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Found 12 results

  1. In SP4, Nomad talks about is oaths ending, being forgotten. There is a death rattle that I think my elude to how oaths are ended, like a reverse oath. In particular, I think it might be the words used by Sigzil to break his Windrunner bond. "The death is my life" - the constant running from the Night Brigade consuming his life. "The strength becomes my weakness" - his taking up the dawnshard? Super powerful, but causes side-effects. "The journey has ended" - his time with his honor spren must end, along with the oaths. Any thoughts?
  2. We know that Nomad is running away from the Night Brigade, and in order to get to another planet, he must gain access to a sizeable amount of investiture. Knowing this, I am very confused as to what happens when the glowing man grabs his face. If the power the man was using was invested, as I assume it was, then wouldn't Nomad have absorbed it? Additionally, we know that the sunlight on this planet is almost for certain invested, and Nomad himself compares it to Taldain. Why then, doesn't he just walk out into the sunlight, absorb enough investiture to get off world, and just leave? Auxiliary says that the sunlight would kill him if he were out in it for too long, but not immediately, why then, does he not absorb the investiture in the sunlight?
  3. There are a number of theories floating around about who/what Aux is. We know a couple of things for sure: Auxiliary claims to be dead Auxiliary is referred to as a spren Auxiliary acts as a living shardblade by changing shape Auxiliary is probably not a bonded cognitive shadow of a dead knight radiant (WOB) Auxiliary refers to himself as knight and Nomad as a squire Auxiliary can absorb and then use multiple types of investiture Auxiliary can manipulate spirit webs with what looks like Spiritual Adhesion Auxiliary can initiate a Skip to transport Sigzil, assuming he has enough investiture Before I really get started, there is a WOB that is brought up frequently in these discussions: I think the intentionality refers to the clause "at one point", as in Sigzil held the dawnshard prior to this book but after SA4. And there is no additional implication. We know that Sigzil no longer has the Dawnshard: " An after-effect of the burden he’d once carried, the thing that had given him his Torment." This is important, because it means that all the abilities Aux shows are innate as are Sigzil's. As a couple of other posts have deduced, Bondsmith surges seem very similar to Aux's abilities. Spiritual Adhesion to allow Connection between Nomad and the planet and between Nomad and Hoid. Aux can also fuel Skipping, which seems similar to how Dalinar summons perpendicularity, though Brandon did confirm that skipping doesn't require the use of a perpendicularity. So, I propose that sometime before SP4, a new Bondsmith was added to the order. We are led to believe it is possible in Words of Radiance, in Epigraph 44. The name itself is most reminiscent of the unique spren that Bondsmiths bond. Auxiliary as in "a person or thing providing supplementary or additional help and support." Makes sense that if a new bondsmith was created, that it would because help was needed. Even Sibling was created with the specific purpose to oppose Odium. Why not a 4th in the most desperate times? Not sure who would bond Aux but maybe someone we have not met. Now, Auxiliary claims to be dead. When a radiant abandons the oaths, the spren turns deadeye, and deadeyes are not vocal like Aux. So what happened? There is a WOB that might shed a little light. So, what happens to a spren that has completely melded into one with their radiant if that radiant dies or forswears? Could the mind of the radiant persist as a sub personality of the spren while the spren gains the ability to manifest without an additional bond (given that they are still basically bonded to the dead knight)? The knight's mind and the spren's body. If this is true, it would explain the odd third person dialog from Aux. It would also explain why he refers to himself as a knight. But why is Nomad a squire? He was a knight radiant last we heard, a windrunner. We do know that Bondmiths have squires: Well, maybe Sigzil, being apart of the Bondsmith's retinue qualified him to being both a squire and a knight, at least in Aux's mind. Now, what about Nomad's lack of oaths, oaths ended and forgotten. Oath's that were suppose to override part of the Torment. Lets say that Wit convinces or tricks Sigzil into picking up the Dawnshard while still bonded to his Honor spren. We know that it could cause problems and that something did/is happening with his spren because of the Dawnshard So we know that having a bond with a spren means that their essence is filling in cracks in the spirit web. Holding a Dawnshard does the same thing. What happens when those two forces start overfilling the cracks or even worse, fighting over the space. I cannot imagine anything good for the Radiant or the spren. So Sigzil and his spren mutually decide to end the bond. But, that time while being bonded and holding the Dawnshard has greatly increased his Torment. So, now lacking a blade of his own, Sigzil and Aux (now the semi-deadeye) teamup and the resonance between Aux's surges and Sigzil's investment from being a Dawnshard for a time, allow for skipping.
  4. Okay, obviously some strange stuff is going on with Auxiliary, but here's what we know for sure. 1.) Aux is a spren. 2.) Aux is "dead." 3.) Sigzil broke his Oaths. From the above it seems clear that Auxiliary is now a deadeye... but they are definitely a very strange deadeye. They can communicate extremely articulately in full thoughts and sentences, something that only just happened with Maya. They can not only become a full blade but also basically any other tool Sigzil can imagine, rather than being stuck in one form. They also can allow Sigzil access to a whole bunch of extra "surges" - most notably Connection and Transportation. So what's going on? Question: Is this Sigzil's currently bonded honorspren? We're never given a name for the spren Sigzil has bonded, but we do know they're an honorspren. Auxiliary does not seem like a very honorspren name to me, though it does allow for shortening into a convenient nickname like many of the other honorspren. Still, its honorspren names are usually quite fanciful and fantasy feeling, not tied to some specific concept like inkspren or Cryptics. So this might not be an honorspren, explaining the access to different surges than the typical Windrunner. But then what type of spren could it be? Looking at the KR chart, the orders with Transportation are the Elsecallers and Willshapers. Elsecallers also get Transformation which does not relate to Connection at all, so that wouldn't make much sense, not does Auxiliary match with the names of inkspren we've learned already. Willshapers get Cohesion rather than Adhesion (which is at least part of the reason why Dalinar can Connect things a people together), so I don't know if Cohesion would allow Sigzil to Connect to the planet and learn the language or not. Perhaps combined with Transportation it would? Sop that the Willshaper can communicate in the new places they visit? If it is a Willshaper spren, that would make Auxiliary a lightspren/Reacher. We only have two examples of Reacher names and they don't seem to have strong theme to them, so maybe Auxiliary is a Reacher? But then what happened to Sgizil's honorspren? Alright, given all of the above, here is my theory - In Stormlight 5 Sigzil is forced/tricked into holding/becoming a Dawnshard. After he loses it he breaks his oaths killing whatever current spren his bonded too. However, because he held the Dawnshard he is now an extremely Invested individual - hence why we see him taking so much pain even while very low on power and see him able to use other kinds of Investiture. This also allows him to still get power/access the surges of Auxiliary even though they are a deadeye. BUT I don't think Auxiliary is his original honorspren, for the reasons mentioned above. I think Sigzil found the shardblade of a deadeye Reacher and "bonded" to them to get access to Willshaper abilities in order to escape Roshar and try to outrun the Night Brigade. This could be why Auxiliary can transform, because Sigzil can use Cohesion to manipulate the physical form of things (like we see Venli doing with stone). It would also explain why we don't see him try to use any Windrunner surges especially lashings when he's getting pulled around behind the ships. I could totally be wrong and Auxiliary is in fact his honorspren, but that's the theory I'm going with right now. It doesn't quite make sense with some of Auxiliary's lines, but it does explain quite a few other puzzles. Thoughts? Counter points?
  5. So I listened to secret project 4 the other day and I was shocked by how auxiliary was still able to shape shift dispite being “dead” so I started to think how this might be related to “freeing the dead eyes” that RoW set up with Adolin and shallan. And i started to connect distant dots that became scarier the more I thought about it. first: we don’t know if dead eyes can come back in a traditional sense. That being full restoration, free thinking and being able to bond those that they choose. second: the rosharian magic systems are vary powerful but are a bit limiting with the oaths that need to be spoken to access their full potential. third: BAM capture really effected the spren in ways that were not anticipated. We don’t know the repercussions for releasing BAM and if it’s an actual good thing. (We have kalaks words but common. All the haralds are crazy) forth: we know that wile a bit limiting a person with a haralds blade is really dangerous especially because of the lack of oaths binding them to their power. (Same with dead shard blade and plate) fifth: we know that shard blades (dead) are not always practical weapons. Example being when adolin killed sadeus both didn’t go for their blades because they knew it would be a disadvantage. using the above knowledge I think this is what’s going to happen. I think when BAM gets released their presents will “Zombify” the shard blades. They will become more practical honor blades ultimately. I don’t know if they’ll have access to surges but I can see a case being made for both ways. TLDR: I think that BAM release will make the (dead) shard blades now, honor blades 2.0 radiants without oaths
  6. Spoilers for sp#4 The character of the story is Sigzil!!!! Updates as I read: - Sigzil is hiding from the "night brigade" wonder if they have anything to do with the so called Dust Brigade of Threnody - does Sigzil now have the same affliction as Hoid? Using weapons/fighting isn't something he seems to be able to do - is Auxiliary a deadeye?!?! Or "revived" deadeye - I think Sig just admitted to being on Ashyn before. He was on the "Flying cities near his homeland" that's gotta be Ashyn
  7. Not sure how well thought out this theory is, but I think it's fun. Also, I'm new! Hello! I think the sun in SP4 may be one of the following 1) the grave of a highly invested person 2) the site of a shard splintering itself 3) both? We've seen significant light given off by highly invested entities before, and we know the light is a sort of investiture because it seems to be powering the jet turbines that are keeping everyone alive.
  8. So in the commentary for SP4 Brandon drops that Hoid had 3 apprentices, "of which Sigzil is the one you know the best." He also says "...I started working on what is the story of Wit’s apprentices and their explorations of the Cosmere." I want to do some speculation on the nature of the other 2 apprentices. I think the above 2 quotes potentially imply 2 important things. "Know best" implies that we know something about and have probably even seen on screen, one or both of the others, just nowhere near as much as for Sig. "Their explorations" imply that more than one of them are worldhoppers that influence more than one cosmere world. I.E. they are still kicking around and relevant. Here are my guesses Worldbringers It has long been speculated that the Wordbringers were founded by Hoid much like the Worldsingers. Some even theorize Feruchemy was a result of his influence on the Terris people when he founded them. I don't think it's much of a leap from this supposition to theorize that one of Hoid's apprentices was a Worldbringer. However, it's realllly difficult to come up with someone from pre-The-Lord-Ruler times who is still kicking around. Khriss It dawned on me that Bandon has said that Khriss knows more about the Cosmere than Hoid, which resonates with the "their explorations" part of #2 above, and meshes really well with why Hoid says he recruited Sigzil: Speculative possibilities: Hoid has been around in pretty much all our stories so it's remotely possible he mucked around in any of those worlds and made an apprentice.
  9. Dear Branderson, Knowing that Sigzil- Sig!- turns into this grim and gritty beat-down wreck of a man, haunted by broken oaths and hunted by worldhoppers, angry and bitter and calloused? Yeah, that's going to affect their my ability to enjoy the character going forward. It's like seeing Happy Kaladin in a flashback and knowing he's going to be a Sad Boi- but at least we see him in a better place by the end of the same book, and his arc is presumably going to be resolved within SA. The Sunlit Man isn't going to be out until the end of next year, and it's not part of the main series. In short, I think the way this was handled was a miscalculation.
  10. Oh by, SP#4, huh? God, that one's got me reeling, so much so I just had to draw Sigzil!!! Really wanted to play with light in this piece, as the image of these red-lit ships in twilight is just so evocative and was so much fun drawing Sigzil! I just hope he's okay... ;-; Closeup: One interesting little detail is that I noticed no one remarked on Sigzil's tattoo, which made me hesitant to include it so I eventually settled on this sort of near faded away look, a remnant of the man he once was... ಥ_ಥ Anyways, I had a lot of fun drawing this one and I hope you all enjoy! (also my first art piece posted to this lovely little site, hiya!)
  11. Alright, so Nomad/Sigzil (pretty sure its Sigzil from context), has a Torment that specifically doesn't let him hurt others. He can act in violence defensively and only as long as he specifically isn't thinking about harming those around him. Sounds pretty familiar. This quote specifically says he'd once carried a burden. Did he get a hold of/become a Dawshard? Perhaps even the same one Hoid held/was at some point?
  12. So we had a bombshell with the reveal of SP4 and a future cosmere through a first person view from Sigzil and his potential deadeye/cognitive shadow friend. We also get a cameo from our favorite 4th ideal wind runner! So now I'm curious what everyone thinks, is Sigzil saying this because Kaladin is dead or could it be like a situation where Kal disappears or becomes a cognitive shadow? Also, where do we think this fits into the cosmere? Around the time of sixth of dusk sequel? Maybe before that? The scadrian technology seemed pretty advanced in that unpublished work but there is also scadrian artifacts found on the SP4 planet. Does anyone know a wob that helps place SP4 relative to stormlight 6-10?