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Found 21 results

  1. On my first read of mistborn I didn’t like many of the characters . Do not get me wrong I loved both series but the characters didn’t interest me first . Chief amongst all these was Spook . I thought him useless , and had no idea of his potential . I read the whole series and started on era 2 before I snapped to who Spook was inspired by or similar too . This only happened after a drawing I saw Spook with his blindfold on and two dueling canes . I stood up in my seat and was like Omg “ Spook is Daredevil .!!! So I was shocked I missed that . He became so much more interesting to me . Not because I liked daredevil. But because I now realized what Spook could do being a tin-eye Savant who flared his metals constantly ! Now he was interesting . So I reread and I starting seeing other similarities all throughtout mistborn . Raynett was “q” from James Bond . Wax reminded me so much oh Jim west . I don’t know why but I always picture Kelsier as “ Magneto” Hoid as “doc who” . Mr suit “ professor Moriate” Sherlock Holmes . I’m going to stop at calling Wayne “Deadpool “ Wayne is my favorite character in both books and he hates guns Does anybody else see any characters in the Cosmere that you said remind you of someone else very strongly ?
  2. From the album Mistborn Fanart by FelCandy

    Watercolor Spook 6"x4"
  3. Ok, so I was reading Secret History and I realized that Vin had on a hemalurgic spike (her earring), and was technically “broken” throughout the book, so why did she not see Kelsier like Spook did? Is this just a rare plot-hole, or is there actually a reason?
  4. So, when Sazed revived Spook he fixed up his savantism and made him a mistborn. Do we know whether Spook was made as a regular mistborn, or was he more like Elend and a lerasium strength mistborn since he got his power directly from harmony? Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. Spook laments the death of Kelsier. (Extra points if you know the song. It's not that hard.) I'd sit alone and sense the night My only friend through Ruin’s bite And everything I had to hear I heard it with my Tineye ear You gave them all those hopes and dreams And even though, it’s not what it seems You helped them live, you helped them die You made us feel like we could fly (Kelsier) So don’t become a wispy voice We all need you to make a choice I just don’t know, I just don’t feel I just complain, I can’t push steel You had your time, you had the power You’ve yet to have your finest hour Kelsier (Kelsier) All I hear is nobleman ga ga Nobleman goo goo Nobleman ga ga All I hear is nobleman ga ga Nobleman goo goo Kelsier, what’s new? Survivor, someone still loves you! I watch the ash, they watch the mists While Thugs stand up and spar with their fists We hardly need to use our tears When much has changed through the years Let’s hope she never leaves, good Vin On all good nights, I burn up my tin I’ll stick around ‘cause they might need me When they grow tired of the scrutiny You had your time, you had the power You’ve yet to have your finest hour Kelsier (Kelsier) All I hear is nobleman ga ga Nobleman goo goo Nobleman ga ga All I hear is nobleman ga ga Nobleman goo goo Nobleman ga ga All I hear is nobleman ga ga Nobleman blah blah Kelsier, what’s new? Someone still loves you Nobleman ga ga Nobleman ga ga Nobleman ga ga You had your time, you had the power You’ve yet to have your finest hour Kelsier (Kelsier)
  6. From the album ShiroXIX's Art

    bruh... chill with that.
  7. Wasing the say of greeting the you. Having the idea of speaking the difficulty: having the you of speaking the same of me. Musting the all of speaking of being the Spook. Iffing the do of speaking the normal, punishing the Stick of you!
  8. spook

    Okay, so we started talking about this over at Southern Scadrian Linguistics, but this is interesting enough to deserve a thread of its own. Wasing of the wanting to be learning of Spook's funky grammar. Ising of the inviting @EmeraldMind to be explaining of it for the benefiting of his (or her, idk) fellow sharders.
  9. I'm not sure if any part (or all) of this theory has been posted before, so sorry if it has. It seems almost certain that, based on Bands of Mourning, Kelsier has a new Physical form. (BoM Epilogue) In Oathbringer, the Fused gain Physical form by bonding with Singers during the Everstorm. I think it likely that something similar is going on with Kell and his Physical form, except instead of the Everstorm, Hemalurgy is used. (Ibid.) My friend and I recently noticed this WoB: I realize that a RAFO could just mean that Brandon doesn't want to say either way just yet, but there is the potential (as far as I am aware) that Spook could still be around. (Mistborn: Secret History Epilogue) It seems that Kelsier enlisted Spook in his quest to get a new Physical form. If so, it could be that the "new string", at least at times, could be Spook. My friend and I are still working out some parts of this theory, so if anyone wants to add something that refines, supports, or even contradicts this theory, please do.
  10. Alright so I was thinking. Spooks book about hemalurgy is a little disturbing (hemalurgy itself is pretty much disturbing) but it has some really great points. Today people donate their organs, their bodies to science, and they leave behind their money to their kids. Would it be SO crazy to want to give my kid or friend my metallic abilities? And we know that hemalurgy doesn’t even need to steal magical properties. Would it be possible to give my grandkid my mental capacity to add to their own if i didn’t have an allomantic/hemalurgic ability to give to them...? Or what if somebody you knew was injured and you wanted to give them your ability to burn pewter. OR WHAT IF Your friend doesn’t have a body but needs one that is mistborn and you happen to be the last mistborn (presumably an incredibly powerful one since harmony himself gave you those abilities). Maybe that is where the sovereign got this nice new body?
  11. duel

    Hi, I was just wondering how the power of Fullborns would scale with regards to Heralds. In particular, how would Kelsier or Spook (who are similarly powerful) match up against a Herald? Assume that both Fullborns have access to all 16 Metals (in unlimited quantities), but no God Metals, and that Herald has access to unlimited Stormlight and is one with offensive capabilities. Furthermore, how would The Lord Ruler have matched up against a Herald? All 10 Heralds? Thanks
  12. Just to confirm - thanks to this novella we can safely say that Spook is the one who is viewed as the savior of the Southern Scadrians? That Spook used hemalurgy, at the behest of Kelsier, to prolong his own life and to help search for a "new string" for Kelsier?
  13. So, before I write this, I would like you to know that I have only read book one of the second Era, The Alloy of Law. So, this being said, some events that could occur are not feasible due to my lack of information. (Please don't nerd shame me.) I read somewhere that Brandon was going to write a Mistborn, and my mind was suddenly sent whirling in a series of thoughts about what a Modern Era for the Mistborn world might be. Now, this theory is barring any larger Cosmere related events, staying with Scandrial only. Now, as of the Alloy of Law, there are two main religions of which I know, namely being Pathism and the Church of the Survivor. While all people currently have knowledge of Vin and Elend as the Final Emperor and the Ascendant Warrior, and Spook as the Lord Mistborn, I believe that such facts will fade away with time. By the time that Scandrial reaches modernization, the religions will become almost Abrahamic. Each religion will have common aspects, such as the belief that Vin, Kelsier, Elend and Spook were religious figures, either negative or positive. The Path The modern incarnation of the Path, which we be a modern analogue of Christianity, stating that Harmony is the God above who watches over the people with a specific design for each of them. In order to show the one true "path", the Lord Mistborn emerged as the chosen of Harmony, their analogue to Jesus. Now, as a Jesus-like figure, the Lord Mistborn is credited with being a legendary character who committed intense acts of heroism and helped save Scandrial from the chaotic aftermath of the rule of the Final Emperor, who shall be remembered as one who rejected the Path and Harmony, having restricted the people's ability to follow the Path. Elend and Vin will be turned into chaotic evildoers who sought to bring forth evil machinations and enslave the people. They, alongside those who follow the Church of the Survivor, will be said to have disobeyed the rulings of Harmony, bringing discontent into the lives of those who sought to follow the Path. The Church of the Survivor The Church of the Survivor will have evolved into something similar to Judaism, with the belief that there are some who were chosen by the Survivor, and are descendants of those who are born to survive. However, it is not limited to those who possess the blood of the "chosen". People who wish to join the Church must prove themselves worthy of being a part of the establishment, either by paying a great amount of money, as proof of their "survival capabilities in the modern world", or being a "chosen by the mists"(an allomancer).The Church of the Survivor is based around religious offerings to Kelsier, leaving animals and money within the mist, as "proof of survival". The leaders of the Church will have become corrupt, dealing among themselves the funds for joining the Church, and taking bribes to bless things in the name of the Survivor. Although the Church will have become corrupt, it remains one of the largest religions on Scandrial, due to the high number who had been members of the Church for many generations.To the Church, Harmony is considered a demonic being who represents constrictions against survival, who attempts to sway those from the way of survival and onto the Path of doom. The Order of the Sliver The above name I chose due to not knowing the real name of those who follow the Sliver(Lord Ruler). By the time when the Third Age series begins, the Order of the Sliver has evolved along the lines of Islam, being a largely new and powerful religion, having been suppressed for centuries. Those who believe in the Sliver all agree that their god, the Sliver, had stayed among them for many generations, ruling men and Preserving order. After many generations, however, the Sliver was banished from Scandrial by the Survivor, a false god who sought to usurp the Sliver's place as god of the people. A demonic man who used the powers granted by Sliver to turn the people against him, the Survivor banished the Sliver using evil and Ruinous powers. However, the Sliver raised up two prophets to restore Preservation and end the Survivor. After killing the Survivor, the Final Emperor and the Ascendant Warrior raised the Sliver's empire to new heights, and after dying to defend the Empire, the Lord Mistborn, a second incarnation of the Survivor, used his powers to sway the Empire to his control, and slowly dismantled the Empire. Those who are among the Order of the Sliver do not possess any serious form of liturgy and format for rituals, with each person being called to restore the Empire in the name of the Sliver.
  14. We know Spook went into retirement. We know he discovered Cadmium and he had duralumin. He could very easily be alive and well in a speed bubble somewhere.
  15. We all know about High Imperial; the "eastern street slang" that Spook speaks. But in the Alloy of Law, it seems to be an official style of writing, indeed it is used as a fancy way of sending a message! How was this idea implemented? Did Spook start it or did Harmony tell the people through his books that it is a great language? _________________________________________________________________________________________ Post your ideas below! Also, I like upvotes.
  16. This piece is for Shardling Secret Santa on tumblr, requested by whimsical-writer: Spook having his first Mistborn training! (Don’t mind if there’s anything inaccurate in his proportion.)
  17. As the title says, Taln reminds me of spook. The part in his first interlude he says "They were on fire. The walls were on fire. The floor was on fire. Burning and the inside of a cannot where to be and then at all. Where? A trip. Water? Wheels? Fire. Yes, fire." Inside of a cannot where to be and then at all really sounds alot like High Imperial to me and he was in a burning building where he had to open up locks(wheels) to get water. Actually he's been in a few burning buildings. Being a Mistborn would be handy to the Herald of War and may explain how he saw the dart coming and caught it Dont know if there is enough meat to this to really call it a theory just that that line caught my ear.
  18. Wasing the wanting of snowman building? Hurrying to coming playing, Never seeing of the you, Coming out of door Seeming going away you having Wasing buddies us, Notting now, Wishing of the telling of why Wasing the wanting of snowman building? Not having to being snowman <Away of the going Spook!> Okay, farewelling Anyone care to continue? BTW, wasn't sure if this should go here, or in the Mistborn forum, but decided the Mistborn forum was probably too serious.
  19. So what started out as a typo (talking about how long inquisitors love live) nearly a year ago has brought me to this. Just in time for the Holiday, enjoy these Mistborn Valentines Day Cards! See all of my Valentine's Day Cards here. See a PDF of printable, foldable versions of these cards here. It was a lot of fun making these, and I will probably do some more in the future. Maybe some Stormlight Archives Valentines? We'll see! If you have any ideas, please send me an email and let me know.

    © Bowen Jacobs

  20. Here's a sample of the first page. But, over the course of a few different installments, I've written over a thousand pages, and now...maybe after a bit more editing, I'm going to start trying to query agents, so opinions and critiques would be welcome. The heavens shimmered with the light of a thousand suns, refusing to dim or diminish for even a single instant—unwavering in its effortless majesty. This was the Zenith, the top of the world, a place seemingly free of a single tangible defect for the cruel and fickle whim of the naked eye to hone in upon. The Zenith was a glorious place, more splendid than anything a mortal could ever hope to imagine—its grand temples and palaces, hoisted up by towering ornately carved columns—hanging tranquilly above the shimmering canopy of the sky, perimeters encircled by lush foliage bearing delectable otherworldly fruit. But, for the denizens of this realm, the loyal angels of the Zenith, the trappings of paradise were a motif that they were well acquainted with. These Angels were no strangers to fear, and, ironically enough, no strangers to vice. They lived like you or I. Myria was no different from any other angel, at least in that respect. She was an average angel, who possessed no truly exceptional qualities amongst her kin, but she was, nonetheless, a dutiful servant to the heavens--honest, diligent, and perhaps most important of all, forever in the earnest. That said, even an average angel was bound to outshine an exceptional mortal in regard to strength and beauty, so perhaps words such as average do a poor job in portraying the true majesty of an angel. But, this fact was irrelevant to Myria, who had never so much as laid an eye on a mortal or the mortal world. All Myria knew of life was an undying reverence to her Master, Lord Actrius—the infallible god king of the universe. All angels in the Zenith possessed a nigh incalculable degree of admiration for Lord Actrius. He was their creator, a beacon of undying light that stood in sharp contrast to the evil they had been created to combat, and that was why angels, by the hundreds, had amassed today in front of Lord Actrius's palace. A dense crowd of angels stood in a tightly huddled mass in the palace courtyard, anxious gazes piercing past the palace’s ascending steps and into the darkened entrance hall, a web of gently sauntering shadows streaking across the floor beneath, thick towering columns casting long dark streaks across the sun-drenched marble. Deeply ensconced within the thick crowd, Myria stood giddy, overcome with a mix of excitement and fear. Today Lord Actrius himself was to address his angels. The thought that Lord Actrius would be in such close proximity in mere moments caused Myria's heart to flutter in excitement, a rush of exhilaration coursing through her. Such was the level of anticipation that the massive crowd of angels had gathered hours in advance and the much anticipated moment was rapidly approaching. But, despite the apparently joyous nature of this occasion, an uncomfortable feeling was beginning to well up inside Myria--an impending sense of dread that she could not seem to shake off. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't stop asking herself a single terrifying question—will I live to see another day?
  21. Spook receives instructions somewhere in hero of ages telling him to send Vin the hemalurgy warning that Marsh intercepts, giving Marsh a)the knowledge of the Vin's earring, and b0the way to fight Ruin. Sazed stresses that the message "saved them all". WHO GAVE SPOOK THOSE INSTRUCTIONS?