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Found 18 results

  1. StrikerEZ was lynched! They were a Traitor with a vest item. Kidpen has been attacked and killed! They were a Loyal with a knife item. Village wins! You have caught all of the traitors! Player List: This game ended up way more complex than I intended originally. I wish I could've given it the proper time. I'm very sorry everyone for all the delays and the huge pause at the end of the game. Life handed me some hard crap and then I got really busy irl. I hope you all still had fun. Thank you for bearing with me and being active. I want to finish all the story when I get the chance. I just couldn't go any longer without putting up the results for you. I've felt so horrible about it. Thank you so much for playing!
  2. Vin rolled to a stop on the ash covered roof of the quilt store. She scanned the buildings across the street, looking for any sign of people watching the establishment. Zane landed behind her a heartbeat later. "Anything?" "No metal pulses, no shouts of alarm, nothing from inside the building, nothing moving in the other buildings." The two Mistborn stayed still for a moment longer, before slowly untensing. Vin turned back to Zane, who was just now putting his knives away, even as he continued to scan the buildings they had steeljumped from. "Kelsier took me to this place a few times. We'll be able to get all the supplies we need for the trek to Terris here. Or at least order them." For a quilt store, Reap What You Sew had a wide variety of goods and services. "There is a back door that we can knock at." Zane nodded, and jumped from the roof. Vin flared her bronze and felt him flare pewter to stick the landing, even through his coppercloud. She flared pewter as well and jumped from the middle of the roof all the way over to the wall of the far building, bouncing off in a controlled spring, landing next to Zane at the back door. He had his ear pressed up against the thick wood and was now burning Tin. She did the same. "Next time you come in for shears, I'll tell you if my contact is agreeable to the deal." Vin extinguished her tin. It wasn't her business. "We should knock." Zane glanced at her, and she almost stepped back. The grin on his face was malevolent. "You didn't hear the first part, did you?" She shook her head. "The contact is one of Cett's Infiltrators, still in the city, looking to offload weapons." Vin shivered. "We can't leave then. I won't leave the city until Elend is safe." He turned fully to face her, still grinning. "I agree. His contact is either the Swordsman or the Count, and both are exceptionally competent men. Both escaped me. I was going to hunt them down later, but if they were foolhardy enough to return, then I will remind them why they fled in the first place." Vin burned Tin again and listened. Someone light of foot was fleeing the building. "Messenger boy is leaving. We should follow." The two Mistborn burned steel and took to the sky. ____________________________________________________________________________ "I couldn't see anything." Zane hissed, unconsciously spinning one of his daggers in his hand. "He didn't open the door enough." "I saw the gleam of a sword." Vin looked at the rest of the windows on the red house. They were laying on the roof of the Tormander Hotel across the street and a few doors down from the Cett's house. It had a roof that sloped backwards to allow ash to run off, and no way on or off except through allomantic means. It made an ideal place to stake out their target. "Did the Count use a sword?" "No, he was a powerful Lurcher." Zane removed a coin from his pouch, and balanced it on the edge of the roof, and steelpushed it past the red house. It moved in a straight line, until it hit the building next to the red house. No sounds of panic came from either place. "So, it's the Swordsman, Fynn Seidel." The door creaked open again, and both Mistborn peered over the ledge. A note and some boxings slipped out into the hands of the messenger boy. They watched as the boy ran from the building, back the way he had come. “You’re better with Zinc and Brass. Is he alone?” Vin carefully burned Brass, soothing the occupants of the building. She felt only one calm down. “Only one unsmoked. Did they have a smoker with them?” Zane shook his head slowly. “Then perhaps only Fynn returned to the city.” Zane rose a bit higher, tracking the route the messenger boy was taking at the far end of the street. “The two risked their lives to protect each other. They would not split up.” Apparently satisfied, he ducked back down behind the roof. “We’ll have to wait and see who else he sends messages to.” He slid backwards into a more comfortable position and settled down to wait. _____________________________________________ The door cracked open and Vin tensed, flaring all her muscles at once. She carefully peeked over the roof. Through the misty night, she could see Fynn standing just inside his open door with a crossbow. He appeared to be scanning the rooftops and windows for anyone watching him. Her ashen hair covered her face, rendering her invisible in the misty night air. How long had it been? She had napped for at least two hours, and Zane had now been asleep for one. Before that they had waited at least three hours, but Fynn was finally stepping out the door. Without moving her head, she reached out and laid a hand on Zane’s arm. Immediately, she was yanked backwards, and Zane was on top of her, eyes alight with sudden terror and rage. Instinctively, she steel pushed on the metals in his belt, throwing him off her. He landed on the far side of the roof in a crouch and shook his head. “Sorry.” He looked around, avoiding her. “I’m used to people trying to kill me in my sleep, I won’t do that again.” Vin wished she could sooth her own beating heart. Was she making the right choice? Was she choosing the right man? There was still time to think on that. They were still here. “We’ll talk later. Fynn is on the move.” They peered over the roof again. The door was closed, and Fynn was halfway along the street. They burned pewter and jumped ahead of him. One of them keeping abreast, and one preceding him, as he wound his way through the streets to the Old Wall district. They settled on an abandoned cannery as he approached a pair of Skaa in the road ahead. “That’s a Thieving gang.” Vin scanned the rooftops around them as she whispered. “I recognize those two from a meeting I had with Cammon a long time ago. There will be more.” Zane scowled. “He just gave them a code. They’re going to take him to where Conrad and the Lekals are. Another hive of spiders has grown.” The creak of wood was the only warning they got, but the half second sound was more than enough. Both Mistborn Ironpulled themselves in opposite directions as a wooden bolt buried itself in the stone where Zane’s head had been. “Two Coinshots on Granny’s Cannery! Douse the lights!” The call came from the same direction as the bolt, and Vin spun that way as she grabbed onto the wall. She could see the archer now, reloading his bow behind another man with a dueling cane. The torches on the street went out, and Vin flared Tin to compensate. A hail of coins shot towards the pair but were suddenly pulled off course towards the street below. Vin pushed off the iron lantern hook in the wall, rising to get a better vantage. As she flew skyward, she spotted a man with a thick wooden shield staring up at where Zane was. She recognized him from Elend’s Assembly meetings. Count Senn Conrad. Another crossbow bolt whistled through the air at her. Actually *whistled*, practically screeching that it was there as it came for her. She cursed as she extinguished her steelpush and her Tin. That bolt was meant to make as shrill a noise as possible. As it passed above her, she pushed off the coins embedded in the Count’s shield, and rocketed backwards, away from the fight. She pushed twice more, until she was out of aim of any of the archers. She heard two more whistles and a cry of agony before Zane joined her. He was bleeding from his hip, where it looked like he had torn out a bolt. “I killed the man who got me, but he did get me first.” He scowled and pressed down on the wound. “Those men are far too well trained.” “We’ll have to come back later, when they don’t know we’re here.” Vin tore one of the tassels from her mistcloak and wrapped it around the wound. “So another Noble is making a play for the city. We’ll have to kill them all.” Zane grinned, a dark, bloody grin that promised all sorts of things. “I’ll have to write another song about it.” A shadow slipped between the eaves of the quilt shop, smiling. He saw the two Mistborn—of course, they could not see him. Would not see him, yet. He narrowed his insubstantial eyes, glaring at Zane. He would need to die. For Vin’s sake. Day 1 has begun! It will end at 9:00 PM EDT on Saturday 18 May. A playerlist has been finalised and all role PMs should be out. Please PM me if you did not get yours. There will be a lynch today. There is no vote minimum for a lynch. Player List:
  3. The group sitting on that Airship was beginning to feel the pressure. Many more Aristocrats than Southerners had died. However, surely there was still a bit of time, right? There was no need for a panic yet. They didn't know how wrong they were. *** Ark1002 has died! He was a Northern Aristocrat. Vote Count: Ark(5): Steel, Itiah, xino, Devotary, Fura. The Night will end at 7 AM MST (or maybe PST?) on March 11th.
  4. Adela stood before the assembled nobles, each one of the scrutinizing her in their own way. A few of them whispered, Adela being obviously excluded from the conversation. Someone stood up, and announced "We have come to a decision! Adela you have been found guilty a treason, and consorting with Skaa. You will now be put to death." Adela opened her mouth to respond, but, with a wave of a hand, half a dozen coins flew towards her, silencing her protests before they could even start. Brightness Radiant has been lynched! She was a Noble Copper misting! This cycle will end: Player list:
  5. (Writeup forthcoming, no events besides the lynch will show up in the writeup) Votes: (6)Asterion: Rae, Legend, Megasif, Lopen, BR, Darkness (4)Mesagsif: Manukos, Arin, Aster, Randuir (1)Darkness: Doc Asterion has been lynched! He was a Skaa normal person!
  6. The crowd shifted, targeting a new person, following the loudest voice of the crowd. They were out for blood, and they would get it. "Warren Hasting!" one voice shouted, while the crowd turned to face him. They prepared to attack him, but, before they could, another voice shouted "Lawrence Arthur" and the crowd turned to him. As if in response a third voice shouted "Lutha Erikell!" Warren hasting had been forgotten, while the crowd switched between trying to lynch Arthur and Erikell. Each second the crowd grew more frenzied, and more blood hungry, searching for either of their targets. "Enough!" A voice shouted, louder than any of the other voices, loud enough to shock the entire crowd into silence, even before the powerful waves of soothing washed over them. The Lord Ruler stood, waves of soothing rolling off of him, silencing the crowd below him. "You." he said, pointing to one of the people who had been loud, and directing the crowd. "You have created a riot, setting my city into chaos. You shall be punished." Darium stood there, the full force of The Lord Rulers soothing baring down upon him, making him feel completely numb. The Lord Ruler reached out, and, with of flick of his finger, separated Darium's body from his head. The Lord Ruler turned to leave, and a small letter flopped to the ground after him. Dearest Lord Ruler, Today I wrote this letter, but I'm not sure I can ever send it. Because I've always called you Lord Ruler. And that's obviously not your name. So I asked around. Rashek. What a beautiful name. As much as I love you, I fear your retribution. Even if your retribution would be the sweetest thing, no matter if it came to death -Your secret admirer, Asterion (1): MegaRoad (4): Manukos, Asterion, Ari, Phatt Phatt (4): Sami, Alv, Lopen, Cloud A random tied voter has been lynched! It was Cloudjumper! He was a Noble with no role! Time until N2 ends: Player list:
  7. “Part of our story begins in the Court, as it welcomes the very first group of students...” “Hello, everyone.” An aged but powerfully built man stood at a podium, looking down at the strange assortment of humans and creatures that stood in the hall. “I am Sir Young, Dragonslayer, and one of the Founders of this place. I summoned you here because I wished to welcome you before classes begin. “Although Coyote has rent the Gillitie from our Court, and regular passage between the two is currently difficult, if not impossible, it is our hope that this institution will continue to serve as a place where humans and etheric beings can live in harmony and learn from each other. “Moreover--” “Is that so?” A voice spoke from the back of the crowd, scarcely loud enough for everyone to hear. To the left of Sir Young, a bored-looking man with close-cropped blonde hair suddenly stood at attention, reaching for something concealed beneath his cloak.. “Then what are you doing with the trees?” “They are being cleared to make room for additional lodgings and residential areas. Your lodgings, I might add.” “Is that all? This place that the Seed has created is enormous, and continues to grow despite Coyote’s intervention. It may well be larger than Gillitie Forest already. Surely we can find space for ourselves, somewhere in the expanse?” “...Coyote’s intervention?” There was a faint creak as the blonde man strung a longbow. The crowd shuffled away from the speaker, revealing a tall Anwyn. “Blast, I’m not supposed to know about that, am I? The way the Forest’s magic has begun to rebel against the Seed? Eh, it’s no matter, I suppose. I am not the only one Coyote sent to bring light to your misdeeds.” “What is the point of this? Why are you trying to reignite the conflict between our people? Is that not what Coyote created to gorge to stop?” “It didn’t stop you, did it?” The elf pointed towards the archer, accusing. Young glanced to his left and nodded, almost imperceptibly. “Steadman.” The Anwyn seemed enraged by the lack of response. “We know--” Between one heartbeat and the next, an arrow was drawn, nocked and loosed, as the Archer proved his name. Rik (Yitzi2), has died! He was an Anwyn! Day One has started. You have 48 hours to decide who you want to lynch and who you wish to represent you as Medium. Good luck. (Quick reminder, PMs cannot be sent during the day, unless you’re the Telepath.) Player List: Locke Tekiel (Orlok Tsubodai) Elbe (Elbereth) Budgie (A Budgie) Altea Meza (Crimsn-Wolf) Carrie Brule (Burnt Spaghetti) Clanky (Clanky) Anwir (Drake Marshal) Anansi (Metacognition) John (Winter Devotion) Small Large (Stink) Lyren (Droughtbringer) Shqueeves (Shqueeves) Pickle (asterion) Lopen (TheMightyLopen) Tarek (Randuir) BrightnessRadiant Ecthelion Quick Links:
  8. Well crap. Maybe I'll finally get this and the backlog done tomorrow. Hopefully. >> Lopen has been lynched! They were Zeta! You have slightly less than 24 hours to get night actions in! Also, a GM's note: Deepest apologies to Lopen, both for not making it 100% clear he was a village, and for missing his question. This one is officially on me. Feel free to kill me, when I get around to playing there again.
  9. "Even when overtures towards peace began, it seemed nothing could go right..." [Write-up to be written.] Ecthelion has been lynched! They were a Student! Budgie, Lopen, Elbe, Small Large, Sean, Tautali Laust, Loc, Fess, Koru, Araris and Reginald have Disappeared! It's night, so PMs are now open, unless you're one of the above. In which case you'll be hearing from me shortly. Player List: Countdown:
  10. “At first, there was confusion...” “Well, what do we do now?” Walking out of the greeting hall, the new students talked amongst themselves. “Apparently some of us are trying to kill everyone! We just got here, for goodness sake!” “We could leave.” A few heads nodded. “No one would have any reason to kill us, then.” “Leave and what, be animals in the Forest? I don’t want to end up some dumb squirrel.” “What do you suggest, then?” “Maybe, I don’t know, kill the people trying to kill us first?” “...Like I said, we just got here. How are we supposed to know who wants to kill us?” “The Shqueeves guy has been pretty quiet.” “Yeah, where’d he go?” Eventually, after a few minutes of searching, a small voice piped up from the back. “I’m here. I even talked some, but no one heard me...” Shqueeves found hiding in plain sight, they found themselves, again, at a loss. “Is there anything else we can do?” “Yeah!” Small Large spoke up unexpectedly. “Y’all can vote me the official emissary to the Forest!” “Umm… why?” “Because then I could be Medium Small Large! Can’t you see how perfect that’d be? It’s like it was meant to be!” “...Sure, whatever, I guess.” After a moment of puzzlement, everyone roughly seemed to agree. “Great! I’m going to go find that Dragonslayer guy.” “...What exactly do you intend, Master Large?” Sir Young appeared more than somewhat bemused, as Small Large ran up to him in the streets of the Court. “I wish to bridge the gap between the Court and the Forest! So I can be Medium Small Large!” “And why should we allow this?” “Because everyone agrees with me! They all voted for me to be Medium!” “Then I suppose I have no choice. I officially confer upon you the role of Medium, our honoured representative to the Forest. I hope you understand the importance and solemnity of your new calling. Have fun, and try not to get yourself killed, Medium Small Large.” Small Large stood still for several moments, beaming with joy. “...You can return to your lodgings now, Medium Large.” “Aren’t I supposed to appoint of protector for myself?” “Fine, if you want to deal with this now. Do you have someone in mind?” “Umm...” Small Large pondered that, thinking very deeply. “...Noooooo.” Young bowed his head, clearly working to contain his frustration. “Go to bed, Master Large. Bother me in the morning about it, if you must.” “Yes Sir!” Large turned sharply, and made his way back. Stink has been appointed Medium! His Guardian will be announced as soon as he decides. No one was Lynched! You have 22 hours to PM and submit night actions! Tallies: Medium: BR (1): Ecth Stink (8): Stink, Crimsn, Orlok, Burnt, El, Winter, Randuir, Shqueeves Drake (1): Drake Lynch: Shqueeves (1): Ecth
  11. bad memory

    I cannot find, despite half an hour of searching, the topic where someone brilliant talked about the correlation between the three shards on Roshar and the colors of orange, violet, and one other color that I think was green, in the wine, moons, etc.
  12. So... I'm going to go see Star Trek 3(D) in about an hour. Figured it'd be worth opening a topic about it. I am... kind of awful, so far as Star Trek goes. The only ones I've really watched are DS9 and Enterprise. But I have been very much not a fan of the Abramsverse Kelvin timeline so far. I have had... issues with the previous films in the franchise so far. But, spoiler free reviews seem to be rather positive regarding Beyond, so...
  13. MR 14: The Canim Fury You are all legionnaires in the First Aleran. Since you were small, like all Alerans, you have been able to fury craft. For some, your skills have never progressed fair enough to manifest more than a basic fury. For others, you have trained for years, and have controls of furies enough to rival a Lord. When you were recruited for the First Aleran, you never expected see any real combat. But then the Canim invaded, and the First Aleran was caught in the middle of a war. Your half-century was sent behind enemy lines to learn what you could of enemy movements, and to find opportunity to hinder their forces. You have uncovered some information that Captain Scipio must get as soon as possible, but your enemy has discovered your presence. Not everyone made it out of the ambush they laid for you, and now you're trapped behind enemy lines, being hunted mercilessly. Making the most of your furycrafting, you were able to evade their initial chase, and have gained somewhat of a lead on them, but the path you need to take back is not going to be easy... The Rules: Cycles will be 48 hour combined Day-Night cycles. There are two factions: Those Loyal to Captain Scipio, and Traitors seeking to bring down Captain Scipio. The traitors do not want the Captain to receive the intelligence gathered, and so their goal is to stop those Loyal from reaching the Captain at all costs, while still surviving to report the intelligence to their superiors. -The Loyalists win once all of the Traitors are dead. -The Traitors win if they outnumber the Loyalists. -If neither side has claimed victory by the conclusion of the 8th cycle , both sides lose (their hunters catch up to them before they reach safety), unless a player scouts on the last cycle, in which the scouts team wins. Furycrafting: There are 6 different types of furycrafting: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Metal, and Wood. Everyone has different abilities in fury crafting, and this differences are represented by 3 tiers. Each type of furycrafting has 3 tiers, each which has its own ability. Higher tiers have access to the abilities of the lower tiers. The abilities are as follows: When there’s a conflict between two things (tied lynch, multiple action/vote redirects on the same player each trying to shift to different players), the result will be decided by a coin flip. Players are able to make 2 actions per cycle. Each tier counts as a separate action. You cannot use the same action twice. Only players with Water or Windcrafting can open PM's. PM's can be made at any point during a cycle, up to the players limit. PM's are between you and one other player. Remember to include Elbereth and I in all PM's created. Label the type of crafting used in the PM title. For example: "MR14 Hael-Elb (Water)" or "MR14 Elb-Alv (Wind)". PM's remain open for 2 cycles (the one in which it is opened, and the next) before being closed, unless roleblocked or redirected. PM spies get both sides of the conversations their target was included in, but not the name of the other players in the conversations. The Traitors have a faction kill, and a doc to collaborate in. The types of kills will be differentiated in the writeup (i.e. Lynch, Traitor, Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth) Order of Actions: > Roleblocks/Redirects (W1, W2, W3, E1) > Scouting (E3) > Vote changes (F1) > Lynch > Protects (E2, M1, M3) > Kills (Traitor kill, F2, F3, M2, Water3) > Scans/Spying (A2, Water2, A3) If Person A blocks Person B, and Person B was blocking Person C, Person A block Person B’s roleblock, so Person A’s actions go through. Provided a redirect isn’t blocked or redirected, it happens before roleblocks. If two players attempt to redirect the same action(s), a higher tier gets priority, otherwise a coin flip decides the result. Players can have more than one type of furycrafting, but every player will have at least one which will be designated their primary furycrafting. Each player's primary furycrafting will be public knowledge. Note that this will be the type of furycrafting, rather than what tier. Players with a Tier 3 fury can designate an heir. This does not take up an action, nor does it need to be announced publicly. Upon their death, their fury passes to their heir. If no heir is named, a recipient will be randomly chosen. The recipient will gain a Tier 2 version of the fury. Players who are inactive for 48 hours will be 'left behind', and killed. For the purposes of this game, I am defining inactivity as not making any game relevant posts. Now I realize this is a reasonably strict filter, but I understand that sometimes life happens, and if you let me know, I'll make arrangements. You can post in thread, or send me a PM. I can neither confirm nor deny that there is or isn't any of, but not limited to, the following: Hidden Factions, Sleeper Agents, WMD , Vord Elbereth will be Co-GMing! And Alv will be your Impartial Moderator. Signups will last for a bit under a week. I may extend it by a day or two if numbers are too low, but hopefully we'll be fine! Player List: Write ups:
  14. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  15. MR13: Treachery on the Terris Peaks GMs: Elbereth and Twei History turns and shifts, and a little piece of metal moves just slightly... “Right. You’re qualified, you’re coming. Your bag, please?” The young man froze. “Why do you need my bag?” “Inspection. We need to know if we should provide you with a better bag or if yours is sufficient. Also, extraneous metalminds aren’t allowed. There shouldn’t be a reason for you to have a coppermind, for instance. I’ll be carrying the only one, to record what happens at the Well.” He very reluctantly handed his bag over. “I’m not perfectly packed yet,” he tried. “There’s some stuff that I want to take out...” “Really? I thought you said you were ready to go, right now.” “Well, yes... I mean...” He stopped as she pulled out a metal cylinder. “Don’t open that, please! It’s private.” “Privacy isn’t private when you’re dealing with the protection of the most important man in the world,” commented Tindomë wryly, opening the metal cylinder. It looked to have words printed on it. The young man stayed silent as she read, head hung in defeat. She looked up at him. “‘He must never be allowed to complete his quest’? ‘Alendi was never the Hero of Ages’? ‘Alendi must not reach the Well of Ascension’? This is signed by Kwaan. The traitor!” She threw his backpack back at him. “Get out of my sight. No traitors will be allowed on this mission.” He stared at her with hate. “Very well. But I have friends who are packmen. You can’t stop them all!” He turned and stalked away. “Friends, huh?” she said softly to herself. Unfortunately, Rashek was right. She didn’t have nearly enough packmen yet, and she didn’t even know if she could trust those she’d already accepted. She looked down the long line of hopefuls. Most she could dismiss off the bat, of course. Previous experience as a packman was required, and most of them didn’t even have that. But those who did... She couldn’t turn away a willing hand, even if that hand might turn traitor. She’d just have to try to figure out who was who as fast as possible, and make sure Alendi was protected at all times. Tindomë rubbed her forehead. She’d never thought this was going to be easy, but it wasn’t supposed to involve traitors. She tossed the metal sheet to the ground and beckoned forth the next applicant. Format Factions Conditions and Environmental Phenomena Feruchemy Quick Links:
  16. ...was right after Steelheart. Not in Firefight. Not in Calamity. Right after Steelheart, exemplified in Mitosis. Mitosis spoilers follow. Also a barely structured rant that few will be interested in. The people of Newcago are the oppressed peasant class to end all oppressed peasant classes. They labor day in and day out in factories making goods for their Epic overlords. A lot of them live underground in a place called the catacombs. THE CATACOMBS. However badly your neighborhood sucks, remember that you don't live in a place people call the steel catacombs. So yeah. Aside from the Morlocks that live short brutal lives in the steel sparkin' catacombs, the people on the surface have to live in fear of a random Epic stopping by and murdering them for the crime of being noticed. Or having their building being noticed if Steelheart decides to make a random example out of them. The ones on the surface might as well live underground because the sky is pitch black 24/7. They don't even see stars besides the big bloody bullet hole in the sky that is Calamity. There are a few living in a privileged upper class, that isn't very privileged when it comes to a slontze like Fortuity picking out his victims. A prince among cattle is still classed as cattle. Everyone in this city lives a squalid existence against a black sky and cold grey surroundings. There is no green in their lives. There is no sun. There is only the Epic behind you and the Epic in front of you, and your entire existence is trying not to be noticed between them. These are people who walk with their heads down because looking up gets you killed and there's nothing to look up to anyway. Bottom line? You'd have to fly out of the universe, hit the Cosmere, and head to Scadrial to find another group of people as downtrodden as these poor unfortunate slontzes. But then the Reckoners kill Steelheart. Suddenly the entire class hierarchy of this city comes crashing down around these blokes. Everything changes overnight--oh, and that phrase makes sense for the first time in most of the children's lives. The immortal was slain before them. The insurmountable was made achievable. They see the sun for the first time in a decade. They see their tyrants cast down low and forced to leave town. They see the brutal totalitarian enforcement division turned into a peacekeeping division. They see life as they've never seen it before. Then comes Mitosis. An Epic like any other. A man--sorry, men who cannot be killed. And he comes in making demands, threatening to start slaughtering them like so many Epics like him have done before. And the Reckoners, for all they've been able to accomplish, can't stop him. But what can the Reckoners do? Tell the Newcagoans how to stop him for themselves. Which they do. By singing. They line up by the steel river and sing the worst song in the history of songs, all across the city, melting a High Epic in his glory. The goal of the Reckoners was never just to kill Epics. It was to teach the common people to kill Epics. To be willing to kill Epics the moment the opportunity presents itself. Mitosis demonstrates that they succeeded, with the most unlikely, downtrodden bunch of common people you could possibly imagine. Firefight and Calamity are just icing on the cake. It's Mitosis that proves that the Reckoners could actually win. It's Mitosis that makes for the uplifting epilogue to their mission. It's Mitosis that showcases the Reckoner organization's greatest victory. Sorry for the rant. Someone dissed Mitosis and I felt the urge to vent.
  17. QF 10- The Scadrial Atium Rush The Discovery* As James W. Marshall placed down a log of wood, he stumbled backwards. His friend helped him move the log into place, but James tripped into the river. His friend laughed and reached forward to help James up. James ignored the hand and reached into the river to push him up. His hand touched something cold, with a metallic texture. Huh? He wondered. James looked down and saw a big bead of a dark purple metal. He pulled it out and examined it. “What’s that?” His friend asked, grabbing at it. “Hey, I found it,” James said. “It’s kinda pretty, ain’t it?” “Yeah, it is. What’s it?” “I ain’t know.” James put it in his bag. “Ain’t look like any metal I know.” “Sure it’s metal? Might be some trash or somethin’.” “Yeah, pretty sure. What ya thank it is? Atium, the lost metal?” James joked. “Nah, that’s ridiculous.” His friend shrugged. “Send it back to Elendel for analysis.” “Good idea,” James said, and later that day he sent it in a package back to the city. - The first of the many independent miners to come had a pan made of metal and an insane attitude. He believed the crazy reports that had gotten everywhere- that atium had been rediscovered. The miner sat down on the bank of the river and reached down. It took him under an hour to find the tiny bead he was searching for. It was beautiful. It was a violet shade and when he polished it off with a cloth, it glowed in the afternoon light. Or maybe that was just him. He pulled out one of the glass bottles he’d brought and dropped the bead in. “Atium,” he breathed out. It made a soft clink noise. “I found it.” - That night, as a larger group arrived and set up tents, a shadow crossed the camp. A person stood in the darkness. They were a scout for the larger group that was set to come. “Atium. Rediscovered at last. No way are we going to let these ‘independants’ gain a monopoly on such a vital resource.” The corporate’s scout said as they wrote the report from the cliff. “I think something needs to be done about this.” - The next day, the first immigrant was found dead in the river. The bead of atium he’d found the day before was missing. Rules And the signups are open! Welcome to QF10. The idea of a Scadrial game without allomancy came from Renegade's QF8. Signups will be closed on Sunday, September 27 (exact time to come). The writeup time will come soon as well. If you're on a mobile and can't change the color, write this PERSON WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR[/color*], but get rid of the *s. I will try to keep a link to each cycle's writeup in my signature. And player list in the writeup. Now, happy murdering each other! *this may or may not be how the actual California Gold Rush started. Do not use this and substitute 'gold' for 'atium' for a history report. EDIT: I have switched the rules to the modified version.
  18. The Everstorm has come. Heralds and Voidbringers alike are returning. The Vengeance Pact has broken, shattered like the Plains themselves. Some Highprinces flee, returning to their princedoms, trying to prepare as best they can. Others rally to Dalinar’s call, fighting their way across the near impassable Plains to the Oathgate, and Urithiru. Your small group once belonged to Highprince Thanadal’s camp, but now you are searching desperately for the Oathgate, hoping against hope that you arrive before you succumb to the elements. Bound together by adversity, you would like to believe you can trust each other. Not all is as it seems, however. Trouble has been drawn to your expedition like rotspren to a wound. Bridges collapse, chulls die; your progress has been hindered left and right. And it’s beginning to seem as if it might not all be coincidence… Factions: Roles: Mechanics: Welcome to LG13! Sign-ups are starting now, and will end on July 13th, at 11:00 PM CDT. (This will also be the regular roll-over time.) Check back to this post fairly often; I'll try to keep an up-to-date player list, as well as rule clarifications and links to various write-ups. If anything comes up, or you've got any questions about the Fair Play Rules, (which you should probably go give a read, if you haven't already) the impartial mod for this game will be Little Wilson. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and if you're interested in being part of the Spec Doc, just send me a PM. Player List: Sani (The Only Joe) - Lighteyes who once scribed for Dalinar Kholin. Justin (Peng the Just) - Former slave. Sheon Idris (Seonid) - Selish Worldhopper. Ableah Edr (Haelbarde) - Woefully without description. Another Selish Worldhopper, of a clan of Selish Worldhoppers. Etam (Metacognition) - Scout. Madon (Mailliw73) - Crem collector. Bartholomew the Blind (Bort) - midget barbomancer/Worldhopper. The Roszo (Renegade) - Herdazian who is determined to be more impressive than his glowing cousin. Adamir (Adamir) - Darkeyes who is convinced he's from another world. Seixa (phattemer) - Yet another Selish Worldhopper,* and once (pseudo-)Priest of Shu-Korath. Kip Sturm (Kipper) - Smart Alec Woefully without description. Ace (Macen) - Delusional man with a tiny hammer, believes that he's a Brightlord and a Radiant. Jain (Lightsworn Panda) - A panda. In a desolate wasteland. (Maybe he's Thanadal's exotic Shin pet?) Em C. Palah (Emerald101) - Emuli potter. (Needs Ace's hammer.) Citrona Vinid (Shallan) - Scadrian-Elantiran Worldhopper and noble who will not be questioned. Wannan (Herowannabe) - Darkeyed soldier. Alive, and assumed to be immortal, seeing how he isn't dead. Eradin (eramit) - Best darkeyed spearman in Thandal's army. Wol (Araris Valerian) - Old ardent who might know how to spell his own name. Findilti Findilt (idolevy) - Delusional man who thinks he's a Knight Radiant. Orlok (OrlokTsobodai) - Woefully without description. Plurn Burn (Feligon) - Engineer who is woefully ignorant of fabrials. Dow (dowanx) - Woefully without description. Eo (Spooky Eowyn) - Apparently Thaylen with fake eyebrows. May or may not be a Selish Worldhopper. Akirsefatafesrika (Bridge Boy) - Blasphemous pretend soldier. Smeagol (leiftinspace) - Obsessive midget Universehopper. Kazaaakplethkilik (Paranoid King) - Supposedly famous thief and Worldhopper. Alvonoha (Alvron) - Ardent, and owner of a strange cat. Catquisitor!?! Cla (Clanky) - Horneater who loves drinking contests. Torren (twelthrootoftwo) - Recalcitrant conscript, and spy for Roion. *Don't ask why there are so many Selish Worldhoppers, despite the danger involved in traversing the Selish and Rosharan Cognitive Realms. It's complicated. F.A.Q.s: 1. Why does Progression come last in the Order of Actions? Progression comes last in the Order of Actions because you are not meant to be able to use it to protect yourself, and I don't want people working around that. Additionally, as Progression is a healing power, it makes logical sense for it to occur after the kill has been made, so there is something to heal. 2. Will Division and the Eliminator Kill be distinguishable in the write-up? Are people saved by Progression revealed in the write-up? Yes they will. However, in the case of Progression, it is only made known that someone was saved from a kill, not who was saved. This holds true for players saved by Abrasion and Tension. (Progression will be distinguishable from kills blocked by Abrasion or Tension, though.) 3. Which actions will players be informed of if they are targeted by them? They will be informed of Division, the Diagramist Kill, Progression (if it saves them from a kill), Illumination, Transportation (if it successfully redirects an action) and Adhesion (if it successfully blocks an action, although this will be indistinguishable from action failure for other reasons). 4. Does someone with Transformation have to specify whether they are looking for a player's Alignment or Role? Yes, you will have to specify which you're looking for. If someone forgets to specify, I'll flip a coin to see which they get.