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Found 194 results

  1. I started reading this over the last weekend and quickly made it through the first 1/3rd of TWoK. Well, I decided I needed to do some research as I wasn't picking up on certain names, relationships, etc (I know, big mistake, only myself to blame, you know what comes next). Needless to say I have run into a few spoilers on this site and others... namely... Kaladin summoning Syl as a shardblade & changing to a lighteyes and joining the honorguard (darn you Fandom) and something about a different version of him relating to Amaram Elhokar's death (but not much context around it) Dalinar/Navani marriage The Kaladin one seems pretty big; I'm hoping I haven't blown the biggest surprise of the series. Just looking for reassurance as I really enjoy what I am reading. I guess I should have known better that the series has been out for a while and spoilers are pretty much littered about on any forum or Wiki. Thanks in advance.
  2. So while this could be nothing, I was looking through some discussions about stormlight 4 and I started to connect some dots. While it is not confirmed, a lot of the fandom- and myself- believe Hesina, Kaladin's mother, to be originally from Kharbranth. If this is true, we known from the end of Oathbringer that all those who were born in Kharbranth and their spouses will be spared from Odium. We also know that Odium is bound by his word and so he must follow this deal he struck with Taravangian. While I've seen quite a few people saying this deal will end up being bad for Taravangian and that Odium ultimately got the better deal, I think this deal is what will bring about Odium's downfall, not Taravangian's. Now I should say this having any sort of possibility weighs heavily on Hesina being born in Kharbranth, but under the assumption that she is then this means that Lirin is spared by association. And yet, even with this deal potentially protecting him, much of the fanbase believes Lirin will die in Stormlight 4. This is where I think Odium trips himself up. If Lirin were to die as a result of Odium- so be singers, listeners, or corrupted spren- the deal between Odium and Taravangian will immediately become void. And while we don't necessarily know what happens when a shard's word is broken, it is my personal headcanon that a big part of the process for Honor being shattered was that he in some way broke his word. While obviously this has a lot holes in it, I just wanted to point it out as I've been seeing a lot of people talking about the Kharbranth deal and whether or not Lirin will die in the next book.
  3. Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
  4. So following the recommendation of and many peers I bought the Licanius trilogy. I have not been so disappointed by a book this acclaimed since the Sword of Truth before everyone knew Goodkind was a plagiarist. I am halfway thru the second book and just cannot 'see' what everyone else does. There are so many parallels between Licanius and SoT it is mind boggling. I find it really irritating that the characters are all insecure and frustrated in EXACTLY the same way. Let alone the authors obsession with conversation to explain everything rather than point of view exposition. I am here to ask a simple question, if I dont like it now, is there really something that will change my mind coming soon? It is literally PAINFUL to read these characters that are literally identical naratives with different names.
  5. The journey through the delvers maze made, at many times, Spensa think of caverns back at detritus. Many times, she felt that what she is seeing was a projection of a real cave back home. She also sees the same alien language in the delvers maze which is found in caves back at detritus. Also many of the caves are like a maze back at detritus, people have been known to loose their way in them. Many caves have not even been discovered or fully explored. so, what if the homeworld of Spensa, detritus is actually built upon a Delver corpse. Humans were trying to control delvers, already the delver maze is possibly a delver corpse that belonged to humans, so is it possible that humans killed delvers? Or they simply happened upon their corpses. A world had naturally formed on top of such a corpse? Detritus? The word Detritus also means “organic matter formed from decomposition of organisms” in this case, the planet has been created from the decomposition of a delvers corpse. We have no proof that humans ever actually lived on the surface of the planet or many humans lived inside the caverns. It is possible that they created the platforms around the planet and lived on the platforms exclusively as much as was possible. But the planet was very important to them because it gave them access to Taynix ie slugs and nowhere portals to create acclivity rings. The planet was a big manufactory for humanity’s war effort.
  6. THIS WILL HAVE DE SPOILERS: I just (literally just) had a theory about the Delver's. As someone on the general thoughts thread said, they weren't, as far as we can tell, around in Defending Elysium. And there is so much that interests me about that. While it might just be a writing flaw, as brandon wasn't aware he was going to do that, I refuse to believe that. Brandon is the type of author who makes an In World explanation for any flaw in his writing. He has done this. So here's the theory: humans (or possibly something else, more on that later) became the Delvers. They had to gain incredible power, but from what we've seen of humans, they would be so warlike that learning all the possible battle based things that Cyto could do wouldn't surprise me. It could have been just one at first, and the warped mind led to the new Delvers not remembering anything about humanity. It could have been part of a battle plan, turning them all into Delvers (I doubt this one). It could have been a TLR situation, where one superpowerful Cyto turned all the most powerful cytonics into delvers. It could have simply been over time, more powerful cytos became delvers. Here's some things I have that back it up, especially humans: What changed after DE? Humans. Humans expanded throughout the Galaxy, and started to cause chaos (even if my theory is wrong, it's clear that humans caused the Delvers). They tried to take over the galaxy several times, which would be quite a big change. Spensa thought she was becoming Delver-ish. This could happen to all Cyto's. This could just be a side effect of the Delvers in space. But what if it was the way human psychology reacted to powerful cytonic abilities? We've been shown that cytonic abilities don't exactly make people stable, they have quite the opposite effect. So maybe super powerful cytonic ability warped it even further, to full on Delver level. Humans summoned delvers. Not much, but do we have any explicit proof that they existed before this? Something had to happen to create the delvers. Something as big as them would have been noticed, and commented upon, by Jason. But he didn't. Therefore, in all likelihood, they didn't exist. My secondary theory for how they would have formed: AIs, grown too powerful, with too much cytonic technology, went all Eldritch horror, and humans banished them to the nowhere. This would explain why AIs were forbidden to such an extent, why MBot had such clear restrictions, such a powerful subroutine to stop him from going beyond his limits. It might also be why the Delvers are attracted to AIs- not the cytonics on them, but the fact that they came from AIs. While it could have been another race, I find this extremely unlikely. It just doesn't make sense that they coincidentally came into existence after humans went into the galaxy. So yeah, that's my theory. -Ark1002
  7. I just want to say that I think that out of all, Winzik is the biggest fraud! He prattles on and on about how his species has attained primary intelligence and are, therefore, not aggressive or destructive and therefore alone deserve the FTL technology. Well, clearly all his actions, from trying to eliminate the “human scrounge” permanently to creating a force of lesser species to the first test using live fire to summoning the delvers and planning to use them as a proverbial gun on every species heads to then using it to destroy humans to the military coup!! All these actions are very aggressive and the products of an extremely rash, destructive and dangerous mind! All the things that “primary intelligence levels” reached by your species should have made impossible for you to be! Therefore, winzik, you are a big fraud and the whole primary intelligence system of yours is fraudulent. Any views guys, please share.
  8. There are a lot of issues with adapting the Stormlight Archive books into film, but I feel like there are a couple of scenes in the books that would work really well in a movie. Especially with music. My idea is for Oathbringer: What do you think? Is there any scene that you think should be in a Stormlight adaptation and do you have any ideas on what it would be like?
  9. A friend recently pointed this out to me and I think it is very interesting: This excerpt shows that Spensa can hear the same hum that she hears from the stars aka the delvers. It indicates that delvers and AI are related indeed. Already there are theories of how humans might have created delvers as AI that then went very bad and humans own creation turned against them, while I like that but another possibility comes to mind, what if, it was the other way round. Delvers if you think about it act very computer programming like. They have a central cpu unit- the heart, where the main brain is, and they project all types of illusions and threats to protect themselves from outer threats, creating holograms as illusions and making humans feel fear is something that an advanced cytonic computer program can accomplish. They also have very little understanding of feelings and emotions! Very AI type. We also know that humans tried to use delvers as a weapon against others. What if, they did more than that. What if it is the other way round. What if, delvers always existed but humans used the knowledge they acquired from them to create AIs like m-bot? He is very advanced level AI and no other species has anything near that level. Some of the stealth technology may have come from figments but the actual CPU, the actual programming, what if they created by learning from delvers? Also, I am very curious to know what change will come in M-bot from entering in the nowhere? Is he going to grow there somehow? He already worked faster near the portal, what would happen to him inside the nowhere itself? What will come out?
  10. So I was rereading the bands of mourning and I am honestly a tad confused about the ending. 1) is there a canon answer to how the bands of mourning got to that temple? Is it because somehow Vin never decided to go back and reclaim the bands, then Sazed put them there when he recreated the world? Did Kelsier somehow get hold of them when he was a cognitive shadow after the world’s rebirth? I don’t think these are answered in the book, but My understanding so far is that that temple is to worship Kelsier, so he must have something to do with it, right? 2) How did Kelsier get spiked? In the coins, the statue, and the epilogue, which I believe all are talking about Kelsier, he had a spike through one eye. How did he get it? He didn’t die through the eye, right? Is it Hemalurgic? If so, what would be the point of it? A cognitive shadow can’t use any sort of metallic art right? Also, is there a reason for the mirroring between Marsh’s and Kelsier’s pierced eyes?
  11. First, a recap of what we know about Harmonium: -It explodes when it contacts water -It copies the effects of whatever Allomantic ability is used nearby (Burning steel nearby would make it steelpush as well) -Burns with "a pure whiteness" when it's duplicating Allomantic effects -It slowly uses itself up when copying an ability With those in mind, my theory is that the Harmonium duplicates abilities by converting its mass into raw investiture, which then aligns with whatever "flavour" of investiture is being used. Here's why: Brandon Sanderson did say that what it's doing is akin to the way matter can be converted into energy, and that it's really unstable because it's Spiritual nature (a very delicately held balance of Preservation and Ruin) is unstable, and will tear itself apart if given the chance (it's sort of the opposite of The Stick). When it the Spiritual identity tears itself apart, that Spiritual energy is released into the Physical realm, causing an explosion. I believe that when ettmetal burns itself out when copying abilities, the metal is reacting with the water vapour in the air to create a slower, more controlled version of that Spiritual energy explosion. This continuous reaction produces small amounts of Spiritual energy, seen in the white light produced by it's burning. I like to think of that Spiritual energy as "unflavoured" investiture, sort of like how a stem cell is waiting to become any other cell. This "unflavoured" investiture then keys into whatever "flavour" of Allomancy is present, similar to how stem cells will typically turn into the same type of cell that is nearby. This would explain how Harmonium can copy Allomantic abilities used nearby. Answers to possible counterarguments: 1. If ettmetal reacts to water vapour as well, why doesn't it burn itself out when allomantic abilities aren't used nearby? My answer to this is that Harmonium won't react to such small amounts of water for the same reason that Stormlight doesn't soulcast everything around it without someone actively trying to soulcast. Soulcasting works by convincing the "soul" of a material to change it's Spiritual identity to that of another material using Stormlight (Honor's investiture) as a sort of bribe. But the "soul" will not change without a direction or idea of what it should change into, even if you have a huge amount of investiture. Similarly, Harmonium won't react with water vapour to produce "unflavoured" investiture if there isn't a flavour of investiture to key into. 2. So why is it that throwing liquid water onto it causes it to react if water vapour won't for the reasons stated in question 1? I think that it has to do with the nature of Harmonium's Spiritual identity. Harmonium's Identity does want to change, it has a direction it wants to go in, which is "not Harmonium". It's identity is made of two things that really, really don't want to be together, Preservation and Ruin. If water acts as a trigger for the opposing intents of Preservation and Ruin in the metal to react, then small amounts of water won't be enough to trigger the metal to change itself, but a large enough amount of water should be enough for the metal to react and change as it's identity wants it to. Again, it's similar to one of the characteristics of soulcasting, that even if you have the direction for the material to change into, you need enough Stormlight to convince the soul of the object. If we consider water as acting on Ettmetal in the same way that Stormlight acts on souls (a reason/motivation to change), then having enough water be enough for Ettmetal to change into the direction it wanted to in the first place. This is my first theory, so I welcome any questions and criticisms with open arms.
  12. I read this chapter and to summarize, it is mentioned that Herdaz was in a year long fighting with Odium's Army. Herdazian General "the Mink" was the leader behind it and he is blamed by Lirin for all the bloodshed in a lost cause of a battle. Lirin does not mention the radiants. he does not mention the coalition or unified human forces. What I am confused about is the role of Knights Radiants, Dalinar and his coalition in this Herdazian War. Were they not involved? If they were, then Lirin would not consider it a lost cause, would he? And if they were not involved, why not? Was not Herdaz part of the coalition. What really happened in this one year gap? I know we will probably get the answers in the next book, but i thought if anyone has any thoughts on this, please share.
  13. shadesmar

    So I've been thinking about the 'sun' in Shadesmar and the clouds trail towards it... It was just a thought, but could this point be where Adonalsium was shattered? I think this because it may have been an explosion of sorts which could be the cause of the clouds expanding outward from that point. I don't have any facts to support this, I was just wondering what you all thought of this?
  14. Well, hello. I am Tesh, the, erm, founder? of the Knights of the Cosmere. The Knights of the Cosmere is a decent sized role playing group, though most of our members are inactive. We have a role play on a PM, so if you'd like to join, I'll tell you how to go about doing that in a minute. This thread will basically just be for updates, general conversation among members, and ones who would like to join, and a catalog of sorts to keep track of all the members. To join: Members: Rules: RP #3 will be starting in a few weeks, and recruiting will end for a while. If you want to read the role plays, @AonEne has them in a Google Doc, and you can ask her for the link.
  15. So I was In another group and someone posted chapter 1 of stormlight 4 . The said they got the rough draft at a book signing . Can I post this and would anyone like to see it , I was shaking when I saw it wasn’t just another copy of Navani preface that we saw . It opens up with Lirin. I don’t want to violate any rules so please let me know if it’s ok !
  16. So I have recently finished rereading the Mistborn series and a thought struck me. When do the books take place in relative time to each other? Elantris, Mistborn Era 1, warbreaker, and the stormlight archives all seem to be medieval-ish, but are they all happening at relatively the same time? I know that oathbreaker has to be after warframe because nightblood talks about Vasher, but what of the others? And when does Hoid decide to jump around in the cosmere? another question I have is relating to the cognitive realm. The cosmere is one big solar system, so that means some planets orbit faster than others. So would worldhoppers really have to know when they want to get where if they are say, doing a delivery of some sort from one planet to the next, or handing nightblood from one planet to the other? I have to admit, the delivery of nightblood was kinda perfect. Did Hoid send nightblood? i know I might have crammed in a lot of questions into one, but I’m really curious about all of this.
  17. I highly doubt I’m the first to propose this, but in the Prologue and in several flashbacks depicting Desolations, there are references to large piles of burning Kremlings. We know that the Aimians are not very common on Roshar, and so it would stand to reason that few would know much about them. So it would be easy to mistake a pile of Hoardlings as Kremlings, especially when they’re burning. Do we know if the Aimians fought in the Desolations? And if so then were they fighting alongside or against the humans?
  18. Let me just start this by saying that there may be spoilers in the following. So I was thinking about the Mistborn video game that was canceled and it got me thinking, what kinds of video games would be the best for the different Cosmere worlds. I was talking with my brother-in-law (also the one who got me hooked on BS) about this and we came up with what we think are some great ideas. Stormlight Archive: Real Time Strategy (RTS), (Starcraft, The original Warcraft, most of the Command and Conquer games.) The Stormlight Archive lends itself to the RTS format very well, with the ability to have many different teams that all play very differently: Alethkar, Parshendi/Listeners, Ghostbloods, The followers of the Diagram, and more. All of these teams would have their heroes, such as Radiants, and Fused. They would also all play very differently, creating very different strategy's and lending themselves to different peoples play styles, for example: The Parshendi could have the ability to change the "forms" of all their units giving them the ability to go from having hundreds of workers to hundreds of soldiers. There would also be the ability to have vastly different maps ranging from the Shattered Plains to the Purelakes. Each of these locations could influence the game in a verity of ways. Mistborn: Third-Person Role Playing Game (RPG), (Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider,) We considered making this an MMO, the problem with this is that there would be far too many mistborns running around. The only way to limit this would be to limit people to mistings, but we felt that would be far less interesting given the universe. So our solution, a story driven RPG. We didn't really talk much about the mechanics of the game or how the ability of the metals would manifest in the game, but we think it's the best fit. Reckoners: Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO), (World of Warcraft) I know this isn't Cosmere, but It is still a great idea. We were thinking about which of BS series would work the best as an MMO, the problem is that given the way most of his worlds works, there would be way too many magic users around, be they Mistborn, Radiants, or otherwise. Then we though about The Reckoners as an MMO, there wouldn't be hundreds of people with magic or superpowers. In fact the Epics would be perfect for bosses in instances and raids. I'm curious what you all think. What styles of games do you think would fit Cosmere worlds? Any thoughts on my ideas? Let discussion ensue! P.S. Alcatraz is totally an 8-bit Mario style plat-former.
  19. Most everyone has caught on that the individual books of the Stormlight Archive are all named after in-universe literature. The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, etc. My theory is that the series itself is named after in-universe literature. In Oathbringer, My theory is that this library was known in-universe as "The Stormlight Archive", giving us the name of the series.
  20. So how many people from bridge 4 have already become radiant we have kaladin, teft and lopen But do you think that skar and drehy have also sworn their 2nd oath and thus are at the same level as lopen? Also whose next? Any ideas?
  21. Ok I read white sand volume 3 yesterday and I have a few questions 1).Ok so in the comic u see a female face in the clouds watching the actions going on below. I know it's autonomy but does it signify anything , like is autonomy seriously interested in human affairs ? or is it just that the artist thought it would be cool to give obvious Clue's to the greater nature of the Cosmere ? 2). How come Baon is way more powerful at Sandmastery than even Drile ? 3). If overmastery leads to increased power , could Drile use it to eventually control as many as 50 or more ribbons ? Could Kenton learn to control 25 or more ribbons eventually ? 4). Why did the Diem keep this knowledge a secret ? I mean , sure keep it secret in the training years but after that let it be known. For example , after testing kenton's determination and his success even when restricted to a single ribbon , they could have easily told him the secret and made him powerful . 5). I'm guessing the singer at the going to darkside is Hoid. What in damnation is he doing in Taldain ? I thought Bavadin stormin hated him . I thought he would never risk going there. I mean roshar is one thing. Odium was kinda lying low and I guess the other shards cloaked or protected him intentionally or not. Besides Rayse had a lot of other stuff to deal with , so he couldn't focus on hoid. But taldain is a mono-Shardic planet and autonomy is pretty free . Hell he got found out by endowment and she warned him off. I'm sure bavadin won't be near as generous. She even says her child/avatar on obrodai is programmed to hate him .
  22. In OB, when Moash kills Jezerien, on a recent reread of OB, i noticed that ShallAsh cries out, OH GOD! OH ADONALSIUM! This makes me wonder, why would a herald cry out in the name of Adonalsium? not Honour? or Almighty? even Cultivation may be. But Adonalsium? Did the Heralds worship Adonalsium? Does that mean they followed a pre-shattering religion? or could it mean that they were alive pre-shattering? How old exactly were these heralds at the time of forming the Oathpact? How much time was there between shattering and forming the Oathpact? It can not be within a single lifetime. Even human exodus from Ashyn and settlement on Roshar and then first desolation, forming of fused by odium and forming of Oathpact with honor, all these events in totality, should have taken a long time, atleast a 100 years if not more, but still we know from wobs, that heralds came from Ashyn. Again, how old were these heralds? I always thought that they became Immortal after the oathpact, since they are basically cognitive shadows, but now i am wondering if they were already immortal when they came from Ashyn? Because that could explain a lot here. Were they surgebinders who destroyed the planet? hence, they were made to leave? So had that surgebinding granted immortality too? I am all too confused here. any thoughts guys, please share...
  23. HUGE SPOILERS FOR IF YOU'RE NOT CAUGHT UP ON THE COSMERE (Apologies if I mess up the format. This is my first discussion post) Adonalsium was the combined power of all of the Shards. If one took a piece of each of the Shards and combined the pieces, could it make a Shard that was basically a mini Adonalsium? There could be many advantages to this, such as not being consumed by the power (Preservation was driven to Preserve at all costs, Ruin turned Ati into a monster, Honor became obsessed with the word rather than spirit of oaths) and being able to tap into multiple magic systems. We've seen that Hoid is collecting magic from all across the Cosmere. The bead of Lerasium is a large chunk of Preservation, a Shardblade is a piece of Honor, Breaths are pieces of Endowment, and Hoid's ability to sense where he's needed might be linked to Fortune. Perhaps his goal is related to this theory?
  24. Hello all, I recently reread Era 2 and was thinking about whether or not Hoid would have been on Scadrial during the Catacendre. My assumption would be yes, based on the timing of his use of the perpendicularity in Mistborn Secret History. If this is true is it possible that he stayed on Scadrial up until he is seen in Era 2 with the coin? I could not find any indication one way or the other. Is there any known evidence for his presence/absence? Thanks for the great forum.
  25. Warning: It has been 6 months since Skyward came out, so I hope you have read it at this point (it's really good, you should read it regardless of whether I'm running a game on it). However, while the basic premise of the game is not a spoiler, particular mechanics are significant spoilers for the book. Read the rules and play the game at your own risk. The Krell were kind of sick of dealing with the humans on the face of Detritus. Certain factions wanted to back off entirely. Others just wanted to wipe out the humans on the surface and be done with the potential risk. But for now, they continued to match forces with the humans, keeping them busy, and hopefully keeping them from trying to escape and bring ruin upon the galaxy again. But the Defense Force was dealing with internal problems. Specifically, an entire cave of people had decided they didn't like how the Defense Force was run. Their children were thrown into combat to battle off the endless waves of Krell, that never seemed to stop. So the Defense force had ended up barricading off the rebellious cave. Unfortunately for them, certain members of the military were already sympathetic to the rebels, and had decided to take action against the military in order to effect change. And all the while, a cadet was busy fixing a mysterious ship, a girl who could end up becoming a threat to every human on the face of Detritus. The die were cast. And the fate of a remnant of humankind relied upon the actions of pilots in a final flight. And hopefully, that final flight would be the best one of them all. _____________ Welcome to MR35, Final Flight. There will be a 24h/24h rotation from day to night, totaling 48 hour cycles. The game will begin at 8:00PM EDT on 5/22/19, a week after LG55 has gotten off the ground. The simplified rules are in the spoiler below, the exact rules will largely depend on the number of people who sign up, and will be posted along with Day One. There are certain secrets in this game. Feel free to sign up with a call sign. As this is the final game that I will run, and might be the final thing I do in the SE community for 2 years depending on what happens, I'd like to thank you in advance for joining this game. That being said, as indicated in the rules, activity is very important. Not submitting ship requests will leave you with bad ships, and not submitting night actions will increase your probability of being court martialed, because by not submitting night actions you put the entire village and eliminators at risk of losing to a Lifebuster bomb (although there is a buffer, if a single player doesn't submit an action, everyone isn't going to lose. The Krell force should be manageable so long as at least half the village attacks Krell). Please keep that in mind. Player list: Quick Links: