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Found 7 results

  1. So, it mentions something about a shower in this book. Even the most technologically advanced planet, which is Scadrial, doesn't have showers... right? I haven't read all of Wax and Wayne, so I don't know. If this is resolved later in the book, don't tell me! I'm only 12% of the way through.
  2. If I were a movie producer wanting to dip my toe in some surefire Sanderson that would 1) have broad appeal, 2) cover a short lifespan, 3) and whet the world's appetite for all things cosmere, this story is the perfect place to start! As a movie or a 4-6 hour mini-series, the budget would need to be large, yes, but with a Princess-Bride-like appeal to all ages and the Sanderson name, very little would be as guaranteed as this deal. When done well, can you just imagine how perfectly this series could promote future cosmere stories? I picture Hoid narrating the tale on a different planet to perhaps a well-known character or species, and his facial expressions as he relays the bits about his cabinboy days - oh, please make this happen!
  3. Can someone help me understand what is going on with silver on Lumar and Threnody? Why is silver allomantically inert on Scadrial when it appears to extinguish investiture on other planets of the cosmere? Aluminum acts that way in Allomancy but on worlds where silver has an effect, aluminum is an insulator and a concealer. On these worlds, aluminum is inert with regard to investiture, but it doesn’t eradicate it (in the way that silver does). Another interesting fact I noted was that both Lumar and Threnody are not actively invested by a shard. Not sure that is relevant, but it could be. So, what is up with silver?
  4. So, just reached chapter 22 in Tress, and Hoid explicitly says that he ate a [R]ock and had to fight off it's family. Conclusion: Hoid turned into a kandra, killed Rock, ate him, then fought off his family. Ta da! First official sp1 theory maybe probably not.
  5. So the midnight aether mimics things, taking on their shape. This immediately brought to mind Re-Shephir, aka the Midnight Mother, who does exactly this. There's no way that's a coincidence, I think we can all agree. But the question is, is this just magic working by similar principals? Or was Re-Shephir made directly from something aetheric? Cause one of the prevailing theories is that the Unmade were unmade from being *something*.
  6. So after rhythm of war, I saw theories floating around that godmetals were kind of like a supercharged versions of the normal metals. Atium, for example, was compared to Super-Electrum (this was before the atium retcon which throws a bit of a wrench into the info we know for comparison) and raysium with its investure-conductive properties might have been super-nicrosil or super-duralumin. After a certain fact in sp1 caught my attention with Lost Metal fresh in my mind, I want to revisit these theories. In sp1, tress uses an iron tool and a steel tool to manipulate aethergrowths- iron to attract it and steel to repel it. This of course is very similar to what we know of their effects in fabrials, as well as of course their allomantic effect. (And I'm just now realizing that iron feruchemy affects gravity, you're storing and tapping the physical pull of the world on you, though I think it does so through tapping/storing *mass* not gravitational force). This use of steel to repel investiture reminded me of something else- Trellium aka bavadinium. This particular comparison holds up nicely for the purposes of this theory, and I'm interested in the differences between how steel and trellium repel investiture. So of the known godmetals, do you think they're comparable to the allomantic metals?
  7. Goal: Gain a vague timeline of the Iriali people's travels. (Full Cosmere Spoilers) I would like to focus in on the Iriali and specifically speculate about their lands (including Lumar) 1 We know that Roshar is the 4th land. 2 The Iriali follow the "Long Trail" 3 People from Rira (Evi) have sayings that reflect the planets of Nalthis and Taldain 4 A queen in Iriali responds to Dalinar with comments about the tides 5 Rirans are different from the Iriali. 6 Autonomy's isolation principal has locked Kriss out of her homeland during the time she is writing her essays. 7 Nalthis and Roshar have a lot of interaction and linguistic similarities. New Secret Project Info 1 The Iri have been on Lumar. 2 A cup written in "their language", old Iriali, is written from up to down, not left to right. And made entirely of tin. (not Rosharan writing) 3 Disappeared 300 years prior to Secret Project 1 story. 4 Hoid does not appear to have Design at this time 300 years past their disappearance. 5 Iriali had at least one "king" on Lumar. (Probably three monarchs, though.) Assumptions 1 Evi's idioms can be traced to Taldain "Sun at night" quote and Nalthis from some color related quotes. And these quotes come from her partial Iriali heritage (golden hair, but not true golden hair) 2 Autonomy has isolated Taldain from the Cosmere for a significant amount of time. 3 There is only one group of Iriali roming the Cosmere. Speculation and Proto-Theorizing 1. With near certainty, we can say that the Iriali must have been to Lumar prior to Roshar, through abundant circumstantial evidence. a. Hoid makes no mention of Design. b. Rosharan and Scadrial references not present. c. Iriali have tide readers. "The Iriali religion may involve fortune-telling with ocean waves, as a member of the Iriali court is the court tidereader. A spanreed meeting between the Iriali queen and Dalinar was moved up because of something seen in the waves." -from a stormlight archive fandom wiki. Tide implies some sea-faring history and considering the importance of paying attention to the fluids on Lumar, it would be wise to have a tide reader. 2. Now, it gets interesting. We conclude that if Roshar is the 4th land, Lands 1-3 must be Nalthis, Taldain and Lumar My suggestion for order is 0th Before the beginning of the "Long Trail". (Perhaps destroyed in the shattering.) 1st Lumar --- Ancient Iriali writing that goes up to down must predate their visit to Taldain because on the Dayside of Taldain they write from left to write based on the current comics (papers on Heelis' desk). 2nd Taldain --- At some point travel to and from Taldain is blocked, but in early times of Kriss and Kenton, it is not blocked, so earlier is more likely for Taldain (additionally, I can only remember the one Evi expression). 3rd Nalthis --- There is a lot of interconnectedness between Roshar and Nalthis. Therefore, I think it seems logical that the last leg of the Long Trail, so far is from Nalthis to Roshar. 4th Roshar --- Confirmed. 7th Final land (Yolen?) 3. The question remains whether the golden Aether sea provided the Iriali with their golden hair, or, and I think this more likely, there is a 0th land. This stands to reason, based on how Charlie seemed to think the golden hair was something noteworthy, and we haven't seen anyone around with green hair or heard any mention of new inhabitants having golden hair. Hopefully this can be answered when we have the full book for Secret Project 1: Please add your own observations and theories. I am sure I missed some data and I have been unable to confirm the fact that I think that the Iriali on Roshar write from left to right.