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Found 6 results

  1. Thinking of practical uses of Scadrial investiture and while watching tv led to a thought and link it if it’s been discussed, but if one wanted to travel to deep space with little to no resources and not have to wait couldn’t they burn cadmium and become onboard life support during space travel?
  2. Zaphoid Beeblerock, after many years of travel, had finally arrived to the place he would come to call home. A small, dirty shack in the middle of Alleycity. There was mold on the walls, the floor was wet and Zaphoid thought he saw an insect crawling into a crack in the wall. Home sweet home. The salesman who had sold him the house had assured that there was a basement for extra space, but Zaphoid couldn't find the entrance to it. The previous owner had probably hidden it for some reason. With a sigh, Zaphoid started burning steel. Steel lines were pointing in every directions. Zaphoid ignored all of them, except for one that was pointing in the floor. He followed it and found a trapdoor that was sealed with a thick padlock hidden in the floor. Zaphoid sighed again, and flared his steel. 6 more steel lines sprouted from the one pointing towards the padlock, and he pushed on the line he knew was the right one. The lock's innards clicked, and Zaphoid pulled open the trapdoor, finding a ladder. He extinguished his steel and followed the ladder downwards. At the bottom, he found a large room in a much better shape that the shack upstairs, with walls out of concrete and Aon-powered ligt strips in the ceiling. A large worktable stood against the wall, furnished with a stock of drawing utensils and rulers. This room was why Zaphoid had spent all the money he had made for the past 2 years to buy the house. Zaphoid grinned. Home sweet home.
  3. How do you think the Nahel Bond would be effected by a Knight Radiant traveling through space? I assume a spren like Syl would be more okay with traveling, and I feel it is implied that Willshapers and Lightspren potentially travel all over, but what if Dalinar had to board a spaceship and leave, would he still be connected enough to the Stormfather to benefit from the bond? Could the Stormfather travel? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? If the Stormfather were on a space station large enough to contain him, could they power it with stormlight and all Radiants always have plenty of power (while on the ship or whatever)? Any other thoughts about the Knight Radiant Orders in space??
  4. (I wanted to celebrate my 900th post by writing a theory. This one's not a particularly cool theory by my standards, but it has spent enough time brewing in my brain that I might as well just throw it out there. Feel free to suggest modifications to increase its awesomeness.) Out of all the religions that existed on Scadrial before the Final Empire, there is one that gets mentioned more often than the rest: Trelagism. Sazed is particularly fond of Trelagism, even though he was aware of its flaws. Later, it was the knowledge of the Trelagist Nelazan that allowed the newly Ascended Sazed to put Scadrial in its original orbit. (Side note: There are apparently multiple planets in the Scadrian solar system. Not really surprising, but this does bring up the possibility of Era 4 Scadrians mining the other planets for rare metals or maybe even terraforming them.) In AoL, we learn that the Words of Founding left by Sazed included a lengthy explanation of "Trellism" (as it is now called) and its teachings, and that there are followers of this religion even in Era 2 Scadrial, most notably the lawmaker turned criminal Miles Dagouter, who even in the last moment of his life preached Trell-worship. All this got me wondering: Why? Why does Trell seem so important in the Mistborn stories? Why did Brandon feel a need to reference this god's religion in AoL? Other Sharders have asked the same question, and there are many theories that have sprung from it. Some believe that Trell is one of the other Shards we've yet to officially meet. Some say that the star-loving ditheistic Trelagism of Ancient Scadrial has somehow morphed into a totally different monotheistic religion in Era 2 Scadrial (hence the name change to "Trellism") that is now focused on a racist doctrine that Miles seemed to advocate. Still, others say that the Southern Scadrians are Trell-worshippers and that they are somehow involved in the activities of the Vanishers and the Set. While these theories (which aren't mutually exclusive, come to think of it) are all pretty interesting, I can't help but think that there is something more fundamental that we are missing, and I think it might be the strange connection between ancient Trelagists' beliefs and space travel. Think about it. If you were a Trelagist astronomer (and there were obviously Trelagist astronomers; their civilization studied not just the stars but also the motion of planets), you'd be a little concerned once you realize that your whole world basically revolved around your god's evil brother. If you could, you'd want to get out of the solar system entirely, escape Nalt's grip, and fly off towards the Thousand Eyes of Trell. Knowing that Leras could see into the future, I wonder if he saw a need for Scadrians to eventually learn space travel at some point, perhaps to ensure survival by populating many planets across the galaxy. He may have influenced the beliefs of the Nelazan the same way he did the Terris. Sazed, after Ascending, would have eventually seen what Leras saw, which might be influencing his decisions to an extent. But there is a problem. Creating excellent star maps does not make someone a space traveler. It doesn't even begin to come close. Space travel requires a huge leap in science and technology if you're starting out from a pre-Industrial society, and Sazed himself said that the Nelazan weren't advanced. What's worse, they as a people might not even have had the right mindset to begin the necessary scientific advancements even if the Final Empire did not conquer them. Why do I say this? Because the Nelazan were known for being a gentle people, perhaps too gentle, and the history of space travel (at least on Earth) is filled with the complete opposite of gentleness. It is not unreasonable to argue that human spaceflight could not have been achieved in the 20th century without the Cold War, that rocket science advanced tremendously during World War II, and that even the concept of rockets came to be only when the Chinese decided to use black power to shoot projectiles at their enemies all those centuries ago. In short, while the Nelazan might have had a desire for space travel, they needed experience building things that go very fast through the air and possibly hitting things, and this wasn't something they could have achieved while peacefully staring at the stars. (Perhaps Ati fooled the Nelazan into becoming excessively pacifist, the same way he fooled the Terrismen into preaching the virtues of giving up god-like power.) So why would Leras even bother to insert Trelagism into the Nelazan culture? Well, first of all, it's not like he'd ever choose war. Leras held Preservation and was constrained by the Shard's Intent, and a religion that stealthily advocated space travel might have been the best he could do. But he probably foresaw his own eventual death and knew that someone else will manage to take both Ruin and Preservation and become far more capable of finishing what Leras had started. Perhaps the new guy might even find a good use for Trell-worshipers. Here is my suspicion: I think Sazed has foreseen a war between Elendel and Southern Scadrial, and is allowing it to happen in order to speed up both the technological and magical progress on the planet. Sazed also allowed the formation of the Set because their actions will lead to a less lopsided war, though he does try to mitigate some of their evil via his favorite Pathian lawman (Wax). Note that Sazed as Harmony would not force anyone to do anything. He only encourages and nudges. The evil acts of Edwarn Ladrian are all his own, just as the heroic acts of Waxillium Ladrian are his own. The important thing is that all these acts will one day lead to cool starships powered by magic that will travel across the galaxy, spreading Harmony's agents in a thousand star systems. This, come to think of it, may be the closest anyone could get to being a god with a thousand stars for eyes. Everything will be better. Everything will be answered eventually. Just worship Trell and wait. Edit: Renamed the thread to "Star Trell" to make the bad pun even more obvious, though at the expense of accuracy (Trell has many stars, not just a singular star), because I like it when people get my lame jokes. Update with SoS spoilers:
  5. Simply put, a planet is in motion. Therefore a speed bubble has to be moving with the current (planitary) reference frame. Would the same apply for a spaceship? Cadmium bubbles would allow survival of space flights at non relativistic speeds but Bendalloy moving in a different reference frame would allow travel great distances apparently instantaneously.
  6. Because I've been looking at the various FTL theories floating around, I was looking at the Feruchemical abilities with space travel in mind. There are a lot of abilities which would be quite useful for an astronaut. I mean, a Feruchemist with a number of filled brassminds and cadmiumminds could potentially survive EVA without a space suit on, relying on warmth and oxygen from their metalminds. Reduced gravity results in bone density atrophying, which could be counterbalanced with a pewtermind. If there were complex machinery (ftl drives), a coppermind manual could come in handy. For zero-g navigation, ironminds and steelminds would be useful. Momentum is important in space, so being able to manipulate your weight on the fly would help speed up/slow down when moving through space. Being able to adjust the finese of your motor skills with steel could be useful as well. Health, obviously is useful for fires/fights etc. and being able to sustain yourself without food or water is plenty handy too. Being in space, particularly if alone, or with only a small crew, in cramped spaces could cause a great deal of tension. Electrumminds could certainly assist here. Because day and night have no meaning, being able to have an adaptable roster is very useful, and if there's an emergency, being able to have a full crew that is wide awake would be invaluable. Duralumin is an interesting one, and I'd like to theorise here. It talks about making connections in the spirit web. The wiki implies for more like between people, but I wonder if it could be used to create gravitational link between a person and the ship - thus achieving artificial gravity. And because I'm nice, have a table: Metal Ability Use Iron Weight Momentum Steel Physical Speed Movement/finetune motor Tin Senses Lookout/maintanence Pewter Strength Anti-zero-g-bone-atrophy Zinc Mental Speed Combat Brass Warmth Cold of space Copper Memories Instruction Manuals Bronze Wakefulness Constant roster/emergency Duralumin Spiritual Connection Artificial gravity? Aluminium Identity AI? Chromium Luck Always handy Nicrosil Investure Gold Health Accident Electrum Determination Anti-depressant Bendalloy Food/water storage Sustenance Cadmium Breath Vacuum. Thoughts?