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Found 285 results

  1. This is inspired by Skippy's List, a list of things a member of the US Army apparently tried or was spontaneously told he was not allowed to do. I think the domain name for the original list may have expired, but google searches will find reprints or summaries. I think spoilers should comply with the general policy (which is spoiler tags/general no-no until 9 months post-release, if I remember correctly). I'd be interested in other people's contributions. 1) Not allowed to convince Nightblood that pineapples are evil. 2) The Windrunners are named so because of their flight abilities, and not because they like to fart and run away. 3) Not allowed to Awaken clothing while still being worn by the owner. 4) Unless it's Sadeas. 5) When a Radiant's spren is giving them encouragement during 'intimate moments', the correct response is to tell them to give them privacy, not join in the chanting. 6) Koloss are not to be referred to as 'Hulky Smurfs'. 7) Instant noodles are not worth diverting an entire planet's technological development for. 8) Shardbearers are not 'compensating for something'. 9) Neither was the architect of Urithiru. 10) I cannot copyright a colour and demand royalties from every Awakener who drains it. 11) Mistborn does not mean 'anyone who was born outside'. 12) Consulting a Feruchemist's coppermind to learn about the past is fine. Using it to try and figure out what I did while blackout drunk is not. 13) Adonalsium should be referred to by their full name, not 'Daddy Ady'. 14) I should not set all of Bavadin's avatars against each other. Even if I brought snacks for everyone else. 15) Gloryspren come from winning a hard fought battle, not finishing an entire banquet by myself. 16) The Sharts of Adonalsium do not exist. 17) Adolin Kholin is not a 'shartbearer'. 18) Must pretend that Raoden masquerading as 'Spirit' is not an obvious alias. 19) Drawing a smiley face in the sand does not mean every Aon now needs one. 20) Must not encourage Wayne.
  2. Hello everyone, hope this post finds you all well. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience playing the mistborn tabletop game? I've been trying to convince my players to run it myself and I'm curious how smooth the game plays for new players. Setting aside for the most part I am more focused on mechanics. Of course those who've read it are welcome to comment as well. I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. Somehow fan works didn't quite seem right.
  3. So, I may be coming to this a bit late. However, I cannot sleep and find my mind wandering. Like so many of us here on the 17th shard i took the official radiant quiz. To my immense surprise I got lightweaver as my top result. Thus, due to a slightly narcissistic curiosity I decided to research them more. While the official descriptions brandon gave are great. I must confess still find myself wondering about the character of prospective lightweavers. Sure many are artists and the spren are drawn to those who deceive themselves. Yet, we see soldiers, prostitutes, artists, and a spy join as well. Some of whom seem to have no artistic inclinations. So I guess I'm curious if someone can help me discern the greater truth as to what makes a lightweaver. Furthermore, what else draws a cryptic to bond them beyond a propensity for self delusion? What traits truly make one a good fit for the order? afterword thank you all for reading and engaging in advance. I appreciate your thoughts and your indulgence of my inquiry.
  4. Hello all! This is my first time posting in a spoiler forum so I hope I am getting it all correct. Please let me know if I should be doing something differently. I haven't seen this asked anywhere in my cursory inquiries so I decided to come out and ask it and ask for input on it. So a bit of back ground to my idea. There are some contradictory statements on if it is the Vessel or the Shard of Odium that wants to become the only shard in the Cosmere. I personally think that it was more because of the Vessel's ambition. My question to you is this:
  5. So I have been thinking about what it is that Taravangian saw in his deal that he thought could be a loophole he could take advantage of. I have heard several people talk about the "child champion" as a possibility among others and I think we're not thinking deep enough. I keep going back to the bargaining scene between Dalinar and Odium and how breaking the contract would put Odium within Dalinar's power and vice versa. Then I go back to Taravangian's deal with Odium at the end of Oathbringer and how he specifies the spirit of the deal is what is binding not the wording (although I am sure it plays a role). Then I think about Brandon's promise at the end of the book, how Kal and Szeth are to fly to Shinovar and Kal is to bring Ishar back to help Dalinar with his bondsmith powers and Ishar says he can repair the Oathpact. I think if they succeed at such a task (repairing the Oathpact) that would be Dalinar reneging on his end of the bargain to have a contest of champions in 10 days time because it would prevent Odium from being able to send a champion to fight on his behalf. Therefore his champion was not unmolested on his journey to Urithiru. This would result in Odium being freed, because Dalinar would be within Odium's power. What do you guys think? Am I crazy or does this argument hold water?
  6. Hello people of the Shard! I have loved A Quiet Place! So, I want to talk about it! I want to here you’re thoughts! Just to clarify, this is the first one, please do not talk about part two. First of all, If you haven’t seen it I would recommend leaving so nothing gets spoiled for you. Anyways, let’s start! Feel free to let me know your thoughts!
  7. As the title suggests, I'm a little concerned about accidentally plagiarising ideas. For example, I have plans with some of my projects that might edge a little too close to Shannara and Horizon Zero Dawn What concepts would you consider to be inextricably linked with a particular work?
  8. The first half of this conversation happened Tuesday. After which I had to call her and get her to give me more context as to where she was so I knew whether or not Kelsier was going to die yet. The second half is from Friday. Moments like this are priceless. I then explained to her the concept of the Sandersavalanche and encouraged her to finish The Final Empire today. It's so amusing watching her react, I thought it would be fun to share some of the best here. Now, opinion question. Should I take her straight to Stormlight next, or somehow get her a copy of Secret History before starting WOK? She read Warbreaker first, she's going to finish Era 1 next, and she's hungry for more explicit Cosmere stuff, so I'm planning Stormlight next of the major storylines. That way she'll have Era 2, Elantris, and the Arcanum Unbounded to enjoy once she's caught up on Stormlight. But I'm now debating whether it will be more fun to give her Secret History so she knows about Kelsier's cognitive shadow before reading Stormlight.
  9. Just finished, a good read with plenty of juicy tidbits but I was a little disappointed with the ending to be honest. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?
  10. I've been thinking for some time about the presentation of disability and chronic pain in Brandon's novels. I've been rereading a number of his books to refresh my memory on some of the details as well and I ended up with a lot of thoughts. I've written him a letter trying to provide some insight and I think it's a topic worth discussing here as well. Fair warning: it's kind of...long. But I think it needed to be to really unpack and explain what I wanted to talk about. Spoiler Warning: The letter includes direct spoilers for Mistborn, Stormlight, Elantris, Warbreaker and Reckoners. But other books are relevant to the topic as well. If you haven't read some of Brandon's books and are concerned about spoilers this is not a safe thread to read.
  11. Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
  12. Ok so I believe the 5th windrunner ideal is something along the lines of “I will kill to protect” why do I think this, well the sky breakers progress toward different levels of the law snd personally I believe Shallan and all light weavers but especially her are progressing toward seeing themselves for how they are, and her final ideal will probably be “I am shallan” or some variation of that so what is the windrunner ideal progression is so far 2. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves 3. I will protect even those I hate These seem to pretty much encompass everyone you could protect. do that brings us to 4 This is an exception that makes you more effective at your job, it allows you to move on/ keep moving now additionally many of the main characters are almost the ideal(sorry not sorry) candidates for each order and so I think it’s probably a good idea to assume for speculation their arcs match up with the ideals and I think the biggest point in his arc kaladin has left is moash after rythm of war I don’t think moash is turning away from odium and based on the trend of the 4th ideal being a exception that makes you more effective at protecting, and kaladins biggest major plot point that has only been kinda resolved is that he wants to protect too many people, a big part of that is resolved now that he doesn’t have to constantly protect bridge four and many others but there are so many like the parshendi he still feels the need to protect, and this is paralyzing him This follows the trajectory of the oaths i think and I believe he will swear the 5th ideal before or after killing moash, why do I believe this, because kaladin has to kill someone he doesn’t hate for no reason other then to protect others and moash fits that description since kaladin still does not want to kill him but he is a threat to so many people and now may want vengeance.
  13. my theory is that the stormlight archive book 5 concludes the roshar saga and from book 6 it will be more cosmere bound. we will visit other planets and meet more worldhoppers. now I may be wrong but I do think that wit will help some important characters like jasna, shallan to leave roshar and allow them to become worldhoppers.
  14. Background So, I have just finished a reread of Elantris and something caught my eye. When the city was in its full glory enchanted items based on Aons made by Elantrians were used for a plethora of things that made the city more comfortable, light, plumbing, etc. As I thought on this a theory came to my mind, now I could be completely off base so please bear with me. One aspect of these items that caught my attention were aons put in people's homes such as the one for light (Ashe). Given that many non elantrians also lived in the city I assume they were also capable of using the ashe aon to alter the lighting in their rooms. Otherwise they would have to call an elantrian in to do it for them, which sound very inconvenient. So I began to wonder if they could utilize these enchanted items could this be expanded upon further? I should specify I don't mean that those non elantrians made the aon, but rather were able to utilize what was already present as made by the Elantrians. The Theory Essentially I began to wonder what would happen if Sel advanced far enough to enter the computer age? Could computers that were crafted specifically by Elantrians then be used to form Aons? Potentially even Aons useable by anyone as the initial creation would have been done by an Elantrian. If this proves impossible, as the idea of normal people using the enchanted items is speculation on my part. There is still a possibility of Elantrians being able to rapidly expedite their casting via a form of automation. Weak Points to The Theory I am aware that while Elantrians could use tools such as quills, sticks, etc to make aons and they still functioned. Ultimately they needed to use their intent as part of the process. I also concede that I may be completely off base in assuming that the Aons will function without being directly made by an Elantrian. Either way I thought the idea was interesting and I hope you do as well. Afterword Thank you for bearing with me there. I would love any and all thoughts on the theory, and look forward to the discussion.
  15. my theory is that the stormlight archive book 5 concludes the roshar saga and from book 6 it will be more cosmere bound. we will visit other planets and meet more worldhoppers. now I may be wrong but I do think that wit will help some important characters like jasna, shallan to leave roshar and allow them to become worldhoppers.
  16. Through use of forgery it is shown that one can take different paths in their past for different results to become different versions that could have been Since it has become apparent Hoid had an opportunity to become a shard at some point could forging his soul turn him into one?
  17. Cognitive Reflections After speaking with people online I have become obsessed with the way people’s beliefs, perceptions, and interpretations effect the cognitive realm. My question If a blind man makes a bowl with no clue what material it is, what does the cognitive representation look like? What color is it? What happens if he tells people in town about this beautiful purple bowl he made? What if he then brings the bright red bowl to town? The Applications What happens when this same man makes a sword from material he believes whole heartedly can store stormlight (or some other effect)? Thoughts? What could be made? What can be done with this knowledge? Thank you in advance!
  18. Super Lift! The idea Lift gets a bendalloymind so she can can eat bottomlessly and bring out endless reserves of Awesomeness! The thought process After reading both Mistborn and Stormlight Archive I am curious about the combinations possible throughout the Cosmere and the interactions of investiture! The question What combinations of the Cosmere interest you the most? What effect, drawbacks and uses does this create? Combination question#2 Would the gemstones of Roshar be able to capture the mists? Would an allomancer be able draw on the gym stone as if it were metals?
  19. Building from the foundation @Lindel set, me and @voidlightx completed the lyrics for the Stormlight version of the first Hamilton song. It was really fun, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. We are planning on doing a full cast recording if it's possible, so if you want to join, DM me, I'm creating a discord group to coordinate everything. Spoilers through RHYTHM OF WAR. We hope you enjoyed it.
  20. Hello 17th Shard, It's Been A While... After finishing Rhythm of War, I was bursting at the seams with all the amazing revelations and confirmations that fill the pages of this book. RoW might be the most Cosmere aware book we have seen published yet and I loved it. There are so many things to share but I focused on 10 observations that I felt were critical to notice but were likely to be lost in the rush of so many epic scenes and interactions in the book. So I hope you enjoy my video on the topics you might have overlooked on your first read-through. Please follow the links to the fantastic artists who allowed me to showcase their art in this and my other lore videos! In this video, I showcase a selection of important details that you might have overlooked in your reading of the latest Stormlight Archive novel. Not only do I discuss these topics but I speculate about their broader implications in the Cosmere and my theories about Book 5 in the series. I draw on information from all the books in the Cosmere so expect some deep lore speculation.
  21. TL;DR, since chronologically speaking Mistborn Era 2 goes after the first 5 books of the STA, is there any spoiler in Mistborn Era 2 as to what happens in the first 5 books of the STA? So, a quick intro. I read TWoK of the STA without knowing anything about the cosmere. I got hooked, but I couldn't find the second one in my local libraries (in Chile so in Spanish). Fastforward, I've been living in the UK for a few years and so I remember this book. I read it again, as well as WoR, and after that I figured out the cosmere. By then I was hooked on the STA so I read Edgedancer and OB. Then, waiting for RoW, I read Warbreaker, The Mistborn original trilogy, and Elantris, alongside with the Arcanum stories associated to those (Emperor's Soul, The Hope of Elantris and The Eleventh Metal). I'm always low on cash so most of the books I get second hand. Since RoW is too new for that, I thought I would now go for Mistborn Era 2, but then I found out that, chronologically, Mistborn Era 2 goes after the first 5 parts of the STA. Now, as I said, I read the 3 first books of the STA before Elantris or the Original Mistborn, and although they go chronologically later, I didn't feel like I was spoiled in any way. Like there was no info on the Mistborn Era 1 on the books of the STA that I read. Is that the case for the rest? Is there any sort of cross-series spoiler on Mistborn Era 2? I imagine no, but there is no harm in asking. Also, the Arcanum Unbounded says that "Mistborn: Secret History" has minor spoilers for Bands of Mourning. How minor are they? WillI affect my experience of Bands of Mourning if I read Secret history before? Thanks! and sorry for so much writing.
  22. I don't know how exactly to handle spoilers, so i'm going to be subtle. Who targeted Notum outside Lasting Integrity? Why? I don't think we ever get an explanation for that
  23. I know that this is most likely referring to a southern Scadrian around a perpendicularity but I haven't seen anybody talk about it.
  24. I'm making my way through my first read-through of stormlight and I am currently about halfway through Oathbringer. I've made an observation that I think is meant to be there. It seems like in most fantasy series it is easy to hate the evil enemy (WoT for example: You despise the forsaken and the Shadowspawn forces because they are ruining the Main characters' lives) but in Stormlight I find myself loathing the Alethi and kind of rooting for the Parshendi. Obviously, the Alethi Culture is messed up and totally inefficient, but after reading a Moash point of View chapter with the normal Parshendi, I feel that they could run a better civilization than the Alethi ever could. Now I know this probably won't work out due to the control of the Fused, but I still like the Parshendi better than the Alethi. It is made clear that the Alethi suck, but I haven't really gotten a sense of hatred for the Parshendi. The only thing they have done is try to prevent desolations, which kinda makes them the protagonist right? So I just wanted to make this post to get input about this and see how others feel.
  25. Kaladin has a lot of little indications around him that he isn’t quite a normal windrunner but these have yet to be explained. If anyone for example 1. deflecting the high storm- though this could be an instinctive use of adhesion 2. The way the wind seems to grant him supernatural fighting prowess which is in my mind described almost like atium. The wind blowing around him could be adhesion but I don’t see why that would grant him enhanced senses, speed and coordination especially to the level that it does, on top of the fact that no other windrunner shows this happening nobody else has this kind of wind imagery. 3. Child of tanavast- we know that kaladin being the only person called child of tanavast is significant but we don’t know why yet, it’s possible this imparts him with these other abilities. 4. the way kaladin kills the pursuer is a very very odd instance, it’s possible it’s the standard wind thing but that doesn’t normally do what happened here. Kaladin becomes enraged and gains super speed, a power which as far as we have seen only one other power set in the cosmere grants. (Feruchamy) that’s not even to mention the yellowish red tint to his eyes venli sees which indicates potentially some level of corruption from odium. if anyone would be able to see understand and explain what is up with all of this it is ishar, the most practiced bondsmith ever, capable seeing connections could surely be able to determine this and in fact this may be what helps convince ishar to help Dalinar, he sincere believes he is an aspect of the almighty but maybe something about kaladin and the fact that the son of tanavast thing may indicate he actually is one. so what could happen when they meet? one theory I do have that’s a bit crackpot is that this has soemthing to do with cultivation, cultivation being a god of change and nature seems to me like it very well could have some level of manipulation over stuff like the winds and maybe she granted this power, this could also explained the slightly corrupted eyes since red investiture is corrupted seemingly regardless of what other type is corrupting it.