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Found 1 result

  1. The students gathered in the central room, trying to figure out who it was that murdered poor El. “I don’t trust that Lemonelon,” someone said. “They’re too quiet. They’re hiding something.” “But what about Variel!”, someone else exclaimed. “They pushed for us all to reveal our roles! So we could be murdered by those Variel tried to be as patient as possible. “I didn’t say we should. I just said it was an option. I think Lemonelon may be the better candidate.” “And now Variel’s trying to deflect! They seem way too defensive about all of this. They’re clearly one of the thugs!” The debate raged on. In the end, it came down to one vote. Elias looked at Variel. “Common scum like you have no place in a school like this, around people like me. Begone.” Variel stood, and turned. “Fine. I’m one of the people that killed El. But I have friends. And they’ll make sure each and every one of you wish you had the mercy of El’s quick death.” And with that, he turned and strode out of the room. Everyone huddled in their own corners, peering suspiciously at anyone who went past. That was the right approach. Watch carefully. Try to notice the slightest slip up. It’s how they’d gotten Variel, after all. They’d pay for that. And yet, there was one, who wasn’t watching close enough. One, who’d helped to expel Variel. One, who needed to be taught a lesson. Slowly, they approached the sleeping figure of Straw. Slowly, lit a match, and felt a warm glow spread across his face as he smiled, before dropping the match onto the blanket. The thing about straw? It burns very easily. Striker was expelled! They were a Tineye working for the Determined Thugs! Straw was killed! They were a Tineye and a Student! Striker(5): Wonko, Lumgol, Straw, Sart, Elkanah Lemonelon(4): Striker, Abstrusity, Coda, Devotary Wonko(1): DeTess Coda(1): Lemonelon Players: