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Found 24 results

  1. so we know that different surges can be used different ways by different orders. for example, adhesion is used differently by bondsmiths and windrunners (with some shared abilities) the question is, as said in the title, does skybreaker division work any different to dustbringer division? we've never seen ANY skybreaker use division (the few we know being able to use it are Nales helpers, Nale himself and Szeth) and that leaves me wondering if the fact that they are skybreakers (and follow such a strict code) stops them from using the main battle surge (from what we know) or if they just dont particularly want to. lemme know what you think! i couldnt find any WoB on this or anything on the coppermind so as always i turn to you lot!
  2. If it does, that would be a bit OP... like the implications of that would be insane.
  3. I'm putting this here 'cause the other thread I found about it was closed to new comments. I reread Rhythm of War recently, and I was reading on the Coppermind about Nale, and there's a section of his abilities titled "Lawman". As I've always been interested seeing what Radiant order other cosmere characters would belong to if they could (Wayne being an odd Edgedancer, Rashek being an okay but not great Skybreaker, Spensa likely being a Dustbringer, etc.), I started thinking about Wax. Wax's chosen calling is to uphold the law, especially in the Roughs, where he tells Granite Joe "You might not need Elendel's laws, but that doesn't mean you don't need any laws at all." Later on in Shadows of Self, he breaks up a protest blocking Tindwyl Promenade, and when one of the beleaguered constables expresses empathy with the strikers, Wax says, "Whatever their grievances, it doesn't give them the right to block an important thoroughfare." The more I read, the more certain I become that Wax is most definitely a Skybreaker. The final thing that pushed it over the top is when he's contemplating the differences between lawkeeping in the Roughs and lawkeeping in Elendel, and he thinks to himself, "Out in the Roughs he hadn't just enforced the law; he'd interpreted it, revised it when needed. He had been the law." That more than anything struck me once I thought about the oaths of the Skybreakers. The Fifth Ideal of the Skybreakers is to become the law. Now that I think about it, It seems that Wax's Second Ideal would've been the standard "I swear to seek justice", his Third Ideal might've been reached when he decided to begin his career as a lawman with "I swear to bring to justice those that break the law", his Fourth Ideal might be "I swear to hunt down my uncle Edwarn and thwart his plot to take over the Basin", and finally reach the Fifth Ideal, where he becomes the law, which he seems to have achieved out in the Roughs but not in Elendel. In the other thread about this, there were people saying that Wax is too willing to bend the rules to qualify as a Skybreakers, and to that I say, Nale and his Skybreakers in modern times are not the be all and end all of Skybreakers. The Skybreakers in modern times follow the law unquestioningly, but that's largely a result of Nale having his empathy tortured out of him on Braize, and not being sure of his own morality, so he seeks morality in the legal codes of others. But we're given a glimpse in RoW of a time when Nale says, "The law cannot be moral, but you can be moral as you create the law." This seems to align much more with Wax's philosophy, and Nale's insistence on Skybreakers following an external code might be why no Skybreaker has achieved the Fifth Ideal in centuries, as the Fifth Ideal seems to about recognizing the mistakes the law can make and being willing to change it to uphold justice. Wax seeks to do good in the world by enforcing the law, but he's willing to change the law or bend the rules when the rules are unjust, and remember that Nale, and also the Skybreakers, in the old days was associated with the attributes just and confident, and Szeth, when he swears the Second Ideal, swears to seek justice, not follow the law. Windrunners, meanwhile, are associated with the attributes protecting and leading, which don't fit Wax quite as well as the attributes of the Skybreakers. And if you think about it, Wax is feared and held in awe by most people, similar to how Nale is by Ulim, Venli, Lift, and so many others on Roshar, but Wax isn't looked up to as a protector and inspiration in the same way Kaladin is. Wax isn't a person who inspires you to follow him, but is very much a person who will hunt you down if you break the law. While I do think Windrunners and Skybreakers are very similar in motivation and both good fits for Wax, I think the main difference is that Skybreakers seek to do good within the law, while the Windrunners aren't as concerned with the law and would prefer to do what they think is right. As such, given that Wax tries to better the world by upholding the law and bringing justice to those that break it, I think he is most solidly a Skybreaker, likely one able to achieve the Fifth Ideal.
  4. Heleran was a full Shardbearer, with a Blade and Plate. He was also a Skybreaker. This doesn't make sense, for a few different reasons. Scenario 1 Heleran is a Skybreaker and has a living blade. Kaladin killed him. His blade didn't disappear. If he was a Skybreaker, why did the Blade stay? It should have broken the bond but left the spren alive, free to seek a new Radiant. Scenario 2 Heleran is a Skybreaker with a dead blade. Automatic migraines. Scenario 3 He has a dead blade, and isnt a Skybreaker. False, we know he was a Skybreaker. So can anyone tell me, what is up with his blade and plate!?!
  5. Hi everybody! I'm wondering how interested people are in the yin and yan aspect of Szeth and Nightblood. Not only in their personalities, but in their aesthetics. Specifically, I'm wondering if any of the talented artists on this site would be interested in drawing Szeth and Nightblood AS the yin and yan, what with the flowing of the loose white clothes and the black smoke. It's how I imagine him when he bears Nightblood at the battle of Theylena; rising inevitably into the air, one arm in front of himself as if in prayer, the other outstretched, sweeping Nightblood in a flowing arc around himself, for one instant the white and black in perfect balance, separate, yet mibgled. Or however a willing artist pictures him . I can't draw well but I can see it so clearly. I think it's a powerful image and I'd like to be able to show it to others who are on the fence about reading! Thanks for the consideration, and if anyone else thinks this aspect of the bond is interesting, hit me up! I never get sick of talking about the Cosmere!
  6. Created by InfernalSquid I made this over the course of two days, exceptionally proud. It has the Skybreaker glyph in the background.
  7. SPOILERS FOR ALL OF THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE Culturally, Religiously, Historically, Emotionally, Medically, Psychologically, and Physically, Szeth is a beautifully intense character. Let us know your thoughts on our video!
  8. I just read the Szeth paintball competition chapter in OB and noticed the description of the Highspren. "What were those two spren floating nearby, shaped as small slits in the air? They separated the sky, like wounds in skin, exposing a black field full of stars. When they moved, the substance of reality bent around them." This makes me wonder if fifth ideal Skybreakers can use division to create a "break" in reality...a place that temporarily exists outside the three realms. When they "become the law," maybe that includes laws of nature. They could literally pull someone outside of reality to deal with them. Just a thought. Or they can literally affect reality around them in some way.
  9. From the album My Interpretation

  10. Ok, so my theory is that Vyre will become a Radiant of the Order of Skybreakers. In terms of Evidence to back this up, we have the fact that Vyre is very focused on Vengeance, and for bringing Justice to Elhokar for past crimes. We Have the fact that when Kaladin was going to kill Amaram, Syl told him that he wasn’t a Skybreaker so he shouldn’t, however Vyre DID decide to kill Elhokar. We have the fact that both Vyre and Nale came to the decision that the parshmen are the rightful rulers of Roshar, so Nale is set up perfectly to mentor Vyre. Also, we have information in the Epigraphs that the Skybreakers and the Windrunners are always at odds, so adding this extra layer to the Kaladin/Vyre confrontation will be quite interesting. Finally, Vyre is being set up as the new Assasin in White, so if he also became a Skybreaker it would make sense. So what do you guys think? Is Vyre some other Order of Radiant?
  11. If Szeth trained with all 10 surges, why didn't he react when Nalan said that he will come and train him in division? Shouldn't he already know how to use division?
  12. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Skybreaker order in OB and was hoping to start some discussion about their order with these prompts. 1. How do you feel about Brandon's decision to make Nale side with the singers? Personal Opinion: I love this development. While I would never personally reach the same decision in Nale's position, I think it fits perfectly with Skybreaker logic, follow the law above all else. Its about as logical as going on a killing spree because your master commands you. This also sets up the Skybreakers to go head to head against the Windrunners, an exciting clash between the current two most powerful Orders. 2. Will all the Skybreakers side with Nale (besides Szeth)? Personal Thoughts: All the radiants who swore to Nale have to side with him or break their oaths. Those who swore to obey the law of the land would seem to have more room for interpretation unless they have to listen to Nale's decision that the singers make the law of the land. I expect them all to side with Nale for at least the next book. 3. How will the Skybreakers get along with the Singers/Odium? Personal Thoughts: While Odium should be thrilled to get access to Skybreakers, I expect problems in an alliance between them. First, Nale isn't committed. He is still planning on training Szeth even though they are now on opposite sides of the conflict. Odium won't be happy with that. Also, Odium has started killing Radiants so does he want to kill Nale too? Finally, is the law of the singers as simple as whatever Odium says? 4.Why were the Skybreakers the only order not to betray their oaths? Personal Opinion: The Skybreakers are the order about obeying the LAW first while the other orders seem to do what is RIGHT first (though their interpretations of what is right vary widely). The other 9 orders eventually broke their oaths because they either feared destroying the world or believed they were on the wrong side of the fight. At the time of the Recreance, Honor was all about Oaths but didn't seem to care about humans which contributed to the other orders believing breaking their oaths was RIGHT. But Skybreakers still kept their oaths (many of which were probably made to Honor as the ultimate authority) because they obeyed the LAW of Honor above what is right. Honor's change also explains why the Windrunners and Skybreakers fought so much near the end of the KR. When Honor made decisions based just on oaths instead of the good of humans the Skybreakers would side with Honor (the law) and the Windrunners would do what was right.
  13. From the album Highstorm MTG Deck

    Dustbringers and Skybreakers felt like a perfect flavor fit for the deck.
  14. There are a few things about Nalan that have me curious about his (possible) abilities... and possibly the Skybreakers' as well. It's not really a proper theory or anything... but maybe you guys can help me figure this out and clear up my confusion. How many Nalan are we really dealing with, here? Here is where my confusion begins in Words of Radiance: Distance - (Interlude-2) We see Nalan in Iri hunting Ym. (Interlude-9) We see Nalan (aka Darkness) in Azir hunting Lift. (Chapter 88) We see Nalan in the Frostlands reviving Szeth (and offering him Nightblood). Iri, Azir, and the Frostlands are pretty far apart on the map of Roshar. Iri is far NorthWest, the Frostlands are far SouthEast, and Azir is nearer to the middle (but it's a little closer to Iri than the Frostlands). In any case, Nalan seems to be covering a lot of ground awfully fast during the events of WoR. How? I wonder how much time it really takes to travel across practically all of Roshar like that. If he is 'flying', then isn't that about the most overt way of getting around that he could possibly choose? If he is traveling by foot, then how would he cover so much ground so fast? Nalan's Minions- When he hunts Ym in Iri, he has no minions. When he appears in Azir, he has two minions. When he appears in the Frostlands, he again has no minions (and is carrying Nightblood). His minions are extremely knowledgeable about stormlight, investiture, and the like. One of them even has a shardblade... So I doubt that these minions were a couple of nobodies just drafted to help Nalan out in Azir only... and only for one case. Time - I'd be willing to believe Nalan simply travelled in one single direction during the events of WoR (First Iri, then Azir, then to the Frostlands) if it weren't for the time he spent on each case. In each case (Ym/Lift/Szeth) Nalan made it a point to explain how much work he'd put into each person. Nalan to Ym = "I had to look very hard to discover your indiscretion." Nalan to Lift = "Even the chaotic can be predictable with proper study.” (Presumably referring to her escape patterns, habits, etc.) Nalan to Szeth = "You? Not worthy? I watched you destroy yourself in the name of order, watched you obey your personal code when others would have fled or crumbled. Szeth-son-Neturo, I watched you keep your word with perfection..." On top of this, Lift already had prior experiences with him and knew he was dangerous. By the time she first saw him enter the palace during her story arc, she already had a name for him in her mind - Darkness. He seems to spend an awful lot of time and energy in each case and location he visits. Even understanding their laws and abiding by them. The mountains of paperwork he and his minions prepared in Azir to apprehend Lift could not have been an overnight task. To some extent, Nalan seems to have some roots in these places. His emotionlessness - When talking to Szeth: "He spoke the words calmly, without emotion." While chasing Lift: “'What was that?' Darkness asked, his voice cold, emotionless." Talking to Ym: “'You were an accomplice to murder,' the man said, pulling his gloves on more tightly, first one hand, then the other. He spoke with such a stark lack of emotion, he could have been conversing about the weather." Notable words from Lift: "He didn’t curse in annoyance. A fellow should curse. Made people feel real when they did that. But of course, Darkness wasn’t a real person. Of that, though little else, she was sure." and she also referred to him having "dead eyes" when she first saw him. All of Nalan's emotionlessness makes me feel like something more is going on than just a personality flaw. Are we dealing with more than one Nalan? Is it possible that we are dealing with Nalan's self-puppets somehow? ...mere husks of "Nalan Prime" whom we haven't really seen yet? Can he somehow use his Division surge to split thereby making "copies" of himself? Is the Nightwatcher involved? ...Or is he getting the help of an Elsecaller? Is he 'flying' and somehow avoiding detection from the general population? What the crap is going on? Am I missing something super simple, here?
  15. Hello! Just joined the site today as i just finished WoR!! Glad to see there is such an active and passionate fanbase for Sanderson's books! Here's my question/thoughts: So why do I see so many people saying Skybreakers don't have spren? Maybe I am completely missing something obvious so forgive me if that is the case. For starters, Syl makes a comment to Kaladin concerning the difference between Windrunners and Skybreakers, quote: "Sylphrena, an honorspren, mentioned to Kaladin that "Laws don't matter. Whats right matters." Highspren, and through them, the Skybreakers, judge and dispense justice according to the letter of the law and what may make logical sense to them" (17th shard wiki)" I remember Syl talking about the difference between how Highspren and Honorspren distinguish what should/should not be done. To me this all implies Skybreakers have Highspren. Also, when Szeth meets Nale, Nale asks him to join the Skybreakers. Then Nale throws him a shard blade and the blade seemingly talks to him. Again, I feel this indicates it is a spren. Would love to get clarification on all of this! Cheers!
  16. Brightlady Istow, highjudge of the dueling ground loves the law. She is so focused on the law and the rules she is not willing to stop Adolin's duel with Relis and friends. Though she has enough compassion she tried to make sure Adolin knew what he was getting into. I can think of no other characters who fit the traits the Highspren are presumably looking for more than Istow. I have no idea how that fits with Nalan's plans.
  17. Since Brandon isn't sure anymore about who the third book will focus on, should we rename the page back to Stormlight 3?
  18. So Szeth....I must say I both greatly LOVE and DISLIKE him....he is just so...he is a pushover. No gumpshun. That being said I cannot wait to see his character developement as he (hopefully) develops some personality. He is a complex character i know, the Great Sanderson would give us nothing less. Though I am not sure how much I will enjoy him being the focus of Skybreaker. I have a hard time letting go of having Shallan and Kaladin being the main focus, they have been just so much fun to get to know. I know that they will, ofcourse, still pop up in the next book from time to time. I am just not certain if I will enjoy it as much being mainly focused on Szeth. This being said I greatly trust the Great Sanderson, but I would love to hear input on how others think book three will progress conserning Szeth.
  19. So I found this interesting gem: Note that this is before Szeth has either met Nin or picked up Nightblood. So a)from Adolin's perspective, Szeth is Commanding objects. b)It sounds awfully like Breath - in particular could command inanimate objects, and we all know how careful Brandon is with his wording. (Or at least, how careful we THINK he is. *ahem* Gibletish ) However a)It could have just been the wind, and generally Adolin freaking out about the Assassin in White. b ) Szeth wouldn't have had time to give a verbal command, even if he could use Stormlight to power and Awakening. c) It seems a bit much to me that on top of Vasher and Nightblood, Brandon would then cross over an entire magic system from Nalthis - especially since we're not supposed to need to have read any particular Cosmere book to understand the others. IF however, Szeth can Awaken, the only way I think he could learn it is from Vasher. 99% chance he's not a worldhopper, since we KNOW he's from Shinovar, plus it would make flashbacks very messy. I'm not sure I can see Vasher teaching him anyway, unless he learned Awakening in his past, before or in his early days of being Truthless. Which is doubtful because flashbacks. So I open the question to the rest of you theorisers and obssessors. What doth 17th Shard think?
  20. So, with the first chapter of Stones Unhallowed/Skybreaker out in the open, I began thinking about what the point of view will be for the intro in the next 3 books. As was the case with The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, the intros for at least the next 3 books will likely be different points of view on the night of Gavilar's assassination. So far, we've had Szeth and Jasnah. But who's next? For book 3, I expect Nalan or Kalak (or possibly Elhokar) to be the POV, with Nalan being the most likely. This is Szeth's book, and he will spend it traveling with Nalan from the frostlands to Shinovar. With this being the case, having Nalan as the point of view will fit the theme of the book and provide more information about the night of the assassination and would also give more insight into the conditions of the various heralds. For book 4, I think either an Alethi official (likely Amaram, Sadeas, or Restares) or a Parshendi (probably one of the 5 members of their council, maybe Eshonai) will be the focus. This will provide a more (but not completely) detailed account of what exactly Gavilar was planning, and hopefully explain what exactly he did that caused the Parshendi to assassinate him. And in book 5, I'm just going to say that Gavilar will be the point of view. Just as this arc is wrapping up, we will see the full extent of his plans and gain clues as to the long-term consequences of those plans. Also, we will finally be able to fully understand (and judge) his character after being in his head. So, what do you guys think? Who's next?
  21. Newest set of profile icons featuring each of the Knights Radiant's glyph inscribed on their respective gemstones. You can download any of these files for your personal profile in addition to a number of other glyphs by clicking HERE. There are a few alternate versions of the gemstones as well.
  22. theory

    This theory is a simple one. Unlike the other orders of Knights Radiant, the Skybreakers never abandoned their oaths and disbanded. They have remained active, albeit covertly, under the control of Nalan. Firstly, I want to present evidence that one of the orders of Radiants never disbanded, at least entirely. This epigraph makes it quite apparent to me that one of the orders of Radiants stuck around for quite some time. Nalan offers Szeth a place in their ranks, and Helaran was apparently attempting to join them. It seems evident to me that for whatever reason, the Skybreakers refused to abandon their Blades and their oaths to stick around. As one final piece of evidence, I'd like to look at the spren. First, I'll establish the type of spren the Skybreakers were bonded to. Given Nalan's penchant for laws and one of the divine attributes of the Skybreakers being "just" this makes me fairly certain that the highspren belong to the Skybreakers. Now, lets look at who Jasnah goes to see for information while she is in Shadesmar. Why would she go to see the highspren? While I'm sure that they are knowledgeable, would not the spren of other orders be better? Why not see the spren of the Willshapers or the Elsecallers, her own spren? They are associated with knowledge and wisdom, surely they would be better equipped? But here, Pattern provides a clue. The answer is clear. She went to the highspren because they are the only spren who survived the Recreance because the Skybreakers did not abandon their oaths. They are the only ones who were alive during the Desolations.
  23. Here is Glimpse 11 again. So much information and yet so little in just one sentence. There has been a lot of discussion about this Glimpse, so I thought a pole of public opinion on it would be fun. Which son shall lay in Dalinar's arms? What happened to him? And what is his fate? What do you think?
  24. I found there to a be a general lack of quality Knights Radiant glyphs to use for profile icons so I decided to make some myself. This is the first set, representing the Knights Radiant glyphs as pictured on the Surgebinder's chart. I will probably be making sets for various other Sanderson works eventually so the forum is evenly represented. The icons are free to use by anyone. You can download the individual icons HERE.