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Found 69 results

  1. Hello, assorted sanderfans! I have just finished reading the first few chapters of The Lost Metal, and it looks like things are getting spicy. I'm pretty convinced that the Set is following Odium at this point. Odium is preparing for conquest of the Cosmere, and Scadrial looks like his first target. Here are some reasons why I think so. As Taravangian ascended and became Odium near the end of RoW, he decided that the rest of the Cosmere was ruled by ¨impostors.¨ In classic villain logic, he decides to take over the other worlds to ¨save¨ them. As Lost Metal is the first major Cosmere book to be released after RoW, narrative flow would make it a good target for invasion. At the end of Bands of Mourning, we saw someone with red eyes, working for the Set and disguised as a human. That sounds a lot like a Fused. Lord Ladrian's internal monologue indicates that it is disguised, and there's an order of the Fused who have that as their sole ability, so... yeah. From the blurb, we know that Harmoy's prescience doesn't work in a particular town, which is being influenced by the Set. That has served as an indicator that another person/shard who can see the future is in the area, and Odium is the best shard for seeing the future. Please respond if you think differently!
  2. Just something cool I noticed. In the Two Seasons broadsheet, it says something about the citizens feeling the effect of explosions building an “underground railway.” I think this is just supposed to be a tie in to the fact that they were convincing people underneath the city if Bilming that the Ashmounts were back, I think they were actually just causing the occasional explosion to add to the effect of the hoax. Just figured that was pretty cool, nothing else there.
  3. so ive read secret history once but i didnt have much prior cosmere knowledge - i just finished my reread of it and i have questions. a lot of them. 1. Who are the Ire? From which planet? Which book? Which Shards? What are the glowy things they eat? Which planet is the building Kelsier reaches on? 2. It says the building glows with a white-blue light… is this Stormlight? How??! 3. How is the space between planets represented in the Cognitive Realm? 4. How did kelsier found ghostbloods and why? 4a. also how did he become visible to gavliar on roshar? 5. how did kelsier tie himself back to the physical realm as mentioned at the end? does this mean he’s no longer a cognitive shadow? 6. what is the affliction kelsier shares with the heralds as mentioned on a wiki somewhere? thanks guys!!
  4. having just finished my reread of mistborn era 1 (in preparation for the upcoming release, obviously) im a bti confused as to the timeline… this is much before stormlight, right? because ghostbloods is foudned by kelsier and thats well established in the stormlight era. is there anywhere i can find a clear timeline to allthe cosmere novels?
  5. How can a person have colbalt blood? If they are created from dead humans, how can they reproduce with a human?
  6. Spoilers for SLA and secret projects in this theory! I just wrapped up Rhythm of War again, my first read after the sample chapters from the secret projects. It has me thinking about the technology progression on Rothar. Urithiru is already one of the most technically advanced construction in the Cosmere, and I assume it will continue to evolve as Navani and the Sibling come up with new fabrials to add to the system. I am hoping we see a couple developments with Urithiru. First, an ability to teleport itself around Roshar so that armies can move without requiring to marshall out on the path gates. Then eventually Urithiru becoming a cosmere traveling “mothership”, teleporting between planets and potentially even being deployed in space. The sibling can already create pressure and atmosphere, why not artificial gravity as well? I am so ready for Urithiru to elsecall itself into LOE over a planet and have Radiants halo jump to battle!
  7. So, in the most recent episode of Intentionally Blank, Dan and Brandon were talking about D&D stories. While Dan was about to talk about the ending to a campaign Brandon stops him, saying that he is going to use it in Stormlight 5 (Episode 61, 17:30). This is very interesting and I doubt we can get much detail on this, but this definitely warrants speculation. Before that we get a lot of information on the campaign and on some of the characters in it. Maybe we can try to figure out what the ending was. We have mention of wild magic, trading predictability for much stronger spells. With the way Dalinar is messing with Honor and Bondsmithing that could mean something. There is other stuff that mentions a "god" how grants magic being resurrected along with a bunch of other people. None of this probably means anything but there is enough to speculate.
  8. Okay, so I don’t know if this has been explained elsewhere or what but I’ve been wondering why in the Scadrial system the Shard’s impact can be seen in the Godmetals and the Mist but on Roshar it is in the form of Light, Tones, and Rhythms. What do you think is the reason behind this is? Also, would there be a Godmetal, Light/tone/rhythm, and maybe even type of breath (as breaths are little pieces of Endowment itself so are a reflection of its power (I think? Please correct me)) for each and every Shard? (And maybe the combination of all is Adonalisium’s Light? (in Roshar’s case)) So far I’ve assumed that that is just the natural form that Investiture takes in a given system but if that’s the case (it’s just natural) then why that form and not some other? Sorry if this seems a bit cluttered and messy or just plain stupid
  9. This is a question that I have been thinking a lot about lately. Not one that I have really dug super deeply for answers on though, so apologies if there is a wobs on this already or if someone has asked this already! Just assume spoilers for all cosmere below, hope that’s ok:
  10. In the prologue to book 5 where we see events surrounding Gavilars death from his own viewpoint, the Stormfather cries out «A Herald… A Herald has died… No. I am not ready… The Oathpact… No. They mustn’t see. They mustn’t know…» which herald is this? The only herald we know to be dead is Jez isn’t it? We know it isn’t Shalash (probably the one the other heralds refer to when saying «we saw her handywork» in the study with Gavilar). Many of the others are known to be alive in book 4; so who died during the assasination? Does anybody know or have any thoughts?
  11. In the prologue to book 5 where we see events surrounding Gavilars death from his own viewpoint, the Stormfather cries out «A Herald… A Herald has died… No. I am not ready… The Oathpact… No. They mustn’t see. They mustn’t know…» which herald is this? The only herald we know to be dead is Jez isn’t it? We know it isn’t Shalash (probably the one the other heralds refer to when saying «we saw her handywork» in the study with Gavilar). Many of the others are known to be alive in book 4; so who died during the assasination? Does anybody know or have any thoughts?
  12. Reading Warbreaker and the amount of breath for each heightening, I noticed that the amount of breath followed some kind of exponential function. So I tried to find the math law that they follow I started by plotting the amount of breath versus the level (Figure 1) taking into account an error of 1% for each level. This is because it is written that the amount for each level is not exact, so I assume a value that increases as the level does. ↑Figure 1: BioChromatic Breath for each Heightening Then I tried different basic functions, but I found that it doesn’t follow those. Eventually I divided every amount by 50 (Figure 2) and by the level squared (Figure 3). ↑Figure 2: Figure 1 divided by 50 ↑Figure 3: Figure 2 divided by Level Squared With this i started to try again with this formula () and found values for A, B and C that approximated the curve. then i expanded the formula so the results approximated Figure 1, i got Eq. (1) Using OriginLab I plotted Figure 1, and fitted using Eq. (1). And i got Figure 4: ↑Figure 4: Figure 1 fitted using Eq. (1) The values for this formula are: Replacing the level we got this values: This aren’t very accurate, but they are very near, and may be the real values that are approximated in the books. Be aware that there is an unknown error to this values, they could be less or more Conclusion The most probable thing is that Brandon picked random values for each level, but it still was fun to try and find out this law. Replacing for an 11th heightening we get around 120000 breaths for it. If in the future there are more levels, and they follow this formula i would be very happy. Keep in mind they will most probably not follow this.
  13. I’m sure this (or similar) has been posted before, but I’ve been enjoying thinking about it so I’m posting here for discussion opportunity. We have a couple of confirmed cases now of living shardplate. Kaladin swears the fourth ideal and gains his shardplate, composed of windspren. Jasnah’s living plate is confirmed to be made of logicspren. (1) What makes a spren a likely candidate to make up a radiant’s sharplate (based on Kaladin and Jasnah’s examples): • The radiant is commonly around this type of spren, or vice versa • The spren is attracted to things the radiant does (such as windspren appearing when Kaladin “flies”) • The spren is not a “higher” spren More criteria that are my personal opinion only: • Not an emotion spren. My reasoning is that emotions are fickle and fleeting, and thus attracting emotion spren would be inconsistent. Gloryspren fall into this category. • Not an “unsavory” spren, such as rotspren, deathspren, plaguespren, decayspren. My reasoning is that these would be less likely to be “attracted” to things the radiants do. Here is a breakdown of confirmed shardplate and my guesses. What are your thoughts? Confirmed: • Windrunners = windspren • Elsecallers = logicspren Likely: • Edgedancers = lifespren • Lightweavers = creationspren Personal guesses: • Willshapers = musicspren (I’m basing this solely on the fact that the stones “sing” to Venli) • Dustbringers = flamespren • Skybreakers = starspren • Bondsmiths = bindspren (2), or possibly a different spren type for each bondsmith No idea, maybe a spren we haven’t seen yet: • Truthwatchers • Stonewards Other potential shardplate candidates: • Concentrationspren • Gravitationspren (3) • Luckspren (4) (1) Jasnah’s shardplate is confirmed to be made of logicspren in a WoB: (2) Bindspren are the tiny spren Kaladin sees sticking a rock to a wall when he uses a full lashing in Way of Kings chapter 57. (3) Gravitation spren are found around heavy objects. They are used by singers to take on work form. (4) Luckspren are arrow-shaped and bond to greatshells and larkins.
  14. Do we know how the timing lines up on Scadrial and Roshar? In TWOK Demoux is seen worldhopping on Roshar, meaning the non-flashback events we've seen on Roshar must occur after but within decades of the Final Ascension on Scadrial. In Mistborn Secret History, Kelsier only learns of worldhopping around the time of the Catacendre. He is widely theorized to be Thaidakar, but the Ghostbloods have presumably been operating for decades on Roshar. When did Kelsier establish the Ghostbloods? Also, Demoux followed Kelsier in life, later becoming one of the founders of and most dedicated adherent to Survivalism. What are the chances that he became a worldhopper but NOT a member of the Ghostbloods? I assume this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything written on it. Have I made some faulty assumptions? Thanks!
  15. theory

    I've been mulling some of these over for years and with Rhythm of War, I think that there's enough information to make a coherent theory. I'll add citations later... There are 16 surges. We know that Radiant Surgebinding is based off of the Surgebinding granted through the Honorblades. We know that Honor added safeguards to surgebinding so that Roshar wouldn't be destroyed like Ashyn The Lord Ruler hid 16 allomantic metals by telling the world that there were only 10 Looking at the overlap that we see between the other investiture systems that we've explored, there are some glaringly obvious gaps in Surgebinding No emotional surges, even though we see emotion spren... No temporal surges, except for Renarin who has an "enlightened" spren and has lost access to the surge of illumination No direct action surges. We have lashings, but those are changing the direction in which things fall... we don't have surges for pulling and pushing stuff. We now know that the spren that make up Shardplate are related to the sapient spren that form the shard blades. I believe that Honor created the Honorblades by mutating natural spren like windspren and creationspren by giving them splinters of Honor (and Cultivation) and then continued creating the sapient spren to hide the method of creating the Honorblades.
  16. The title really should be Too Many Radiants. I'm sure this doesn't bother a lot of you, but I really can't get behind how many radiants there are. (I've only read part 1 of ROW so far) I was never even really a fan of the squires, but grew to be okay with it thinking they would remain squires. Nearly all of Bridge 4 has their own spren? To me that takes away how epic Kal's journey bonding Syl was. Gaz has his own spren? Really?? I understand you need to be broken to form the Nahel bond, but what made me love these books was the incredible abilities of the Knights Radiant and how rare I thought that feat was. As an Adolin fan I was always looking forward to him potentially saying the words or reviving Maya. Unfortunately that excitement is gone. It's become commonplace to be a Radiant which I really can't get behind. Started part 2, but am struggling now. My "dark brain" as Syl would call it is thinking my favorite series is no more
  17. Knowing that the Dawnshards carry Commands, and that the Shards carry intent, I think that the reason a lot of the Shards have trouble acting is because they are Intent lacking Command (looking at you Harmony) I think Odium somehow was able to wield the Dawnshard Change, and used it to splinter the other Shards I think that Honor was somehow able to take the Dawnshard away from Odium (perhaps dying in the process). Stripped of the Command to Change, Odium has been bound to the Rosharan system Many have noted how similar the effects of the Dawnshard are to awakening. Its also been noted that Endowment seems to have some sort of plan against Odium. I think Endowment is creating a new Dawnshard, perhaps with a sufficient amount of Breath. It seems within the Intent of Endowment to Endow someone with a new Command.
  18. Out of all the known worldhoppers, which shardworld have the majority of them been born on. My first thought turns to Nalthis, but I feel like I'm missing something.
  19. I’m a longtime reader of SA series and gone through it about 4 times now and countless other books and series0_o BUT.. I’m just now going through MistBorn for the first time and I can’t emphasize enough how much a part of me died when El lost the vote for the kingdom. I haven’t been that emotionally hurt from a book in a LONG time and just wanted to know if anyone else felt similarly. And definitely a place for others to share books/moments in them, that made you die with one of the characters.
  20. So I was thinking about journey before destinations do the ultimate implications of it along with kaladins character. I think that somewhere probably stormlight 5 kaladin and maybe dalinar are going to go out in spectacular fashion and they may lose to odium but keep him trapped or something like that. why: 1. kaladin has to die, he is far too op, And far too capable To survived to the second 5 books without stealing the spotlight from some other characters. (Not an interesting way to completely ignore this problem is something happening to syl, because if syl goes away especially if she is sacrificed for some reason it plays very well into kaladins arc and also makes it so he can’t overshadow others) 2. journey before destination really seems to be leading to the idea of a final last stand or a defeat. With kinda the idea going there being “it doesn’t matter that we lost because we put up a crazy good fight” at least in my mind that seems the end point of the idea But the main reason I think it’s gonna be kaladin is like I said before but also kaladin is the character that other main characters look at and go “that guy is awesome” the reason that’s important is because every other time I have seen brandon do that said character had died.
  21. In the afternoon of the day he died, Gavilar offers the gem containing Ba-ado-Mishram to Eshonai with the intention to return the Listener gods and the cycle of desolations. In Szeth’s prologue in Way of Kings we see Gavilar give the gem to Szeth and tell him not to let the Parshendi have it. Did he change his mind in the meantime? It seems like he has had a change of heart about his plans in the six-eight hours between events. Did Nale and Kalak speak to him? One of the other Heralds? it’s my speculation the sphere contained Ba-ado-Mishram but there is no proof. I’m assuming the sphere Gavilar shows Eshonai is the same he gives to Szeth. is this the same gem both times? Does Gavilar get it back or does he have more than one? did he change his mind or does his plan just require the Parshendi don’t have that sphere?
  22. An impression of Kaladin in his shiny new captain's uniform.
  23. Hi everybody! I'm wondering how interested people are in the yin and yan aspect of Szeth and Nightblood. Not only in their personalities, but in their aesthetics. Specifically, I'm wondering if any of the talented artists on this site would be interested in drawing Szeth and Nightblood AS the yin and yan, what with the flowing of the loose white clothes and the black smoke. It's how I imagine him when he bears Nightblood at the battle of Theylena; rising inevitably into the air, one arm in front of himself as if in prayer, the other outstretched, sweeping Nightblood in a flowing arc around himself, for one instant the white and black in perfect balance, separate, yet mibgled. Or however a willing artist pictures him . I can't draw well but I can see it so clearly. I think it's a powerful image and I'd like to be able to show it to others who are on the fence about reading! Thanks for the consideration, and if anyone else thinks this aspect of the bond is interesting, hit me up! I never get sick of talking about the Cosmere!
  24. I am relistening Skyward after reading Starsight and I think that the Commander of the Defiant ordered Spensas great-grandmother(?) to summon a Delver. He was desperate, in pain and possibly wanted to take some Superiority soldiers with them, but GGM decided to take them to Detritus instead for whatever reason.