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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for quite a long time on these forums and finally decided to contribute to the awesome discussion here. I searched the forums and nobody seemed to have brought this topic up yet. I was re-reading WoK for the release of Words of Radiance and noticed something really interesting. After the hunting party kills the chasmfiend, Dalinar is observing the body and notices some spren rising from its body. I'm going to quote the passage (from chapter 15) because it's so easy to miss: So, there are spren that look like smoke that leave the chasmfiend's (or any greatshell's) body after it dies. Then reading Dalinar vision a few chapters later I come across this: The "Midnight Essences," which are not Voidbringers but are a harbinger of the coming Desolation, seem to be filled almost entirely by smoke. A couple more things: Also, a picture that Jasnah found of a Voidbringer looks suspiciously like a chasmfiend, and even though Dalinar dismisses the rendering, I can't believe that's all there is to it. Spoiler from Words of Radiance: My theory from all of this is that smoke is a sign of Odiom's investiture in Roshar. The chasmfiends greatshells are a leftover from the last Desolation, and there is still a residual amount of Investiture left over that leaves when the chasmfiend greatshell is killed. When the next Desolation comes, Odium or will take over and control it. I had a whole 'nother tie in with deathspren and red eyes, but this is long enough as it is. What do you guys think? Edit: Changed chasmfiend to greatshell
  2. Hey 17th Sharders! What I would like to discuss today is the compatibility of the magical fuels (Stormlight, Breath, etc.) across the Cosmere. - I just finished rereading Hero of Ages and had this thought as I was reading Vin's fight scene with the Inquisitors, when she draws on the mists to fuel her Allomancy. Could Allomancers use other forms of power to fuel Allomancy? Say... Stormlight? - Here's an explanation on my reasoning: A Shard manifests itself in three ways, solid, liquid, and gaseous. Using Preservation as an example we have Lerasium beads (solid), the Well of Ascension (Liquid), and the Mists (gaseous). We already know that one gaseous form of power (Stormlight) can substitute for another (Breath) in Vasher/Zahel's case. What are your thoughts? What evidence have I missed that says either yea or nay to this theory?