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Found 14 results

  1. Dives into dense piles of coins as if they were water. Present during one or more Christmas miracles... any healings perhaps?
  2. Just stumbled across this guy who is a real life "Wit playing flute among the chasms." His name is Armin Küpper and he plays saxophone with himself next to giant pipes and such. It's a trip. (I don't remember the rules for links on here, so just going to recommend you look him up on YouTube.)
  3. I have no place to put this bad thing I thought of so I made one. Feel free to add your own. Why are they called the Fused? Because they (Re)Fused to stay dead.
  4. So pretty simple game, each of the kids in the Family Circus is given a Rosharan Shardic (or near shardic) analog (shown in the diagram below). Then a user posts a caption-less Family Circus cartoon, and the next person has to give the preceding cartoon a caption and then post another caption-less family circus cartoon. Here is the diagram, showing the Family Circus analogs, and to start things out right, it is in need of a caption: * Edited Dramatis Personae update. Dad: Adonalsium Mom: Autonomy I'll update the OP as new cosmere characters are assigned to recurring family circle characters.
  5. I don't have a theory or anything, but I stumbled upon this miscellaneous entry in Arcanum while searching for other things and it tickled me so much I had to share it. I love how there is no question prefacing it. It's a comment on a 17th shard post, but I like to think it's the opening remarks from a meeting Peter called specifically to yell at people about this. It reminds me of the movie Adaptation where the experienced screenwriter is exasperated with his inexperienced brother's screenplay. I imagine someone responding to Peter with "Mom called it scientifically plausible" and Peter facepalming. It may be just me, but this brought me a lot of joy and I wanted to share it. P.S. Adaptation is a good movie and you should check it out sometime.
  6. silly

    So, just for fun, what are some ideas for new spren that everyone has? Here are my ideas. depressionspren (Gloomspren)((I'm special) relaxationspren
  7. So I am a sometimes theorist and poster on here, but because of work and social commitments don't get to post as much as I like....HOWEVER, I am a regular Clash Royale player and my last clan leader went MIA, so we just started a new clan. Clan Tag #8JVYVPJC if you play Clash Royale, like to drink a couple Scotch/Whiskeys, talk some Trash and nerd out about Sanderson!
  8. Hello, all! By now I'm sure some of our more perceptive users (and probably anyone with eyes) and are new around here might be asking themselves "What's with all these ookla names?" Long story short, it's a holiday tradition around here to rename yourself "ookla the ____" in honor of none other than Brandon's assistant Peter Ahlstrom we like to call 'Ookla the Mokovial' (or at least i do). This holiday was founded when Peter decided to drop his previous moniker of "Ookla the Mok" that he used way back in the day on the timewaster's guide forums, for the more sensible (and boring) approach of using his real name! A few people around here found that to be unfortunate, and in response, we decide once a year, we should all rename ourselves in commemoration. This holiday coincides with peter's birthday (November 26th), but a few members have decided to start early (no big deal! as of writing this, november 26th is a few hours away by the mountain time zone peter resides in, thus me making the topic a bit early!). The holiday usually runs about a week or so, but generally goes "until we get bored of it". Members usually have fun trying to guess who's who in light of changed around profiles, and such a thread is already running! So anyone new to the tradition: you now know what's up, so get creative with those names and have some fun! Enjoy, guys! --Jiverongal
  9. It's been well over a year since the last installment of the 3 Word Story franchise took the General Discussion forum by storm. Threads have come and gone, leaving our old friend buried behind pages and pages (or maybe just one page; I was too busy doing homework to count) of posts. But, my dear friends, the wait is over. It's time. I present to you: The rules are the same as always. Post 3 words that add onto the story. Pay attention to the Quick Reply box so you don't get ninja'd! For the sake of coherency, I suggest we make compilation posts every couple of pages so we can actually read the thing. And don't forget to make sure your out-of-story comments are distinguishable from your contribution! Ready, start! One time, when
  10. This is so silly, I'm not sure if its worth posting, but thinking of it made me laugh so hard. This won't be as funny if your not familiar with Starcrafts on Youtube, and won't make much sense at all if you haven't played the Protoss in Starcraft II, but here it goes... Vin is being held captive by Yolen in HoA. She keeps instinctively trying to burn metals, only to realize that she doesn't have any. Every time she does this, Ruin instantly cries out in her mind "Not enough minerals!". Dang it, I'm cracking up again.
  11. Welcome back to Around the Cosmere, where we occasionally talk round of the news. It's been a while, but we're back on Hoid's Shadesmar Doomship Zeppelin (totally a real thing), and he's just messy, so we were delayed. That's totally what happened. First things first, Brandon has answered questions about The Way of Kings on Some are writing related, and not much cosmere, but we did discover there have been several Rosharan worldhoppers we have already met. Pretty neat! Interesting Theoretical Discussions We had two very interesting topics about Investiture and its role. One is about its possible caustic nature, by Terisen, and Moogle continued the discussion with his topic on Investiture consuming other Investiture. Kurkistan also summarized everything we know about his most favorite subject: time bubbles. Here's also a ludicrously long post classifying the cosmere magic systems, complete with a totally unnecessary 3D plot you can move around! And want a head-scratching puzzle? Discuss what is apparently the "biggest RAFO" yet! Fun Stuff It looks like this should have gone under the previous heading, yes? It's a totally rational Radiant and Voidbinding theory by Tempus, but then… Well, let's just say we learn a lot about the Voidbringers, Hoid, and the Brawny Man in the discussion there. Speaking of Stormlight Archive and the Knights Radiant, what Radiant oath would you swear? Or, perhaps more hilarious, what Radiant oath would you never swear? And what Order would you belong to? And prepare yourself for the worst Stormlight pun that has ever existed. Other Things and Site Stuff In other news, Moogle has been promoted to the moderator team. You've surely seen him in the book discussions and theories, so give him a warm welcome! If you haven't been on the site recently, then something might surprise you: social groups, clans, and guilds are actually things now. There are so many for you to choose from, but you know which one you truly want to be in, of course. There may also be a new thing coming related to social groups soon, too… And you might be wondering, why did I storming link a picture of Google Maps as the article image? Well Aether made an awesome thread wondering where Sharders live, and then Quitecontrary made a map out of it. It is pretty sweet. See the full map here! Let's get more pins up there! On the forum side of things, the forum layout now has a non-cosmere category, and the mobile front page of the site sucks a lot less. That's for Around the Cosmere for now. Just because Splintercast has ended doesn't mean that you will be starved on content. There will be brand-new and returning main page segments coming your way. Stay tuned!
  12. So over in the You Know You're a Sanderfan When... thread, there was a pretty hilarious digression of Cosmere Hogwarts. I decided to make a full topic about it (mostly because I missed out on most of the original and wanted to contribute without derailing that thread any more ) So here goes... You see, the real problem when the cosmere invaded Hogwarts was that the Seekers all joined the Quidditch teams and replaced the snitches with Southern Scadrial Allomantic flying machines that they could keep track of with their Allomancy. But then the Lurchers kept on Pulling the snitches away from them, and the Coinshots would try to send them back to the Seekers. The Seers burned atium so knew what everyone was going to do and dominated. Thugs would grab people off of their broomsticks and throw them around. The final straw, however, was when the the double gold Twinborns would go crazy, harm themselves, then heal. Eventually, it was all stopped. No Allomancers were allowed to play Quidditch ever again. That was when the Feruchemists decided to get in on the action.
  13. Dear Harmony! Windrunner must be being impersonated by a kandra! Which is the real one?? Have the other staff members been impersonated too?? Have the spikings gone too far??
  14. Dragonsteel is a rare and super valuable metal, which starts as a liquid form of ink, distilling in small pockets within the Pits of BYU. When used in feruchemy, it stores canonicity. While filling a dragonsteelmind, you and the rest of the world around you become less real, and subject to large amounts of change without affecting anything outside the bubble. By properly tapping a large number of charges, it's possible for you to become canon in a different work entirely. However, you need more charges to create a lasting impact; a small number of charges gets you only a cameo appearance, which is hardly canon at all. Hoid initially was unable to tap more than the smallest amount of canonicity, as he was a feruchemist and had limited reserves to draw upon. However, having stolen the lerasium beads from the Well of Ascension, he has gained the powers of a mistborn as well. Hoid is now, therefore, a dragonsteel compounder. And free to become canon and create changes in any story he wishes. At least, that's my theory. I think it explains all available evidence about Hoid. For instance, his origin story and all possible sources of dragonsteel are, like Dragonsteel, now noncanon. Hoid is becoming canon in more and more novels, as well - and he always shows up in vaguely the right place because you can't become canon unless there's a novel to be canon in. All known reserves of Dragonsteel have, on multiple documented occasions, vanished mysteriously, and we know that Hoid loves to steal important things. As I have not read Dragonsteel myself, I neither have - nor wish to have - any evidence against this theory. It is therefore impossible to disprove, and thus perfect in every way. Well, unless dragonsteel is, in fact, Dragon's Teel, the sesame oil of dragons. Which sounds like some sort of delicious hot pepper coating for bagels. I want some