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Found 7 results

  1. I see a few WoBs about Snapshot and it becoming a movie, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, even on Brandon's website. Was it just never released or am I just incompetent?
  2. theory

    So Snapshot is a novella Brandon wrote that is coming out in February. It depicts a world were they can recreate a single day, so that the courts can investigate crimes. I thought it was an interesting concept and wondered how they were able to do it. With the recent revelation that Snapshot takes place in the Reckoners multiverse I think I have an idea. The snapshots are not artificial recreations, they operate in a similar way to Megan's powers, probably pulling from ephemeral possibilities which are nearly identical to their own core possibility. This could also relate to the "terrible discovery" the main character makes that is mentioned in the blurb: What if the people "created" in the snapshot aren't fake, but rather made real as part of the snapshot only to be destroyed when the snapshot is destroyed?
  3. Reckoners is cosmere Not cosmere is Snapshot Snapshot is Reckoners. Huh. I did not expect that (source: State '16)
  4. Hey all, as the title says I was wondering if anybody has received their physical copies yet? Im still waiting on my lettered edition over here in the U.K., but no book or info other than the short message on Vault nearly 2 weeks back. incredibly frustrating, I still haven't been able to read snapshot (I'm not reading it for the first time as an ebook when I've spent so much on a special edition).
  5. Hey everyone, Quick question about the Snapshot lettered edition, kinda lettered editions in general for anyone who might know more than me. Back in June / July I ordered the lettered edition of Snapshot and on the site it was said to be limited to 52 copies. It was also supposed to be released last month but still is yet to be determined when that will actually get fulfilled. I went to check on the status at their website and see now that there at 78 copies of the lettered edition going to be sold. So here is where I question comes in. Do I have reason to be bothered / upset about the increase of copies being produced, and if so, what sort of recourse do you believe their to be under false advertising? These items are collectibles and have value derived from their limited nature and that is part of the decision in purchasing them. I do not believe they should be able to increase this and charge the same amount they did when it was only 52 copies. Thoughts?
  6. The film rights for Snapshot have already been bought by MGM! The book isn't even out yet. Branderson's getting popular with these movie people...
  7. I haven't had the chance to read Snapshot yet, but I saw this today: on-snapshot-mgm-1201961935/