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Found 44 results

  1. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

    1. R J

      R J

      It is The Truth. 

    2. AonEne


      Is that your dog, or did you just find the image? 

    3. R J

      R J

      I just found the image. My family has cats sadly 

  2. I am relistening Skyward after reading Starsight and I think that the Commander of the Defiant ordered Spensas great-grandmother(?) to summon a Delver. He was desperate, in pain and possibly wanted to take some Superiority soldiers with them, but GGM decided to take them to Detritus instead for whatever reason.
  3. spoiler

    Hey guys, so I just finished Skyward a few days ago, and I had a really interesting idea/theory on what is going on here. Right before the Lifebuster explodes, M-Bot is running through his systems, trying to figure out a way to escape so they don't die in the blast. When he reaches the Cytonic hyperdrive however, something interesting happens, a line I think most readers may have overlooked. It reads something like: "Biological component activated" and then they jump about 100,000 Kilometers away I think. So here's my theory, I think M-Bot is an advanced scout ship, and it was used by the humans to scout out planets before they attacked the aliens in the war. I think that perhaps Cytonic humans weren't considered as freaks back then, and they were highly valued as scouts because they could jump places quickly and easily with specially designed ships. Now, M-Bot said he had been deactivated for something like 127 years, right? And the humans have been on the planet for 80 years I think. So I think it's possible that M-Bot and his pilot were scouts, and maybe they jumped to close to the automated defenses and got shot down. What do you guys think of my theory and the future of M-Bot?
  4. From the Houston Skyward signing we have the following question and answer; Someone on the Coppermind has interpreted that as follows; Is that actually what Brandon said? It's possible to make Atium and Lerasium from Harmonium? If so, that might have fairly big implications for 'The Lost Metal', but it seems more that Brandon was trying to explain before being interrupted, that Harmonium wasn't connected to lerasium and atium in that way, that combining them doesn't make Harmonium, and splitting Harmonium doesn't make lerasium and atium. But...if its possible to split Harmonium, what does it make? That suggests that it's made of other things you can reduce it down too, and therefore maybe lerasium and atium have components too?
  5. I've been wondering recently about the Shattered Plains, more specifically about the Shattered part. From this quote: we can infer that the Shattered Plains were not always shattered. It raises another question though: who or what shattered it? The Song of Wars states that it wasn't the Parshendi or their gods who shattered Stormseat. A different theory I've seen is that the Knight's Radiant destroyed the area, but that doesn't explain how it's symmetrical. Another theory suggests that the Splintering of Honor caused a shockwave (based on the earthquake on Sel; I understand that the Splintering of Devotion and Dominion was ages before the earthquake btw), and Roshar has no tectonic plates (apparently). So, to you brilliant Cosmere fans, do you know what shattered Stormseat? I have asked a couple of people, searched through the WoBs, and now I am here. Please help me.
  6. Alright I don't know if I missed something or what but I've been left really confused since I read Oathbringer the first time. So its been stated that first the heralds received their powers through the oathpact with the almighty, which happens after humans switch from odium to almighty and spren learned from that how to form the nahel bonds that allowed people to become radiant and surgebind. According to the Eila Stele in chapter 111 in OB the radiants who at the time were of odium and therefore couldn't bond to spren (b/c pre oathpact) somehow destroyed their world and came to roshar and took it over? I feel like I'm missing something because it hasn't been brought up anywhere I can see despite being a major plothole.
  7. So I was bouncing around the idea of individuals who hold shards become the embodiment of their shard. It has been noted several times that those that become shards at first keep their own personality and traits, but over time become slaves to their shard. In the Oathbringer it is mentioned that at first Honor was encouraging the Humans of Roshar that they have a right to the land too and their fight was noble, but as time progressed he was basically just screaming about oaths and honor. We can see that overtime Tanavast lost his own personality and became an embodiment of Honor. Ati is interesting. It is mentioned he was once the kindest of the shardbearers, but became a slave to the concept of Ruin. But I did notice that Ruin had a twisted viewpoint when talking to Vin. He often makes comments about how what he is doing is a kindness. I don't have the books nearby to reference, but a few paraphrased lines of have him talking about how nothing is meant to last forever, and he is the one to ensure this happens. Or that she should think of him like a shopkeeper who sweeps up and turns the light off when the shop is closed. I think Ati, who was a kind individual originally, retained some of this even as consumed by Ruin as he was. He sees destroying and ruining things as a sort of benevolence. His personality traits seems to have mixed with the concept of Ruin and created a weird altruistic Ruin. I'm wondering if a hateful person like Rayse would have made a violent, vicious Ruin instead. Or a strategic person might have created a Ruin who sees the destruction of Scadrial as just another move in the game of chess. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  8. Okay so this just crossed my mind and I'd like a second opinion. Lift has a unique ability to touch Spren in the physical realm. Can she control this? Because she walks into the cloud made by the Thrill to give Dalinar the perfect gem. If that cloud is the physical form of the Thrill, wouldn't she bump into it as opposed to pass through it? Or does her unique powers let her walk into it but be unaffected? Just curious, maybe a WoB exists for this already?
  9. My theory is that teft was a wind runner as a child. He says that his parents were part of the order of envisagers and that each dies early in his life. He also says that he betrays trust and talks about his old spear squad and childhood reluctantly if he can even be prodded into talking. His reluctance reminds me a lot of kaladin’s reluctance to talk about amaram and his months as a slave. i think teft spoke the first ideal and bonded his spen at a young age and when he figured out what he could do tried to save his family by convincing them that his mother had powers. (He would probably be to scared to show himself as a surge binder much like the others we have seen and so opted for this). This would explain why his mother “really believed she had it in her”. He would have easily been able to make spheres go done in her presence and make things change corse with the reverse lashing (like Kaladin did with the arrows). When she went to the envisagers saying she was a radiant (and could stop Trying to bring back the voidbringers) they tested her but teft couldn’t be there to protect her. This was his first failing. Then he went to the local law enforcement to try and save his father resulting in him being hanged. We don’t have much on the intervening years between this and the bridge crews but I think he was still trying to save people (his old spear squad) when he joined the army but fell back into drugs (witch probably started after his fathers death) resulting in him not going on a scheduled plateau run. (Causing his men to die in some way. Likely by an enemy shard bearer) his failure to fight when commanded resulted in the bridge crews. Sorry it’s so long winded tell me what you think
  10. I think the 3rd spren (the first 2 being the storm father and the night watcher) is oathbringer. The shard blade is the only blade we know the deep history of, owned by sadees the sun maker (and presumed bond smith), who was the last person to unite Alethcar under 1 banner. He also tore down the Hierarchy (likely due to his knowledge giving to him by oathbringer) much like Dalinar in the third book. He then went on to fight herdaz and the rest of Roshar. This was probably a result of failed negotiations, similar to Dalinar’s early attempts to unit the world, but when his talks failed the sun maker reverted to war likely starting the death of his spren. I also think that Dalinar will revive oathbringer as it doesn’t scream when Dalinar holds it, only whimper. furthermore when Kaladin and company are trapped in shadesmar the spren of the oath gate says that it’s parent is dead and we have it from a WoB that dead spen naturally turn into shardblades on death and we know that nine orders failed during the recreance and with the sky breakers being so prevalent we know that the bond smith of that generation forsook his oaths killing the 3rd spren.
  11. This contains spoilers for Bands of Mourning.
  12. Long time leader first theory post I have a theory about the origin of the unmade and the heralds. I think he unmade we're humans at one point "unmade" into powerful evil Spre when the midnight mother is defeated shallan get the impression she was trying to understand something she lost. In symmetry I believe the Heralds may have been Spren "Made" human which is why they are so dedicated to their ideals. Just a gut feeling
  13. Here me out. I was thinking on the reason for Recreance. In the book, the cause was said to be because the radiants found out that the original voidbringer were humans. This seemed strange to me, seeing that a nahel bond is an extremely intimate bond, that they would just kill off their spren for this fact. Also, it's strange to me that they seemed to be horrified about the epiphany, yet do nothing to remedy the situation, the Parshendi remained as mindless slaves, treated like chulls. You would think that they may start feeling pity for the natives. This is where the theory comes in. The reason for Recreance is not related to the reality of Parshendi, but it more of an insurance for the future. Just as Leras from mistborn made plans for after his death, honor may have made his own plan for after his death. It is known from Dalinar's vision that Honor was still alive during the Recreance, and in Oathbringer, we learn that Honor was starting to lose his mind around Recreance. Honor and the radiants of the time made a plan, an investment for the future, the Recreance may be an insurance for the future that both the humans and the bonded sprens agreed about. So where is this Going? In the world today we have maybe a couple of thousands of these heavily invested entity right under odiums nose, (preservation's mist anyone) which may turn out to become the turning point that tips the scale. We know that Odium is not all-knowing just from the fact that he thought Shallan was an Elsecaller, a lie that she told. So it is quite possible that Odium may be fooled into thinking that the radiants abandoned their oath because of the truth. All just a theory that was orbiting in my mind. I wanna know what you guys think.
  14. OK I give. Clearly there are glyphs in the frame, but I'm at a loss. Anyone worked this out yet?
  15. Something about the aluminum guns and bullets has been bothering me... They couldn't work. At least not more then one shot, because of the galling problem with aluminum. The barrel would be ruined and the cartridge would be jammed in the chamber. The problem with galling is why brass is almost exclusively used for cartridges. As a professional machinist and amateur engineer I can thinks of ways to make it work without using other metals, but they all rely on technology that is far advanced of that in Scandal.
  16. theory

    I just want to release this statement early. I don't have hard evidence, and I don't know if others have submitted the theory in the past. The in-world auther of the epigraphs we have seen in Oathbringer, is HONOR. I do not remember his proper name, but the epigraphs were written by the holder of HONOR, after he was separated from his shard. He states that "those who saw farther" than himself, would likely presume him dead, but that he had in fact experienced something much worse. He is referring to the other holders of Shards, some of whom are able to see quite a distance into the future. The fate-worse-than-death he refers to is his separation from his shard (which may or may not have been voluntary), and having to view the events on Roshar, powerless to effect them as he once could. Honor may, or may not have acquired a Splinter of his previous Power, and he may, or may not still be alive.
  17. Ok, I'm going to start this off by warning you, there are going to be a LOT of spoilers. If you haven't read at least to the end of BoM, please go away lest I spoil Mistborn for you. Still with me? Ok, so I'm going to start off by stating a few simple facts. Allomancy is of Preservation (I don't really like how that sounds, but it'll do for now). Lerasium is also of Preservation. Lerasium makes you able to burn any allomantic metal. Hemalurgy is of Ruin. Atium is of Ruin. Atium can steal anything through hemalurgy. Feruchemy is of Ruin and Preservation, a.k.a. Harmony. Ettmetal is of Harmony. You see where I'm going with this? Were the shard in question not Harmony, I would go about this in a different way, but it is, so this is going to be a whole lot simpler and less guesswork involved. Lerasium and Atium are two God metals, and the magic systems made by the same shard as the shard who made the god metals. This allowed anyone who used them in that magic system could then do anything in that magic system. Since both feruchemy and ettmetal are from the same shard (Harmony), then this should mean that ettmetal should be able to do anything in that magic system, in this case, feruchemy (I'll get onto what that means in a second). You could argue that this is only true for Ruin and Preservation, but Harmony is Ruin and Preservation, so yeah. If Ettmetal were to be able to let you do anything in feruchemy, what would that mean? Well, let's look at what it could mean, explain why, then rule out the ones that seem unlikely. Anyone can tap/store in ettmetalmids Anyone can access whatever is stored in an ettmetalmind Only full feruchemists can use ettmetalminds Any attribute can be stored in an ettmetalmind There may be more that I missed out, but that's it for now. Please tell me of other things it could mean. So, no. 1. I think this might be possible because of the similarities between allomancy and feruchemy. Simply put, lerasium allows anyone to use allomancy. The power is given, which correlates to how allomancy works, the power must be given because Preservation cannot destroy or take. Atium can steal and attribute or power in hemalurgy. This correlates to how hemalurgy works, something must be taken, since Ruin can only destroy. Feruchemy works by both giving and taking. Thus, nothing can be given to the person using the ettmetalmind, so they couldn't magically become a feruchemist. However, if anyone could use the ettmetalmind, that would be a property of the metal, and wouldn't be giving or taking anything to or from the person using the ettmetalmind. Overall, this seems fairly likely. no. 2. This seems pretty unlikely as you can already do that by storing in an aluminiummind (or aluminummind, if you're American), so I'm going to rule it out (for now). 2. Anyone can access whatever is stored in an ettmetalmind no.3 Since I based this off of how only mistborns can use god metals except for lerasium, which is part of Preservation, this is pretty unlikely, as ettmetal is part of harmony. However, the heory may work if it was changed to fit any god metal other than ettmetal in feruchemy. 3. Only full feruchemists can use ettmetalminds no. 4. This may be possible in the same way anyone can become a mistborn if they burn lerasium, so I'm going to leave it on the list for now. So now, we have a theory that Anyone can use an ettmetalmind Any attribute can be stored in an ettmetalmind If anyone has some thoughts on how to improve and refine this theory, or a WoB to back this up or knock it down, or if you just want to say something about it, please reply and say whatever you're going to say.
  18. I just finished reading the manuscript for Aether of Night, and it lead me to wonder about the remaining shards in the Cosmere and in what future books will there likely be new shards found. Here is the list I have compiled at the moment Devotion (Aona) Dominion (Skai) Preservation (Leras) [Later Harmony] Ruin (Ati) [Later Harmony] Odium (Rayse) Cultivation (unknown but Hoid calls her Slammer) Honor (Tanavast) Endowment (Edgli) Autonomy (Bavadin) Ambition (Unknown) Survival Shard Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown For the remaining shards, we know that some of the books that Brandon is planning to write (excluding Silence Divine which is set to take place on Ashyn, which does not have any shards) are Dark One, Dragonsteel, Skyward, and Aether of Night. Am I missing anything? If so, can you help out? Thanks.
  19. My friend who finished reading the Stormlight Archives before me told me about this when she finished WoR and I was really close to finishing WoK. Now I am done with both, and I love her idea. It makes perfect since. In Oathbringer, there will almost definitely be an awkward love triangle between Adolin, Shallan, and Kaladin. When Kaladin and Shallan were in the chasms together for three days, they goy to know each other. And Shallan and Adolin, well, let's just say it was love at first sight. Sure, Kaladin are friends by the end of the book, but that would make it even more awkward. That is for the love triangle part. We were thinking, who would Shallan go for? Then I thought, first, maybe Renarin! My second thought was that it didn't make any scence (I can't spell) but it would make a great plot twist. My friend said that her friend (one I am not on speaking terms with) said that maybe Shaladin and they will adopt Lift! Again, no scence but awesome. But if Renarin joined the Love Triangle, would that make it a love SQUARE?
  20. Now I Know What You're All Thinking Yet another new face to the 17th Shard, trying to make his way in the world by shoving foolhardy ideas out into it. And you would be right, for there is no better way to start than to have an idea shut down. How else would the next one come to fruition, after all? So bear with me, please, as I am naive and somewhat already addicted to this site (*pointedly avoids looking at the time*) So no matter what I'm told, no matter what Sanderson says, I am convinced that there is some connection between The Reckoners world/universe and that of the Cosmere. Don't worry, I am not stating that I believe it is WITHIN the Cosmere, but that there is some sort of connection. I mean, this is Sanderson we're talking about, and he is nothing if not one surprise after another. So First & Foremost, Some Foundations Okay, allow me to echo back to the conclusion to Calamity, in which we actually meet the title himself. Not Larcener the High Epic, but Calamity the God of sorts (we'll get to that). Trace back a number of steps to the dialogue between Calamity and David Charleston, our protagonist. Calamity hinted that there were many others like him, but did not elaborate on that whatsoever - did he mean each were sent to a different version of reality, or each were sent to a different world with sentient lifeforms? This does not initially seem something Calamity should be so afraid of revealing, until he nearly lets slip a very important detail. That is, each of these Calamity-figures were all sent by someone. It seems like he was referring to just one person at the time, before he cut himself off, so not much more was given here. We must also trace back to the very idea of other realities, and how heavily they weighed on the world and story. Other realities do exist. If infinite, it is not unlikely that the Cosmere is nestled in there. But I digress. Let's move on. Idea #1 - Reckoner-Earth Is In The Cosmere I should probably mention here and now that I don't believe this one is the truth of it. Maybe a bit of me hopes, but I don't really believe it. That would be too simple, too. . . not Sanderson. Look at the investiture of the confirmed Cosmere worlds - they are inherent to the world itself, to its peoples to its Gods for Gods' sake (don't excuse the pun, I'm proud of that one). The powers bestowed upon Epics are exactly that; bestowed. Given with a singular purpose by a singular figure (with a mysterious, and unfinished background). This figure, Calamity, was not a God of any sort. He simply does not fit in with the image of the Shards. Yes, we could think on the "others like him" as Shards, assuming he himself was one, but he also said they were each given a purpose, so to speak. Think again on Odium in the Cosmere - I doubt his purpose, if given by whoever (Adonalisium?) would be to splinter the other Shards. There is plenty of foundation to use this as a plausible theory, but I don't full accredit it. Let me know your thoughts! Ideas #2 - Reckoner-Earth Is In The Cosmere 2.0 Now, I had never even considered this before reading an entry on on part with the announcement of the Apocalypse Guard (Entry by Chris Lough - ). Naturally I don't want to take full credit for this kind of idea, but let's step back a little and try see its potential. Essentially more or less all of the points from Idea #1 will be applied here, but instead of being within a Cosmere it is within a universe of its own - for sake of argument, we'll put it Cosmere 2.0. Again, who sent Calamity? WHAT IS Calamity? Will the Apocalypse Guild, with it being "parallel to Earth" be within this second Cosmere? All are questions we can't answer yet. But let's face it - we haven't seen the end of Calamity. His end was far too much of a loose end, and if we know anything, it's that Prof isn't a big fan of those. Megan is convinced Calamity will return. Mysteries upon mysteries left up in the remains of that glass ISS. We haven't seen the end of Calamity or, at least, the world in which the Reckoners take place regardless of whether or not there is a Cosmere 2.0. Ideas #3 - There Is A Cosmere 1.0, 2.0 & Maybe 3.0? Now, assume that there is a Cosmere (which there, uhm, is) but also a Cosmere 2.0, in which the Reckoners are, potentially the Apocalypse Guard and whatever else comes along (I am still uncertain as to whether or not is other non-Cosmere works would work here). But there is never a simple quid pro quo with Sanderson. So I will leave the idea of a third universe / Cosmere 3.0. A sort of leeway, almost like the three planes in Cosmere 1.0 (this is getting confusing). I mean, at this point this kind of thing can't be ruled out - after all, all Sanderson told us was that the likes of the Reckoners are not in the Cosmere as we know it (Mistborn, Stormlight and so on). He never speculated on a second Cosmere, let alone a third. What would be the purpose to a third, you ask? Well, look at the Cosmere. It has this ultimate storyline going on behind the scenes with Adonalisium, the Shards and Hoid. If there was a Cosmere 2.0, presumably it, too, would have its own storyline. Of course, if there were these two, there would have to be a point to it. A point to these two HUGE stories. So how else to connect them, if not through a third party? A Cosmere 3.0, if you will ealise there isn't a tremendous amount of supporting evidence here, but alas, until more books come out I cannot say. After all, one can't read Elantris and assume to know all there is about the Cosmere. That wouldn't make much sense. So let me know below your thoughts, where you think everything lies within Sanderson's head. I adore the idea that, on some level, ALL of his work is connected, even if it never touches. So give me your thoughts, whether to add onto mine or crush them down, whatever helps me keep up with my conspiracies That's all for now folks, until the next annoyance
  21. SO my question is, Why does Denth's hair change colour? Is it the Royal locks?
  22. Let it be known that I'm so excited about the essays that I haven't even read Edgedancer yet (even though Stormlight is my favourite series). We got some lovely information from Khriss that clarifies so many old questions. I have a few main theories that I want to bring up, that I know some people have already tossed a few of these around, but well, I'm just so excited I needed to make my own thread. Sorry, not sorry. Selish Observations Scadrian Observations (Secret History spoilers as well as Arcanum Unbounded) Taldain Observations Threnodite Observations Drominad Observations I have to go for now, I'll continue later tonight with the Rosharan system, Silverlight, and some theories I've got about all this new info. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Time to do a complete cosmere reread and hunt for clues.
  23. So who noticed that the note at the end was signed "Bastille Smedry?" There've been hints before but it sounds like Bastille and Alcatraz get hitched. Assuming Alcatraz gets his Talent back at some point, can you imagine Bastille with the Breaking Talent? The mind shudders! (Incidentally, while I'm glad that they end up together, it prods at one of my pet peeves in writing. Like, the first person that the main character meets that's not related to his background ends up being his or her romantic interest. It happens a lot in movies/books and I'd like to see the main character get a bit more exposure to the world and its people first, you know?)
  24. I recently completed a re-read through Mistborn:Secret history. During the re-read, I noticed a vague reference to a potential 11th shard. Initially, due to my copy being an eBook, I assumed was a typo in the formatting of the book. Obviously if you haven't read the book by now this could give away something minor in the terms of plot. It has occured to me since that this is a reference to another possible shard. The theory behind this is that the names of shards is always capitalized wherever they appear in cosmere novels.
  25. I don't want to offend anyone or anything but i have been reading the way of the king again and Jasnah struck me as very independent and strong will .. as evident by her atheism , probably because she knew almighty was dead through her spren and her visit to spren world...but her being gay will also explain why she hasnt married ! Roshar is a very sexist world as far as we know , with strong emphasis on masculine and faminine art , food etc.. I I don't think any of their culture will accept homosexuality ..They will probably claim them voidbringer and struck them in high strom for stromfather to judge which is essentially a death sentence unless you have a spren proecting you lol....However I strongly belive with her Radiant ability which allow her to travel between worlds in cosmera Jasnah is familiar with other cultures from distance world and therefore accepting her own sexual orientation although she might never openly admit in her own home world.