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Found 134 results

  1. If you add a non-Hemalurgic metal on the tip of a Pre-Charged Hemalurgic Spike then stabbed someone in the right Bindpoint, would the tip that isn't part of the Spike get in the way? Like let's pretend you add a titanium tip to a Copper Spike to help with stabbing through some kind of armor, would the titanium part that stabs in first interfere with the Copper Spikes ability to rip people's memories out of them?
  2. So every Feruchemist from before Rashek used the Well was turned into Mistwraiths. The Mistwraiths could only have offspring with other Mistwraiths. So would it technically be possible for the Mistwraiths and Kandra to carry pure Feruchemical potential? They can't use it of course, due to the 'blockage' that Rashek put between their physical and cognitive selves* But if they do, could it potentially be Spiked out of them? Or perhaps could there be a way to remove this blockage and make them human? *WoB
  3. Could you tattoo Aons that work onto someone? Like if you could figure out which Aon is a trigger or an off/on switch for other Aons, you might be able to tattoo an Aon Daa plus a few Aon Rao together on yours or someone else's hands, and so long as the tattooing was done by an Elantrian and you were in range of Elantris, you could shoot lasers out of your hand whenever you want! And it wouldn't just have to be lasers it could be anything! Like healing, Soulcasting, Lightweaving, anything you can imagine! AonDor powers without being an Elantrian! What do you think?
  4. I can't find the exact page but in the Lost Metal, Kelsier said that only 3 of the original crew remained. I believe he was referring to himself, Marsh and Sazed. So I guess that would mean that Spook is actually dead and not simply in hiding in the background like Kelsier and Marsh. But this leads to many questions. Did he die from old age? He abdicated from the throne when he was over 100 years old, he had to have had some access to Atium Compounding. Maybe Marsh shared few beads with him. So old age being his cause of death is a lower possibility in my eyes. What did he do after he left? Did he Worldhop or work with Kelsier more closely? Any thoughts?
  5. I am not a scientist, I probably never will be. So could someone smarter than me clarify this WOB for me? What exactly are the 'problems' with a moving speedbubble? Are they lethally dangerous and could there be a way around them? Because if you could move with a Speedbubble around you, it'd be almost like if you were tapping F-Steel to other people. Bullet-time as it were. Then if you got a Twinborn with A-Bendalloy and F-Steel you'd get something really crazy.
  6. I recall a particular WOB (Which I can't bloody find on the Arcanum) that compared Savantism to the Nahel Bond and called Savantism 'Uncontrolled'. So I'm wondering if it were plausible that there would be a way to 'Control' Allomantic Savantism, gaining more of the benefits with less of the extreme downsides. Like controlling the extreme tin-savantism so that your tin-senses would be greatly enhanced while leaving your regular the same? Basically what I'm asking is would it be possible to cheat Savantism.
  7. Could you go so far into savanting with Allomancy that it kills you? Like what if Spook decided to constantly Flare tin years earlier? Would the extreme Savanting eventually kill him or would it just become so extreme that his abilities would be effectively unusable? I ask this because becoming a Savant involves your soul being saturated in Investiture for long periods of time which causes 'cracks' in your Spiritweb, could these cracks grow so much that they kill you or is there a kind of limit on Savantism.
  8. Specific Rythms have shone to be able to affect Investiture, specifically the Lights, in a variety of ways. My question is would it be possible to affect he Mists of Scadrial as well? Perhaps using the right Rythms might make the Mists able to be stored in Gemstones? Or perhaps make it coalesce into Lerasium? Big leap in logic I know, but it has been confirmed that Rythms exist everywhere in the Cosmere and implied that Gemstones can store more types of Investiture than we've seen. Any thoughts?
  9. In Oathbringer, Dalinar opened Honor's Perpendicularity and all of the Gemstones and Radiants near him were super-charged with Stormlight. My question is: could this happen with all Perpendicularities? Could Lift potentially gain power from Cultivation's Perpendicularity?
  10. So, many magics in the cosmere, feruchemy among them, require touch to use them. Feruchemists have to be in physical contact with their metalminds in order to store or tap. Or so we've seen. Contact is required, yes, but why does it need to be physical contact? This is the cosmere, we have three realms to work on. I think that the reason touch is required is cause it forms a basic Connection needed to access the magic. But if you could Connect in other ways, maybe touch isn't even required. I think that if you could increase your Connection to a metalmind, say through the use of tapping feruchemical duralumin, you could access that metalmind without touching it. With a weak Connection, you might have to see that metal but with a strong Connection you might be able to access it from anywhere (as long as you stored enough connection to it beforehand) And I don't think it stops with Feruchemy either. I think you could find a way to make this work with allomancy as well, though that may be trickier since allomancy involves not just touch but the metal being inside you. If Connection isn't enough here, you might have to do some tricky stuff with aluminum and Identity as well. I'm not sure exactly how this would work, but I'm sure there's a way. Now, why is this significant? Well there's obvious boons of having easier access to your magic, and not having to carry as much metal on your person when facing a coinshot/lurcher. But there are a few things I want to highlight - 1) A!Aluminum. Now, I don't really see any particular advantage to being able to burn aluminum from afar. No, what I'm interested in here is Aluminum's effect. See, aluminum seems to work on a similar principal to burning metals; if you burn aluminum, all allomantically viable metals in you disappear, even ones you aren't burning. So if there's some piece of metal you want gone, maybe you could tap Connection to it, burn aluminum, and make it disappear. - 2) Ettmetal. Ettmetal is a godmetal, which tend to have powerful effects, but sadly it's a lot like caesium so you're gonna have a bad time touching it, and don't even think about swallowing it unless you like exploding. But with this trick, you wouldn't have to. So what do you think? Does this seem feasible? What are some other applications of this trick?
  11. So the Unmade are basically super-spren that came from Odium, they're similar to the Godspren like the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher and the Sibling, though probably a step beneath them on the totem pole. So my question is could someone Bond with an Unmade? Not Yelig-Nar I mean like Sja-Anat or Nergaoul, would it be possible with one of them? If so what kind of craziness would arise from that?
  12. Ettmetal is the Godmetal of Harmony from Mistborn Era 2, it explodes upon contact with liquids so trying to use it for Allomancy or Hemalurgy is pointless at best. However it has a unique property: when someone nearby uses one of the Metallic Arts, a Ettmetal can copy it and use it. For if a Pulser Burns cadmium and channels it into Ettmetal the metal will create it's own Slow-Bubble, making cadmium have a use in combat. I'm wondering if it can use any other abilities like Surgebinding?
  13. Everyone’s trying to figure out the Fifth Ideals for our main characters, but we’re flying blind until we see a couple in the books. We already know 2 (or 3 if you count Lightweavers) of the Fourth Ideals, so we have a frame of understanding there. For the Windrunners it holds them back from being overprotective, and the Skybreaker’s Crusade is, I think, about the complex reality of enforcing/changing the law and the dangers of being personally involved. Even Shallan’s Ideal was her greatest crime/mistake. If we assume the Fourth Ideal usually acts as a check on the shortcomings/worst tendencies of the Order, I wanted to hear peoples thoughts for the ones we haven’t seen yet. To get it started; I reckon the problem with the Elsecaller’s is that they’d be too self-centred and individualistic, so their Ideal would be to help others, possible to help them achieve their own potentials. Another thought is if the Stonewards are meant to be stoic and helpful, their Fourth would be about taking care of themselves. You can’t be there for someone if you’re dead.
  14. So in the cognitive realm, 3d spaces are mapped onto a more 2d kind of map. So a planet may be round, but in the cognitive realm its manifestation is more flat. And you can travel directly from one planet to another because of this, like from Nalthis to Roshar. The vast expanse of outerspace doesn't really matter in the cognitive, because it doesn't have any minds in it so that space maps to essentially null in the cognitive. But the cognitive realm is, of course, still 3 dimensional. Terrain isn't completely flat, you can go up and down. So what happens if you go up in the cognitive... and keep going? In the physical realm, you'd reach outerspace, but that's not the case in the cognitive i wouldn't think. There is something up there though; there's the weird inverse sun. So yeah, the question is, What's Up?
  15. Atium:age lerasium: physical toughness. Sazeium:any feruchemical ability? Rasium: emotions ? Tanavastium: self control ? Cultivationium:physical maturity? Mercyium: empathy? Autonomyium: rebellion? Inventionium: creativity ? Endowment: Fertility? ( Really not sure about this one but was the best I could come up with As I can't think of any other physical emotional or spiritual way you could Endow someone or something?) I don't any more guess. What do you think? Do you have any better guess or do you want to try and guess the ones I couldn't?
  16. Hemalurgy is a difficult thing to experiment with, because there are so many variables. You have to use the correct metal, have the right Intent, be spiked in just the right spot, and probably sooo many other factors we don't even know about yet. Most characters know so little about it, and it could take a person lifetimes to discover anything about it. So what if it wasn't a person per se doing the experimenting? If there is one thing computers are good at, it's running thousands of calculations in an infinitesimal fraction of the time it would take a person, or even many people, to do the same thing manually. If you were to train an AI to find new hemalurgic possibilities and create new constructs, it could likely run simulations to find hundreds of new viable possibilities in a fraction of the time it would take for people doing manual experiments to find even one. You'd still have to hunt down people with the right traits to be able to test its theories, but you could probably have a much greater degree of success than you would otherwise. Even, say, a 10% success rate would be groundbreaking. (As a tangent, I bet one viable way of creating this would be using zinc, somehow, since it stores mental speed) And AIs are coming to the cosmere. Brandon's described the cosmere as "what if you got to see something like Star Trek develop over time? If you got to see stories from the individual planets that form a part of the greater universe?" It's going to be a science-fantasy universe, with space travel and advanced Investiture-based technology. There's no way that future doesn't include AI and robots. Especially since Investiture tends toward sentience. This would be a great set up for a story about a rogue, killer AI that really could only be done in something like the cosmere. An AI that tries to learn about magic is a story that really plays into the cosmere's strengths, and is something that's both completely logical for someone in world to create and simultaneously extremely dangerous. (As another tangent- the AI would likely be trained on human-based hemalurgy, since that's what most of the known data about hemalurgy relates to, but I believe Brandon has said you could actually spike attributes from AIs, but he hadn't really worked out the logistics of that at the time of the ask since obviously bindpoints get wonky.)
  17. This is a question that I have been thinking a lot about lately. Not one that I have really dug super deeply for answers on though, so apologies if there is a wobs on this already or if someone has asked this already! Just assume spoilers for all cosmere below, hope that’s ok:
  18. From Way of Kings chapter 52 - Dalinar's vision of Recreance at Feverstone Keep So, where are all those deadeye Shardblades? At Feverstone Keep there was 300 Shardblades left by Radiants. But at the present times less then 100 are known, with some hidden one let's say 100 are accounted for. But during False Desolation thousands of Sprens answered the call and went to war bonding with humans. 2000 Honorsprens alone, potentially several thousands more of other Sprens. Where are all those Shardblades? At minimum there should be 200 more, at maximum thousands all scattered around Roshar. But only 100 are known. First let's establish correct number of how many Shardblades should be found. I think of 2 different approach to this: 1). Event at Feverstone Keep was in isolation and it was the only instance of Radiants leaving behind blades and armor. That means there is only 200 missing blades, much more reasonable number, potentially easy to "hide". All other Radients broke their bonds "silently" without Sprens materializing as blades, leaving only Deadeyes in Shadesmar. Exactly the same way as Shallan, she broke her bond with Testament's physical form not as a blade in hand, no Testament-shardblade materialized in that place as far as we know. But there is a catch. Shallan is still bonded with Testament as a Shardblade and was using it, and maybe even some parts of Nahel Bond remain allowing her accessing surgebinding (she's confirming it at the end of RoW). I can only assume, that if Shallan dies, Testament would materialized next to her body as a blade. Moreover no gem is placed in that blade like in other shardblades. So if all other Radients broke thier bonds the same way as Shallan, would it means that some remains of Nahel Bond were still present with them? Wouldn't it also resulted in leaving shardblades when they died? A solutions to it - it is also required for Sprens to break their bonds with humans the same way as Radients did it. At Recreance it happened both way, as Maya said they had chosen it. That way the bond is broken completely on both side, and resulted in Deadeyes left unbounded in Shadesmar. Shallan did not fully break her bond with Testament, as Testament did not do it. Shallan later begins reinforcing her bond with Testament with small steps, only so much to allow her some access to her powers and blade and maybe even starting to replace broken truth/oaths with new one (Soulcasting goblet to blood?). If this is not the case, then let's think about next approach. 2). All Radients broke their bonds the same way, leaving shards behind them, like in Feverstone Keep, or the way Shallan broke her bond is the same way Radients had done it before, and as they later died, shardblades materialized next to them. That would mean there should be thousands of shardblades left around. This fact alone makes me feel that this was not the case and I'm in favor of first approach as it also explains how to properly break Nahel Bond. But I think there might be another problem. Where are all the Deadeyes in Shadesmar? We have seen a few of them here and there, they are common enough to be seen during our heroes visit in Shadesmar. The biggest number of them we've seen is during Adolin trial in Honorsprens Fortress, days before it began Adolin witnessed 200 of them gathering outside of Lasting Integrity, and 20 dead Honorsprens already kept inside, possibly few more of other types. It is also highly probable that even more Deadeyes gathered till the day of trial, few dozens or maybe hundreds more, but not in thousands as that would probably be mentioned by someone. 100 of accounted Shardblades would probably not be present there as they would have been constantly summoned by their owners during Desolation time, so most of them were probably non-owned - number close to our missing 200, when Adolin saw them, be not even close to thousands of Deadeyes there should be. Is that enough of them in Shadesmar to add up to true number of Deadeyes? We don't know it. If it is, then vast majority of them did not care about trial or was too far away to get there on time. If not assuming almost every deadeye wanted to witness trial, but they could not get there - something/someone could restrict their movement, or they may exist only in form of blades in physical realm. So where could all of those Shardblades and Deadeyes be? Somewhere on Roshar, as carrying them out would be too hard and in last thousands of years since Recreance we would have seen them in another words. So let's think of a place suitable for hiding all of that treasure, isolated from most of the world, place with good protection form weather and unwanted eyes, guards that may know how to use them, people already in possession of similar but much rarer and more powerful Shardblades, people with abilities to collect all of them form all over the world, people that might even use them in the past in failed attempts to conquer Roshar, people who probably use one of them to replace a newly appeared Honorblade to a Shardblade. Yes of course I'm talking about Shinovar! They all probably in Shinovar as no other place would be as good as that. Shins don't respect warriors and treat them as slaves - which is perfect if you don't want to lose all of your Shardblades and keep bigger treasure safe - Honorblades. It also helps preventing someone from fighting with another Shardbearer as they all have to obey their master command. And we know Shins tried several times to invide rest of the Roshar - nation that doesn't even have a city (we don't know of any, no city is marked on the map or even mentioned) was capable of launching invasions that left deep scars in history - how? With Shardblades, and Honorblades and cavalry too! Or maybe all these invasions were just so Shins could gather every Shards they could? That's what Shardblades somehow disappeared? Depending on how Radients broke their bonds, it would mean that Shins are in possession of at minimum 200 Shardblades or at maximum thousands of them! If it's the latter, Shardblades may be kept in physical form rather than bonded to thousands of warriors - that would also explain relatively small number of Deadeyes in Shadesmar. Or maybe just imagine for fun, that only few Shins are bonded to thousands of Shardblades each - that would lead to very "funny" situation when if one of them dies of heart attack, suddenly all of his Shardblades would materialized next to him - I would not want to live in flat below his. However I think there isn't that many Shardblades, as only around 300 was left, and rest are just Deadeyes wandering somewhere in Shadesmar as explained in point 1 above. That would leave only 200 blades in hands of Shins - reasonable amount, which explains their early success during failed invasions, without strong warrior culture (success as it was not forgotten since then so they have to conquered something before they were driven back). As Adolin mentioned, shardbearers can't hold conquered land, Shins were doomed to fail due to low number of warriors each time. That would be another obstacle for coalition to obtain Shinovar and another one for Szeth, our favorite UnTruthless with our favorite Evil-Destroying-Friendly-Superweapon-Nimi. Not only he would have to deal with bearers of Honorblades but with hundreds of regular Shardbearers too. And reward also is increasing in this scenario, gaining 5 times more shards then currently in possession of coalition (40ish?) next to Honorblades which could be a significant help in war effort. Not to mention that those Shardblades might be soon back to life, bonded with new Radients as they return - or whatever is that what Adolin and Maya have. Or maybe all of this is not important as releasing BAM will fix everything so who cares where all of Shardblades and Deadeyes are right now? Well I care! It was fun theorising.
  19. So I just got done listening to well of ascension, and one thing that I expected (because of the wiki) but didn’t understand, was Dockson and Elends stressed relationship. so I thought about what kelsiers original plan. Who did he expect to be king, who did he expect to succeed him. who else then his right hand man. The one that works day and night to make kelsiers dreams come true. I think he wanted Dockson to become king of the skaa. but our favorite idealist surrendered and showed Dockson that he didn’t have to slaughter all the nobility. But I think this is another underlying reason that Dockson didn’t like elend. That he felt that he was snubbed the kingship.
  20. For first 5 Stormlight Archive titles to match the ketek poetic structure, the 5th book's title must be able to be abbreviated K. o. W. T. So what are some words that start with K, O, W, and T that you think are good potential title words? Not just any words, but words that you think might work well as words in a Stormlight Archive title. Here are a few of mine: Knight, Key, Keep, Keeper, Kill, Killing, Kiss, Kin, Keening Of, Out, Outward, Other, Outer, Over, On Wind, Winding, Withered, Wise, Wisdom, With, Whistling, Winter, Winged, Wishes, Walled, Wife, Wicker, Winking, Whips, Will, Willing, World Time, Trails, Tamed, Tear (as in, crying tears), Torn, Tare (meaning weed), Tired, Track, Traveler, Temper, Table, Teeth, Tap(ping), Travail, Taker, Taken, Tinder, Tether, Twice, Thrice Write your own words, and feel free to combine mine and others' words into whole titles that you think are cool and/or viable.
  21. For first 5 Stormlight Archive titles to match the ketek poetic structure, the 5th book's title must be able to be abbreviated K. o. W. T. So what are some words that start with K, O, W, and T that you think are good potential title words? Not just any words, but words that you think might work well as words in a Stormlight Archive title. Here are a few of mine: Knight, Key, Keep, Keeper, Kill, Killing, Kiss, Kin, Keening Of, Out, Outward, Other, Outer, Over, On Wind, Winding, Withered, Wise, Wisdom, With, Whistling, Winter, Winged, Wishes, Walled, Wife, Wicker, Winking, Whips, Will, Willing, World Time, Trails, Tamed, Tear (as in, crying tears), Torn, Tare (meaning weed), Tired, Track, Traveler, Temper, Table, Teeth, Tap(ping), Travail, Taker, Taken, Tinder, Tether, Twice, Thrice Write your own words, and feel free to combine mine and others' words into whole titles that you think are cool and/or viable.
  22. What do you think will be the main conflict of the final Cosmere novel. Maybe it will be Harmony vs. War (with War being Honor+Odium like Harmony is Ruin+Preservation). Maybe it will be 8 shards vs the other 8 shards. Maybe it will be something else. What do you think?
  23. The weaknesses were inherently tied to Calamity's corruption(/presence), because when an Epic faces their fear, they also drive back the darkness, which we know was because of Calamity and his contempt for humanity (and fear/startlement of the physical world). Now that Calamity is gone (or in the case of the otherverse already left a long time ago) does that also imply that the Epics no longer have weaknesses? Does that mean Megan literally can't die and David is literally invincible to all physical damage? Is this why Obliteration is still wreaking havoc in the otherverse even though they have an actual Superman expy helping them out, because he can't be killed since he just teleports forever?
  24. Assuming the deal Odium made with Taravangian is still valid as Todium, couldn't Dalinar choose literally anyone from Kharbranth and force him to lose no matter what happens?
  25. Listening through again getting ready for ROW and a thought occurred to me. Creation spren are mentioned way too much and seemingly always dismissed. I've read enough Sanderson to suspect that this may be some foreshadowing/hints about something. Any thoughts? Any knowledge out there that I don't know?