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Found 444 results

  1. Lesser spren Transcript 1. I only met a single lesser spren during my time in Shadesmar. As such it should be noted that there may be significant variations in the species unaccounted for due to the small sample size. 2. The Lesser spren (as he identified himself) appears as a simple constructive drawing figure. Subject has line implying features on his body such as pectorals, eyes, kneecaps, and a pelvis, as well as a soft “shading” on the top of his head in the shape of hair. 3. Looking at him, he should be easier to draw than he is. It seems something about him is interfering with my sense of spatial awareness. It’s as if, despite being three dimensional the image of his depth was an illusion. Like, if you were to rotate a glass object you were shining a light through and observe the shadow. 4. Instead of facial expressions shapes and lines appear around the face to indicate emotions, a little like how spren appear in the physical realm. Apparently the “empathic symbols,” as he called them, are a part of the lesser spren himself. I have observed narrow trapezoids a short distance away from the face for laughter, teardrop shapes on the the top of the head for worry, and (I particularly enjoyed achieving this one) a row of diagonal lines on the face just under the line that indicates the eyes for abashment. Cont. I was privileged to be able to be able to talk with him at length. Although amicabl,e in his conversation with me he seemed deliberately vague when I had asked about him, his species, or even his personal matters, when I asked his name he replied that he was, “a work in progress”. In fairness, he seemed just as frustrated that he couldn’t give me straight answers as I was trying to pry them out of him. The most I was able to get out, beyond what I have already told you, was that there are other of his kind and that they live “in between”.
  2. I said it in 2015 and I say it now. "I want my google assistant to respond to Syl! And randomly unprompted throughout the day say quips
  3. Nergaoul is red according to the coppermind While every other unmade that we have seen, either in the physical realm or the cognitive has been black. Ashertmarn - black - Re-Shephir - black - Sja-Anat - black - But Yelig-nar is different while all of his form is black in shadesmar, when he enters a host in the physical realm the eyes of the host turn red. Note: While we haven't seen Dia-Gonarthis, he is sometimes called the black fisher. But red investiture in the Cosmere is corupted investiture. But a lot of Odiums forces are red. I would like to thank for pointing this pattern among voidspren and Fused alike as well. Some of his spren are golden but the others are red, Ulim, stormspren, and Fused eyes. In Oathbringer there is even a quote where Pattern is translatting an Ashspren for the hero's and says, "There are many varieties, she says. Some of golden light, others are red shadows. Curious yes." In all all lot of Odium's own forces are red which means they are corrupted, then some spren are golden, and then finally most of his Unmade are black, but Odium's own investiture is golden and violet not black (as black is ruins color) so what is happening. And why are all but a few of his forces wrong.
  4. Hello. Sprens are described in a multitude of colors. But their color comes from investiture. Would a human with the 3rd hightening see spren differently or are they already glowing in their perfect color? I am colorblind (not compmetely but also not just red-green) I always think about the hightening being compareable to how normal people see compared to me.
  5. The Wiki Page starts with: But I remebered this: I came to this Topic when i wanted to mention, "This Character has a Nahel Bond" in a WTCC Question but checked the Wiki to not confuse everyone. Can we change this in the Wiki? I know that WOBs are only secondary canon but the quote is from December 2020, so it is pretty recent and past RoW. And he literally said, that it is the definition. It does not just change "human or singer" to "being from the Physical Realm", but also "sentient spren" to "spren".
  6. At the end of RoW, Leshwi asks Venli if her spren knows a specific honorspren. Honorspren are obviously related to Windrunners, who seem like the counterparts to Heavenly Ones This makes me wonder if all the brands had bonded a true spren before becoming fused, and that spren influenced what brand they became. I don’t mean a Nahel bond, but more like a gemheart bond. So like all the Heavenly Ones had Honorspren in their gemhearts, Masked ones had mistspren, regrow the would have Cultivationspren, the abrasion ones had Ashspren, division would be Highspren, transformation would be Cryptics, Husk ones would be Elsecallers, Deep ones would be Reachers, and whatever has tension would be Peakspren. I know its not perfect, because obviously the spren each grant 2 surges normally, but I still feel like there is something there. I’m sure this theory has been floated some way or another, but its been itching at the back of my brain for a few days now.
  7. From the album Dumb humor and crempost material

    A gif I made from an offcial RoW illustration. Everyone's favorite pic, now animated!
  8. So as a certified Truthwatcher, and rather obviously a …modified one, I started wondering how my spren would look like. Or in general, how this kind of spren looks. So there's them (I don't have an idea for the name yet, and for gender it's probably 'n/a'). Note: While I usually roll my eyes at all the "OC, do not steal, copyright!!1" notes, especially at work of mediocre skill, like this one (I respect everyone's copyright, I just think such notes are pretentious and unnecessary), this is something I feel an emotional connection to, so please don't use it as illustration of other stuff. I'm fine with posting/pinning, I'd be very happy with someone adapting my headcanon about how modified mistpren look and drawing something of their own with similar features, but I'm not fine with using this image as an illustration for a canon spren, or your spren or something along those lines, or (especially) something not SA-related (like: your RPG character). I'm sure there are a lot of better drawn pictures anyway. Also, this is not a Glys fanart.

    © please read the description

  9. Given that in Roshar there are lenses, it seems clear that if there were bacteria, somebody (in Kharbranth, for example, if Lirin doesn't) should know it. Perhaps the beings that cause infections are the rotspren, and not the other way around (that is, the infections attract rotspren), as I thought initially. But that doesn't make much sense, does it? Rotspren seem the kind of spren that can't affect the physical realm, and if they caused the infections, they should be attracted by wounds, and this doesn't seem to happen. Moreover, plaguespren are attracted by other kind of infections. (Viral?). So, rotspren are attracted by infected wounds and other rotting processes, like in old food and corpses. So, why has nobody discovered real infection agents? There is plenty of tecnology to develope microscopes. Perhaps bacteria in Roshar are smaller than in Earth?
  10. So I am listening to the newest Shardcast, and as usual I came up with a new theory. The latest Shardcast is discussing Ba-Ado-Mishram, and as they were spitballing some things I have come up with a hot take on the origins of this most mysterious Unmade. So there is some mention in Oathbringer/WoR epigraphs (I believe the Hessi's Mythica sequence) that Ba-Ado-Mishram was "A Highprincess of the enemy forces" and this seems to imply that she was some kind of mortal. Of course, this is in-book research so there can be all kinds of Recreance shenanigans. Later, in RoW, Kalak references a character called Mishram, with a certain amount of familiarity. Also, there is one point in RoW part 2 (maybe, don't have the book on me right now but it's the scene where the Fused and Venli are invading Urithiru) where Rabonial swears by "Ado," which as one Shardcaster pointed out is the first part of the Alethi glyph for light- and also similar to Adonalsium. In addition, and I'm not sure this is relevant, Chaos keeps pointing out that there are not one, but two hyphens in Ba-Ado-Mishram's name, which is unique among the Unmade. Ba-Ado-Mishram has some kind of Connection to the Parsh, Spren, and Roshar as a whole, which is unusual since Adhesion (the Surge of Connection) is called "Honor's purest Surge." My theory: Ado, the entity that Rabonial refers to, is the Spren of Lights (as in the physical representation of Investiture on Roshar), a being on a level with the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher. Mishram, the person that Kalak refers to, was once a mortal Singer who eventually bonded (in a Bondsmith-like process) with Ado, and then was corrupted/Unmade somehow by Odium, leading to the entity that modern Rosharans refer to as Ba-Ado-Mishram. The "Ba" in this case would mean something along the lines of "both" or "together." Let me know what ya'll think! I'm pretty new to theory crafting and I'd love to hear any thoughts you guys have on my style.
  11. So, this is a big curiosity of mine, and when I went to the coppermind article on spren, I just have to say HOLY CRAP that’s a long wiki page, with over 200 sources! Kudos to you all! So. We know spren have genders (most of the time — the Sibling is an exception) and parents (how many?). So ... how does it work? Does one spren just start to get thought of in more than one way to the point that it splits? That doesn’t sound likely. Like, what happens? Does someone tear a piece of a spren off or something? The spren cut by spanreed fabrials divide in separate spren perhaps? Does Stormlight coalesce into a new spren under the right circumstances? We know most of the Honorspren are relatively young — younger than Syl. Where did they come from and how? Does the Stormfather regularly birth new spren? Perhaps Sja-Anat’s status as parent is a better starting place? How do spren generally have specific parents, like the Reacher (?) in OB? The word “conceive” may be strangely relevant (tangent). Perhaps we will learn more about this in Stormlight 5? Any predictions?
  12. This line of thought springs from Leshwi's reaction to finding out about Venli's bond to her spren. The relationship between Singers/Listeners was never explained in depth beyond the fact that Singers/Listeners can trap them in their gemhearts to switch between different forms. In the listeners' songs, there is mention of a betrayal from the spren, but the information has been passed down verbally for many generations, and is therefore very unreliable. In Rhythm of War, Venli reveals her bond and Leshwi's reaction is to wonder whether they have been forgiven for their betrayal. That of course raises the question: What betrayal? Was their bonding with Odium some kind of betrayal? What was their relationship to sentient spren?
  13. So, how is news that the recreance was not a genocide but a choice made by both the spren and the humans and that the humans had no idea that they would be killing the spren in doing so? Especially with the Ashspren and Willshapers, who seem to be holding the biggest grudge and working against the radiants? They are going to have to come to terms that their hatred of humans is unfounded.
  14. So as RoW proved, Singer forms come from nahel bonds with spren in their gemheart. Lifespren for mateform, windspren for nimbleform, etc. We've also seen that Radiant bonds with highspren act differently when the spren is corrupted. So what happens when Singers bond a corrupted lowspren? Do they produce new forms? Old forms with slightly different abilities?We've seen forms of power, but those seem to come from true spren of odium, not just corrupted spren. This is even something that could have happened in previous desolation, unlike the corrupted radiants, because Sja-Anat has been able to corrupt low spren forever.
  15. We know that the spikes placed into a mistwraith fixes their cognitive blockage. Could a spren bond be used to fix this blockage as well?
  16. Wait! Ishar has been trying to bring spren into the physical realm. Kelsier is a CS and very similar to a spren. What would whatever Ishar is doing do to Kelsier? Would it bring him back to life? Will the Ghostbloods find out and try to steal his research to bring Kelsier out of the cognitive? I needed to get this out there in a moment of grand inspiration. Someone bring this up to BS tomorrow in the livestream if I am unable to! Edit: I was able to ask the question and get an answer, which was yes, this would help him, in a roundabout way.
  17. I've been thinking how weird it is how bondsmith spren can just make or conduct various forms of investiture come into the physical realm. I think they might be Spren of the spiritual realm, first off the investiture itself is of the spiritual realm so them manipulating something not of the cognitive realm is weird. Second the Nightwatcher can do some kind of trickery with connection though I may be wrong since it seems everything attributed by the Nightwatcher was actually cultivation. I have feeling that when the gods of Roshar made bondsmith spren and unmade the took creatures from the spiritual realm and made them or unmade them so that they could experience the physical and cognitive realms. what do you think? Also since all things in the spiritual ream exist as one, it isn't weird for them to be as different as they are as bondsmith spren because the are probably like given more individual identity out of the spiritual realm.
  18. Does anyone know if it is confirmed or not if Radiant Shards can split into two, dual-wielded Blades? Thanks!
  19. We got another piece of the puzzle irt the Recreance, basically that the spren were active participants although they weren't fully aware of the consequences. That's great and all, it shows that humans were not complete monsters, but it does bring about some worrisome questions. My first one is why wasn't this information already known? I can sort of understand for Honorspren and maybe Ashspren and Inkspren; from the reactions of those we've met, their losses had to be among the heaviest. I can also understand it for some of the spren alive at the time. Sib was in withdrawal, Syl was in a coma, SF and maybe NW were unbonded and thus cognitively limited. Yet there must be some of them that knew this was an orchestrated act, an agreement between man and Spren. The Highspren in particular didn't lose a single soul to the Recreance. And judging from the actions of Cultivationspren and Cryptics and the favorable attitudes of Peakspren I am sure that there are survivors in the know among them as well. So how come it took the unlikely event that was Maya's partial revival for this information to become common knowledge? We can assume that spren aren't dumb, at least in their home realm. If that's the solution then that's both unsatisfying and unrealistic. So that leaves a couple possibilities, both of which are hinted at in RoW. Either those that lived through the Recreance are hiding something, or they were fundamentally damaged by the caging of Bo-Ado-Mishram. In the case of the former, what could be so bad that they were willing to stay quiet and let humanity take all the blame? And what changed so that they were willing to bond again yet still unwilling to share the secret? The latter is also plausible and all live spren are pretty much walking wounded whether they are deadeyes or not. So what exactly was BAM's actual role in Rosharan ecology and why was she able to provide at least partial functionality despite being Unmade? We got a lot of information but I feel we still lack the keystone. We have awhile to discuss it before we get our answers, probably in book 5.
  20. Exactly what it says: some ideas and theories on spren I had after reading RoW Cusicesh, the Protector The Sibling is, well, a sibling of the Nightwatcher and the Stormfather. Sja-anat calls them a cousin, which could imply that the relationship between the original spren that would be unmade by Odium and godspren is similar to the one between cousin and Radiant spren. It makes sense: Re-shephir seems like a superpowered creationspren, Yelig-nar a superpowered windspren etc. If that is the case, is there a superpowered gloryspren somewhere? Cusicesh seems like an interesting candidate, given that his most pronounces feature is the face (OK, faces), something he shares with the NW and the SF The Oathgate spren OK, this is super tinfoil territory, but while reading RoW I thought about the weird potential link between Oathgate spren and Cryptics. Given their Surge, it would make sense for the Oathgate spren to have features similar to Inkspren and Reachers, right? It works for the former, but I cannot see an Lightspren features in them. On the other hand we are specifically told that Cryptics' hands come in two colors, exactly the same as Oathgate spren. Is it possible that association between sapient spren and Surges works differently for Surge fabrial spren? Thunderclasts We know that there is more to Cultvation's magic than Old Magic and ancient Stoneshaping seems like an excellent candidate. It has some decent foreshadowing, really: Singer gods ('spren, stone, and wind') mentioned in the Eila Stele, Shin reverence for stone, Cultivation being identified with Roshar itself by many people. Ancient Stoneshapers being corrupted by Odium also explains the Thunderclasts, the only Voidbringer being we couldn't match to any magic so far. Given that they are essentially twisted Singer souls, it could imply that this Stoneshaping didn't require a spren bond (unless the spren was also corrupted and merged with the Thunderclast). Could it be a genetic ability, like what the Horneater Sighted have, or maybe something granted by Old Magic style spiritweb modification? Stormstriders We now know that larkins are sapient, something that Tai-na also share to some extent - and based on the RoW ending, there's something more to the chasmfiends than we previously realized. From WoR Rysn interlude we know that Tai-na, besides the usual luckspren, also seem to bond some spen (considered their "soul" by the Reshi people) in their gemhearts. If so, this situation could extend to other greatshells, including larkins / lanceryns. It's more intuition than proof, but it seems likely that such spren would be rather huge and unique, as well as easily available in Highstorms (assuming that the bonding mechanism is shared with the Singers). I think that Stormstrides could be such spren (and maybe provide lanceryn Forms?)
  21. So, we learn from Leshwi that the ancient Singers apparently did something to anger the spren, current-day spren seem to be much more fine with the Singers, with such a long gap without Desolations and the memory of the Recreance, plus the fact that most of the older spren became Deadeyes during the Recreance. Moving over to the Sibling, they are not fine with fabrials, even though the modern-day spren are fine with it, as fabrials employ non-sapient spren. Fabrials employ gemstones to capture spren... which is also what the Singers do to change their Forms, they capture spren within their Gemhearts. We've seen other creatures with Gemhearts before in the series, notably we've seen the process of Gemheart extraction when Eshonai pulls the Gemheart out of a Chasmfiend. Chasmfiends use spren bonds with Mandra or Luckspren so that they are not crushed by their own weight. These spren are seen flitting around Chasmfiends as well as other Greatshells like the Tai-Na [minor Dawnshard spoilers] We also see them around Skyeels, iirc, who probably use their bond with them to fly. Similarly, Musicspren seem to flit around the Ryshadium who might be in a bond of some kind with them. Though Ryshadium don't have Gemhearts. Spren can be captured in gems the same as Lights because they are made of Investiture. Is the purpose of Gemhearts really to capture spren? Because it would seem you can bond spren without trapping them in Gemhearts. They are attracted to natural phenomena and emotions... and the Rhythms. We saw the Dawnsingers seemingly Stoneshaping by using the Rhythms. We saw Lifespren responding to the Rhythms. Spren, like the Investiture they are made of, respond to the Rhythms. We saw other creatures that have gemhearts and need spren bonds, and they didn't seem to trap spren within their gemhearts. The spren were flitting about freely with them. They extract gemhearts from the Chasmfiends but did they ever find a Luckspren trapped within their Gemheart? We saw Eshonai extract a Gemheart from a Chasmfiend but there was no spren within it. (Would the spren be free upon the creature being killed or only if the gem itself is cracked?) What if the Dawnsingers originally used their Gemhearts to store Light? What if the crime that the ancient Singers committed against the spren which angered them was this? Trapping spren within their gemhearts to change their Forms.
  22. A windrunner? So - when Venli tells/shows Leshwi that she is a Radiant, Leshwi asks if she knew an Honorspren. To me, this brought together a lot of why Leshwi was so connected with the Windrunners - its not just that the Heavenly Ones are the most analogous to Windrunners, but that they were ANCIENT Windrunners - before spren chose humans. I think that Leshwi is going to be our key to discovering what the Dawnsingers did to lose sprens' trust. My guess is that there was some... recreance-lite that happened with the Dawnsingers, but I haven't fully worked out what that timeline would be. This might be why there is only one "generation" of fused - they are the original dawnsinger radiants - that Odium chose due to their unique connections to the surges/spren. And the fused were willing to help because they had just been abandoned by their spren for... some reason. (or maybe not why, but these events feel like they could/should be connected to me - they could have the same cause, maybe) Were Dawnsingers true "Radiants"? Or did they just form another type of bond with those spren? Will Leshwi revive her old Honorspren and become a heavenly one-windrunner? (along the same lines as Venli's dual willshaper/envoy form powers) I need to do a re-read to find more details that support this (and try to find clues of why spren left singers in the first place), but wanted to bring it up here to see what other people thought.
  23. So as we know, Ishar is up to some shenanigans, somehow manifesting spren into the physical realm. I think that he's trying to figure out how to get surgebinding powers from spren without bonding them. So he (somehow) manifests them physically and has a poke around inside them to see if it can be puzzled out. If this is his plan, I think he's doing this for one of three reasons. He's either: 1) Doing crazy things for no reason because he's as mad as a bucket of cremlings. 2) Looking to build himself an army of unoathed surgebinders. 3) Attempting to gain the use of more surges on top of those granted to him by his blade. But how? Well, we've seen his mastery over the surge of connection, so maybe he is either able or thinks he's able to somehow pull whatever it is that grants surges out of spren. The other, scarier option is that his 'surgery' is actually him experimenting with hemalurgy. Spike a spren into a human... What happens? Thoughts?
  24. So Ishar is trying to pull spren from the Cognitive Realm into the Physical Realm. At first this seemed really random to me, like some kind of deranged concentration camp-style experimentation (which it definitely is), but it seems less random the more I think about it. (I will apologize in advance if this has already been mentioned elsewhere) Ishar (and Thaidakar) both seem very interested in escaping their limitations inherent in being cognitive shadows. I could be misremembering the lore (or maybe it hasn't been fleshed out yet - the pun in this statement is coming), but do the Heralds simply rematerialize new bodies each time they return from Braize? We know they don't possess a physical host like the Fused do, but there seems to be some strange disconnect (or unique quality) that allows them as cognitive shadows to ALSO be physically present in the Physical Realm. Then again, Braize is ALSO in the Physical Realm, so despite being Cognitive Shadows, they also fully exist in the Physical Realm. They are so immensely invested that they are no longer human, and are more akin to spren. This is why I suspect Ishar is experimenting on spren. Somehow the Heralds can practically be spren, but exist in the Physical Realm, with physical bodies, but spren do not seem to make this transition into physical bodies well (as evidenced by the contents of the tent). If this transition is causing physical decay for spren coming into the Physical Realm, I suspect a similar transition is what is causing cognitive decay for the Heralds existing as they do.