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Found 5 results

  1. Whoever on this Forum pointed me to the YouTube channel for Jelle's Marble Runs a couple years ago - THANK YOU!!! I've been following them for a couple years and (wow! squeeing!) yesterday they actually thanked me on Twitter! (Yes, that's my real name - I trust you all.) Jelle & team are being covered on lots of the major sports media now during the Covid-19 crisis, & he's almost up to 720,000 subscribers on YT. Jelle & Dion (brothers from the Netherlands) deserve all the attention & support they get & more. If you've never watched one of his races, you're in for a treat! Here's the URL for his YT home page: Again, I found out about JMR here on the 17th Shard. Sander-fans are the BEST!!!
  2. So...I already posted this in Misting Jobs...but I had enough fun with the idea that I thought it warranted it's own thread. Basically, Harry Potter has quiddich, Scadrial needs it's own magical sport. I've outlined my idea your own, or make suggestions about mine. Each team is made of 16 of each type of (non-god metal) misting. I'm thinking...very large, expansive field of play with partial, maze-like obstructions separating the two sides in the middle, with a short field of open area at either end, directly in front of each teams' end zone, and six tall, metal, flag poles of varying heights placed at different intervals in the obstacle laden middle ground. Atop each flag pole, is a flag. Each flag has a different point value. (total points 16?) In each end zone is a bolted down iron platform (6x6?). This is the area that someone has to return to with a flag in order to score. On either side of that are two raised pedestals big enough for one person to stand on, the pillars are plated in iron. Imagine neutral flag in halo 4, only with 16 mistings on each team, and 6 flags, and the flags can't be easily reached from the ground...and the only 3 point flag is like 20 ft up. Parts of the field have little jets in the ground the keep large areas obscured in a blanket of mist. There are several smaller iron plates fixed to various places around the arena. Players only get their ordinary fabric uniforms, with minimal padding, no additional metal allowed aside from a pocket for 2 vials (there should be a box of more vials behind the scoring platform on each side), although there are several cantaloupe sized rubber balls scatter throughout the field of play that have 1lb iron weights in the middle. Full contact, although there would have to be some rules regarding conduct so that thugs are not just ripping limbs off of people. Your thug, lurcher and coinshot are your primary movers for getting the flags. Tineye and Seeker work together as on field tactical coordinators. Coppercloud, leecher, nicroburst, slider, pulser, rioter and soother offer a wide range of offensive and defense support roles. Dura-gnat and alum-gnat, as well as your auger better be in great shape, because they're not very useful otherwise. I'm not really sure how to employ your oracle...because I'm not 100% on how that power works...but could possibly be useful if you put your mind to it. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME MISTBALL?!?!?!?
  3. Does anyone here do archery? Either as a competitive sport, Hunting, or just a hobby? I used to and I'm going to be picking it up again. Archery season is coming up so I need to get good again before I can go take an extended nap in the wilderness.
  4. This thought just occurred to me a couple of minutes ago: What do people on Roshar do for fun? So far, we've seen storytelling, hunting whitespines, hunting chasmfiends, fishing, courting, formal dueling, informal dueling, plotting, scheming, fighting, drawing, drinking, eating, cooking, sleeping, reading, writing, dressing, and killing bridgemen appear as activities that people on Roshar do. However, not every country on Roshar will have as much of a combat-oriented culture as Alethkar, which creates a conspicuous lack of pastimes in places like Azir and Shinovar. Also, I haven't seen any sports (other than dueling and hunting) on Roshar. Do they have any varieties of football, American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, or any other sport? I really don't see why they wouldn't, especially in places that don't have such a glorified view of combat. What do you guys think? How do people on Roshar pass the time?
  5. Okay so this is going to sound stupid but in the 4 thousand years that these people have had shardplate the only thing/sport they seem to use it in is duelling.... Shardplate Tennis people or rugby or grid iron...... Shardplate figure skating lol