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Found 3 results

  1. From the album Elantris Trading Cards

    Raoden is tricky for me! I've always struggled picturing him. Perhaps he's too young looking here, but personally I think that being younger suits his character.
  2. So as I was trying to fall asleep last night I remembered that some of Aonic names are in fact built around Aons. I remembered that in Raoden's name it's Aon Rao... And isn't Aon Rao the power amplifier of Elantris? Doesn't it mean "Spirit"? Isn't Raoden's guise "Spirit"? I checked today and it turns out I remembered right. I don't know if I'm just the only one not to catch that instantly or that nobody has ever figured it out yet (I tried searching). Anyway, it seems that Raoden chose "a totally not suspicious, not significant nickname" which had totally no links to his name. It's like he was begging to be recognized
  3. I have an idea. I was reading The Way of Kings, the part where Kaladin has the vision in the chapter Child of Tanavast, when I had a thought. How do visions work in the Cosmere? Is it done in the, Physical, Cognative, or Spiritual realm? Let's take them one by one. First, the Physical realm. The Physical realm is bound by the laws of physics unless assisted by the Spiritual realm (a spren). That is why the term "extranatural" coined by Syl is so funny to me, but that's a side tangent. It's not possible to have a vision in the Physical realm. Next, the Cognative realm. As far as we know, it exists in parallel with the Physical realm. If the body that a cognition* is tied to moves, so does the cognition. If the physical body doesn't move in a vision, neither does the cognition. Lastly, the Spiritual realm. We know next to nothing of this realm. All we really know is that the spirit lives on after the body dies. After that, it's all a mystery. Suppose the Spiritual realm doesn't always exist in parallel with the other two realms. What if the spirit is capable of moving on its own, away from the body and the cognition? If that is true, what if it can only move away from a body and cognition if the two are resting and if aided by investiture? What grants investiture? Spren. A powerful spren, say... the Stormfather, could potentially pull a man's spirit put of its parallel existence with its body and cognition and towed it along the edge of a storm while the body was sleeping. Now. That being said, how does that work with Dalinar's visions? Are spirits bound to entropy, which is a law of physical time? Can they in fact move through time if aided by investiture and the Stormfather? It would mean that Dalinar's spirit is being thrown through time, then brought back into the present (as the body perceives the present) all in the course of a highstorm. Amazing. Also, is this the way world hopping works? Jumping through the worlds on a Spiritual level and waiting for your body and cognition to catch up? That would be interesting (an understatement, I know). It would also require a special type of investiture. A shardpoool, perhaps? A place where the power of shards coalesces into a concentrated pool? That would make it easier for the spirit to leave the parallel existence it theoretically occupies. This is, as far as I know, a new concept and needs more proof until I can hammer it out. But consider the possibility of everything existing in parallel until investiture gets involved and makes it possible for a spirit to move about freely. *Cognition is the term I want to use from here on out to mean the Cognative state of something.