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Found 3 results

  1. They have been forgotten even by the Edgedancers. They have gone unseen by the Truthwatchers. But now they have come out of the shadows to take their rightful place. Edgewaters. Stringers. Towards. Lightsabers. Elsecallefs. Wallpapers. They are the Knights Autocorrect. also, really? Elsecallef? Go home, autocorrect, you drunk
  2. Cosmere Gossip, scandals, and the Latest from the Shardworlds. Your place for every piece of juicy gossip and breaking news! From Hoid to the latest in the real breaking news from around the Cosmere. Topics in this issue include: Where's Marsh? Breaking the Silence: Knight Radiant admits his true love is Spren, not wife And how to attract Kelsier's Shadow to you! "He Spiked Me!" - Tales of Famous People Reportedly Losing Their Powers Queen Sarene, Baby Bump 10 Best Spots to Vocation in the Cosmere Breaking News: Famous Scientist Explores Hemalurgy Aluminium Cloaks; Protect yourself from Unwanted Investiture - Real or Fake? Exclusive Interview: Star Playing Kalad Swears he Saw Vasher at the Coffee Shop AD: "Worldhopping 101: Learn Everything you want to know about Worldhopping from the best teachers in the Cosmere! Limited Time Offer, and strictly not limited to those with Innate Investiture!" Other ideas for articles? List them here! The more, the juicer! (And thank you Blaze1616 for helping me come up with this not so fabulous idea!)
  3. A topic that's a little off the wall. I'm so not sorry, I Awakened an idea and couldn't let it go. So, given that Nalthis is the perfect place for horror movies (in fact, when they start exporting to other worlds, they could make a fortune off horror films, brightly colored things, tourism, and creepy tea). In some ways, special effects could be cheaper (for a bit, until Awakener demand outraces the supply...) and they could invent the Zombie Lifeless Genre, other than the obvious awesomeness there, what other horror effects (and effects in general) could Awakening produce? How do you guys think the future of cinema might look compared to our world (or other worlds in the Cosmere)? Since, you know, I want to invest in it in a thousand years of Cosmeric time!