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Found 7 results

  1. This might have been done before, but what if we made an album based on Elantris? Just song titles! They don't have to be in order. For example: "Expect the Unexpected" (Prince Raoden's transformation.) "I Came All This Way (For What?)" (Sarene's arrival.) "Imposter in Illusion" (Raoden poses as Kaloo.) "Pain is an Open Dor" (I don't think I need to explain this one!) "Bring Me From the Brink" (Raoden temporarily turns into a Hoed.) "Fault Lines" (Magic is restored to Elantris.
  2. In a cosmere version of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, I present Khriss singing Nazrilof (I've spoilered one stanza that deals with Secret History) Nazrilof You say you’re not that tough Complain you’ve got it rough But we don’t have enough, mmm-mmm We still don’t have enough, mmm-mmm No need to act so gruff Just one more list of stuff We still don’t have enough, mmm-mmm No we don’t have enough, mmm-mmm You just keep collecting, searching and detecting. I’m sure you can do it! I’ll be here, There’s so much left for me to write! ‘Cause mistings gonna burn (burn, burn, burn, burn) And god-kings will Return (-turn, -turn, -turn, -turn) There’s so much still to learn (learn, learn, learn, learn) Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Ferrings have metalminds (minds, minds, minds, minds) While Radiants surgebind (bind, bind, bind, bind) I feel so far behind (-hind, -hind, -hind, -hind) Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Your map of Luthadel Was annotated well! Do one of Fjordell, mmm-mmm And then these other twelve, mmm-mmm Just keep collecting, searching and detecting. I’m sure you can do it! I’ll be here, There’s so much still I have to write! Awakening takes Breath (breath, breath, breath, breath) Shades linger after death (death, death, death, death) So many facts still left (left, left, left, left) Nazrilof! Narilof! On Sel they draw Aons (-ons, -ons, -ons, -ons) The dead pass to Beyond (-ond, -ond, -ond, -ond) Can’t get anything wrong (wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong) Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Nazrilof! {repeats} Hey, hey, hey Just think! While you’ve been getting maps and charts about the manifestations of investiture across worlds, You might have been a shade back on Thren-o-dy Bavadin says I can’t come home She’s like, “Not a chance!” but I’ll just work with Nazh. And that fella over there with the shocking white hair Couldn’t tell you near as much about Arcana. A spike worn in the ear (ear, ear, ear, ear) Taln’s Scar and Reya’s Tear (tear, tear, tear, tear) Describe the whole cosmere (-mere, -mere, -mere, -mere) Nazrilof! Narilof! Draw spren, seons, and skaze (skaze, skaze, skaze, skaze) Chart Ashyn, Nalthis, Braize (Braize, Braize, Braize, Braize) So much that will amaze (-maze, -maze, -maze, -maze) Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Nazrilof! Nazrilof! [repeats]
  3. So last week when I was finishing the Bands of Mourning I started thinking "would Wayne be good at singing too?" since he's so good at accents and likes to whistle. I thought about it a bit further and realized that he has indeed done accents, whistled, and even hummed, but never actually sang. Does he not like singing for some reason? I believe he would be able to sing at least on some decent level since singing is, to some extend, possible to learn by practising despite the voice you have. Then I started thinking back to the first trilogy, there were balls with dance and music but no singing. I could understand if the Lord Ruler had forbidden singing for some weird reason, but then again, wouldn't people like Kell then go against it and sing just because? Even if singing was "forgotten" it wouldn't be difficult to "rediscover" since it's more or less something anyone can do. Is there a reason why no one is singing even though music and dancing and even humming is a thing? I haven't yet read enough other Sanderson's works to know whether it's a common thing in his books or just in the world of Mistborn... Anyway, the original question I had in mind that branched into this wider thought process was: Does Wayne like to sing? What do you all think? I would love to either hear him sing or hear a reason for why he doesn't sing in the last book of Wax and Wayne series. Maybe he did sing when he was younger but some girl laughed at him and he swore to never do it again?
  4. Happy Solstice, everyone. Let's do some Cosmere themed holiday carols to bring some extra brightness to our lives! I'll start with this, set to the tune of "12 Days of Christmas". Mild Oathbringer Spoilers, which is why it has to be in this forum. On the Twelfth Day of Weeping, my Highprince gave to me Twelve Living Shards, Eleven Spren A'Spinning, Ten Heralds Leaping, Nine Odious Splinters, Eight Princes Squabbling, Seven Books for Writing, Sixth of the Dusk, Fiiiiiiiiiiiiive Thousand Breaths, Four Mistborn Eras, Three Realms United, Two Twinborn Twins, And a dark Blade in a Bright Sheath. Let's hear yours!
  5. So i always love seeing what song people associate with the characters so if you have some in mind please post them. Listening to the radio yesterday and I heard Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down and i thing it fits Prof pretty well
  6. A song about what we currently know of Prof's life, set to the tune of the greatest theme song ever written. Inspired by this conversation, where Prof was re-imagined as a late 80s/early 90s rapper named Jonny Phaedru$. Apologies if you have the aforementioned theme song in your head for days after reading this. Now this is a story all about how The world got flipped, turned upside-down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit there, son I'll tell you 'bout the damage Calamity's done In modern America, born and raised In a classroom's where I spent most of my days Teaching fifth graders inside of a school Equipping them for the next year with all the right tools When a big red star that was up to no good Started shining in my neighborhood I went on a Rending and Tia got scared Said "The sparks, Jonny, it's like you don't even care!" I found Abigail and guy named Mirkwood Formed a team, like superheroes should But the corruption was strong and Abby kinda sucked We parted ways and that idea was chucked I wasn't quite sure just what to do Calamity was 'bout to drop the other shoe When I started a team, made of regular guys Said "Let's take these monsters down before they can rise!" Well, we killed Redleaf and Fortuity Picked up a kid who said "Listen to me, "You kill small 'taters, and yeah they've got to go "But kill Steelheart so your strength'll really show." So I fought Steelheart there on Soldier Field ​Would've died but with the quickness I healed Would've lost my mind, but David won Finished him off and I said "Good job, son." Then Instabam lured us up to Babilar With flowers that looked super bizarre ​Now Regalia's cookin' up some crazy scheme Like corrupting ME? Nah, just a pipe dream!
  7. If we lived in the Cosmere, how would our songs, quotes, movies, etc. be changed? For example: Now Your Just Some Bridgeman That I Used to Know. (Now Your Just Somebody That I Used to Know) Cosmere Wars (Star Wars) Hoid Who (Doctor Who) Settlers of New Skadrial (Settlers of Catan) Studio Shash (Studio C)