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Found 13 results

  1. MR60: Overexposure (A Snapshot Game) “Best way to catch someone is to not let them know they’re being chased.” - Brandon Sanderson, Snapshot But where's the fun in that? Welcome to MR60! I’m your GM, @Archer, and our IM is @Araris Valerian. This game features variable rollover times, two action slots, roles that might only work during even/odd numbered Cycles, and PM limits. I encourage you to sign up as a type of reporter to help flavour your roleplay. Sign-ups are open until 10:00am EST on October 8th [2:00pm GMT]. Cycle One will run from 10:00am EST October 9th to between 4:00pm EST and 8:00pm EST on October 11th. Cycle Two will run from the completion of rollover until between 4:00pm and 8:00pm on October 13th. Cycle Three will run from the completion of rollover until between 4:00pm and 8:00pm on October 15th. Cycle Four will run from the completion of rollover until between 4:00pm and 8:00pm on October 17th. Cycle Five will run from the completion of rollover until between 4:00pm and 8:00pm on October 19th. etc. Please note that these times reflect the delay of the game that was announced on October 6th. The game does not start on the 8th, it starts on the 9th. Rules Only this doc will be regularly updated with rules clarifications. The following copy of the rules should not be assumed to be up to date. Framing and Factions Voting and Rollovers Actions Roles and OOA Private Messaging Participant List Quick Links
  2. MR60 Cycle One: Zoom In “We’re being sued by God?” “God’s lawyers, technically. He has yet to appear in court.” “For what?” “In protest of our proposed merger.” “What’s He claiming as damages? You can’t create or destroy matter, so even after we combine these universes, His total holdings will go from all of everything to the same amount of everything. It’ll just be moved around a little.” “He’s arguing that we’re jeopardizing his future earnings. Our realms were divided so their movie rights could be optioned individually.” “So what’s our play here?” “We could probably argue that as His creation, the judge is biased.” “Why haven’t you done that?” “Technically He’s allowed to file in any area where either you or He resides, which is anywhere. Our only break is that out of all of infinity, He elected to charge us in a convenient jurisdiction. We need to win this here, Hannah.” “You have a plan, don’t you.” “Insanity defence. Specifically, you achieve immunity by saying you are a fictional character.” “Is that even a real thing?” “The Complainant has written texts that mention the syndrome explicitly, which should be enough to work with.” “All it takes is for me to say I’m not real?” “More than that. You have to believe it. You have to be it. A fictional person, in a fictional world. Our combined universe, fully realized! You’ll get to experience it first-hand. You can even keep writing if you want.” “If that’s what it takes. I’ll do it.” * Moe Larr has been killed by the Polaroid Gang! He was an NPC, but he’s still worth avenging! Welcome to MR60! I'm your GM, and Araris is our IM. PMs are open (with restrictions), there’s no vote minimum, and ties are broken by RNG. Please vote for the Public Reckoning in bolded red, and unvote in bolded green. Remember to submit your actions before rollover, which will be between 4:00pm EST and 8:00pm EST on October 11th. Everyone should have received their GM PMs by now, so please tell me if you haven’t. The player list is: Lastly, here's the link to the rules document: MR60 Rules. Clarifications will be compiled there. Let the fun begin!
  3. I see a few WoBs about Snapshot and it becoming a movie, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, even on Brandon's website. Was it just never released or am I just incompetent?
  4. theory

    So Snapshot is a novella Brandon wrote that is coming out in February. It depicts a world were they can recreate a single day, so that the courts can investigate crimes. I thought it was an interesting concept and wondered how they were able to do it. With the recent revelation that Snapshot takes place in the Reckoners multiverse I think I have an idea. The snapshots are not artificial recreations, they operate in a similar way to Megan's powers, probably pulling from ephemeral possibilities which are nearly identical to their own core possibility. This could also relate to the "terrible discovery" the main character makes that is mentioned in the blurb: What if the people "created" in the snapshot aren't fake, but rather made real as part of the snapshot only to be destroyed when the snapshot is destroyed?
  5. Reckoners is cosmere Not cosmere is Snapshot Snapshot is Reckoners. Huh. I did not expect that (source: State '16)
  6. Hey all, as the title says I was wondering if anybody has received their physical copies yet? Im still waiting on my lettered edition over here in the U.K., but no book or info other than the short message on Vault nearly 2 weeks back. incredibly frustrating, I still haven't been able to read snapshot (I'm not reading it for the first time as an ebook when I've spent so much on a special edition).
  7. Hey everyone, Quick question about the Snapshot lettered edition, kinda lettered editions in general for anyone who might know more than me. Back in June / July I ordered the lettered edition of Snapshot and on the site it was said to be limited to 52 copies. It was also supposed to be released last month but still is yet to be determined when that will actually get fulfilled. I went to check on the status at their website and see now that there at 78 copies of the lettered edition going to be sold. So here is where I question comes in. Do I have reason to be bothered / upset about the increase of copies being produced, and if so, what sort of recourse do you believe their to be under false advertising? These items are collectibles and have value derived from their limited nature and that is part of the decision in purchasing them. I do not believe they should be able to increase this and charge the same amount they did when it was only 52 copies. Thoughts?
  8. Deadline has recently reported that the Mistborn: The Final Empire film, being produced by DMG, now has a scriptwriter attached. The scriptwriter's name is F. Scott Frazier, and he's only written a few films so far, although in addition to Mistborn he has been tapped to write two more scripts for other companies. I would like to remind everyone that just because it has a script writer does not mean that a film will definitely go forward. Also, do give Frazier a chance, he may be early in his career, but everyone has to start somewhere. Hopefully he ends up wowing us a fantastic adaptation. In other news, we have new cover art for Snapshot, Brandon's new novella coming out February 17th (which, in case you missed has just been optioned for film by MGM) and for Dreamer, a short story originally published in the Games Creatures Play anthology edited by Charlaine Harris. The artist Howard Lyon has posted them on his twitter, and I really must say he did a great job: The Amazon page for Snapshot also includes a new blurb, which sheds new light on the plot of the novella:
  9. The film rights for Snapshot have already been bought by MGM! The book isn't even out yet. Branderson's getting popular with these movie people...
  10. I haven't had the chance to read Snapshot yet, but I saw this today: on-snapshot-mgm-1201961935/
  11. Yesterday, Deadline announced that the film rights for Snapshot, Brandon's new novella coming out next month, have been optioned by MGM. Snapshot is set within the same multiverse as The Reckoners, and depicts a world where they are able to re-create a single day in order for the police to investigate major crimes. Here's the cover blurb: In case you have been living under a rock, and missed last October's major news, this is not the first of Brandon's works to be optioned for film. The rights for the entire Cosmere sequence are held by DMG (who are focusing on The Way of Kings, Mistborn, and The Emperor's Soul) and the rights for The Reckoners are held by 21 Laps, Shawn Levy's company at Fox. Interestingly enough this is not the first time one of Brandon's works has been optioned for film prior to being released, it happened with Steelheart as well. I for one am excited to here this. I think the premise of Snapshot sounds really interesting and am curious to see how it could turn out in film.
  12. Last year, following the release of the 2015 State of the Sanderson I did a lengthy post comparing it to previous States. Well, with the release of this year's State earlier this week (which all of you should go read), I've updated last year's post with all of the new information. Now, without further ado: Finished books being released in the near future: Snapshot This is a novella Brandon wrote during his trip to Dubai back in March. It’s a science fiction story where the police solve crimes using exact re-creations of a given day. Brandon did a reading from it back in June and I must say I found it quite interesting. Also of note is that it takes place in one of the other worlds in the Reckoners multiverse. It is due out in February. Last week Brandon also posted the cover art on his blog: Works in progress: Stormlight 3: Oathbringer I’m not going to go into too much depth, you should really just go read the State proper as a large portion of it is dedicated to this book. Suffice it to say intial drafting is complete and Brandon is working on the third draft presently. It is currently on track for a November 2017 release. Another point Brandon made was making it clear that he just is not going to be able to release Stormlight books as quickly as he originally promised. Eighteen months simply is not feasible, the writing of Stormlight books is much too involved a process. But I think most of us saw this coming and would rather he take the time he feels is necessary rather than just rushing out a book. Upcoming projects… Apocalypse Guard The first book of this series is at the top of Brandon’s list post-Oathbringer. It’s a YA series for Delacorte (which is why it is so high-priority, Brandon needs to spread the love to all his publishers, not just Tor) and also takes place in the Reckoners multiverse, and really digs into the multiverse itself. The Lost Metal This is the final Wax and Wayne book, currently being outlined. He plans on writing it next year for a 2018 release. Brandon also definitely states that the Wax and Wayne novels are Era Two. Unfortunately, this will be the final, planned, Mistborn novel for the foreseeable future. White Sand With the first volume of the graphic novel apparently being a success, the second and third volumes are progressing. Brandon and his team do not really have much control over when they will be released, that is really more up to Dynamite and the artist. They have mentioned the idea of them being released about a year apart from each other, which would mean volume 2 sometime this coming year, but keep in mind that until we have an announced release date that is just an estimate. Secondary projects The Aztlanian We are getting closer to this one being written, with it likely being this coming year. It is also mentioned that The Aztlanian is his most requested book at the moment (which I found rather surprising, though I most certainly agree with the sentiment. It’s currently the book I’m looking most forward to!) Brandon also says that since his eldest son getting close to the age where he can read The Rithmatist, Brandon plans on reading it with him and then jumping into writing the sequel. The Aztlanian was originally planned to be written a couple years ago, but felt he did not have a firm enough grasp on Aztec history and culture to do it justice. He did some research but by the time he had finished did not have enough time finish writing it, and so wrote The Dark Talent instead. Alcatraz Bastille versus the Evil Librarians: The Worldspire The actual final entry in the Alcatraz series. Brandon does not give an estimate on when he will write it, as he needs some flexibility in his schedule. This book and The Aztlanian will slide in whenever he has the time for them. Also if you have not read it yet I would recommend reading Brandon’s bog post on this surprise sixth book. Elantris sequels These are getting closer to being written. The 2014 State said that they had to be written before the 1980s-esque Mistborn trilogy for “behind-the-scenes Cosmere bits”. Last year’s State put the first as one of the books between Stormlight 4 and 5. This State more-or-less reaffirms that plan, explaining that Elantris novels will likely take the place of the Mistborn Era 2 novels in alternating with Stormlight novels. Backburner projects Legion 3 With the upcoming Marvel tv show, titled Legion, effectively killing the chances of this series getting turned into a tv series as is, Brandon has said they are considering rebranding the series as “Leeds” (the main character’s surname) for another run at Hollywood. Another novella would help with this. It could also turn up in an eventual non-Cosmere short story collection (with stories like Perfect State). It probably will not be happening this year however. Regardless, last year he mentioned that this would likely be the final installment unless a tv series does get picked up. Nightblood No change on this. The 2015 State seemed imply he does not plan on writing it until at least after the Elantris sequels are finished. This State does not give much more information, just a reiteration of the fact that the Cosmere as a long outline, and a rather groan-inducing pun. Adamant (previously The Lurker) A science fiction novella that Brandon has described as “Silence of the Lambs in Space”. He has spoken about it before but the plan is for it to be a sequence of six novellas released over the course of a year (one every other month). He has the first one written, and plans on writing three more at some point, with the last two being written by guest authors. No idea on when this will get released as he would like his sequence of novellas finished before it starts to be released. Brandon could write the second at any time. During the summer of 2015 he did mention that he was contemplating sliding it into the cosmere, but there is no mention of that in the either last year’s or this year’s States. With the new knowledge that he wants guest writers coming in, that may mean Adamant becoming Cosmere is off the table, we shall see. Brandon did a reading from the first novella at ConQuest 46 back in May 2015. Dark One The story of a boy discovering he is the one destined to destroy the world, takes place on an electricity-based planet in the cosmere. The 2014 State did mention this as a possible follow-up to The Reckoners for Random House, but they and Brandon decided to go with Apocalypse Guard instead. Brandon is working on the outlines though. Brandon has tried writing three versions of the first chapter, which will be released one a month through the Writing Excuses Patreon in January-March. Death by Pizza In the 2015 State Brandon said he had recently had a breakthrough with. While it was left out of the 2014 State it was included in the 2013 one (though at the time Brandon seemed doubtful of it ever progressing). No real idea when or if it will be released, as Brandon did pitch it as a follow-up to The Reckoners, but that ended up being Apocalypse Guard. No movement on this one, but it is not dead. Dragonsteel No change on this one, it’s not going to be on the docket until after Stormlight 10. (Though check out that sick burn…) The Silence Divine No change on this project either. Brandon has written a small portion of it, which he read during the Words of Radiance tour, but it is still quite a ways off from release. Soulburner A project first mentioned in the 2015 State, it is a space opera/fantasy hybrid. Brandon does not go into too much more depth this year. No progress has been made. Aether of Night This is an old project, one of the thirteen novels Brandon wrote before getting published. Long thought to be a trunked novel, as various concepts from it were cannibalized for other projects, Brandon does mention that it is still part of the cosmere sequence (with seeds of the story already planted in published works). The original draft of this is still available if you request it from Brandon. I have read it and enjoyed it, so I am interested to see Brandon will handle the story going forward. Particularly with the cannibalized sections removed. Untitled Threnody novel A planned novel set on the same planet as Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. Brandon mentions that the original plan for this was to tell the story of the people fleeing the Homeland and the Evil, but is now considering switching gears and telling the story of an expedition sent back to the Homeland. Either way I am incredibly excited for a Threnody novel, I have always found it to be Brandon’s most atmospheric setting. Brandon also reveals that a Threnody novel has been part of his plan for the Cosmere since the beginning. I for one am glad to hear that as it finally makes the “36 book plan” make sense, as I could only ever figure out 35 of them! Untitled Silverlight novella Not planned to come in 2017, but Brandon says we now know enough that he can put this on the list. Untitled Reckoners follow-up A potential follow-up to The Reckoners, featuring Mizzy as the main character. No indication on when it would be written, if ever. The Eyes A novella based on the Fermi Paradox (which asks the question that if there are other advanced civilizations out there, why have humans not detected any radio waves, or other forms of wireless communication, from them) that Brandon wrote a short snippet of during this year’s Writing Excuses Retreat cruise. Brandon released the short bit that he wrote as this month’s Random Hat reward for the Writing Excuses Patreon and I found it to be a really interesting story. I hope Brandon will write the rest of it someday, but he currently has no plans. Skyward A YA cosmere series Brandon mentioned in the 2013 State and has not mentioned since. Status unknown.
  13. Hey great news everyone, the Mistborn: House War Kickstarter reached 250,000 USD earlier this morning which means Crafty Games will begin development on Mistborn: The Siege of Luthadel! They've also announced a surprise stretch goal to add a new card to the game. And fans of the cosmere will be pleased to here that there will be a Hoid card, though it's not exactly clear if it will be in the base game or be available some other way. In other news a new novella by Brandon has been announced. It is called Snapshot and a print run will be released by Vault books in February 2017. Here is the description given by Vault Books: Brandon actually released the beginning of an early draft of this story several months ago to patrons of the Writing Excuses Patreon and also read from it at the release signing for the first volume of White Sand: Edit: has also just posted an interview with Shawn Speakman, editor of the Unfettered II anthology which confirms that Brandon will be including a story in it. It says that Brandon is still deciding exactly what he will be including but the anthology will be released this November!