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Found 5 results

  1. The Sunreach and ReDawn audiobooks on Audible have an intro/outro containing morse code. (mp3 audio, morse chart) This is how I hear/copy it: Kind of weird. Do you think there's any meaning to it, e.g. an acronym, or is it just all pure nonsense from a morse code paddle, used to make made to cool sound effects? I'm thinking the latter but thought I'd throw this out there because it's fun to think about.
  2. Publisher's Weekly has revealed the cover for Bastille vs. The Evil Librarians, the final entry in Brandon's Alcatraz series! Bastille is cowritten with Janci Patterson, co-author of the Skyward Flight novellas, and is due to release September 20th. Additionally, the print collection of said novellas is out, and Brandon and Janci shared a bit about what Skyward will look like going forwards. Additionally, their article contains release dates for the new editions of the previous books in the series, which are receiving new covers by Justin Gerard to celebrate Bastille finally coming out. (In case you missed it, the new cover for the first book in the series was revealed back in December!) May 3: Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians July 5: The Scrivener’s Bones and The Knights of Crystallia August 20: The Shattered Lens September 20: The Dark Talent and Bastille And now, we venture skyward! Specifically the Skyward Flight collection released this week! If you've been waiting to buy these in print, you can find links to do so on Penguin Random House's website. It also includes a few sweeteners like character art and deleted scenes. Unfortunately, Skyward beta reader and Janci's friend Darci Cole was originally supposed to help write the next trilogy, but had to step down from the project for personal reasons. Janci and Brandon will both continue to be involved with it, however. Oh, did I not mention the next trilogy yet? Well, on the most recent stream, Janci and Brandon spoke about the plan for the future of the Cytoverse after Defiant (the fourth Skyward novel) releases next year. The current goal is to co-write a second trilogy following characters we already know (they can't confirm which, though we know from the Mini-Con that Kimmalyn is likely in the running). They intend for the books to be dual PoV, with one primary character getting major viewpoints in all of them, and a different second character getting their own plot and main viewpoints each time. However, this is subject to change, as they are still early in the outlining phase. Oh, and of course, we have progress bar updates from the latest Weekly Update video! The first draft of Stormlight Five is about 6% completed, which is about on-track for where Brandon expected it to be. The third draft (which takes into account beta reader feedback) of Secret Project 1 is about 80% completed, meaning prep work for publishing it next January can soon begin. Speaking of the Secret Projects, the Kickstarter raised $41,754,153 from 185,341 backers, easily taking the crown for most-funded Kickstarter with more than double the second place. (However, Exploding Kittens still has it, and every other project, handily beat for the most-backed position, with 219,382 backers.) Who do you think the next Skyward series's viewpoint characters will be? Why are there sharks in the sky on the Bastille cover? Is it just me, or does that airship look like Darth Vader? Find out... uh... whenever the books release, I suppose, but until then, share your guesses in the comments below!
  3. You've been waiting for a physical editions for the three Skyward Flight novellas that came out late last year, and today Skyward Flight: The Collection is out! You can get a hardcover or an ebook with all three of the novellas: Sunreach, ReDawn, and Evershore. The hardcover is just $20 on Amazon (and about the same price on Barnes and Noble), with the ebook at $12. You can also get a signed hardcover off Brandon's store, or get the Gollancz paperback off Book Depository. We found the Skyward Flight novellas to be a fantastic trilogy of stories, and an important part of the Skyward series. Janci Patterson co-wrote these with Brandon, and we felt she did an excellent job. These fill a big hole in the mainline novels, and if you like Skyward, absolutely pick these up. I liked this more than Cytonic too! ReDawn and Evershore are just incredible. I think it is best to read all these either before Cytonic, or directly after Cytonic. So really, at $12 or $20 dollars, you can't go wrong, especially because these three together are longer than any individual Skyward book! Lastly, Janci Patterson will be on a stream on Brandon's YouTube channel tonight, at the usual stream time 6pm Mountain time (5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern), which will go for two hours. You can put questions for the stream in this Reddit thread!
  4. Evershore, the third Skyward Flight Novella, comes out tonight, December 28th! Merry Christmas to us! The novella will be out on ebook and audio on all major bookstore platforms such as Amazon and Google Play and more. If you want a physical edition, all three Skyward Flight novellas will be in print on April 5th, 2022. Our Evershore spoiler board, which is where you can discuss the new novella, will open December 28th at midnight GMT (which is December 27th at 4pm PST and 7pm EST). Please avoid the spoiler board until you have finished the novella! If you would like to talk about both Evershore and Cytonic together, you can do so in either the Evershore spoiler board or the Cytonic spoiler board, but you have to spoiler tag the other work. For example, for the Evershore spoiler board: You can simply put [Cytonic Spoilers] in your topic title, so people know that this topic is both an Evershore and Cytonic thread. If you'd like to mention something from Cytonic in a topic that does not have a [Cytonic Spoilers] flag in its title, you can hide your Cytonic spoilers in a spoiler tag (click the Eye symbol to do this), and make sure prior to your spoiler you label that your spoiler is about Cytonic. If you'd like to discuss Evershore in the Cytonic spoiler board, you can do that just the same, you'd simply need to tag the Evershore spoilers with [Evershore Spoilers] in the title, or your posts spoiler tagged. Evershore's spoiler period will last one month, through the end of January. ReDawn and Sunreach are out of the novella spoiler period, so they are inherently allowed here. On Discord, we will have an #evershore-spoilers channel in addition to our #cytonic-spoilers channel, and for discussion of both, you must spoiler tag the spoilers from the other work. So in #cytonic-spoilers you would spoiler tag Evershore stuff, and in #evershore-spoilers you would spoiler tag Cytonic stuff. Enjoy the novella! Our Shardcast on Evershore will be out later than our other novella casts have been, since the holidays are crazy. I expect it to be out mid-January, likely January 15th, and it will be a beefy episode talking about the novellas as a whole. On January 1st, you'll get another Mistborn Era 2 podcast instead.
  5. The string of exciting news in the updates continues, as this week we got release dates and blurbs for all three Skyward Flight novellas and a cover for Sunreach (the first one), as well as a preview chapter for Cytonic! On a more somber note, Brandon went over and apologized for the bugs with the Mini-Con site (which we covered in our main post on the event). And of course, the progress bar for The Lost Metal ticks ever-upwards, now at 75%. Yes, you read that right, we finally have a cover for Sunreach, Janci Patterson's novella following FM (the first of three following various members of Skyward Flight around the events of Starsight and Cytonic). Without further ado, here it is: The novella is slated to release September 28th, barely over a week away! According to a press release from Gollancz, Brandon's UK publisher, the second novella (ReDawn, following Alanik) will release October 26th, and the third (Evershore, following Jorgen) will release December 28th. They will release simultaneously in eBook and audio, and the first two will be narrated by Suzy Jackson, who recorded the US audiobooks for the rest of the Skyward series (however, the narrator for Evershore has not been announced yet—thanks /u/Urithiru on Reddit for catching my mistake there). Additionally, Brandon plans to release all three novellas in a single print collection sometime next year. We also have blurbs for all three, which are copied below for your convenience. Warning: ReDawn and Evershore's blurbs contain spoilers for the previous novella(s), so click at your own risk. Sunreach ( preorder): ReDawn (preorder): Evershore (preorder): As if that wasn't enough Skyward news for one week, has posted an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Cytonic (an earlier, much-changed version of the prologue and first chapter were previously released through Brandon's newsletter). It is currently unclear whether more preview chapters will be posted in the lead-up to the full novel's release on November 23rd or not. In other book updates, the second draft of The Lost Metal (Wax and Wayne book 4) is now 75% finished. After this draft, the novel will be sent to Brandon's writing group for feedback and further stages of revision, and it will eventually release in fall 2022. And lastly, Brandon explained and apologized for the bugs with the Mini-Con store. For more on that, you can read the updates to our main post on the event (which will celebrate the release of Cytonic). Now that we have the blurbs, which novella are you most excited to read? Which format will you be using, audio or digital? Let us know below or in the #events channel on our Discord server! Also, discuss the Cytonic preview chapter in the #noncosmere channel (as long as you spoiler tag it)! As per usual, the full Weekly Update video is on Brandon's YouTube channel and embedded below (though this week, much of the news comes from other sources), and the transcript will be on his blog when completed.