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Found 9 results

  1. My current theory is that books 6-10 of Stormlight is that the events of book 5 will lead to a technological revolution, and that arc 2 will follow the events of Rosharans finding space travel at the end of book 10. As this is set after Era 2 of Mistborn, and in the 6th Of The Dusk Sequel, there is obviously an arms race between Scadrial and Roshar. Roshar will have to have had an extremely fast technological growth for them to even compete with Era 4 Scadrial.
  2. Here's a video of a little game I made based on Starsight. It's kind of like Asteroids, and it's not meant to be very textually accurate, just reminiscent of Starsight elements. (The ship, of course, is M-Bot.) Starsight.mp4
  3. Here is a new and improved version of a game I recently posted, now with a light-lance included! Here's a video of the gameplay. Not very high quality video, but it works. starsight2.mp4
  4. Just saw First Man and while I am definitely biased (major space history nerd) I think its the best movie I've seen in years. The visuals are astounding and the technical aspects are generally portrayed accurately. I particularly love the attention to Armstrong's performance during Gemini 8 as it was a critical factor in his selection as commander of apollo 11 but very few people are aware of it. If you have any interest in space exploration you should definitely see this. I have always found that no matter how astounding our fiction it is difficult to compete with the true stories of the space program for legendary achievement. edit; just realized I should have put this in entertainment discussion
  5. Zalhoid exulted. It worked! It finally worked! After 2 years of testing, Zalhoid had managed to send a rat all the way to Scadrial and back, and that in less than 15 minutes. He wiped his brow as he considered the applications of his discovery. "We must construct a spacecraft immediately. I will have to ask the Guild of the Craftsmen for help."
  6. Hey, first post, but I generally have had many discussions about the Cosmere before, and this is one of the more complicated possibilities that I have been working on. This is about the timeline of the books the difference in time between the first and second Mistborn era and an explanation for how Worldhoppers appear in different worlds that are hundereds of years apart. Before Mistborn era one, we have no real concise time slot for which each novel is separated by (with the exceition of the knowledge that it is probably thousands of years between white sands and Stormlight), either because they are consisting of only one or two books, or bc it isnt that important to the story. However, starting with the final empire a timeline is given, in that between the ascension of Sazed and the beginning of the Wax and Wayne era, about 1000 years have passed. In this period, the current Stormlight Archive and Warbreaker series fit. Knowing this, we can say that Hoid definitely lives longer than a normal human, but those humans that are now a part of the 17th shard, I find it hard to fathom that they are also near immortal as well that they can live for 1000s of years. Therefore it is possible that the time experienced by each system is different, which can be explained by the existence of a black hole near in the dwarf galaxy that each planetary system is in. The Theory of Relativity states that objects containing more mass cause greater distortions in spacetime, which causes the time experienced near the object to move slower that time farther away from the object. By having the Scadrial system be further out from the black hole, many thousands of years can pass for them, while only 40 or other small number of years would have passed. Not only that, but if we place our point of reference (earth POV) from a position that is less affected by the gravity of a supermassive object, then the canonized time that will probably be thousands of years long will be correct from an unwarped spacetime point of view. This reasoning can explain why Hoid so conveniently appears in every story appearing near the heart of the action. If he had been so close to action in the Scadrial system in the 1000 years between era one and two, a book or short story would have been made at least detailing his involvement. However, it appears that he had little involvement in any of the significant events that happened up until the Wax and Wayne novels, so maybe it was a thousand years for the Scadrial system but it was somewhere along the lines of 100 years instead. This theory is still very incomplete, so tell me if I missed something, thanks!
  7. For those who've read Arcanum Unbound, you will know that recently that illustrations of constellations and solar systems of the cosmere have been released- and Mistborn fans might be aware of a foreshadowed space-age of Mistborn. I figure this is a good opportunity to use these two aspects for a game set after the events of Sixth of the Dusk, a cosmere space game. This is a small scifi cosmere game about scheming officers. Players start the game as junior officers with a credit total of zero. Credit totals represent how much a player is liked by the current captain of the ship. During the game players attempt to improve their credit total and work their way up through the officer ranks. The aim of the game is to be the captain by turn 20, and go down in history as the starship commander who saved (or doomed) their race- after all, history will only remember one of you. These rules are derived from a really old game called "Don't beam me up Scotty". If this is a game you could see yourself playing, put down a name. You are a Junior Officer. Being from the First of the Sun, you are probably not a worldhopper (Or Kandra )- but you might be a trapper, and you might have an Aviar (though these are very rare and don't provide a mechanical benefit). If enough people are interested, I'll start the game- presumably with each turn being a week. Dice are involved, I will roll myself and let you know the results. If anyone has any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. The Rules:
  8. As Brandon Sanderson's various societies keep growing, I wonder to myself what will happen when one of them finally reaches the point of space travel. One society is going to get there first and everything is going to change. It will be inevitable that the most advanced race will try to conquer the galaxy and lord over all of the other planets. This would mean the end of the Cosmere as we know it. I'm both terrified and excited by this. The world hoppers are already very disruptive to the flow of the different worlds, causing unexpected turns in their technological evolution and effecting the falls and rises of many different empires, nations, and organizations. Imagine what would happen if a giant space cruiser from Roshar landed on Sel and was all like "Submit or Die" then proceeded to decimate huge areas of populated land from space to prove their authority. Would the Shards all start battling one another? Would the magic systems have strange effects on the other magic systems? What would happen if the people of different worlds started interbreeding? SprenDor anyone? Is this what Hoid is doing? Making sure that the worlds never clash in battle? There are many different theories as to what the "17th Shard" is and does, but I put forth the theory that perhaps it is trying to protect the Cosmere from the folly of the shards. The shards are all acting like little two-year-olds squabbling over who can make the coolest planet and are going to end up causing the collapse of the system. The end of the Cosmere Superseries is going to be very interesting.
  9. Hello everyone! This is my second post on the forum, and I thought I'd open with a theory! After reading through many of the posts on the forum, and cross-referencing with the novels on my shelf, I've come up with an idea I like about Hoid's abilities. Specifically, I postulate that there is a shard that governs Time. This may seem like a "duh"/very basic theory, but I'd like to expand on this with a little bit of Special Relativity knowledge. In my understanding of Einstein's work, light is essentially the universe's timepiece, and control over the speed of light would be tantamount to control over time. Hence, this shard "Time" would allow the user/possessor to manipulate light. Now, if this shard was native to Yolen, then it would explain why the magic system of Lightweaving originated there. Now, a shard as powerful as Time would have to come with limitations: Time travel backwards is impossible. By manipulating light, speeding up or slowing down time would theoretically be possible. But backwards time travel would require light/the universe to act against it's fundamental nature. I understand that the Cosmere is a fantasy universe, but as Sanderson's Laws of Magic state: there's got to be rules. This limitation to Time would also explain Hoid's way of existing since Adonalsium was shattered, yet he hasn't experienced every moment since. Originally, I thought that Hoid might possess two shards: Light and Dark. However, this seemed too simplistic, and WoB stated that there were no other conflicting pairs apart from Ruin and Preservation. Then, I thought about the ideas behind complimentary pairings, and if Hoid was to have a second shard, it would be something like Space. Now, Space is one that I haven't felt through fully, but it could operate on multiple levels. Physical space manipulation could explain Worldhopping, Spiritual space could explain Hoid's ability to be in the right place every time, and Cognitive could make access to/control over the Shadesmar a breeze. I like the idea that he gained access to a shard on Yolen, either through his study of Lightweaving or through his role in Adonalsium being shattered, but that's a theory that's being worked on elsewhere on the forum. Please let me know what you think, and if I'm totally off-base/am missing some contradictory information, such as "WoB says: Hoid has no shards."