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Found 12 results

  1. From the album Telrao's Mistborn Sketchies

    Mkay. I drew this a few weeks back, but the file refused to upload, so I decided to do the screenshot trick, and it worked! Hope y'all like it!
  2. From the album Telrao's Mistborn Sketchies

    A sketchie of Vin holding a mistcloak. Don't mind the lines in the top corner - that's just part of sketchbook. Have a wonderful day, Humans!
  3. From the album Telrao's Mistborn Sketchies

    Mmmmm yes. Coins! A sketch that I've already put in my creative thread. Planning to do a few more Mistborn sketchies, but we'll see!
  4. From the album Telrao's Mistborn Sketchies

    This isn't exactly Mistborn fanart, but it's in the same world so yeee
  5. From the album InfernalSquid - Stormlight

    My headcanon of a slightly younger Dalinar, under the influence of the Thrill. I realize that he does not have a beard, but hey - he does look good in it. For the Odium in the constellations, I used botanicaxu's art of Odium - credits go to them for that part (ONLY).
  6. Greetings! I did a sketch. I was thinking the other day what Mistborn Era 3 might end up being like, and then it hit me: Allomancy-powered skateboarding. I'm still practicing as an artist, so yeah, I apologize for the sketch itself not being of the greatest quality. If anyone wants to give me a scathing critique, I be all ears. Oh, and credit to SenshiStock for the pose: I'd be lost without her.
  7. From the album RP Doodles

    A bit potato-quality, but I wanted to nail down her outfit in my own head more than anything. Modified from what I always imagined as an Alethi scout's uniform, since she worked as a courier and runner.
  8. From the album RP Doodles

    In honor of the alternate universe horror thread starting up, here's my character, Renata. Doesn't she just look thrilled to be here?
  9. From the album cloud world

  10. A pretty rough sketch of Shallan and Kaladin getting along as best they can.

    © LinkasZelda

  11. Shallan's drawing from page 245 of Words of Radiance. Image has been enhanced so the words are more visible, and the complete text added.