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Found 3 results

  1. So I am going to describe a specific character from a Sanderson series, and I want you to tell me who it is! Simple! First off, this character is a main character in a trilogy of books who is somewhat of a protagonist and an antagonist. At the start of the trilogy, he is an important member of a discreet rebellion against a tyrannical regime. The character is a gruff, hardened, middle-aged man who possesses superhuman abilities. Those abilities remain unknown until the end of the first book in the trilogy, where he is revealed to have them in an epic, deus-ex-machina-kind of way (after the readers assume he is dead.) This character struggles with control of himself and his identity in the second book in the trilogy, because an evil outside force is trying to take control of him. At the end of that second book, the evil force takes control of him and he becomes a villain character. In the third book, he is one of the main antagonists, though he appears somewhat infrequently. At the end of that third book, he is loosed from the evil control that has warped his mind and actions and performs an act of self-redemption. By the time the trilogy is over, he is still alive and his fate remains unknown. He kills many people throughout the trilogy of books. He is known for dressing in black (for the most part). He plays somewhat of a mentor role to the primary main character of the series in some way or another. He also has a cool nickname that is a compound word. So the big question is...... am I talking about Prof from the Reckoners series or Marsh from the Mistborn series? Hee hee hee hee hee...
  2. All right, folks. I read both The Sixth of Dusk and Shadows for Silence side by side and took notes on how similar they are. I'm sure I missed some similarities, but these are the ones I saw. 1. Setting. They both are set in extremely dangerous wooded areas with safe places scattered throughout. (The safe places being around the birds and in a circle of silver) 2. Skill Levels. They both follow the most skilled people in the worlds. Silence is the only one who really understands the Forests because of her grandparents. Similarly, Sixth seems to be the best at navigating the most dangerous island. 3. Fighting for those they love. Both main characters fight for those they love. Silence fights for her daughters, Sixth fights for his island. He really does want to preserve his homeland, no matter how much he hates it. He'll probably fall in love with that one chick, but we'll see. 4. Power. The protection from the worst predators on both islands are similar. The Aviar great a circle around those they want to protect and the Shades can't cross silver. 5. The feeling. I don't know if this goes for everyone, but the feeling was very similar between the two books for me. I tend to pay attention to how works of art make me feel as well as the technical aspects of it. 6. Main characters. They were both socially awkward people. They were taught by their mentors to be as tough as possible. They were both, as I said before, extremely skilled. It seems like Brandon can only write this type of short story with the same feel in the Cosmere. Similarly, I Hate Dragons had the same feel as Firstborn. Those are the similarities I found. Do you have any to add?
  3. Alright, folks. I have a question. We know that Gavilar saw the visions from the Almighty that Dalinar saw (see Interlude 13 in WoR). The question for you is if Gavilar hadn't been killed by the Parshendi, would he now be the Bondsmith? Yes, the Everstorm might never have come if he wasn't killed, but what if. If he wouldn't have been a Bondsmith, what is the big difference between the two brothers that makes it possible for one to be a Bondsmith but not the other?