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Found 7 results

  1. What can we infer about the skaze, which are barely mentioned at all in Elantris, yet somehow are very relevant to the parts of the story we do not yet know? Brandon refers to skaze as "evil seons" in the annotations of Elantris. They are related to Skai (via WoB). They have a large amount of influence on most politics and most workings in Fjordell (via WoB). Dilaf had information from the skaze that the Elantrians were not indestructible (Elantris chapter 62). They can speak, they are "a hovering dark sphere, the size of a melon," they suck in light, have undefined edges that warp the light around them, they are ringed with a pattern of misty symbols, "running like a hoop from its top down the side to its bottom," have a wide range of emotions, and are a synthetic race (Elantris postscript) I've seen it mentioned that we assume they are splinters of Dominion, but I'm not so certain. We don't read that anywhere and if there is a relevant WoB on the subject, I haven't seen it either. I understand that they seem similar to seons, which contain splinters of Devotion (aons), but how can something "synthetic" like a skaze be a splinter anyway (unless seons are artificially created too)? Are the misty symbols aons? It would be odd to not refer to them as so, unless they weren't. We know from Elantris that the Fjordell Empire has changed significantly over the centuries. "Wyrn the King" was edited significantly to add in modern understandings of Shu-Dereth, and Jaddeth was originally a minior god in their culture that cared for rocks under the earth, not this super god they claim him to be now. The skaze seem to be creating a "Dominion" like influence on Fjordell, but for what purpose? What do you think about the skaze? (also, please don't be that one person who only posts a correction to something I say, but don't actually answer the question :-P)
  2. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Many thanks to Brandon for all the art ideas! (This is from the additional content in 10th Anniversary Elantris.)
  3. Anyone else notice the similarities between Skaze and Gavilar's black sphere? I'm not entirely sure what to make of it, but two spherical things that "glow with blackness" seems notable. You might also argue that Nightblood is relevant to the conversation... And Ruin's black mist? I started a discussion about this on Discord, but wanted to share in the forums for further discussion. We talked a little bit about whether it implies relation to a particular Shard (probably not) and then wondered if it said something about the nature of the Investiture (i.e. corrupted? synthetic?). I wondered if it implies Seons and Skaze are related in the same way as spren and voidspren. A WoB on corrupted investiture is a little ways down in this post: And there's this line related to Nightblood: "The blackness that leaks out is actually corrupted and consumed Breaths, the ones that Nightblood leeches off anyone who draws him." If you want to dig up the full conversation it started at 23:08 EST on #cosmere. Thoughts? Ideas?
  4. Eshonai is talking about these new rhythms that came when she assumed Stormform, which seems to be the result of a bond with Odium/Unmade/voidspren. Does this quote sound familiar to anything else in the cosmere? We know Odium was on Sel at one point and the Skaze seem to behave in an evil, influential way in their advisement of the Fjordell Empire, similar to these "new" rhythms Eshonai experiences on Roshar. Coincidence?
  5. I have two different copies of Elantris (hard and soft) and with purchasing all the other Sanderson books in hardcover, I found it impossible to justify $100 more dollars to buy the anniversary addition for the small additions I have had described. Do you know of a short list of additional information we get from the anniversary addition that is not in the hardcover? I am aware of maps additions, and a short chapter with Hoid and a Skaze at the end where he does not turn to an Elantrian when lowering into the Pool near Elantris; but what I am looking for are any other details that are Cosmere-important, or Hoid-revelatory that people who have not got the new addition ought to know. Remember, we can't copy whole sections, and pictures are probably a copyright infringement, so please filter down to the information gleaned from them. I would hope that this becomes a good reference post, or that someone links me to one that may already exist. I spent 4 hours combing the forums and did not see one. Gratefully...
  6. In Mistborn, it is shown that Preservation took a piece of his mind and used it to craft Ruin's prison. However, Preservation's power, in the form of the mists, was still in abundance. Thus, we see that Shards can take a piece of their mind and separate it from itself. Except for a few exceptions, these pieces of the Shards mind are called Splinters. If a piece is large enough, it may gain sentience. This event is not uncommon in the Cosmere, and many Shards do it voluntarily. Endowment regularly gives individuals Splinters, in the form of a Divine Breath. Honor, Cultivation, and Odium have all done this to create spren. Even Adonalsium did it, also creating spren. However, if done by an outside force (often/always another Shard), the pieces become so numerous that there is little in the way of a central mind that can, if necessary, regather the broken pieces. This happened with Devotion, Dominion, and Honor. In all these cases, there is strong evidence that the power of the Shards is still out there and perfectly good to be used, from Roshar's Stormlight-bringing highstorms to the power allowing AonDor, Forgery, Dakhor, etc to be practiced. The pieces of the Shard are seen as Seons, Skaze, and what we call Radiantspren. The primary ability of the Shard's mind is the ability to access the Shard's power. A Shard can, without much error, be called a force of nature. The mind of a Shard accesses that force in abundance, and, if large enough, can control the force. The Seons and Skaze of Sel are so numerous and small pieces that they have no noticeable control over the power of those Shards, leaving them to fight in a highstorm-like fury of Investiture. In fact, I would not be surprised if the Cognitive Realm of Sel resembles the outcome of the Everstorm hitting the Highstorm. And that is, basically, what I think spren, Seons, Skaze, and whatever else is.
  7. Recently, I reread Elantris 10th anniversary addition, and notice the extra epilogue on Hoid discussing whether he would succeed in being initiated as an Elantrian with a Skaze, there is a quote that caught my attention: "Yes, they [skaze] did have a wider range of emotions than Hoid had assumed. He needed to be careful not to let interactions with one member of a race - even a synthetic race - color his view of them all." What does Hoid mean by "synthetic"? It could imply that Skaze are artificial, and not something of natural occurrence. Due to the similarity between Seons and Skaze, we can sensibly infer one's characteristics to another. We have known that the Aons in Seons are in face Splinters, but not Seons themselves, which supports further that Seons, similar to Skaze, are artificial. We can infer that if there isn't any interference, these Splinters of Devotion and Dominion will NOT form Seons and Skaze. So who created them? The first possible candidates are Selish, especially those who can access the Dor in a large, significant manner, i.e. Elantrians, and later, Dakhor Monks. However, they do not appear to be viable candidates. First, there is no mention of the creation of Seons in the libraries of Elantris, though it is possible that Raoden has yet to discover related records, but very unlikely, as Elantris had been an advanced society for quite some time, and the lack of mention of the creation of Seons is rather suspicious. Second, even if Elantrians are indeed the ones who creates Seons, it does not explain the creations of Skaze, due to the fact that they are completely oblivious of their existence. Third, it would appear that Skaze has existed as long as Seons, but Dakhor Monks are reasonably a very recent creation of the Fjordell Empire, so they could not possibly be the creators of Skaze. It would seem that, Odium appears to be a pretty viable candidate for the creation of Seons and Skaze. It is known that Odium splintered Devotion and Dominion. It is also known that Seons and Skaze contains or consist tof Splinters. This is pure conjecture, but could it be Odium who creates Seons and Skaze? Could it be That in order to kill a shard, to Splinter a shard, it would take a Shard's investiture, and create something new, so that no one can pick up the shard and become its vessel? I originally want to involve Sprens, but as I do my research I discover many inconsistencies and sophistication involving the nature of them, so I will just leave it as it is for now. The main question I asked today, is that did Odium created Seons and Skaze, as the product or result of Splintering Dominion and Devotion?