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Found 3 results

  1. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

    1. R J

      R J

      It is The Truth. 

    2. AonEne


      Is that your dog, or did you just find the image? 

    3. R J

      R J

      I just found the image. My family has cats sadly 

  2. As the topic implies, I've been thinking on how Scadrial is going to achieve faster-than-light travel, and I belive I have an idea how to do so with our current knowledge of Metallic Arts. Keep in mind that's it's a very rough-around-the-edges, probably-assuming-too-much and unsupported-by-WoBs (my computer doesn't let me access Theoryland for some reason) theory, but hear me out. Basically, I belive there are two ways to go faster than light: Allomantic one and Feuruchemical one. First off, Allomancy. We know two facts from Bands of Mourning: Large objects, such as trains or planets, will "drag" bendalloy bubbles with them. Southern Scadrians' cubes take Allomantic abilities (at least external ones) and later display them Now imagine a very large SoScad cube, roughly the size of a train, placed in the very centre of a somewhat bigger spaceship. The cube is charged and the spaceship, which is inside the bubble, begins to move (I know a typical bendalloy bubble is much smaller than a spaceship, but I'm guessing that the size is proportional to the size of Allomancer). While usually a Slider can't carry his bendalloy bubble with him, the spaceship - and the cube - is large enough for the "dragging" effect to occur, therefore the ship cheats the system and carries the bubble while moving with in-bubble speed. Going by numbers Coppermind gives, (1:8 time compression), if the ship reaches 0.5c while inside the bubble, it would appear to the outside observer as moving with 4c, which means it moves, objectively speaking, four times faster than light. Herein lies the problem with this theory, of course: even if the ship inside the bubble doesn't break the laws of physics, the bubble itself does. Still, I think this is something that could be used (going 0.1c in the bubble, 0.8c objectively, is surely fuel-saving), if only because bendalloy bubble would be a kickass sci-fi deflector shield. Now, the second method, which is harder, less proveable with our current knowledge, but also less physics-breaking: Feuruchemy. More specifically, nicrosil. What do we know in this case: Nicrosil Ferring can store and tap Investiture. Ascension is, basically, having a ton of Investiture (this may be my misinterpretation of facts, but see: Vin and mists; Shards being basically pure Investiture and Ascending involving taking it; and I'm fairly certain there was a WoB to this effect, though as I said, I can't search for it) Ascension into a Shard involves jumping into Congitive Realm, as this is where non-dead Shards reside. There exists a mechanism for giving machines Feuruchemical properties and making a machine utilize it (see: the scene of the Set investigating downed SoScad ship near the end of BoM. The ship can somehow store weight.) So, how would this work: a Nicrosil ferring (it could be that you'd actually need Nicrosil compounder for this) stores Investiture for days upon days until he/she collects it in absurd quantities, then "gives" it to the ship, which then taps all of it in a fraction of second. The amount of Investiture this realeases basically flings the ship to the CogRealm the way perpendicularity (or Ascension) would, but because of Investiture requirement runs out before the ship can Ascend, however this would look like. Voila - you are now in CogRealm and can worldhop with a ship. Of course, I have no idea how you'd return to PhysRealm. Perhaps by storing all the Investiture and leaving the nicrosilmind behind like some space junk? TL;DR: Use giant bendalloy cubes in ships to travel in Slider bubbles; use nicrosil to emulate Elsecalling. So there it is. I'm curious about your opinion. Of course, feel free to poke giant logic-, WoB- and textual-evidence-shaped holes in this. I'm sure there are plenty, and I'm pretty certain someone will immediately point out something that will render this entire theory moot.
  3. So welcome back to another of my Random Speculations, theories that don't really have enough support to be an actual Theory but that I nevertheless like the idea of. I'm not saying this is how I think things are, but I do think it is a possibility to be considered. The Three Metallic Arts consist of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. One of these however, is not like the other. Allomancy and Feruchemy both require certain genetic codes in order to be used, Hemalurgy does not. However we know that the Southern Scadrians have different versions of the Metallic Arts, that are mechanical rather than genetic. Why did two different manifestations of the same systems emerge? Well we know very little about the mechanical Arts so let's look at the genetic Arts. How does one become a Feruchemist? Aside from Hemalurgy the only known way is to inherit the genes for Feruchemy from a parent. So where then did the genes come from? We know they only appeared in the Terris population, and that it was given to them by Preservation long ago. How does one become an Allomancer? Again aside from Hemalurgy, one must either inherit the genes for Allomancy from a parent, get Snapped by the Mists, or burn lerasium. The later two being the source of the genes. So we have three sources: a direct gift from Preservation, a mechanism put into place by Preservation, and the physical body of Preservation. I don't know about you but that smells like Shardic meddling to me. We know Preservation can alter some things, he swapped out the external Temporal metals in the Mist-snapping mechanism. So here is my random speculation: The mechanical manifestations of the Metallic Arts are the original/natural manifestations of the Metallic Arts. The genetic manifestations are a result of Preservation meddling and inserting the abilities of Allomancy and Feruchemy directly into humans. Why would he do this? Well I don't really have a good answer for that. Perhaps with Feruchemy it was an effort to help preserve the Prophecies of the Hero of Ages, and that genetic Allomancy is better at consuming atium, to help combat Ruin. I just don't know. I could be entirely wrong about all of this, I'm not convinced by this but it is an idea to be considered. What do all of you think?