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Found 223 results

  1. Nobody seems to be speculating (anywhere, even on the wiki) about the talents being, you know, alive? Alkatraz even comments on it. …after seeing the Incarnate Wheel with a creature in the center reaching out to poke a spot in one corner during Kaz's teleportation trick. It looks like only one thing is alive in there, so why the plural anyway? Wonder if we'll find out exactly how they got the talents in the first place, the nature of that creature, why only certain people have them, and if there were any obvious (and understood) ethical problems at the time. Really it'd be nice to see the whole understanding of prior history, but that would require someone getting another translator's lens, another copy of the book Shasta burned (can't say she didn't have a good head on her shoulders for that, but that probably also makes her the one person who should have read the damned thing to make sure anything extremely important was grabbed first while also not revealing anything incredibly dangerous), and some way to keep idiots from deciding they can learn from past mistakes by repeating them but not messing up this time instead of by realizing some things are a really bad idea to begin with—which would violate suspension of disbelief far more than even Sanderson can fix. Remember: knowledge doesn't stay secret (notice one guy tried to make an entire language permanently-inaccessible and still failed). That and the amount of stuff that's still up in the air would require Sanderson to drop a Stormlight novel as #6, or do the annoying Mistborn thing and jump to an entire new setting and cast of characters (I would really prefer to not see a distant prequal going through Incarnate history, at least not before seeing a sequel where people other than the reader discover and draw conclusions about that history from records and reflections—it's more interesting to have to see the past first from the present trying to discover the past).
  2. I finally finished the book. The end. Spoiler (not really), the ending of this book will make you very, very sad. But to make up for that, the real spoilers are down below. All i all, I really enjoyed the book although I called the ending about who the traitor was (but not who it really was) and how Attica snuck into the Highbrary. The ending is a little ambiguous about what the ritual actually does and exactly how the mechanics of the whole smedry history came to be. But when carefully reread, it made more sense. But a question arises: What was the method to create the smedry line? Was it the ritual? The talent circle isn't further explained. We don't know what the dark talent actually was. Do we?
  3. obviously not including insanely op characters like the lord ruler, vin burning mist, shards, heralds, etc... I was wondering this but I haven’t had time to read Elantris so I wanted to know why people who have read all of it think. personally I think it’s got to be between 5 characters with powers and 6 without. with powers Kaladin, vin, szeth, marsh and jasnah without powers kaladin, szeth, dalinar, adolin, Vasher, and denth with powers Kaladin and szeth I shouldn’t need to explain they are the most well rounded characters in terms of fighting prowess being both incredibly good fighters with their weapons and incredibly adept in the use of their powers. vin probably has the best control over her powers of anyone. With marsh almost as dangerous as her plus better with weapons. jasnah with her soul tasing is insane though I think she would be weaker the stronger the enemy she fights is because of the investiture. Without kaladin and dalinar are force of natures on the battlefield even without powers adolin is probably the beast duelists we see vasher trained adolin denth was a batter swords man then Vasher and szeth is assumedly quite good. am I missing anyone specifically from Elantris?
  4. Hi guys, I just finished the first reading of Oathbringer, just in time before the release of Novella 3.5 and Book 4, and I am delving through this forum to read theories now that I am caught up on the SA books. I am planning to listen to OB on Graphic Audio soon but starting with the last 35 chapters or so, I started taking notes on some of the unclear things to me. I am reading analysis articles about the book and the various events, but thought to ask you here the questions I have in mind because I am sure I have missed most of these answers. So thank you again for those who have some answers to the below: [SPOILERS BELOW FOR OATHBRINGER] . 1- Interlude I-7: Venli mentions that the Alethi mistakenly thought that the greatshells were the gods of the singers. Has this been discussed elsewhere? Is there more info on this point? 2- Interlude I-10: Is the Hog that attacks Sheler a greatshell or a new animal? 3- Interlude I-11: Did Venli bond two spren: the voidspren in her gemheart and Timbre? Can humans and other singers do the same or is it a unique case for Venli? 4- Ch89: Are Nightblood and Vivenna / Azure's sword shardblades? Do swords on Nalthis and Roshar contain the same type of Investiture? 5- Ch 89: Can a certain type of shardblades be summoned / used in Shadesmar: Honorblades, Dead Shardblades, Sprenblades? 6- Ch 92: Why do some people call Szeth by his dad's name (Neturo) and others by his grandfather's name (Valano)? 7- Ch 92: What does Szeth mean that he knew a voice similar to Nightblood's in his youth? We probably have to wait to his flashbacks to know more? 8- Ch 92: Why does Nightblood only burn eyes on Roshar? 9- Ch 92: Is Shashara from Nalthis the same person as Shalash on Roshar? 10- Ch 92: Is Nightblood's consumption of Stormlight on Roshar the same mechanism as him consuming Breaths on Nalthis - as both are types of Investiture? Is Nightblood a spren on Roshar? 11- Ch 99: Do the Spren use the copper on the ship in Shadesmar to communicate through vibration? Is this related to some Cosmere metallic quality (Should I find something in Mistborn about this)? 12- Ch 100: Why can't Dalinar use the Stormfather as a shardblade? 13- Ch 100: What is the metal that falls from the sky and can block a shardblade (is it also a reference to a metal from Mistborn)? 14- Ch 100: Why do Vedens look Alethi but speak a foreign tongue? 15- Ch 101: Are screaming blades only the ones left during the Recreance by the Knights Radiant? 16- Ch 101: Do we know who Ico's daughter is? 17- Ch 106: What does Nin mean when he tells Szeth: "The others must interpret what they have sworn before and I hope they will see the truth?" 18- Ch 108: Mythica book mentions that the Midnight Mother was destroyed at Aharietiam. How is she still in Urithiru? 19- Ch 109: What does Venli mean when she says that the spren betrayed the singers for the humans? 20- Ch 114: Why did the Nightwatcher call Dalinar both son of Honor and son of Odium? 21- Ch 114: How does the Nightwatcher know about Nightblood? 22- Ch 114: When Dalinar returned after meeting Cultivation, he hears only leaves rustling and thinks he should hear something else. What should have he heard? Screams of children? 23- Ch 115: Does Odium change his appearance depending on who sees him - Dalinar sees him human, Venli sees him as a parshman? 24- Ch 116: What are the yellow spren leading the Fused? 25- Ch 117: Why did Lift say that the Nightwatcher lied to her? 26- Ch 119: In the battle of Thaylen Field, there were 3 Un-made? The 2 in the Thunderclasts and Yelig-Nar as the Black Smoke, or there were any additional ones? 27- Ch 120: Amaram's transformation of the ground to liquid after ingesting the crystal (Yalig-Nar??) - is that some form of Voidbinding? 28- Ch 121: Why did the Fused instruct Moash to kill Jezrien? 29- Ch 122: What does Adrotagia mean when she tells Taravangian: "The Herald's insanity prompted us?" 30- Ch 122: Is Renarin's spren, Glys, still corrupted after the end of OB? 31- Ch 122: How did Jezrien's honorblade go from Szeth to Leshwi (who then gives it to Moash?) 32- Ch 122: Nohadon knew how to write and read. When did the men stop reading and writing? 33- Ch 122: Why did Dalinar "accept the sword "only through the cloth"? What does it mean? Thank you for answering any of these; I know they are too many to be all answered by one contributor
  5. Re-reading Alcatraz, on book 3, noticed this: "I blushed. It now seemed silly. 'I figured... well I thought if I could break Gravity, then I could fly.' Grandpa Smedry chuckled quietly. 'Break Gravity, eh? Very bold of you... a very Smedry-like attempt, but a bit beyond even the scope of your power, I'd say. Imagine the Chaos if Gravity stopped working all over the world!' I don't have to imagine it. I've lived it. But we'll get to that. Eventually." Welp. Spoilers (Books 5 and 6) And in book 2, we learn that the worldspire reaches all the way down to the center of the earth, which is made of glass. Hypothetically, what would happen if someone or something were to break the core of the Earth? how would that affect gravity? EDIT: Also from book 2: they regard me as their savior, but I only fixed what I broke in the first place. (loosely paraphrased)
  6. I've been thinking for some time about the presentation of disability and chronic pain in Brandon's novels. I've been rereading a number of his books to refresh my memory on some of the details as well and I ended up with a lot of thoughts. I've written him a letter trying to provide some insight and I think it's a topic worth discussing here as well. Fair warning: it's kind of...long. But I think it needed to be to really unpack and explain what I wanted to talk about. Spoiler Warning: The letter includes direct spoilers for Mistborn, Stormlight, Elantris, Warbreaker and Reckoners. But other books are relevant to the topic as well. If you haven't read some of Brandon's books and are concerned about spoilers this is not a safe thread to read.
  7. Let me begin by saying that yes, I know that this book is semi-canonical at best, this is just for fun The two Shards on Vaeria were the Former and Decay (Former, as in someone who shapes and creates). They were later adapted into Preservation and Ruin. The Former and Preservation seem to have some differences: Preservation was said to not be able to create without Ruin, Former's Intent contains the idea of creating. This might be a contentious point though, as Preservation not being able to create without Ruin thing might've come about because without an agreement between the two, Ruin would have simply destroyed anything Preservation tried to create. It could also be that Ruin's presence allowed Preservation to create, without which he could not change anything due to his Intent. Ruin and Decay seem to be more or less the same Shard, both expressing inevitable entropy, but Decay appears to not have a magic system tied directly to him, unlike Ruin. The Fell Twins: Slaughter and Despair, Makkal and Agaris. They raise some interesting questions as to their nature. Were they Splinters, like spren? Or were they actual men who became Slivers? I think they were the former (pun intended). Their thought processes, or what we see of it anyway, seem kind of alien. They followed the letter of the rule laid down by the Former, but not the intent (also pun intended). Of course there are arguments against this: men can become just as twisted, especially over the course of hundreds of years of war, followed by imprisonment in conditions of sensory deprivation and memory loss. Then there is also the ending, where they appear to take on a human form... I don't understand who imprisoned them though The magic: Amberite, Bestarin and Night were created by Makkal (Slaughter) Verdant, Ferrous and Luminous were created by Agaris (Despair) Amberite - allows one to create and shape rose-coloured crystals into spikes, blades or armour, more powerful ones can create bigger structures. Takes the form of an embedded crystal in the back of the bearer's hand; Aether of the High Aedin royal line; end-positive. Verdant - allows one to create living vines, which are edible and nutritious though tasteless. One can also control the vines' movements to change direction mid-air, wrap someone up, find things to hold on to so as to allow the bearer to pull off a Spiderman or Tarzan impression. Takes the form of a moving vine wrapped around the user's wrist but can also grow to wrap around more of their body if the Aether or the Bond is strong; end-positive. Its source takes the form of a giant ancient tree. Bestarin - those with Bestarin bonds, when grievously wounded, can graft animal parts onto their bodies. Most notably, in the case of amputation, they can graft claws or paws and control these limbs as though they were their own; end-neutral. Ferrous - those with Ferrous bonds can build metallic architectural or mechanical structures which form around their body, trapping them within it forever. It seems that doing this also makes them functionally immortal unless the structure itself is destroyed. Other Ferrous bonded can communicate with them. A Corpate, a four limbed vehicle is a prominent example. End-neutral Night - the titular Aether, the source of which served as Makkal's prison. The well also served as the Aedin's method of public execution. The Aether of Night can be used to summon and control human shaped forms made of shadows as though the user's own body, meaning that their real body would have to remain immobile while they are controlling the shadow creatures. It can also be used to teleport oneself. It also seemingly strengthens other Aether bonds, though that may have been Makkal himself. Luminous - the secret Aether of the Vo-Dari priests. Its source also served as the prison for Agaris. The well was located in the Vo-Dari compound in the Aedin capital. It can be used to teleport others by physical contact in a flash of white light. It seems not to be true teleportation, in the sense of instantaneous travel between two points without having to traverse the distance between the two, as in the books the one being Sent can still perceive themselves "turn into light" and travelling at incredible speeds to their destination. I have a few questions regarding this: why was the Aether of Night so much more powerful than the Luminous Aether, despite them both being the divine Aethers? Are the Aethers alive? D'na's Aether certainly acts alive. Or is that just a quality of Verdant Aethers due to them creating living things? Or perhaps due to the Former mostly inhabiting their source. The creatures: The Gol - created by Makkal to be fierce warriors but changed by Agaris to be gentle lovers of art who could not create art themselves. The Shentis - humans altered by the Fell Twins, rendering them infertile, apparently the only effect aside from their physical transformation. Agaris created the virus and Makkal made its effects visible. They live near the Verdant source but never communicated with the Former or tried to form a bond with Verdant though that may be because they couldn't, perhaps due to Investiture interference The Worldbuilding The cultures were not presented in the novel very well. It was very planet of the hats and often far too close to too many real-world stereotypes. The honour-bound, the intelligent, the sensual/sexist/exotic, the religiously strict, the simple: no further characterizations, no indications that this may have been just the narrators' inexperience. The male lead's perspective on being honourable and dutiful was done well, a character archetype I usually find very annoying. The two plots problem was real: The tone of the story often did not match what was happening. At first I tried to rationalize it as the male lead seeking escapism from his responsibilities, upheaval of identity and end of the world, with the intriguing female lead would-be assassin but it became harder and harder to do so as the story went on. I did not see the plot twist at the end coming, but was quite unsatisfied with it. Religious fanatics murdering everyone, not a single Vo-Dari questioned what they were doing. It was quite difficult to sympathize with them, despite the fact that to them, their god told them to extinguish two entire Aether lines (each contains hundreds or even more than a thousand individual members). Their machinations and willingness to slaughter even members of the other two lines made them feel very flat. The conclusion to the bride problem was... problematic and not all a narratively satisfying conclusion, far too quick and "funny" series of solutions to a very tension-filled problem which could have been used to flesh out the brides and their cultures.
  8. Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
  9. 16 seeded bracket obviously Format is Character (equipment) 1. Vin (3 metal vials with the 10 basic metals and duralumin) 16. Shai (All soulstamps) 8. Eshonai (Shardplate & Shardblade in stormform) 9. Siris (Holy band, standard armor and shield, and infinity blade) 4. Adolin (Shardplate and Shardblade) 13. Dilaf (sword) 5. Raoden (Elantrian powers as they would be in Teod) 12. Alcatraz (Firebringer and Windstormer lenses) 2. Kaladin (Stormlight belt replenished for each round, Syl) 15. Hrathen (Sword and gyorn armor) 7. David 10. Wayne (dueling canes and filled metalminds and 3 vials bendalloy) 3. Susebron (Peacegiver's treasure, cloth strips) 14. Denth (sword) 16. Wax (Vindication, ammo pouch, shotgun,3/4 full weight metalminds, 3 vials steel) 11. Vasher (NORMAL sword, awakened gear, ropes, 500 Breaths) No flying, falling or jumping over 30 feet above the ground. All battles take place in the dueling arena near the Shattered Plains. Who will win it all? Bonus:post the results for EVERY round Super bonus: All these characters attack the Lord Ruler and his inquisitors in Kredik Shaw. No mistmetal for Vin but they know TLR's weakness Edit: For debating purposes, shardblades will not cut through the other combatants' swords. Siris's shield is a half-shard.
  10. So we know the names of the books are most probably going to end up as a palindrome. What I mean by this is: WoK WoR O RoW and what can be assumed is KoW, since Roshar is known for is palindromic names. Does anyone have a theory on what it could stand for, given the knowledge that the names of the books are books in the actual world of Roshar? We have the Way of Kings, which is written by Nohadon, Words of Radiance, which discusses the Knights Radiant, Oathbringer, written by Dalinar, and Rhythm of War, which is most probably a text written by or on the Parshendi. Have we any other thoughts on what the KoW stands for? I've had some ideas that could be "Knights of Windrunners" or "Knights of War" but we've already got a book with the word "War", so it's improbable. Sorry for this wall of text but it's something that's really intrigued me.
  11. what is the equivalent Alethi social status for bonded spren, now obviously they are their own category but what’s their closest equivalent. A good example would be syl. So as of the start of rhythm of war kaladin is a high Marshall, leader of the wind runners and the founder/head of house stormblessed(best name ever). kaladin is presumably close in social standing to a weak high prince or really strong bright lord so sebarial or a amaram. However currently his house presumably consists of nobody besides himself and therefore no heir. I think it’s probable that bonded spren are socially the equivalent of spouses or siblings, obviously they aren’t Spouses or siblings and I don’t support that ship but that seems to be the most comparable social position. In the latest rhythm of war chapter we see syl helping facilitate kaladin leading not just the soldiers but the honorspren too. This comparison is not the best for some of the spren bonds like Pattern and shallan but kaladin and syl have a much more mutually respectful, close and supportive relationship then all the spren bonds we have seen. which leads me to another question if syl is the social equivalent of kaladins wife or I suppose sister does that mean her title is technically brightness stormblessed, I believe we have seen people refer to syl as brightness before, and also that is just an awesome name. butt the more important question for syl specifically, as we can see with sadeas and Ialai, she a high prince dies with no heir his wife retains her Power. So if syl is the Social equivalent of kaladins spouse or even sister, so far this is the only relevant case of this situation does that mean if kaladin dies with no heir house stormblessed reverts to her and potentially even whoever she bonded next would be the new head of the house if she chose?
  12. So I was thinking about it and I think I figured exactly how honor beat odium. But first my evidence; point 1: we see I Other series shards Have trouble interacting with those under the influence of another shard, granted these two shards were exact opposite but I think it likely this is true no matter what but the degree to which the shards oppose each other determines how much influence they can get in. point 2: so basically honor put part of his shard into odium at least enough to pass along some of his intent. That is why odium is Abe to be trapped there because of paths made by him potentially and why he has to follow the rules of a contest of champions if agreed to. Essentially he corrupted odium.
  13. Just finished, a good read with plenty of juicy tidbits but I was a little disappointed with the ending to be honest. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?
  14. After completing the series for a second time, I realized that even though Alcatraz ends his account after they leave the Highbrary, he dropped some hints that the story goes on. These include the fact that he wrote his autobiography, the fact that we know the world wasn't destroyed like Biblioden wanted because he wrote his autobiography, and a few other things he mentions about his life afterwards that I can't remember off the top of my head. Also, I know that Alcatraz suggests that one of the following happened (but most likely the first one): he and Bastille got married, Bastille married a Smedry, or Alcatraz married a Dartmoor (which is unlikely, since we only know of Bastille and her sister). I can't remember exactly what the wording is or where it was, but I am fairly sure it was in the third or fourth book if someone wants to check. Any guesses as to how Biblioden was stopped or about what life was like after the official story ends?
  15. So I bet there is another thread talking about this, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere. so the set had these weird Kandra, if I recall correctly. It seemed kind of obvious that they weren’t really Kandra and most likely agents from another shard. They had red eyes, I believe, which points toward odium. But red is also just corrupted investiture, right? So just one of the bad shards. Which leaves as far as we know odium and autonomy, because ruin is obviously a no go. There have been many theories on what is attacking scaldrial in mistborn era 2 but I think it’s up in the air, right? There’s red mist in the cosmere cognitive realm map during stormlight archive 1-5 time, which many have assisiated with odium. But Taldain and scaldrial have a lot of worldhoppers going back and forth, which is why Trell is in both white sand and mistborn era 2, meaning autonomy is also a fair bet. did I hit what we currently are in a consensus of or am a missing or misunderstanding some parts? It is really hard to find any info regarding the strange Kandra, which is kind of irritating. I couldn’t find anything on the coppermind. given what we know, what are these strange Kandra? And who do they work for? also I hope I didn’t put any spoilers for other books. I’m fairly sure I did not, though.
  16. SPOILER WARNING My favorite two happen to be in the same book. Lord of Chaos. 1. When Nynaeve heals Siuan and Leane. It gets me choked up every time when Siuan breaks down. 2. Battle of Dumais Wells. The entire battle is spectacular but that one line. "Kneel and swear to the Dragon Reborn... Or you will be knelt" ooooo it gives me chills. SO satisfying after Rands capture.
  17. oathbringer

    I just wanted to start a list of minor questions people have going into Rhythm of War. Put them all in one place so maybe we can put our heads together to solve them. This is meant for minor questions, not major plot points. my Questions: Was Danlan Marakothra a member of the diagram or just working with Graves because she believed his stated goal? What happened to her and will we ever see her again? Where is Kalak? I’ve never seen any theories I find credible about where he is, what he’s up to. Who is Dova? Is she really a herald? Is it Battar, Paliah, Vedel? Who is Navani’s family? Is she from the senior Kholin branch? A family killed by the Kholin brothers? Sister to another high prince? Same questions but for Aesuedan. Where are Hesina’s parents? Is she a bastard daughter or a lord or is one of her parents just a low dahn lighteyes that married a darkeyes? What happened to Tarah? Will she come back into the story? Kaladin’s story? Will Laral? What happened to Redin after he killed his father? What does Brandon have planned for him? Who will be the first Stoneward we see? Who will be the next member of Bridge 4 to attract a Spren? is Lys the assassin one of the Heralds? Is she Chana? Vedel? What are the oldbloods? How many are there and when did they rule? let me know what your minor questions are?
  18. tread carefully; there contains spoilers for both the whole of the stormlight archive and mistborn ahead. I thought of this a while ago, mainly thinking that their names are fairly similar. But there is a lot more than I thought. they are both slaves that are natural leaders that survived what was believed impossible. they both have scars that are integral to their identity they both create a group of people that share The same Magical capabilities They have They both have close allies of another race that are perceived by others as untrustworthy they are both one of the few people that have done extensive traversing of the cognitive realm some of these apply to one more than the other and I don’t think it has much significance within world, but I like to draw the connections. I’m sure I missed something as well, so feel free to add on.
  19. So the Horneaters (Unkalaki), and the Herdazians descend from humans and singers and have singer ancestry. In Horneaters this gives them extra back-teeth, red hair, larger size, and are closer to the cognitive realm. For Herdazians it just seems to give them rock-like carapace fingernails. The Natan people and the people of Babatharnam descend from humans and Siah Aimians and have Siah ancestors. The Babatharnam manifest this with blue-ish veins visible beneath the skin and the Natans have faintly blue skin. They may also have other Aimian characteristics but this is all we know about so far. What's with Thaylen Eyebrows? Where did this come from? Does anyone have any idea?
  20. Both The Reckoners and Skyward series are disconnected from the cosmere right? But what if they are linked to each other? The way Calamity viewed man kind reminds me a lot of how the Delvers viewed man kind. Calamity also said that he came from a peaceful place with much less stimuli. He also took on human form, so he used to be something else... Maybe he came from the nowhere? With multi dimensional elements added in, it could be a thing...right?
  21. Hello, Moses here. I would like to share you a theory that I created myself. I have already explained it in the Discord, everyone who saw it liked it and Brandon have said that my theorizing is sound, so I'm very proud of it. Let's get started: We know for some WoBs that the Truthwatchers are worried about knowledge and helping people with it (I tried to link the wob but I can't since I'm a new member). And, in the Radiants Quiz that was recently released, the new information says that they are worried about the bad use of the knowledge and the leaders trying to deceive the people they lead. So, I think that this Order have some things in common with the Windrunners and the Edgedancers, since all of them are more focused on helping the common people than the elite. Protecting those who can not protect themselves and remembering those who had been forgotten, both of their Second Ideals refers to the common people, to those who the leaders do not really care about. Considering all of this and following the example of Windrunners and Edgedancers Second Ideals, focused on the common people, I wrote a theoric PURE Second Ideal for the Truthwatchers. When I say pure, I mean that the spren is not corrupted like Renarin's one. This is it: "I will seek truth, to prevent others from being deceived." What do you think, guys? I hope you like it ^^
  22. I have a simple proposal for how the Heralds can be A. born on Ashyn (except maybe Ash), B. Were elevated to heralds during the first Desolation to combat the fused who came in the first desolation, and C. Were not supernaturally old and didn't have extended lifespans... Why do we assume the humans came to Ashyn all at once? Why can't they have come in waves over tens or hundreds of years? We assume Ashyn was destroyed suddenly, but it can't have been too sudden as there was enough time to evacuate a large amount of people to Shinovar on Roshar and to create the floating cities of Ashyn that harbored cities worth of Ashynites. What if there were early refugees who left at the beginning of some war to move to Roshar, then the war gets worse and more people move and Shinovar starts to get full, the first humans go over the mountains, the war begins to destroy the planet with vast, destructive powers being unleashed on whatever the sides were and the planet is basically destroyed. During this period the Shin-Ahsynites start to kill Singers and the Singers fight back. The angriest of the Singers are offered great power and revenge by Odium in return for their obedience (Odium is playing both sides). Jesrien, King of one of the floating cities that is failing brings his people in a migration to Roshar and enters into a raging war with the fused giving the Singers a terrible advantage. Honor offers Jesrien and nine of his people the chance to oppose the fused and bring humanity over to Honor instead of Odium. This doesn't have a lot of evidence, but it solves the strange timeline issues around the first desolation and the migration of the Radiants.
  23. After many rereads of the books I just came to realize the importance of a conversation that Adolin has with Maya in Words of Radiance. In it he is confiding to her before a duel and at this point "Adolin will be an Edgedancer" is pretty much fact but I think this was the literal beginning of his journey to become a Radiant. He says these words to her "I want you to know... I believe in father, I believe he is right, that the things he sees are real. The world needs a united Alethkar, fights like this are my way to make it happen." This is what woke her from her slumber I think, Mayalaran was part of the Desolations and Alethela was the Radiants home. Her proximity to Dalinar and Adolin's "honoring the fallen" to her, herself had made it possible I think but this was the moment she became more than a Deader imho. Just thought I would put this here for anyone who hadn't caught it.
  24. I'm new to the website and can't find this question so I thought I'd ask: (spoilers for book three I believe) As I understand it, Odium came to Roshar from Braize with the humans. Honor and Cultivation and the Listeners were all natives of Roshar. So why did Honor/Cultivation back the humans? Also, I get that the ancient Listeners tied to Odium would go back to Braize in death, but why don't the humans go there as well if they were the original connection? Did they just decide as a people to fully swap gods? Final question, why did Honor/Cultivation decide to share a planet? I get the reasoning behind Ruin/Preservation, but I feel they dont need eachother to form their own worlds.