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Found 3 results

  1. And now, for something a little different… It probably never would have occurred to me to submit song lyrics to this group if I hadn’t been egged on by certain individuals, who shall go unnamed but who were totally Robinski and Mandamon. I realize that this is well off the beaten path for most of you. If you’re only comfortable commenting on the lyrics, that’s totally fine! The usual things apply: Structure, clarity, emotional resonance, line-by-line writing, etc. That being said, for those of you who are willing to check out the audio track, I’m also totally open to feedback to feedback about any other aspects of the song: rhythm, melody, and arrangement (the instrumental accompaniment) are all fair game as far as I’m concerned. If you’re interested in commenting on that, I’ve provided the audio as well (with apologies for the quality of the recording). Thanks for entertaining this rather unusual submission! (And for those of you who I still owe critiques to, never fear, I'm still working on catching up! Slowly.)
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking for lyrics to put to original music (yet to be written.) I am exploring composing songs, but I'm no lyricist (unfortunately, because that would make life easier, haha) My genre is kind of New Age/Folk/Soundtrack ...Similar to my version of the "Veden Lullaby" which I've already posted on this forum. (If you haven't heard my "Veden Lullaby" think, Loreena McKennit meets "Into the West" from LotR haha) Please keep the genre in mind when considering lyrics to send me. If you have lyrics you'd like me to use, you can post them here or PM me. I would write music for your lyrics, record the song using what instruments I have and post it to my YouTube channel. I would credit you as lyricist, of course, and can put in links to any webpage you have to direct any viewers to your source. I appreciate any creative contributions!! I'm really looking for some cool inspiration! Thank you!!