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Found 214 results

  1. So I bet there is another thread talking about this, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere. so the set had these weird Kandra, if I recall correctly. It seemed kind of obvious that they weren’t really Kandra and most likely agents from another shard. They had red eyes, I believe, which points toward odium. But red is also just corrupted investiture, right? So just one of the bad shards. Which leaves as far as we know odium and autonomy, because ruin is obviously a no go. There have been many theories on what is attacking scaldrial in mistborn era 2 but I think it’s up in the air, right? There’s red mist in the cosmere cognitive realm map during stormlight archive 1-5 time, which many have assisiated with odium. But Taldain and scaldrial have a lot of worldhoppers going back and forth, which is why Trell is in both white sand and mistborn era 2, meaning autonomy is also a fair bet. did I hit what we currently are in a consensus of or am a missing or misunderstanding some parts? It is really hard to find any info regarding the strange Kandra, which is kind of irritating. I couldn’t find anything on the coppermind. given what we know, what are these strange Kandra? And who do they work for? also I hope I didn’t put any spoilers for other books. I’m fairly sure I did not, though.
  2. Just finished, a good read with plenty of juicy tidbits but I was a little disappointed with the ending to be honest. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?
  3. I've been thinking for some time about the presentation of disability and chronic pain in Brandon's novels. I've been rereading a number of his books to refresh my memory on some of the details as well and I ended up with a lot of thoughts. I've written him a letter trying to provide some insight and I think it's a topic worth discussing here as well. Fair warning: it's kind of...long. But I think it needed to be to really unpack and explain what I wanted to talk about. Spoiler Warning: The letter includes direct spoilers for Mistborn, Stormlight, Elantris, Warbreaker and Reckoners. But other books are relevant to the topic as well. If you haven't read some of Brandon's books and are concerned about spoilers this is not a safe thread to read.
  4. SPOILER WARNING My favorite two happen to be in the same book. Lord of Chaos. 1. When Nynaeve heals Siuan and Leane. It gets me choked up every time when Siuan breaks down. 2. Battle of Dumais Wells. The entire battle is spectacular but that one line. "Kneel and swear to the Dragon Reborn... Or you will be knelt" ooooo it gives me chills. SO satisfying after Rands capture.
  5. oathbringer

    I just wanted to start a list of minor questions people have going into Rhythm of War. Put them all in one place so maybe we can put our heads together to solve them. This is meant for minor questions, not major plot points. my Questions: Was Danlan Marakothra a member of the diagram or just working with Graves because she believed his stated goal? What happened to her and will we ever see her again? Where is Kalak? I’ve never seen any theories I find credible about where he is, what he’s up to. Who is Dova? Is she really a herald? Is it Battar, Paliah, Vedel? Who is Navani’s family? Is she from the senior Kholin branch? A family killed by the Kholin brothers? Sister to another high prince? Same questions but for Aesuedan. Where are Hesina’s parents? Is she a bastard daughter or a lord or is one of her parents just a low dahn lighteyes that married a darkeyes? What happened to Tarah? Will she come back into the story? Kaladin’s story? Will Laral? What happened to Redin after he killed his father? What does Brandon have planned for him? Who will be the first Stoneward we see? Who will be the next member of Bridge 4 to attract a Spren? is Lys the assassin one of the Heralds? Is she Chana? Vedel? What are the oldbloods? How many are there and when did they rule? let me know what your minor questions are?
  6. tread carefully; there contains spoilers for both the whole of the stormlight archive and mistborn ahead. I thought of this a while ago, mainly thinking that their names are fairly similar. But there is a lot more than I thought. they are both slaves that are natural leaders that survived what was believed impossible. they both have scars that are integral to their identity they both create a group of people that share The same Magical capabilities They have They both have close allies of another race that are perceived by others as untrustworthy they are both one of the few people that have done extensive traversing of the cognitive realm some of these apply to one more than the other and I don’t think it has much significance within world, but I like to draw the connections. I’m sure I missed something as well, so feel free to add on.
  7. So the Horneaters (Unkalaki), and the Herdazians descend from humans and singers and have singer ancestry. In Horneaters this gives them extra back-teeth, red hair, larger size, and are closer to the cognitive realm. For Herdazians it just seems to give them rock-like carapace fingernails. The Natan people and the people of Babatharnam descend from humans and Siah Aimians and have Siah ancestors. The Babatharnam manifest this with blue-ish veins visible beneath the skin and the Natans have faintly blue skin. They may also have other Aimian characteristics but this is all we know about so far. What's with Thaylen Eyebrows? Where did this come from? Does anyone have any idea?
  8. Both The Reckoners and Skyward series are disconnected from the cosmere right? But what if they are linked to each other? The way Calamity viewed man kind reminds me a lot of how the Delvers viewed man kind. Calamity also said that he came from a peaceful place with much less stimuli. He also took on human form, so he used to be something else... Maybe he came from the nowhere? With multi dimensional elements added in, it could be a thing...right?
  9. Hello, Moses here. I would like to share you a theory that I created myself. I have already explained it in the Discord, everyone who saw it liked it and Brandon have said that my theorizing is sound, so I'm very proud of it. Let's get started: We know for some WoBs that the Truthwatchers are worried about knowledge and helping people with it (I tried to link the wob but I can't since I'm a new member). And, in the Radiants Quiz that was recently released, the new information says that they are worried about the bad use of the knowledge and the leaders trying to deceive the people they lead. So, I think that this Order have some things in common with the Windrunners and the Edgedancers, since all of them are more focused on helping the common people than the elite. Protecting those who can not protect themselves and remembering those who had been forgotten, both of their Second Ideals refers to the common people, to those who the leaders do not really care about. Considering all of this and following the example of Windrunners and Edgedancers Second Ideals, focused on the common people, I wrote a theoric PURE Second Ideal for the Truthwatchers. When I say pure, I mean that the spren is not corrupted like Renarin's one. This is it: "I will seek truth, to prevent others from being deceived." What do you think, guys? I hope you like it ^^
  10. I have a simple proposal for how the Heralds can be A. born on Ashyn (except maybe Ash), B. Were elevated to heralds during the first Desolation to combat the fused who came in the first desolation, and C. Were not supernaturally old and didn't have extended lifespans... Why do we assume the humans came to Ashyn all at once? Why can't they have come in waves over tens or hundreds of years? We assume Ashyn was destroyed suddenly, but it can't have been too sudden as there was enough time to evacuate a large amount of people to Shinovar on Roshar and to create the floating cities of Ashyn that harbored cities worth of Ashynites. What if there were early refugees who left at the beginning of some war to move to Roshar, then the war gets worse and more people move and Shinovar starts to get full, the first humans go over the mountains, the war begins to destroy the planet with vast, destructive powers being unleashed on whatever the sides were and the planet is basically destroyed. During this period the Shin-Ahsynites start to kill Singers and the Singers fight back. The angriest of the Singers are offered great power and revenge by Odium in return for their obedience (Odium is playing both sides). Jesrien, King of one of the floating cities that is failing brings his people in a migration to Roshar and enters into a raging war with the fused giving the Singers a terrible advantage. Honor offers Jesrien and nine of his people the chance to oppose the fused and bring humanity over to Honor instead of Odium. This doesn't have a lot of evidence, but it solves the strange timeline issues around the first desolation and the migration of the Radiants.
  11. Let me begin by saying that yes, I know that this book is semi-canonical at best, this is just for fun The two Shards on Vaeria were the Former and Decay (Former, as in someone who shapes and creates). They were later adapted into Preservation and Ruin. The Former and Preservation seem to have some differences: Preservation was said to not be able to create without Ruin, Former's Intent contains the idea of creating. This might be a contentious point though, as Preservation not being able to create without Ruin thing might've come about because without an agreement between the two, Ruin would have simply destroyed anything Preservation tried to create. It could also be that Ruin's presence allowed Preservation to create, without which he could not change anything due to his Intent. Ruin and Decay seem to be more or less the same Shard, both expressing inevitable entropy, but Decay appears to not have a magic system tied directly to him, unlike Ruin. The Fell Twins: Slaughter and Despair, Makkal and Agaris. They raise some interesting questions as to their nature. Were they Splinters, like spren? Or were they actual men who became Slivers? I think they were the former (pun intended). Their thought processes, or what we see of it anyway, seem kind of alien. They followed the letter of the rule laid down by the Former, but not the intent (also pun intended). Of course there are arguments against this: men can become just as twisted, especially over the course of hundreds of years of war, followed by imprisonment in conditions of sensory deprivation and memory loss. Then there is also the ending, where they appear to take on a human form... I don't understand who imprisoned them though The magic: Amberite, Bestarin and Night were created by Makkal (Slaughter) Verdant, Ferrous and Luminous were created by Agaris (Despair) Amberite - allows one to create and shape rose-coloured crystals into spikes, blades or armour, more powerful ones can create bigger structures. Takes the form of an embedded crystal in the back of the bearer's hand; Aether of the High Aedin royal line; end-positive. Verdant - allows one to create living vines, which are edible and nutritious though tasteless. One can also control the vines' movements to change direction mid-air, wrap someone up, find things to hold on to so as to allow the bearer to pull off a Spiderman or Tarzan impression. Takes the form of a moving vine wrapped around the user's wrist but can also grow to wrap around more of their body if the Aether or the Bond is strong; end-positive. Its source takes the form of a giant ancient tree. Bestarin - those with Bestarin bonds, when grievously wounded, can graft animal parts onto their bodies. Most notably, in the case of amputation, they can graft claws or paws and control these limbs as though they were their own; end-neutral. Ferrous - those with Ferrous bonds can build metallic architectural or mechanical structures which form around their body, trapping them within it forever. It seems that doing this also makes them functionally immortal unless the structure itself is destroyed. Other Ferrous bonded can communicate with them. A Corpate, a four limbed vehicle is a prominent example. End-neutral Night - the titular Aether, the source of which served as Makkal's prison. The well also served as the Aedin's method of public execution. The Aether of Night can be used to summon and control human shaped forms made of shadows as though the user's own body, meaning that their real body would have to remain immobile while they are controlling the shadow creatures. It can also be used to teleport oneself. It also seemingly strengthens other Aether bonds, though that may have been Makkal himself. Luminous - the secret Aether of the Vo-Dari priests. Its source also served as the prison for Agaris. The well was located in the Vo-Dari compound in the Aedin capital. It can be used to teleport others by physical contact in a flash of white light. It seems not to be true teleportation, in the sense of instantaneous travel between two points without having to traverse the distance between the two, as in the books the one being Sent can still perceive themselves "turn into light" and travelling at incredible speeds to their destination. I have a few questions regarding this: why was the Aether of Night so much more powerful than the Luminous Aether, despite them both being the divine Aethers? Are the Aethers alive? D'na's Aether certainly acts alive. Or is that just a quality of Verdant Aethers due to them creating living things? Or perhaps due to the Former mostly inhabiting their source. The creatures: The Gol - created by Makkal to be fierce warriors but changed by Agaris to be gentle lovers of art who could not create art themselves. The Shentis - humans altered by the Fell Twins, rendering them infertile, apparently the only effect aside from their physical transformation. Agaris created the virus and Makkal made its effects visible. They live near the Verdant source but never communicated with the Former or tried to form a bond with Verdant though that may be because they couldn't, perhaps due to Investiture interference The Worldbuilding The cultures were not presented in the novel very well. It was very planet of the hats and often far too close to too many real-world stereotypes. The honour-bound, the intelligent, the sensual/sexist/exotic, the religiously strict, the simple: no further characterizations, no indications that this may have been just the narrators' inexperience. The male lead's perspective on being honourable and dutiful was done well, a character archetype I usually find very annoying. The two plots problem was real: The tone of the story often did not match what was happening. At first I tried to rationalize it as the male lead seeking escapism from his responsibilities, upheaval of identity and end of the world, with the intriguing female lead would-be assassin but it became harder and harder to do so as the story went on. I did not see the plot twist at the end coming, but was quite unsatisfied with it. Religious fanatics murdering everyone, not a single Vo-Dari questioned what they were doing. It was quite difficult to sympathize with them, despite the fact that to them, their god told them to extinguish two entire Aether lines (each contains hundreds or even more than a thousand individual members). Their machinations and willingness to slaughter even members of the other two lines made them feel very flat. The conclusion to the bride problem was... problematic and not all a narratively satisfying conclusion, far too quick and "funny" series of solutions to a very tension-filled problem which could have been used to flesh out the brides and their cultures.
  12. After many rereads of the books I just came to realize the importance of a conversation that Adolin has with Maya in Words of Radiance. In it he is confiding to her before a duel and at this point "Adolin will be an Edgedancer" is pretty much fact but I think this was the literal beginning of his journey to become a Radiant. He says these words to her "I want you to know... I believe in father, I believe he is right, that the things he sees are real. The world needs a united Alethkar, fights like this are my way to make it happen." This is what woke her from her slumber I think, Mayalaran was part of the Desolations and Alethela was the Radiants home. Her proximity to Dalinar and Adolin's "honoring the fallen" to her, herself had made it possible I think but this was the moment she became more than a Deader imho. Just thought I would put this here for anyone who hadn't caught it.
  13. I'm new to the website and can't find this question so I thought I'd ask: (spoilers for book three I believe) As I understand it, Odium came to Roshar from Braize with the humans. Honor and Cultivation and the Listeners were all natives of Roshar. So why did Honor/Cultivation back the humans? Also, I get that the ancient Listeners tied to Odium would go back to Braize in death, but why don't the humans go there as well if they were the original connection? Did they just decide as a people to fully swap gods? Final question, why did Honor/Cultivation decide to share a planet? I get the reasoning behind Ruin/Preservation, but I feel they dont need eachother to form their own worlds.
  14. Hi! So I was re-reading WoR and in the Chapter 89 Dalinar has problems reaching the top of Urithiru due to the crem bloquing the trapdoor. But later, we are shown that the Hightstorms and Everstorms run under Urithiru, so how has de crem deposited on top of the city? One friend has de theory that Urithiru is a fabrial itself and, specifically, a teleportation fabrial. That would explain the crem and how Nohadon could walk to Urithiru. Also it may explain why every nation maps Urithiru near it's capital (or maybe that's explained by the position of the oathgates) Thanks!
  15. In era two there are no mistborn and full feruchemists and much less powerful mistings/ferrings. I am guessing in era 3 and 4 even mistings/ferrings will be rare and twinborn might even be nonexistent. Does anyone have any ideas about how Brandon Sanderson will be able to keep the powers going?
  16. Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
  17. 16 seeded bracket obviously Format is Character (equipment) 1. Vin (3 metal vials with the 10 basic metals and duralumin) 16. Shai (All soulstamps) 8. Eshonai (Shardplate & Shardblade in stormform) 9. Siris (Holy band, standard armor and shield, and infinity blade) 4. Adolin (Shardplate and Shardblade) 13. Dilaf (sword) 5. Raoden (Elantrian powers as they would be in Teod) 12. Alcatraz (Firebringer and Windstormer lenses) 2. Kaladin (Stormlight belt replenished for each round, Syl) 15. Hrathen (Sword and gyorn armor) 7. David 10. Wayne (dueling canes and filled metalminds and 3 vials bendalloy) 3. Susebron (Peacegiver's treasure, cloth strips) 14. Denth (sword) 16. Wax (Vindication, ammo pouch, shotgun,3/4 full weight metalminds, 3 vials steel) 11. Vasher (NORMAL sword, awakened gear, ropes, 500 Breaths) No flying, falling or jumping over 30 feet above the ground. All battles take place in the dueling arena near the Shattered Plains. Who will win it all? Bonus:post the results for EVERY round Super bonus: All these characters attack the Lord Ruler and his inquisitors in Kredik Shaw. No mistmetal for Vin but they know TLR's weakness Edit: For debating purposes, shardblades will not cut through the other combatants' swords. Siris's shield is a half-shard.
  18. Hi everybody! I'm wondering how interested people are in the yin and yan aspect of Szeth and Nightblood. Not only in their personalities, but in their aesthetics. Specifically, I'm wondering if any of the talented artists on this site would be interested in drawing Szeth and Nightblood AS the yin and yan, what with the flowing of the loose white clothes and the black smoke. It's how I imagine him when he bears Nightblood at the battle of Theylena; rising inevitably into the air, one arm in front of himself as if in prayer, the other outstretched, sweeping Nightblood in a flowing arc around himself, for one instant the white and black in perfect balance, separate, yet mibgled. Or however a willing artist pictures him . I can't draw well but I can see it so clearly. I think it's a powerful image and I'd like to be able to show it to others who are on the fence about reading! Thanks for the consideration, and if anyone else thinks this aspect of the bond is interesting, hit me up! I never get sick of talking about the Cosmere!
  19. Howdy all, This is my first post on this forum; it's great to be here! Although I have perused this site for some time, please excuse me if this theory has been previously stated. I also wanted to mention that I heard this theory from a close friend, and I have added slightly to it. So the credit (or criticism) goes to him! In short, I believe that Brandon used the word "capacity" in a purposefully ambiguous way; the interpretation of this term has series-altering potential. Let's first separate fact from assumption. Fact 1: Taravangian was given his condition by asking for "the capacity" to save mankind. Fact 2: Taravangian's condition is defined by a sliding scale of attributes. As he grows more intelligent, he becomes less compassionate and vice versa. Essentially, Taravangian's character is defined by four traits--intelligence, stupidity, ruthlessness, and compassion. Assumption: Taravangian's "capacity" to save mankind is referring to his attributes of intelligence and ruthlessness--to a lesser extent) Specifically, it has granted him the capacity to have that outlier day of supreme intelligence, the day where the Diagram was created. There are several reasons why I believe that the above assumption is wrong. 1. Odium's Encounter--At the end of Oathbringer, Odium displays such a degree of foreknowledge and sheer intelligence that the predictions of the Diagram and Taravangian's potential intelligence seem inconsequential in comparison. Taravangian, based upon his intelligence and ability to make ruthless decisions, never stood a chance. He never had the "capacity" in this way. 2. The Diagram's Degree of Error--As the series progresses, the Diagram seems to stray further and further off course. Although some characters initially chalk this off to misinterpretation, it becomes clear that Diagram is flawed based upon unforeseen results. This concept is further reinforced through other characters, such as Renarin, predicting the future incorrectly. 3. Taravangian's Own Experience--Lastly, Taravangian himself notes that his outlying days are very similar. When he is both incredibly intelligent and stupid, he cannot interact with humans in a meaningful way. Also, his decisions when he is most intelligent/ruthless seem to actually be incredibly stupid (i.e. killing off his subjects for being stupid etc.). In short, the above reasons, especially in view of Taravangian's story arc, show that his intelligence/ruthlessness never even came close to giving him the capacity to save mankind. This does not seem in keeping with what we know about the Nightwatcher/Old Magic. Instead, I believe that Taravangian's "capacity" comes from his more neglected attributes--his potential for compassion and/or for extreme stupidity. These attributes will increase in importance as his character becomes more aligned with Odium. His stupidity may thwart Odium at some critical point, and his compassion is not compatible with being an effective ally of Odium. In a way, Taravangian seems very alike to Gollum. Each are maligned characters that may unintentionally tip the balance in the favor of good, and each are intrinsically tied to the trait of compassion--Gollum to Frodo's compassion and Taravangian to his very own. Furthermore, all this is in keeping with what we know about the Old Magic--namely, that boons are indeed granted but often in ways that are unforeseen/unconventional. Please let me know what you think. Regardless of whether it happens or not, this could lead to a very redemptive/beautiful story arc and could be a very Sandersonian twist. TLDR: Taravangian's capacity to save mankind refers to his compassion/stupidity rather than his intelligence/ruthlessness.
  20. So I recently reread Mistborn era 1 for the first time, having read the series the first time over 7 years ago. I also reread Alloy of Law and then started and completed the rest of Era 2 and Secret History. And now I am having a huge book hangover and I just need to share my disjointed thoughts and feelings somewhere as NONE of my friends have read any Sanderson books. Here they are: While my favorite book of all time right now is the Way of Kings and my favorite series is the Stormlight Archive, I feel like the Cosmere’s most emotional/tear-jerker, intimate and even funniest moments happened in Scadrial. The Final Empire: My favorite book of the whole series. I must admit, I did not see Kelsier’s death coming the first time I read it. I would have thrown the book across the room, against a wall, had I been reading a book rather than my kindle at the time. Kelsier is my favorite Mistborn character, and second favorite in the Cosmere behind Kaladin. I am glad I chose to reread the series, despite its darkness and sad, though bitter-sweet, ending. I ugly-cried when Vin yelled at the group/Kelsier and the subsequent heart-to-heart between Vin and Kelsier on the rooftop (I did this on the reread, knowing what will happen to Kelsier). I really love the relationship between Kelsier and Vin, and how they helped each other grow. That’s one of the reasons why TFE is my favorite Mistborn book. Well of Ascension: I was quite bored reading the first half of the book during the reread. But I loved seeing more of Sazed and being introduced to TenSoon. I really liked Vin’s and Elend’s love story in TFE, but it took me a long time for me to be convinced of their relationship in Well of Ascension. Hero of Ages: Wow…I don’t have the words for this yet. Let me just think about it more. Alloy of Law: Of all of the Era 2 books, I think I love Wayne most in this one. He’s hilarious in this one. As the series goes on, he gets a bit too much at times. I really wanted to slap him after seeing his few interactions with Steris in the later books. This book was a great introduction of Wax and Wayne. One of my favorite quotes: “It’s the place honor goes to be strung up, flayed within an inch of its life, then cut down and left in a desert. If it survives something like that, it’ll be stronger than hell” I know this refers to the Roughs, but I couldn't help think of Kaladin when I read this. Shadows of Self: I love MeLaan so much! She’s definitely one of my favorite Cosmere characters of all time, behind Kelsier. This was the book that made me realize that Wax, though a descendant of Breeze, seems more like a mix of Vin, Kelsier and Kaladin (you can see the same hardness in him in this book that Kaladin has). The ending was so sad. Bands of Mourning: Sanderson as a writer really shines in this book. It is so well crafted. There is a healthy mixture of humor, adventure, action, romance, and strong character development of all of the main players. I love Steris in this one. Wax’s and Steris’s romance is Sanderson’s best written, most believable romance in the Cosmere. I will reread this soon because it’s just so fun. Secret History: I have mixed feelings about this book. It made me question Kelsier a lot more. I also didn’t fully appreciate some of the last things Vin had to say to Kelsier. It was almost like she was lecturing him. I have this feeling everyone wants to villainize Kelsier so much (yes, I do think he needs to control his anger and he is narcissistic…) but I feel that he does KNOW how to love. His love for Mare never really altered, even after assuming she betrayed him. That fact, in the first book, was what helped Vin learn to trust more, too. What Vin said to Kelsier in the end needed to be said to him, but maybe that wasn’t right time to do it. But maybe Vin just felt that she had no other time. At least Kelsier didn’t seem too bothered by it. He just felt more proud of her. Funniest parts/quotes of the series: - when everyone starts talking Eastern street slang to get a rise out of Breeze in The Final Empire. “Wasing not of wasing is.” - In the beginning of Alloy of Law, Wax drawing stick figures on his notes, showing how much he misses his friend and his old life. “As he wrote he hesitated then added a couple of stick-figure bandits at the top, drawn in Wayne’s sloppy style. Crazy though it was, he felt better having them there.” - “‘Huh,” Wayne said thoughtfully. ‘Tea is poisoned.’ With that, he toppled to the ground.” - “‘You’re a very unique individual, Wayne.’ ‘Technically, we all are,’ he said. Then he hesitated. ‘Except for twins, I guess.’” - Introduction to Ranette, who threatens to shoot Wax and Wayne - Steris to Wax, in Shadows of self: ‘You, however, have given me only two names of people to invite. Wayne and a woman named Ranette – who, you noted, probably wouldn’t try to shoot you at your own wedding.’” - Elendel University in Shadows of Self, from Wayne’s POV: “The etched letters over the top proclaimed, in High Imperial, WASING THE ALWAYS OF WANTING OF KNOWING. Deep words.” - “‘Aw, Ruin!’ Wayne said. ‘I missed her? What did she leave for me?’ ‘She …said I was to slap you,’ Darriance admitted. ‘Aw. She does care. See that, Wax, she cares!’ Wax nodded absently as Wayne tried to force Darriance to slap him across the rear-which he doubted was what Ranette had intended.” - “The immortal demigod took a throaty slurp of her beer, then slammed the mug down onto the table, grinning like a four-year-old who had been paid cookies to rat out her sister. Wax studied her as she looked Wayne in the eyes and let out a belch that could have woken the dead. Beside Wax, Wayne nodded in appreciation, looking quite impressed.” - ‘Thy snoring,’ MeLaan said, ‘is rather loud.’ ‘I…what?’ ‘It doth be like unto an hundred angry koloss,’ MeLaan said, ‘in the middle of a rockslide. Lo, and it doth come near to waking the dead.’ ‘Right…’ Aradel said.” - Bands of Mourning: Wax, Wayne, Marasi, MeLaan and Steris all scaring poor Aunt Gin when they first got to the hotel room. - Bands of Mourning, the group escaping the hotel: "'Is that the constables?’ Aunt Gin asked, sounding horrified. ‘Afraid so,’’ Wax said, pulling the door closed. The carriage lurched into motion, and Steris leaned out the window, waving farewell to the poor innkeeper. ‘Framed for murder!’ Steris called to her. 'It’s on page seventeen of the list I gave you! Try not to let them harass our servants too much when they arrive!’”
  21. I started reading this over the last weekend and quickly made it through the first 1/3rd of TWoK. Well, I decided I needed to do some research as I wasn't picking up on certain names, relationships, etc (I know, big mistake, only myself to blame, you know what comes next). Needless to say I have run into a few spoilers on this site and others... namely... Kaladin summoning Syl as a shardblade & changing to a lighteyes and joining the honorguard (darn you Fandom) and something about a different version of him relating to Amaram Elhokar's death (but not much context around it) Dalinar/Navani marriage The Kaladin one seems pretty big; I'm hoping I haven't blown the biggest surprise of the series. Just looking for reassurance as I really enjoy what I am reading. I guess I should have known better that the series has been out for a while and spoilers are pretty much littered about on any forum or Wiki. Thanks in advance.
  22. So while this could be nothing, I was looking through some discussions about stormlight 4 and I started to connect some dots. While it is not confirmed, a lot of the fandom- and myself- believe Hesina, Kaladin's mother, to be originally from Kharbranth. If this is true, we known from the end of Oathbringer that all those who were born in Kharbranth and their spouses will be spared from Odium. We also know that Odium is bound by his word and so he must follow this deal he struck with Taravangian. While I've seen quite a few people saying this deal will end up being bad for Taravangian and that Odium ultimately got the better deal, I think this deal is what will bring about Odium's downfall, not Taravangian's. Now I should say this having any sort of possibility weighs heavily on Hesina being born in Kharbranth, but under the assumption that she is then this means that Lirin is spared by association. And yet, even with this deal potentially protecting him, much of the fanbase believes Lirin will die in Stormlight 4. This is where I think Odium trips himself up. If Lirin were to die as a result of Odium- so be singers, listeners, or corrupted spren- the deal between Odium and Taravangian will immediately become void. And while we don't necessarily know what happens when a shard's word is broken, it is my personal headcanon that a big part of the process for Honor being shattered was that he in some way broke his word. While obviously this has a lot holes in it, I just wanted to point it out as I've been seeing a lot of people talking about the Kharbranth deal and whether or not Lirin will die in the next book.
  23. So following the recommendation of and many peers I bought the Licanius trilogy. I have not been so disappointed by a book this acclaimed since the Sword of Truth before everyone knew Goodkind was a plagiarist. I am halfway thru the second book and just cannot 'see' what everyone else does. There are so many parallels between Licanius and SoT it is mind boggling. I find it really irritating that the characters are all insecure and frustrated in EXACTLY the same way. Let alone the authors obsession with conversation to explain everything rather than point of view exposition. I am here to ask a simple question, if I dont like it now, is there really something that will change my mind coming soon? It is literally PAINFUL to read these characters that are literally identical naratives with different names.
  24. The journey through the delvers maze made, at many times, Spensa think of caverns back at detritus. Many times, she felt that what she is seeing was a projection of a real cave back home. She also sees the same alien language in the delvers maze which is found in caves back at detritus. Also many of the caves are like a maze back at detritus, people have been known to loose their way in them. Many caves have not even been discovered or fully explored. so, what if the homeworld of Spensa, detritus is actually built upon a Delver corpse. Humans were trying to control delvers, already the delver maze is possibly a delver corpse that belonged to humans, so is it possible that humans killed delvers? Or they simply happened upon their corpses. A world had naturally formed on top of such a corpse? Detritus? The word Detritus also means “organic matter formed from decomposition of organisms” in this case, the planet has been created from the decomposition of a delvers corpse. We have no proof that humans ever actually lived on the surface of the planet or many humans lived inside the caverns. It is possible that they created the platforms around the planet and lived on the platforms exclusively as much as was possible. But the planet was very important to them because it gave them access to Taynix ie slugs and nowhere portals to create acclivity rings. The planet was a big manufactory for humanity’s war effort.
  25. spoilers

    THIS WILL HAVE DE SPOILERS: I just (literally just) had a theory about the Delver's. As someone on the general thoughts thread said, they weren't, as far as we can tell, around in Defending Elysium. And there is so much that interests me about that. While it might just be a writing flaw, as brandon wasn't aware he was going to do that, I refuse to believe that. Brandon is the type of author who makes an In World explanation for any flaw in his writing. He has done this. So here's the theory: humans (or possibly something else, more on that later) became the Delvers. They had to gain incredible power, but from what we've seen of humans, they would be so warlike that learning all the possible battle based things that Cyto could do wouldn't surprise me. It could have been just one at first, and the warped mind led to the new Delvers not remembering anything about humanity. It could have been part of a battle plan, turning them all into Delvers (I doubt this one). It could have been a TLR situation, where one superpowerful Cyto turned all the most powerful cytonics into delvers. It could have simply been over time, more powerful cytos became delvers. Here's some things I have that back it up, especially humans: What changed after DE? Humans. Humans expanded throughout the Galaxy, and started to cause chaos (even if my theory is wrong, it's clear that humans caused the Delvers). They tried to take over the galaxy several times, which would be quite a big change. Spensa thought she was becoming Delver-ish. This could happen to all Cyto's. This could just be a side effect of the Delvers in space. But what if it was the way human psychology reacted to powerful cytonic abilities? We've been shown that cytonic abilities don't exactly make people stable, they have quite the opposite effect. So maybe super powerful cytonic ability warped it even further, to full on Delver level. Humans summoned delvers. Not much, but do we have any explicit proof that they existed before this? Something had to happen to create the delvers. Something as big as them would have been noticed, and commented upon, by Jason. But he didn't. Therefore, in all likelihood, they didn't exist. My secondary theory for how they would have formed: AIs, grown too powerful, with too much cytonic technology, went all Eldritch horror, and humans banished them to the nowhere. This would explain why AIs were forbidden to such an extent, why MBot had such clear restrictions, such a powerful subroutine to stop him from going beyond his limits. It might also be why the Delvers are attracted to AIs- not the cytonics on them, but the fact that they came from AIs. While it could have been another race, I find this extremely unlikely. It just doesn't make sense that they coincidentally came into existence after humans went into the galaxy. So yeah, that's my theory. -Ark1002