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Found 4 results

  1. core of the earth

    Re-reading Alcatraz, on book 3, noticed this: "I blushed. It now seemed silly. 'I figured... well I thought if I could break Gravity, then I could fly.' Grandpa Smedry chuckled quietly. 'Break Gravity, eh? Very bold of you... a very Smedry-like attempt, but a bit beyond even the scope of your power, I'd say. Imagine the Chaos if Gravity stopped working all over the world!' I don't have to imagine it. I've lived it. But we'll get to that. Eventually." Welp. Spoilers (Books 5 and 6) And in book 2, we learn that the worldspire reaches all the way down to the center of the earth, which is made of glass. Hypothetically, what would happen if someone or something were to break the core of the Earth? how would that affect gravity? EDIT: Also from book 2: they regard me as their savior, but I only fixed what I broke in the first place. (loosely paraphrased)
  2. Well, here we go again. Wyatt Oleff as Alcatraz Smedry(he's pretty young, and he can pull off the attitude needed.) Christopher Lloyd as Leavenworth Smedry (okay, honestly, he is PERFECT. The first time I read the book, Grandpa appeared and in my mind, I immediately thought, Christopher Lloyd.) Mackenzie Foy as Bastille (kind of weird, but it fits. Kind of.) Natalie Portman as Shasta Smedry (It works) Paul McGann as Radrian Blackburn (YES!! YES!! YES!!) Matt Damon as Attica Smedry Richard Dean Anderson as Dif/(I forgot the villain name) Cate Blanchett as Draulin Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Sing Sing Smedry Auli'i Cravalho as Australia Smedry Peter Dinklage as Kazan Smedry(Who else??) Brenton Thwaites as Folsom Smedry
  3. When I was reading the books again, I read the description for Attica Smedry. An image immediately popped into my head, and I just had to draw it. So, here this is.
  4. So, first, some rules: The discussion thread, where we'll be planning and talking about what's going on is here: THE DISCUSSION THREAD Now, a little bit of the setting: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tenteron Smedry missed his flight. Again. He was stuck on Warsaw airport, after a series of unfortunate events, including jumping on crocodiles, taking part in some cosplay contest and running away from Librarians. What a day. For the last couple of hours he was trying to get on board of one of those crazy, primitive flying machines, that Hushlanders use to travel. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, when your Talent is to miss things.The fact, that he was on enemy territory didn’t help either. He stood on the hallway, watching as the plane he was supposed to be on was taking off. Wearing a simple jacket and jeans, he didn’t stood out from the crowd at all. That was only because he had lost his tuxedo and top hat a few days ago in an emergency situation on one of the hushlanders swimming pools. He had to steal some clothes from somebody’s else locker. He focused on his reflection in the window. Thirty years old, with dark hair, blue eyes, covered by red tinted glasses. Cleanly shaven. From what he knew, he was considered handsome by Free Kingdom and Hushland standards. Too bad he seemed to miss all the nice ladies for all those years. Suddenly, a flash of light exploded somewhere outside the window. It was so bright, he couldn’t even tell the direction from where this light was coming. Tenteron involuntarily fell to the ground. When wearing Oculator’s Lenses, a sudden flash of light usually meant you were in big trouble, attacked by another Oculator. However windows next to him didn’t shatter, ground didn’t tremble nor did the air turn ice cold. Only a potted plant next to him fell over, but that was rather his fault than an enemy’s attack. So what was this light? It disappeared as his glasses fell of his face, so it wasn’t any normal light. Tenteron tood up and stabbed himself in the eye with a temple of his Oculator’s Glasses, missing his face, when he tried to put the glasses back on. Just as he was wincing in pain, a security officer came from around the corner. “Proszę pana, będzie musiał pan udać się ze mną…” The guard didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence, as Smedry started to run away from him. They were in the duty free zone, past the security checks of the airport. Tenteron rushed to the exit. By now, all the security guards were on alert and moving in his direction. Unless he’ll do something brilliant… He took out his Slider’s Lenses, tinted pink with transparent dots. Attica Smedry created them many years ago, however he didn’t like them and didn’t share information about the sands used to smelt them with anyone, there were only four pairs in the entire world. Tenteron put them on and looked on the ground before him. The floor began to glimmer as if it was wet or made of ice. Everyone around him started to lose their balance as the ground became extremely slippery. Tenteron slid on his knees between two guards trying to grab him and kicked one of them in his behind to gaining momentum needed to move forward the exit. He was right on his way to the door outside, when a dark figure in a suit, wearing a pair of glasses appeared in front of him. Tenteron didn’t have any time to react as a line of fire cut through the air right next to him, scorching the floor and setting a little kiosk on fire. He focused on his Talent, making sure to miss the next attack of the enemy Oculator, while he slid in his direction. He crashed into Librarian’s legs just his opponent activated the Firebringer’s Lenses for the second time. A short burst of flame launched into the hallway as the glasses fell of the Librarian’s face when he fell down. The flames hit one of the big TVs displaying departure schedule which fell down to the floor. Tenteron stood up, took off his glasses and looked at the mayhem he left behind. The floor was still slippery as a perfect rink, everyone was on the ground trying to stand up, it would be a hilarious view if not for the damage done by the fire. Fortunately it seemed that nobody got seriously hurt. Tenteron took the Firebringer’s Lenses from the ground. The enemy Oculator laid there unconscious. People from the parking lot begun to gather near the exit as Tenteron pushed through them to get away from the airport. He put his Oculator’s Lenses back on and looked behind him in the general direction from which that explosion of light came from. He could see little bright point, as if there was a star far away, shining through all the buildings. It was visible, even as he waved his hand before his eyes. Dark Oculators can surely see it too. Other Librarian orders will know about this anomaly soon as well. Investigating it would be most dangerous and risky. Tenteron thought, as he walked away from the chaos he caused at the airport. I should probably get back to Free Kingdoms and return with some backup before approaching… But what would Grandpa Smedry do? He would get to the anomaly as fast as possible, without any regard for the dangers… Because that’s the Smedry way! Tenteron entered one of the shops for tourists that were frequent in the vicinity of the airport. With a compass and a good map he would be able to pinpoint the location of the anomaly, if it was anywhere in Europe. Then he’ll just have to find a way to get there...