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  1. I searched for others discussing this, but didn't come across anything. If you know of a thread that already brought this up and I missed it, just let me know the source and I'll gladly remove my post. I've read every story in the Cosmere and am now going back and re-reading in hopes of discovering knew things I missed or couldn't have known the first time through. This is a minor discovery IF it's true, but interesting none the less. First, I believe that Vathi from Sixth of the Dusk is Khriss (just found out this has been confirmed as false)... BUT I also believe that she may be an allomancer. Keep in mind that SotD is the farthest story into the future according to the known Cosmere timeline... so who knows what has happened to Khriss between now and then. Here's an excerpt from Sixth of the Dusk: So the part that struck me as a dead giveaway was the very last line, "...or was she just lucky?" If you remember in The Final Empire, Vin would always refer to her allomantic ability as her 'luck'. When I read this, I felt as if Sanderson purposefully wrote that line in order to hint at the fact that Vathi/Khriss was using her 'luck'... in this specific case, tin. I don't know if she's just a Misting or if she becomes a Mistborn as some point, but regardless, I believe she's burning tin in SotD. What do you think? Am I a far out fanboy looking for connections where there are none, or do you think I picked up on a clever nod from Sanderson?
  2. Cosmere Theory My Partner and I have a Nahel-type bond: Much like every Radiant in the Stormlight Archive, we made our Oaths in good faith, but we learn both the true nature and the true power of that Bond only through shared experiences. Unlike the Skybreakers, we cannot be told simply what the ideals are; we must discover them ourselves, and we will either know them and progress, or not. To really double-down on our Sanderson Nerdosity, during complete Pandemic Lock-Down (before Rhythm of War), we adopted two cats: One orange female, and one grey-white-speckled male. After looking through dozens of mythologies and legends for famous or historical red-haired females, we decided upon Shallan as a perfect name for a very young cat who makes questionable choices. On one hand, our grey-and-white male appears to be partially Norwegian Forest Cat, and has a magnificent mane of floof that is perpetually in a (fashionably) messy state. On the other hand, as he has grown, his pattern has constantly changed, while somehow still remaining the same… Pattern. We named our other cat Pattern, because our human child thought ‘Adolin’ was too regal-sounding for our derpy floof who still has difficulty interacting in the Physical Realm. So, I’m walking through our house, and commenting on how our feline Shallan has a Spren (Pattern the Cat), and my Partner corrects me: “Shallan has TWO Spren. Which one is Testament?” Well, this began a roil of thoughts in my head that I began to spit out as soon as I could think: There is constant reminding of Compounding as a mathematical and magical trait in the Cosmere. We are given the phrase ‘Compounding’ specifically as early as Alloy of Law, wherein Miles Hundredlives is using both Allomancy and Feruchemy to get a different effect from what would normally be the result of 1 +1. We are also told --repeatedly—by Khriss that Roshar has evidence of several symbiotic Bonds that produce different effects that what they historically created. We know that the Cosmere has a great deal of crossover, *particularly* revealed in Rhythm of War, where we see Aviar with Talents from the Pantheon, The Iridescent Tones from Hallendren, and the influence of Thaidakar. So, in as many words as possible, I’m getting around to this: Compounding exists. Holding Two Shards Exists (Sazed/ Harmony) It is possible to bond to two Spren simultaneously (Shallan w/ Pattern and Testament) Stormlight, Lifelight, Voidlight, Towerlight, Warlight, Anti-Voidlight, and Anti-Stormlight all exist. The Tones of Roshar and the Iridescent Tones both exist on Roshar. Dalinar is Bonded to Honor (Via the Stormfather), cultivated by Cultivation, and both groomed and in a pact with Odium (the Power, if no longer Rayse). What makes this compounding, alloying, and directing of and by Shards most interesting is that Cultivation gave Taravangian the capacity to take Odium’s Power. That isn’t the same thing as Sazed claiming both Preservation and Ruin, but it is an example of a slightly different dynamic: Cultivation has her tendrils in both Dalinar and Taravangien, and despite the Will of Odium, that has to count for something. Even if it takes 6 books for that Cultivation to bear real fruit. Raboniel was able to create a weapon that could kill a god, while (presumably) being tied only to Odium. Dalinar has strong ties to Honor and Odium, yes, but the power of Cultivation cannot be understated, particularly when both the powers of Honor and Cultivation will inevitably come into play against Odium (and that's before assuming that extra Shards don't weigh in for the next 5-book arc!)
  3. So, my question was prompted by something Brandon Sanderson said a long time ago. Questioner: Have we seen Hemalurgy on any planet besides Scadrial? Brandon Sanderson: I believe that you have, yes. I don't think you guys will find it, it's not something that's meant to be obvious. Well I, (being me) took that as a challenge, and after searching long and hard, I finally believe I've found it. In the novella "Sixth of the Dusk" The birds on "First of the Sun" are thought to have magical abilities, but later in the novella it turns out the abilities are granted by parasites that infest the birds' food. By definition parasites have to piece the skin, so I feel like this could be a subtle form of hemalurgy. What do you think, Do you guys have any better ideas? Other theories?
  4. Spoilers for the Sixth of the Dusk sequel excerpt. Specifically, this: And this: And for some context, this: What in the world is this? He behaves like a Skybreaker, but he glows violet. The color of Willshapers and Voidlight. What is going on here? Does Skybreaker plate glow violet instead of gray or is this Radiant - assuming he is a Radiant - using Voidlight?
  5. Is it only the Aviar that can manifest abilities after eating the parasites in the Patji's fingers? We know that Sak, a non-native bird was able to develop powers. But is it limited to only birds? I think there's a WOB about humans not developing powers after eating them, but what about other animals? What is special about birds that allows them to access the investiture?
  6. Welcome to a brand-new year, and a brand-new Shardcast! Many of you have requested this Sixth of the Dusk 2 reading that Brandon read at the Rhythm of War release party, which you can find here. So it's time to get that done now that we finished our initial set of Rhythm of War topics, and oh boy, this one is exciting! Please be warned there are Rhythm of War things in this episode, and if you don't want spoilers for the space age cosmere, pass on this episode! We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), David (Windrunner), and Joshua (jofwu) this week. Thumbnail image of Sixth of the Dusk and Vathi and the Aviar is made by the amazing Shuravf: If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  7. Brandon has said that Era4 will be a clash of cultures. We now know that this will probably involve a Rosharan/Scadrian conflict. And in RoW we’ve seen what may well be its beginnings. So this is what I think will be the heart of the Scadrian/Rosharan conflict. Scadrial is society created by thieves. They revere a conman, Kelsier and venerate am assassin, Vin. They naturally seek the mists, which actively work to conceal Allomancers. They are a society naturally drawn to the shadows. Fighting fair is NOT how they operate. Roshar is the opposite. Knights in literal shining armor, bound to honor codes. The most duplicitous of the Orders revolves around Truths. They’re practically designed for a straightforward fight; you can’t hide if you glow in the dark! I can’t imagine why the Rogue planet doesn’t get along with the Paladin planet... Chaotic Good/Neutral vs. Lawful Good/Neutral... We can see this with the Ghostbloods, which we now know are run by Kelsier. As I’ve pointed out on other threads, they’re on the same side as the coalition - quietly. They want Dalinar to win. But the way they’re doing it (leaving aside the actions of individuals) is not a method most Radiants could approve of. But it gets better. Scadrial is the world most like Earth. It utilizes mechanical industry and the metallic arts. It’s the type of industry that, as we know, can easily scour the land. On top of which, the allomantic and feruchemical arts are internal and intrinsic. And those two combined allow for fairly easy sharing of powers. And then there’s Hemalurgy. The ability to steal any power with the proper training - so long as you’re willing to kill. On Roshar, in contrast, industry is almost entirely Investiture based. And we now know that fabriels can be created by Spren, without needing to harvest resources. On Roshar, industry may very well follow a more symbiotic path; note that much of their nature and their major investiture system is all about symbiosis. The powers so granted, however, are not easily transferred. And while Bondsmiths can more easily manipulate Connection, there are some fairly strict limits (including an inability to travel). Hemalurgy lacks those constraints, being limited only by knowledge and morality. And there are no Oaths to enforce the latter. And what is the Shard of Scadrial? Harmony. What is the hypothesized union of the three Rosharan Shards? Conquest. Honestly, when you look at it, it makes a lot of sense that these two would end up conflicting. The natures of the worlds are inherently opposed.
  8. Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
  9. Thanks to Sak, we know that birds not native to the Pantheon can also become Aviar Thanks to Mraize, we know that people not native to First of the Sun can Bond AvIar We know from this WoB, that Kandra in the guise of a bird cannot become an Aviar: What about birds from other Shardworlds? Could they eat the parasitic worms on Patji's Perpendicularity and become Aviar?
  10. An expectant buzz filled the air as the last journalists to arrive took their seats in front of the small stage. Journalists all across the country had been expecting an invitation to this press conference for several months now. It was common knowledge that the Norther Interest Trading Company was up to something big, but so far they'd managed to keep the exact nature of their project a secret. Today, that secrecy was coming to an end. The murmur of conversation among the journalists abruptly cut off as a bearded and bespectacled man took to the stage. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?" He asked, unnecessarily. "As you are all aware, the Northern Interest Trading Company has suffered many losses over the past years in our efforts to decypher the mysteries of the Pantheon Islands. Many have wondered whether the eventual reward is worth the effort. To this question I say 'yes, a thousand times over!' Its ever been the nature of humanity to explore and innovate, no matter the cost. If we where not to give in to this impulse, we would not be human!" "However, just as our drive to explore pushes us up against new difficulties, so does our capability to innovate provide new solutions. Over the past year, our scientists and engineers have been working tirelessly to design and create a new sort of vessel. A ship that does not have to brave the dangerous waters around the Pantheon to bring its crew tot he prize. A ship that is not limited to the well-explored beaches we have been limited to before. A ship that, for the first time in our history, will allow a group of intrepid explorers to take to the sky!" "Ladies and gentlemen..." With a loud grinding noise, the large hangar doors behind the stage started to glide open to reveal the majestic airship within. "I present to you: The Northern Wind!" *** General rules Roles and airship parts *** For this game @Young Bard will be my co-GM, and @Fifth Scholar will be the impartial moderator. This game is planned to start July 10th at 12:00 Amsterdam time, but with two games starting rather close together the game's start might be delayed slightly if necessary. FAQ: Player list: Xinoehp512 Lumgol Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty-Ninth of the Just a Smidge After Twilight... or, I guess, Twi for short StrikerEZ BrightnessRadiant Ventyl Elandera Amanuensis as Saluden Leiken, a Willshaper Worldhopper from Roshar. Ax's boyfriend as Arr K. Thousantoo, an ancient worldhopper who recently recovered from his incident with the constabulary. MrakeDarshall as Quill, a hemalurgist by trade who was marooned on First of the Sun quite some time ago, and has survived mainly by virtue of his... Er... "pets" Devotary of spontaneity as Auseor, a merchant working with a group of salvagers. Mark Shanerockes _stick_ TheMightyLopen Alvron as Second of the Sky Araris Valerian as fourth of the moon Burnt spaghetti as 3rd of Sunset Spectators: Furamirionind Butt Ad Venture Snipexe Rathmaskal cadmium compounder Quick links:
  11. I have been thinking a lot recently about the future of the Cosmere, 20-30 or so real-life years from now when we are deep into Era 4 Mistborn, Space Age Cosmere type stuff. The most interesting thing to me being, what are some of the future implications of the magic that we see right now, and how will the magic / tech we see right now evolve in the future? Allow me to explain. - The Ones Above from Sixth of the Dusk as an example of an obscured technology/application of magic. In Sixth, the Ones Above traveled to the planet through interstellar space - this is already unusual for the Cosmere as we know it, as far as worldhopping goes. We then see this unidentified civilization or group use technology to achieve magic-centric results (In this case, a translation device that can also search for Aviar.) -This is it could be a variety of planets - For example, this could be fabrial technology from Roshar, or an evolution of the medallion tech from Scadrial, or it could be a pure technology invention from somewhere like Taldain. ([1] [2]) What we do know, is that the Ones Above are in fact a group we have met before. ([1] [2] [3]) - Breaths from Nalthis can be used to give objects sentience, even objects that were never alive in the first place (the classic example of Nightblood, a Type IV Awakened entity.) This could, as others have postulated, lead to the creation of a computer that is truly alive. How would an Awakened computer differ from an AI construct, physically, spiritually, and in the cognitive realm? - Stormlight Archive occurs relatively early in the timeline of the Cosmere, and we know from this wob that "It's technically possible to make [shardblades] from other magic systems). We have demonstrable evidence of this in the case of the shardblades of Nalthian origin, but this is a good indication of other things as well. Could a Seon, perhaps, become a shardblade? (Hint: the answer appears to be yes (wob)). - We haven't even started on the Sleepless, who are "not confined to Roshar" ([1] [2]) and "will have a major role in Era 4" (3). My theory for them is that the Sleepless will be used as some sort of instantaneous communication network in the physical realm, for spaceships and such. If that theory holds true, I think it lends support that the Ones Above are, in fact, Rosharan. So, I want to hear your theories on what seemingly innocuous thing in the Cosmere will have bigger implications in the Space Age Era. Put on your aluminum foil hat and just start typing. Thanks for reading!
  12. The death of the OA emissary has always bothered me. Dusk and Vathi figure out that the machine is a trap, that they were meant to find it. Which means the emmisary's death wasn't an accident, either. The Ones Above must have somehow arranged for him to die. But how would that work? 1. The emmisary knew he was going to die. Which would raise the huge question of what about their mission he found worth choking himself for. I'm having a hard time imagining someone martyr himself for other people's profits. 2. My phone is a complete chull that keeps deleting the detailed paragraphs I've been laboriously tapping out, forcing me to sum things up abruptly instead of making eloquent arguments. 3. The Ones Above are a bunch of cold bastards who killed off a redshirt because they figured it would be easier to get away with one murder than wholesale violation of the Prime Directive. 4. Phone = storming rusting colorless deathant chull that tries to evade responsibility by autocorrecting to "chill" . 5. The emissary faked his death. Abruptly summed-up version: faking the dead when there's a bunch of people who will be desperately trying to revive you is difficult*. It's also risky because you have to survive whatever the local burial customs might be. Also they might try to cover up their theft by dumping your body overboard and swearing you fell or something. I mean, sure, they have sufficiently advanced magic for space travel, they can probably rig up something. But we know that kandra definitely are good at playing corpse. And it's widely thought that the OA are from Scadrial- which, coincidence coincidence, is where kandra are from. I'm going to cut myself off here before the Chull Phone strikes again, but what do you think? *I mean, I'm assuming. A bunch of godlike Space Dudes with the power to do Patji-knows-what if they're pissed send you an emissary, you'd probably be doing your best to send the guy back in one piece.
  13. I'm not sure if this belongs here or in one of the "general discussion" places, but it is very Sixth of the Dusk and is arguably spoilery, so here it is. The "symbol of my ignorance" is a chip clip given to me by a woman who made a huge fool out of me. What is the "symbol of your ignorance?" What did you used to think was easy, and how have you learned?
  14. QUESTION In Sixth of the Dusk, it feels like it’s a crossover… BRANDON SANDERSON That is true. QUESTION So is it a planet that we've seen before, or... BRANDON SANDERSON Yes. Well, you have seen the people they are calling "The Ones Above." QUESTION And you're not going to tell any more? BRANDON SANDERSON Nope. QUESTION When will we know? BRANDON SANDERSON Yeah, fifteen years maybe? Hopefully it won't take me that long, but I only just finished the outlines for Era 3 Mistborn, which is now what we're calling the 1980's, so I haven't even at the moment got the sketches of the sci-fi one, I don't have the outlines and things. So in other words, we aren't to the science fiction era; we're a ways off from that. The Question: Isn't the underlined bold text indicates that the "Ones Above" is future Scandrians?
  15. Magic powers are ubiquitous on at least some areas of First of the Sun. Aviars are not unusual for having magical powers but for bonding with people and granting them powers. Aviars get their powers from worms. But what about the trees and animals on the other islands and in the ocean? A tree really cannot fly to Patji to pick up a worm. Do they all have symbionts of their own? Then why don't people form bonds with them? Granted, a bond with a tree may be a bit inconvinient, but a rodent which would give you telepathy - that's an easy choice. And why do the worms occur only in the eye, but magical animals and plants all over the Pantheon at least? I would draw the following conclusions: the aviars are not native to the Dromaid system the worms are an artificial life form they live in the eye because a shard or its avatar put them there the worms are specifically designed for a bond with humans
  16. Today Brandon revealed on Twitter why the progress on Stormlight 4 didn't go up much during his trip to Germany. He didn't have much time to write, but he said he got through two scenes of a non-Stormlight cosmere novella. We were going to go through a long list of things it could be, but then he revealed on Reddit it was a Sixth of the Dusk sequel. What will a sequel to that novella be? Well, Brandon has said before during the Oathbringer tour that he outlined the novella, and it involves Sixth exploring Shadesmar. That gets me pretty excited, especially since Sixth of the Dusk was already so late in the cosmere timeline. Note that he only got two scenes in, which obviously isn't very far. Brandon said he will pick it back up on the flight to Spain in July, and if he doesn't finish it, he has a long flight in October to visit France and Israel. Why didn't Brandon work on Stormlight on the flight? He says it's hard to work on Stormlight on flights because the books are too intricate, and there are lot of distractions on a plane. Of course, do note his tweet said he's back to Stormlight work, so don't worry about that There's a few other interesting things Brandon said on Reddit today. First, the Silverlight novella needs to wait until the Threnody novel for "connective tissue reasons". Next, he again talked about a place with a kite-based magic system which he might plot as a YA book, after he's finished with the Skyward novel, as he would like to do some YA in the cosmere. Are you excited about a Sixth of the Dusk sequel? Let us know below! If you'd like to support 17th Shard, feel free to back us on Patreon!
  17. So just a general question about the aviar. Are they unique species that Brandon created specifically for the world, or are they species that exist on earth? If so what would the analogous species be?
  18. So, we know that the area surrounding First of the Sun’s perpendicularity is particularly dangerous, but I haven’t seen any information as to why that is. My thought is that the wildlife may have some kind of influence on the Cognitive Realm due to their thought-sensing abilities. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  19. As we now know, Brandon Sanderson has confirmed that Mistborn Era 4 will include technology that allows for faster than light speed travel. In addition, we know that Sixth of the Dusk takes place further ahead in time than any of the other current Cosmere stories. My theory is that The Ones Above in Sixth of the Dusk are secretly Era 4 Scadrians. The slow reveal of technology to the inhabitants of First of the Sun reflects Harmony's behavior in Mistborn Era 2, and I believe that a group of Scadrians have (in Sixth of the Dusk) traveled to First of the First to harvest the Aviar found there for nefarious purposes. What do you think?
  20. After hearing about worldhoppers from the 17th shard chasing Hoid I went back to WoK and reread the interlude. Possible arcana unbound spoiers The Firsherman that met up with the foreigners spoke of some interesting kinds of fish. Some fish could send you visions. He even told the seekers that he couldn’t find Hoid , but perhaps he could find a fish that could locate him. I think he was serious . I think something is Resonating Old magic into the Purelake. I’m not sure if there is a perpindicularity nearby or something else. I wonde what all sort of magic effects can happen from eating the fish there? Anybody have any sources : WoB , or speculation about this subject
  21. On 4 September, 2014, in this Q&A, Brandon unequivocally stated that First of the Sun has no Shard and that its Investiture is ambient and limited. This past week, on 28 November 2017, in this Q&A, Brandon has now stated that the island of Patji is in fact a Shard, even clarifying that he does in fact mean one of the 16 Shards of Adonalsium. This seems to be a huge retcon requiring a lot of editing of wiki pages, all of which currently reflect the earlier WoB that First of the Sun is a minor world with no close association with any Shard. Am I missing something?
  22. So we all know that Mistborn Era 4 Scadrial has become a space faring civilisation, and that in Sixth of the Dusk, there is at least one civilisation that has reached this status. Given the sheer versatility of the investiture systems, it is pretty likely that the aliens are in fact Scadrians. That opens up so many questions, but I would like to focus on one specifically: how did they do it? As mentioned before, it is Scadrials magic systems which probably made them the first space civilisation. I believe that it is a combination of Cadmium, Bendalloy, Ettmetal, and Medallions which have allowed them to enter the space frontier. Bendalloy makes speed bubbles, so if you attach one to a spaceship, the math on the wiki page says you would compress 2 minutes of the ship moving at full speed into 15 seconds of actual travel time. The problem with this is that people inside the spaceship will still age, as it is time which is being manipulated. That means that while the spaceship would travel FTL relative to the cosmere, inside the bubble, people would age normally. Essentially, it unpractical space travel and very limited. BUT, if you also create a smaller cadmium bubble around the structure of the ship ( a C.bubble within a B.bubble), we know from this WoB that the effects will cancel out: This means that the crew wouldn't be trapped inside the speed speed bubble, and so will experience time normally. However, to make this technology even more efficient, the Scadrians would put up ANOTHER cadmium bubble within the first cadmium bubble (C.bubble within C.bubble within B.bubble). This would allow them to travel FTL and not feel the time effects at all! Essentially, they would be able to get anywhere in no time. I do believe that Ettmetal will be used in the propulsion of the spacecraft, probably through some nuclear propulsion technology. This is what would take the spacecraft to such high speeds. I don't really know how to explain all the other uses, so here's @hwiles comment pulled from here: As for the medallions their benefits are endless: from breath, to healing, to warmth, to weight (which will probably be useful combined with pushing and pulling in space) and the various other technological impacts. NOTE: I just found out from the coppermind that time bubbles in fact compound if used together. This is crazy, and makes FTL travel much, much easier. A normal speed bubble speeds up time by a factor of 8. Compound this with 10 bubbles and you would be travelling insanely fast. WoB is unclear to me, not sure if will double (8x2) or multiply (8x8). We have no information on Cadmiums factor of change, but we can assume that it will be the same as they cancel, and that it'll also compound. Basically, you can use primer cubes each powered by Bendalloy and Cadmium, structured in specific layers. All the Bendalloy bubbles would need to be outside, and you would need about double the amount of Cadmium bubbles to counteract the Bendalloy bubbles and still create their own time-slowing bubbles. What do you guys think? Any other technology which would make FTL travel feasible or easier for Scadrians? (This is my first theory, so there might be gaps in knowledge. Feel free to point them out).
  23. Does anyone know if Brandon has said anything about what would happen if a person were to eat the fruit from Patji's Finger? Would the parasites work in the same way as inside Aviar or would people gain different abilities, or none at all? Lemme know if anyone has any related quotes, information, or just their thoughts on the subject. Thanks!
  24. After a lot of reading and re-reading of questions asked of Brandon in regards to the upcoming Mistborn Third Trilogy, I am getting a strong impression that the "Ones above" mentioned many times in the Sixth of the Dusk are in fact, former inhabitants of Scadrial. What do ya'll think? Sources:
  25. WoB has it that we have met the Ones Above before. There are many ways to interpret that remark, but I'm working on the assumption that it means it's a group that has been focused on, not just a group we've met in passing because one of their worldhoppers showed up somewhere. We don't have a solid timeline of the various cosmere stories, but the post script does tell us Sixth of the Dusk is the farthest forward story chronologically in the AU collection. This might make it the furthest forward story that we have at all right now. Edgedancer happens after WoR so, it must be forward of that. Both Mistborn Secret History and Allomancer Jack going into Mistborn Era 2, so it must be forward of that. Since Nightblood is on Roshar in WoR then it must be forward of Warbreaker. Anyway, important part of this is that the story is forward of (at least parts) of Mistborn Era 2. Even in era two the Scadriali peoples are already developing interesting machines and technology, some using investiture. We also know that the plan for Era 3 involves spaceflight. Khriss even speculates that without the Lord Rulers suppression of advancement that the Scadriali might have already outpaced the rest of the cosmere in technological and scientific development. If you look at the interests of the Ones Above, specifically the Aviar. Setting aside entirely the potential interest in the worms that grant the Aviar their talents, who on Scadrial wouldn't want what's basically a coppercloud sitting on their shoulder?