. The Windrunners may use spiritual Adhesion to acquire squires in 2 ways: 1. Making it easier for people to Connect to him, appearing more inspiring in their eyes, 2. Becoming a lashing point, when people stop resisting his Connection, it will be very easy for them to be stuck to his spiritual web and acquire the ability to use Stormlight. Per Skar's teaching, Kal's squires should not try too hard, but let it happen. It sounds like the power is there like a pool of tar, but you by instinct will try to escape, which takes you farther from it. Stop trying and you get stuck.
  3. Thinking about which of our lighteyed characters might become squires, I had a few fun possibilities. 1. Adolin to Renarin. I had thought about Adolin to Dalinar, but I don't really see Bondsmiths taking squires at all, and Adolin already loves and in many ways looks up to his brother. It would also be an interesting take, where the capable, handsome, warrior heir becomes subordinate to his physically weaker brother. 2. Navani to... Just kidding, I can't see Navani's pride allowing her to become a squire. But if it were ever to happen, totally to Jasnah. 3. From completely out of left field: Sebarial to Shallan. I see Sebarial as an indulgent, purposefully lazy master deceiver. He secretly runs the smoothest economy in the war camps, and makes everyone see him as a wasteful buffoon. He already has the connection to Shallan, and I believe his respect for her will only grow. There is the small problem that Shallan may already have other proto-squires with Gaz and co. 4. Amaram to Taln. Problem: Can heralds take squires? I don't know, but I don't see why not. Amaran has very strong feelings of devotion and almost worship for Taln, which don't always mean squireship, but could make a decent start. 5. Elhokar won't become a squire I don't think. In his mind, he can't afford to be seen as subordinate to anyone (even though everyone thinks of him that way already). However, if he were to be a squire, it would be to Dalinar, which again, I dont think Dalinar can take squires. 6. Random street urchins to Lift. This isn't necessarily on topic (lighteyes), but it would be awesome to see a bunch of glowing urchins slipping through the streets stealing food. We already have one! I want more! Haha
  4. Recently Mister Sanderson replied to an interesting question on Reddit. The Question alone would be a bit interesting but his answer have some cool extras: First of all we have a confirm that someone may get the Surgebinder's perks also through the Honorblades and it's not something unique to the Nahel bond. But the part I feel really spicy is this: "For example, Jezrien didn't actually have any squires, as none of the Heralds did." This sentence may have a couple of interpretations: - Heralds never had Squires - Heralds has no Squires now Both are pretty interesting (of course the first more) because this mean that modern Nale's Skybreaker can't be his Squires. This mean that if we see someone of the drawn in stormlight, They must to have a RK at least. Much more (to me) this WoB destroy the possibility of a Szeth as Squire of Nale as a way for him to be capable of Breath Stormlight to use Nightblood.
  5. The Advent of Squires. My Theory is simple: squires gain their power through loyalty to and admiration of existing Knights Radiant, Thus acquiring a bond to the Knight, rather than to an actual spren. This ability is what separates the Nahel Bond, and Knights Radiant from Ancient Surgebinders. Rules: 1. it requires a Knight Radiant in full status (all three oaths) to attract Squires. This is why Squires only started appearing after Kaladin said his 3rd oath. 2. Squires have only one oath: the first oath, shared among all orders of Knights Radiant. 3. Squires are not bonded to a spren; they derive their ability to breath Stormlight from their bond to a Radiant. (Lopen would be bonded to Kaladin, etc) 4. Squires cannot utilize surges, but do gain enhanced healing, strength, etc. from holding stormlight. Anchiently, Squires likely used fabrials to mimic the surges they lacked. Consequences: 1. The number of people able to utilize Stormlight grows exponentially, rather than logarithmically. The number of people able to utilize stormlight increases drastically. 2. The existence of Squire allows an 'introductory phase' in which a person can get used to following the Radiant Oaths, or even transfer from one order to another, prior to any spren actually agreeing to bond them. This reduces the risk of a spren being killed by lack of faithfulness to oaths. 3. 'side effects' from the use of powerful Fabrials (such as soulcasters, and other fabrials which mimic the surges) are mitigated. {Note that soulcasters, over time, gain a very odd appearance, stone-like flesh, etc. one who could breath stormlight would have these effects healed long before they manifested fully.} 4. The 17th shard may make use of Squires, allowing their world-hoppers to power their off-world abilities with stormlight. (a separate theory in its own right, but worthy of consideration) EDITED: to correct and clarify
  6. Okay, this will be a bare-bones theory. I've only read WoK twice and WoR once, I don't have either book with me, and I'm at work. Oh, and I'm also not crazy-genius-into-this like you all are (compliment!). I did a quick search but didn't see this covered. So feel free to flesh out or dismiss. I theorize that Adolin will be Dalinar's squire for several reasons: 1. I can't stomach him being a Radiant at this point. There are already too many Kholin Radiants. I also think that his story arc needs him to deal with suddenly NOT being the best, most powerful, and most desireable for the first time in his life, and it needs to deal with that fully. 2. He may have already used Stormlight. In the duel, he admits that taking on two Shardbearers is possible but difficult, and yet he ALMOST defeats four on his own before he starts losing and Renarin and Kaladin jump in. 3. If anyone were a squire to Dalinar, it would be Adolin. I think it would flow nicely from their relationship in WoK as Adolin learns to understand and respect Dalinar's views more and begins to see the strength his father has. 4. The only REAL evidence: he doesn't feel the Thrill when fighting Eshonai. The lack of the Thrill was a big part of Dalinar's arc in WoK, and I don't think it's just happenstance that Sanderson specifically mentions Adolin not feeling the Thrill. Being a squire to Dalinar would explain it. So yeah, thoughts?
  7. Before I launch the intended discussion, let me preface this by confirming that yes, that is a real word. I think "squiredom" would be a more apt term to pertain to "the act of becomming/being a squire", but it is by far not as fun a word. Got that? Good. Moving on. . This was originally intended to be to be apost about me fanboying over Gaz. For me, he was one of the more pleasant surprises in the Way of Kings. He looked like he was being built up to be the run-of-the-mill token obnoxious bully, but his PoV chapter gave him a lot of depth, and he suddenly became one of the most interesting side-characters in the entire book. Now, with the introduction of Knight Radiant Squires and the effects experienced by Lopen, I think it likely that Gaz will become one of Shallan's squires, and that that will permit him to regrow his eye. Which I think is great! Good for you, Gaz! . But this got me thinking: who can be squires, and what are the abilities we expect them to get? . Who: The Words of Radiance does not delve deeply into what the squires are and what they can do, but it does seem like there was a number of "Squires" associated with every radiant - soldiers who are granted the ability to retain and use Stormlight by their, for the lack of a better word, "bond" with their Radiant. Whether this bond is obtained through a close connection to their Radiant or bestowed upon them intentionally or unintentionally (or both) remains to be seen, but given that the only one who has shown any signs of squiredom up to this point are Lopen and a few unnamed members of Bridge Four (chapter 87: "the Riddens"), a member of Kaladin's inner circle, the former seems likely. . Also, note that there each Knight Radiant seems to be able to have quite a lot of Squires. The following passage references "a considerable number of squires" for only sixteen Windrunners. While "considerable" is still very unspecific, in my book, it is firmly above "many", "a lot of" and variables thereupon, so I shan't be entirely averse to the idea that all of the original members of Bridge Four are potential squires. Or maybe even the extended Officer class of the new Bridge Four. . . What: Squires are only shown or referenced a handful of times in the entire book. The first time we see them is in Dalinar's vision in chapter 4: "Taker of Secrets" (They aren't referred to as squires, but given information surfacing later in the book, it seems pretty clear that these are squires, and not proto-Radiants, nor does it seem squires are a specific trait of the Dustbringers/Releasers, as was suggested in the pre-release discussion on the chapter). : Now, there isn't a whole lot of information that can be extracted from this passage, but some conjectures can be drawn; Squiredom gives in-combat abilities, otherwise there would be little point of using it at this point in the battle against the Thunderclast. . They are using hammers against a creature cast of rock, which suggests that their Stormlight retention gives them at the very least enhanced strength, and likely enhanced reflexes and/or agility as well. Otherwise, they would be fatally ineffective in the battle against the Thunderclast, and would be able to function only as distractions. . The fainter glow suggests that whatever abilities they get, they aren't as powerful as their master Radiant. The next time we see a squire is when Lopen, apparently after weeks of trying to inhale Stormlight, finally displays the signs of becoming one of the the first Squires in modern times: Again, it's not much, but we can still get some information out of it: Most importantly, Squires can draw Stormlight on their own, and are not dependent on being bestowed Light from a nearby Radiant as was previously thought. This is proves that Squiredom is its own thing (though subservient to a Radiant), and suggests that they become Squires through their close connection with a Knight Radiant. It also debunks the hypothesis that Squires are a quirk of the Division surge. . Most interestingly, Squires get Stormlight healing, which is just as powerful - or at the very least close to - as the healing of a Knight Radiant, though perhaps not as quick. A major reveal for tWoR was that Stormlight could heal libs Seared by Shardblades. Apparently, it can regrow limbs too. Do note that the chapter specifically says "where he'd lost his arm so long ago". Being able to heal something that has damaged and healed a long time in the past jointly suggests that Stormlight healing is quite possibly the most powerful healing ability in the entire Cosmere besides Gold compounding, and because of how Cosmere healing works, that Lopen still has quite a powerful image of himself as a "whole" man, which is sweet. Lopen seems to think that he'll get the use of the Windrunner surges as well, but I fear he is ripe for disappointment on that particular point. . WoB has also elaborated upon the subject: Pretty straightforward, but for the sake of consistency and clarity, from this we can deduce that: The number of Squires per Radiant varied between the Orders. Some had significantly more than others, some none at all. The Windrunners' Squires seem to be particularly numerous and powerful. Which might again imply a variance of power between Squires from other Orders as well. The latter piece of information implies that Gaz might not be able to regrow his eye after-all. . . TL; DR: Squiredom is it's own thing and they can operate separately of their Radiant. They likely have enhanced strength, agility and reflexes, and have a crazily over-powered healing ability. Squires gain their abilities through a close connection to a Knight Radiant. The number of Squires a Radiant is able to bond and the strength of these depends on the Radiant Order. The Windrunners in particular seems to be able to "bond" significantly more and stronger Squires than other Orders. Gaz may or may not be able to regrow his eye. Damned formatting forces me to have a significant amount of invisible writing. EDIT: Revised statement about Lopen being the only one, as Teft in the same chapter mentions a couple of Bridgemen glowing (page 1047, Tor hard-cover). Teft only mentions it in passing, so no new information on the subject. . EDIT 2: Weaved in further information provided by Kurk.