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Found 15 results

  1. From the album Shadowed’s Warbreaker Art :)

    “But surely we can bend the rules a little bit” - Siri, to Treledees (is that how you spell it haha) Painting of Siri and Vivenna for you :3
  2. So will Susebron give Siri 2,000 Breaths so that she doesn't die from old age? Because it is possible to give only a few Breaths instead of all of them at once, and Susebron does love Siri a lot, so I feel like we'll be seeing them in later Cosmere books. Any thoughts?
  3. I'm really curious about this. I know she has four siblings, and I think there may be two years difference between each of them, but I don't remember at the moment. Help please?
  4. I make art and then forget to post it here lol So have a Siri I did a bit ago
  5. Narrating characters, so no Nightblood or Denth votes! (Also Nightblood would totally win) Mine goes to Vivenna. I loved her heel faced turn. Siri had a strong beginning, but stuff stopped happening in her chapters. Lightsong actively tried to make sure stuff didn't happen in his chapters, which was kind of fun, but I found myself skipping his chapters upon rereads. Vasher was fascinating and grumpy but I don't think we saw enough from his point-of-view to really feel as close to him as we did with the other three.
  6. Siri, how I picture her at least. She's my favorite Warbreaker character. Drawn by hand, so it's not all that good.
  7. From the album Cosmere Dresses

    And now something from Nalthis. Her outfit isn't one that was mentioned in the book, I just wanted to get a general tropical-ly feel to it. Backgrounds are stupid and I hate them. Me: Ok I've generally sketched out the body, now what hairstyle should I give her. Me: ALL OF THEM
  8. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Characters: Nazh (Threnody) Spook (Scadrial / Mistborn Era 1) Renarin (Roshar / Stormlight Archive) Hrathen (Sel / Elantris) Siri (Nalthis / Warbreaker) Steris (Scadrial / Mistborn Era 2) Among all the suggested characters, Spook gets the most votes. Good for him!
  9. Maybe I am worrying too much about it, especially since I just read that question on this board about the Chalk Siri uses. Anyway, this is the second topic I have made about the Royal locks and now I am curious again about something. We know that Siri can grow her hair as long as she wants, even if she were bald, but my question is, can she also shorten her hair at will as well? I label the question as Not safe for work because I don't just mean the hair on the top of her head, but rather from all areas of her body. Arms, legs, head, and everywhere else hair grows. I'll understand if this is not one that people wish to discuss.
  10. This is the cosplay I pieced together for JordanCon2019. It was a lot of fun!
  11. A random thing I did :)
  12. From the album Warbreaker Doodles

    Sorry that it's sideways! (Stupid phone) I made her hair red because in the book, Susebron asks her to change her hair red because he likes it that way.
  13. So, I've been rereading Warbreaker with my wife which has meant reading slightly slower than usual as well as out loud. This led me to notice something that I'd never noticed before. In chapter 55, What I find interesting is what we are told in the very next page of the book. It makes sense for Lightsong to notice the difference in the skin colour, he has Perfect Colour Recognition. Why can Siri recognise it too? Here's my theory. Vasher's explains that the Returned reach their Heightenings not because of the quantity but quality of Breath. He also explains, in the Epilogue, that the Royal House of Idris has Returned blood. My question is, does the fact that Siri has Returned blood in her mean that her breath is of a higher quality than most people? If the quality of her breath is high enough for her to be able to have perfect colour recognition, she would have at least the third heightening. The problem with this theory is that no one ever notices an aura around Siri. Unless you count Susebron's comment as a reference to an Aura: i've always taken Susebron's comment as a simple statement on Siri's positivity and happiness, but there may be more to it... Any thoughts? Theories? WoB?
  14. Kobold's Creation Daily thread is quite impressive, given its simple starting point. I find myself interested in a similar, but tangential matter. As a storyteller, one needs to research a large range of topics to maintain a high quality suspension of disbelief. And researching by oneself gets dull. And sometimes you have a hard time figuring out where to start. So I am starting SIRI, named for a character who did historical research by asking a storyteller in some novel or another that you may have read , and nothing to do with a oddly named piece of smartphone software . Feel free to share the cool things you've been researching, or questions that you're still trying to answer, or what ever you like. Then have some fun with the research process by chatting with other people about their subjects-of-interest. Kicking things off, after concocting a magic power that had some interesting limitations, I thought that said magic would be interesting to use in gem cutting and other jewelry making. Turns out that faceting a gem by hand in a dark ages milieu is a tricky business, since "by hand" still involves grinding wheels and possibly a stabilizing mechanism to avoid spoiling the project with a finger fumble. Chisels hardly come in after the first steps of splitting along fault lines.