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Found 7 results

  1. Game Master Signups and Discussion Thread Welcome to the GM Thread! This is Sanderson Elimination’s go-to place for GM discussion, which includes signing up to run games and figuring out which games are going to run next. Signing Up & Getting Approval Signing up to run a game is super easy. Just post here in this thread! Let us know what game format you would like to run and anything else you’d like to share about the game - setting, rules, etc. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have: feel free to sign up even if you’ve never run a game, but want to try it out. To look at your place in line or what games are also on the list, take a look at the SE Games: GM Signup List. If you need help building your game, feel free to post in the Art of Game Creation Thread or PM the Game Balance Committee members: @Amanuensis, @STINK, @Sart, @Fifth Scholar, @Straw, @Archer, and @Kasimir. The committee is there to give advice on games and also to approve games to run - this is mostly just to reduce the number of broken games. If you're planning on running a game, your game must be approved by at least two mods or committee members. You can ask for said approval in this thread or Game Creation by @'ing the mods & committee, or send them a group PM. (If your game has secrets, please take the latter option and we'll decide among us who can check over them.) If you have questions about how game balance works, @Elbereth has written A Practical Guide to GMing that should help you on that front. Game Schedules SE games run on two different schedules: Long Games run back to back and Mid-Ranges and Quick Fixes switch off. We try not to have two games in signups at the same time. Discussion about which game will run next will happen here. If you are at the top of the list to GM a game but you’re busy, that’s fine! Just let us know, and we’ll skip over you to someone further down the list. You will not lose your place on the list. Getting to the top of the GM list merely means that you have first choice on when you run your game. If you’re going to be busy for a while, let us know roughly how long and we’ll mark that on the list. You still won’t lose your place, but we’ll know to automatically skip over you when looking for GMs for the next game. Anonymous Games As part of the games, we have 30 SE accounts we use to run games where the players are anonymous. There are at most 4 anonymous games per year, with a maximum of 30 players in each game. While all of the accounts have the names of animals, these names can be adjusted temporarily for a game. For example, in LG49, the accounts each had names of different characters in the prologues for the Stormlight Archives series. If you would like to run an Anonymous Game, you need to have played at least 10 SE games and GMed at least 4 (co-GMing does count for this). You will need to be signed up on both the anonymous games list and the list of the format you wish to run, so if you want to run an anonymous Long Game, you need to be on the Long Game list and the anonymous games list. We cannot run two anonymous games at the same time. Non-Sanderson Settings To keep the games centered around Brandon Sanderson and his settings (including Wheel of Time), we’ve made it so you need a pass to run a game in a non-Sanderson setting. These passes are handed out in the Anniversary Games at the beginning of each year. You can find past winners in the GM Signup List spreadsheet linked above, under the tab “Winners”. If you would like to run a non-Sanderson setting, contact one of the past winners or try to win a pass yourself during the next Anniversary Game! Spoiler Policy The spoiler policy for SE games is the same as the site spoiler policy. This means that in the wake of a new publication, we cannot run games using spoilers from the new work, with a slight caveat. Just like you can discuss spoilers in the relevant threads on the forum, we can run games that contain spoilers within the spoiler period. To do so, the game needs to be approved to run, and when the signup thread gets posted, the GM needs to mark very clearly at the top of the signup thread that the game contains spoilers. Place a spoiler warning at the top of any and all writeup threads that contain spoilers as well. This will prevent any players from signing up who do not wish to be spoiled and also from spectators reading a spoiler-y writeup, not realizing the game contains spoilers. Running a Game If you are a new GM, this section will provide some good advice before running your first game (or if you’re looking for a refresher). Rules & Etiquette Treat both teams fairly. This might seem like common sense, but it’s easy for a GM to start favoring the underdog and making decisions that help that team. Let your game progress naturally. Don’t out players or make the game difficult for one of the teams. You need to be as impartial as possible. Don’t get power-happy. In a way, the GM’s word is god in their own game. Don’t abuse this to make players play the way you want them to play. Your role isn’t to guide them as much as it is to provide structure for them in which to play. All games have an Impartial Moderator (IM) assigned to it. This moderator is one of the SE Moderators (current moderators are @little wilson, @Elbereth, @Devotary of Spontaneity, @Elandera, @StrikerEZ and @Araris Valerian). If you realize there’s a problem with a game mechanic and you’re thinking about changing something, talk to the Impartial Moderator (IM) and work out the solution with them. IMs are there to help you and make sure the game runs smoothly. They can intervene in player arguments if necessary or provide advice about player distribution when a GM wants a second set of eyes on role distribution before finalizing the start of a game. The IM is not there to help you run the game - their purpose is to provide impartial help when needed. Please use them. OP Rules and Standards There are a few basic standards for the OP of each game. Title Formatting All titles should be formatted in a similar fashion, dependent on which format you are running. This is to make it as clear as possible what game is being run, and to make past games easily findable while scrolling through the forum. Long Game __: [Title of Your Game Here] Mid-Range Game __: [Title of Your Game Here] Quick Fix Game __: [Title of Your Game Here] If you are running an anonymous game, the title should be [Format] __/Anonymous Game __: [Title] where the former blank is the number in that format, and the latter blank is the next anonymous game number. For writeup threads that will be merged into the main thread, you can use shorthand for the game formats (ie, LG, MR, QF). Please do not use item prefixes for your threads. OP Sections Rules and/or a link to the rules If you include a link to the rules, please at least put a condensed version of the rules in the thread. If some of your game rules differ from the standard game rules, please be explicit so players understand the differences. If a game has secrets or is a full or partial blackout game, the Rules section just needs to mention that. Quicklinks Put a section for quicklinks at the bottom of the post. Quicklinks are links to each turn of the game, linked to the writeup post for that turn, which a mod will add progressively through the game along with merging turns into the OP. Player List Have a list of all the players signed up for the game. This can be spoilered so it doesn’t take up space. Miscellaneous Things to Include Who are the GMs? Who is the IM? When is rollover? What is the inactivity filter? All QF’s must have an inactivity filter (a way to kill off inactives in the game). Inactivity filters in other formats are per GM’s discretion. Please include the game name or format and number in all doc titles (ie, Long Game 1: Spiked Doc, etc).
  2. Dear esteemed member of the Northern government, You have been cordially invited to a discussion on trade policies between the South and the North. We need to establish better and more consistent rules for the exchange of goods. You would like to make use of our medallions and technology while we would like to make use of your metalborn. In addition, we think this meeting could be beneficial towards the general fostering of positive relations between all nations of the South. Thank you. Please meet us at our landing space, where our airship will be waiting for you. Masks will be provided. We hope you will be able to attend. Sincerely, Dallek, Malwish ambassador. *** Basic Stuff: Factions: Medallion Rules: Medallion Roles: Hello, and welcome to LG52! This is my first game, but hopefully it won't break. Signups will close somewhere around February 17, although this could of course change depending on interest. Player List: Rule Clarifications: Quick Links:
  3. LG50: News of My Demise The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 16th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Contest for Heron Inheritance! In an exclusive to The Elendel Times, Kasaam, Steward to Lord Wayrn Heron, reveals the truth about the ill health of his master. “Lord Heron is dying,” the Terrisman said, candidly, in an interview with this reporter. Kasaam (age unknown) seems tired and worn himself now, perhaps unsurprising after a lifetime of working with such a person. “This is not too shocking; he has had a long and distinguished career, and there are few who can claim to have seen as much of history as he has. If it is a surprise, it is only that it should come now, after so long in good health. Many of his staff, myself included, almost believed that he would live forever.” Indeed, Lord Heron (91) is one of the only people still remaining who remembers the world before the Catacendre. He has previously claimed to be the only man still alive who has met The Lord Ruler, the oppressive tyrant that ruled the old world. And not content with remembering history, the man has lived his life forging it as well – There are few who do not know the name of ‘Heron Industries Mining Concern’, the eminent name in mining, quarrying, metallurgy, logistics and allomantic research. Most of our fair city was built with their aid, and it is estimated that almost twenty percent of the city’s inhabitants rely on the company for their business in some form. The question that is always posed when one thinks of the company is ‘how did they become so powerful?’. The answer, of course, lies in the old world. Lord Heron inherited his Lordship young, and took risks with his family's money, spending it on highly dangerous and profitable ventures. In particular, he helped fund the Skaa Rebellion, selling them weapons and metals in an act which would caused his execution had it been discovered. Those who knew him at the time have spoken of his calculating and, some would say cold, methods, and the ruthlessness that he pursued further wealth with. With the death of the Lord Ruler, his favourable status with the new rulers of The Final Empire saw him ascend to the new parliament created by King (later Emperor) Venture. This gave him further scope to increase his power, in a manner that a more enlightened and less chaotic time might call corrupt. With the Ascension of Harmony and the birth of the world we now live in came a great need for rapid construction. Housing, agriculture, centers of governance, all required stone and metals in greater number than ever before. Lord Heron paved great roadways to the mountains at the edge of the basin, and started to excavate and transport raw materials to the city, in the process founding Heron Industries Mining Concern. One might say that Lord Heron used risk and chaos to propel himself to ever greater heights. Indeed, whether he was extremely intelligent or insanely lucky is a matter that is still debated by many academics today. But, as Kasaam himself has vouchsafed to this reporter, Lord Heron may not be long for this world. And this poses something of a problem for the noble House of Heron and the company that bears its name. Lord Heron’s wife, Shannah Heron, passed away twelve years ago, and they had no children. Thus Lord Heron is the last of his House, and the question of inheritance arises. “We are holding a sort of… contest,” Kasaam says, with a wry smile that doesn’t quite seem to reach his tired eyes. “Lord Heron intends to adopt an heir before his passing, and to ensure that the company is not handed to someone undeserving, he will test that they possess all the traits of a Heron, and that they will lead the House to even greater glories.” All interested parties must send in their applications for no later than the 25th of the month, after which a longlist of candidates will be invited to visit Heron Keep for the second stage of application. Only nobles need apply. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Well, there’s been a lot of speculation on who was going to run the next game, and I’m happy to put those rumours to rest. Congratulations to those of you who correctly guessed that I, Brandon Sanderson, will be running LG50! ...Actually, it’s me, Wyrmhero. But I had you fooled, didn’t I? Go on, admit it. Rules There are two teams, Nobles and Spiked. The Spiked get a document to collaborate on, and get a Night Kill Action as detailed below. In addition to this, players are secretly placed in House Documents, as in LG7 (if anyone remembers all that time go). They may discuss things freely in that document. If there is one player or less alive in that House Doc, it will be made read-only. The House a player belongs to will not be made public on their death, nor will if a House has been emptied of players. The game is broken down into two Turns across each Cycle of play – The Day Turn, and the Night Turn. The game begins on a Day Turn. Day Turns last 48 hours, Night turns 24 hours. The end of each turn will be 7PM in the GM’s timezone (which is currently BST, but will change to GMT on the 28th). During the Day Turn, players vote for another player to Assassinate, and another player to Praise, such as Kasimir/Wyrmhero. A vote will not be counted unless it contains both votes. Players cannot vote for themselves for either Assassination or Praising, and cannot vote to Assassinate and Praise the same player. A vote must be removed before a new vote is placed. Players must rescind both Assassinate and Praise votes before making new ones, even if one vote when reapplied would be for the same player. It just makes my job a lot easier. At the end of each Day, as long as a player has two or more votes, the player with the most votes dies, If there is a tie, or no player has two or more votes, no Assassination occurs. Regardless of whether a player dies, after this all living players gain their Praise votes added to their total tally, and the living player who had the most Praise votes given to them that Day is Influential the next Day (if they survive...). An Influential player’s votes are worth two votes, for both Assassinate and Praise. If there is a tie, no player becomes Influential. During the Day Turn, Rioters and Soothers may use their Actions. No other Actions may be made during a Day Turn. During the Night Turn, one player on the Spiked team can use their Action to use the Spiked Kill Action. No distinction is made between the Spiked Kill Action or a Coinshot Kill Action. In addition, the Thug (if injured), Tineye, Coinshot, Lurcher, Seeker and Smoker may use their Role Actions at this time. Players may send PMs to each other as long as a Tineye is alive (you will be told if they are not). Spiked Kill Actions and Coinshot Kill Actions are simultaneous. Players may only make one Action per Cycle (going Day-Night), regardless of how many Actions they might be able to perform. An exception to this is during the first Day Turn, when a Smoker may designate themselves and one other person to be protected from Soothing and Rioting during the first Day Turn only, as a free Action. The Spiked win if they have the capability to prevent the Nobles from getting a successful lynch again, usually by the Spiked outnumbering the Nobles. If the Spiked all die, the living player with the most Praise votes wins a personal victory, Noble players in their House (dead or alive) win a House victory, and all the Nobles (dead or alive) win a shared victory. Also, I note that once more, it is my burden to bear Ookla Season. I have no idea how the mods are going to handle it this year, but at the very least I want everyone who takes part to set their title to their previous name and for everyone to refer to themselves and the other players as their normal name. The game will begin on Thursday 25th at 7PM BST. Before that time, if players wish to, they can send me obituaries to include at the time of their death. Roles Thug – The first time a Thug would die for any reason (whether at night or from the lynch), they instead survive. If it’s during the Night, their attack and survival will be publicly noted. This is a passive effect and does not require an Action to use. Afterwards, however, the Thug must use an Action to burn Pewter every Night, or they will succumb to their injuries! Tineye – As long as a Tineye is still alive, players can send PMs to another player during the Night Turn, which must include the GM. Group PMs are not allowed. If all Tineyes die, players cannot send messages to each other privately, and can only talk in the thread or their House Doc. As an Action, Tineyes may also send a message at Night to the GM to include within the next Day’s writeup. Coinshot – A Coinshot can use their Action at Night to attempt to kill another player. Lurcher – A Lurcher can use their Action at Night to save another player from being killed. If that player is attacked that Night, their attack and survival will be publicly noted. Rioter – A Rioter can target another player in the Day with their Action, at the cost of nullifying their own Assassinate and Praise votes, to change who another player has voted to Assassinate or to Praise. Influential players still have their double-strength vote changed. Soother – A Soother can target another player in the Day with their Action to nullify their Assassinate and/or Praise vote. Influential players still have their double-strength vote lost. Seeker – A Seeker can use their Action during the Night to discover what Role that player has and whether they are Spiked. Smoker – By using their Action during the Night, a Smoker can protect themselves and up to one other player that Night and the following Day from Rioting, Soothing and Seeking. Soothing and Rioting will fail and Smokers will see the player as Roleless and Noble. End of Signups Depends on player numbers, ideally want 20+. Player List Quick Links:
  4. LG39: Blood Money In the safety, even if not comfort, of his office, Praelan Waern read by the dim light of a candle. The Farmost Dominance was not known for having the trappings of modern civilisation readily available, even for one of the most important people within it. The mists washed across the open window like a wave, never entering but ushering in more cold. He shivered, reaching over his shoulder and covering more of himself with his coat. Lord Ruler, he felt old at times. Stress of the job, rather than actual age though. He shrugged off the cold as best he could and continued to read the missive he had been sent from Luthadel. The letter was signed by the High Prelan himself, and even if they were of different Cantons, it was no less an honour to have a letter written by the man addressed to him personally. Well, perhaps not written, more likely dictated. But it was regardless an important moment in his career. Perhaps his exile from the capital might soon be over, if he played his cards right. How best to start loosening The Lord Ruler’s grip on The Final Empire than by removing His agents from the most lawless and displaced parts within it? The Farmost Dominance was a nightmare to control, especially with all the tiny little communities that had fled there and never been brought fully to heel. Settlements dotted the near-wasteland like flies on excrement, each one eking out a feeble existence in some kind of act of defiance against The Lord Ruler and against the world. It had been, lamentably, his home for many years now. Unfortunately, being as he was the highest ranking member of the Canton of Inquisition here, it fell to him to counter this insidious attempt at rebellion. All the Inquisitors he could have called upon were in distant lands, and while they were not unreachable, they would take time to get here. Time he may not have. Besides which, how best to prove he should be looked upon more favourably than if he dealt with this problem himself? He might never become an Inquisitor, his lack of Allomancy sadly a black mark he could not overcome, but at the very least he might be able to return to Luthadel with his head held high. He reached over for a rope connected to a bell outside his office. He rang it three times, and then waited. A lower ranked Obligator knocked on the door shortly afterwards. Waern smiled a bit. He had respect here at least. “You rang, sir?” they asked, letting themselves in and closing the door behind them. “Yes. Tomorrow, I will see all the Obligators for a meeting, first thing in the morning. And I do mean all of them,” he added. “Effective immediately, I am cancelling all holiday and annual leave. Understood?” The Obligator winced, but then reluctantly nodded. “Understood, Prelan.” They bowed and left the room. Waern sighed and returned to the letter. A single person was not a threat, this much he knew, especially not a Skaa. But if they had gone unnoticed here for as long as the letter suggested, then who knew how much information they had at their disposal? How much leverage they could bear against those who considered them a peer? An Obligator’s life was given to The Lord Ruler and his Empire, and none would easily betray Him. But the problem with people is always that they are simply people. The Canton of Inquisition wouldn’t exist if they didn’t stray from their duty and purpose and their laws. And some might be lax in their understanding of the rules, especially when circumstance made it seem like a good thing for them to do. Maybe a long friendship would exploited to provide an alibi. Perhaps a small bit of blackmail would convince someone to do something they consider minor, but that was ultimately part of an unknown, larger plan. And then there were those Waern was sure would betray the Canton for something as base as financial gain. Those were the most detestable people of all. They considered there to be only one higher power in the world, but it wasn't The Lord Ruler. Waern sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose to ward off a headache. It looked like he would have to add ‘executioner’ to his list of duties. Rules The rules for this game are fairly standard for a Conversion game. There are two teams, the Obligators and the Traitors. The Obligators win if all the Traitors are dead. The Traitors win if they have the capability to prevent the Obligators from getting a successful lynch again, usually by the Traitors outnumbering the Obligators. As this is a Conversion game, the Traitor faction consists of just one person to begin with – The Seer. All other players are Obligators. The game is broken down into two Turns across each Cycle of play – The Day Turn, and the Night Turn. The game begins on a Day Turn. Day Turns last 48 hours, Night turns 24 hours. The end of each turn will be 9PM in the GM’s timezone (currently BST, will be GMT from 29th October). During the Day Turn, players vote for another player to lynch. As long as a player has two or more votes, the player with the most votes dies. If there is a tie, or no player has two or more votes, no lynch occurs. During the Day Turn, Rioters and Soothers may use their abilities. Players may send PMs to each other as long as a Tineye is alive (you will be told if they are not). During the Night Turn, the Traitor team can use an Action by one of their players to make a kill attempt. In addition, the Tineye, Coinshot, Lurcher, Seeker, Smoker and Seer may use their Role Actions at this time. Players may send PMs to each other as long as a Tineye is alive (you will be told if they are not). Players may only make one Action per Cycle (going Day-Night), regardless of how many Actions they might be able to perform. Sending a PM is not an Action. Roles Thug – The first time a Thug would die for any reason (whether at night or in the lynch), they instead survive. If it’s during the Night, their attack and survival will not be publicly noted. The Thug will know if they were attacked during the Night, however. This is a passive effect and does not require an Action to use. Tineye – As long as a Tineye is still alive, players can send and receive PMs to each other. Group PMs are allowed. If all Tineyes die, players cannot send messages to each other anymore. As an Action, Tineyes may also send a message at Night to the GM to include within the next Day’s writeup. Coinshot – A Coinshot can use their Action at Night to attempt to kill another player. Lurcher – A Lurcher can use their Action at Night to save another player from being killed. The Lurcher will be aware that their target was attacked, but no-one else, including the player being attacked, will know. Rioter – A Rioter can target a player in the Day with their Action, at the cost of nullifying their own vote, to change who another player has voted for. Soother – A Rioter can target a player in the Day with their Action to nullify their vote. Seeker – A Seeker can use their Action during the Night to discover what Role that player has. Smoker – By using their Action during the Night, a Smoker can protect themselves and up to one other player that Night and the following Day from Rioting, Soothing and Seeking. The Seer The Seer is the sole Traitor at the start of the game. The Seer begins with a number of beads of Atium depending on the number of players in the game. A Seer cannot be detected by a Seeker if they have no Atium left. Seers cannot give their Atium to other players other than as a bribe. Atium may be used in two ways: The Seer can use their Action during the Night to gift a bead of Atium to another player and bribe them onto the Elimiantor faction. This takes place at the end of the Night and will fail if the target dies, not costing the Seer any Atium. Coinshots will automatically cost 2 Atium. The Seer does not have to be aware that someone is a Coinshot to bribe them. If they don’t have enough Atium, the Action fails. If the Seer would die, they instead automatically burn one of their beads of Atium if they have any left to avoid the death, to all appearances in the same way as a Thug or as if they were saved by a Lurcher. This is a passive effect and does not require an Action to use. The game will begin on Sunday 8th at 9PM BST. Rollovers will be at the same time each day. Players: Quick Links:
  5. LG17: Heronfall Sixty-seven years ago, Wyran Heron was born, and The Third World of Scadrial died. Nine others were born later that same year. Whether planned by Harmony or not, or perhaps even lingering elements of The Set, ten children were born with great and terrible strengths, each both Allomantically and Feruchemically complete. With powers bordering on the divine, they carved the world up between them through feats of manipulation and cunning and strength. Ten Lord Rulers, with ten Final empires to rule; the Megacorporations of Scadrial. Now the Megacorporations control almost everything. To keep the peace between them and maintain control, each holds a monopoly on some vital aspect of life - food, metals, and so on. Their power is so great that they are even considered to be sovereign countries in their own rights, with none willing to oppose them for fear of their lives being destroyed by the vindictive companies. Those who work for a Megacorp are guaranteed a safe and comfortable life within the family, 'from cradle to grave'. Those that do not, however, are cast to the wayside. They are the Skaa of the Fourth World. But with great power comes great paranoia. Compounding is no longer a secret for the common people, and even Hemalurgy is known of in both the darkest and the brightest parts of the world. There is one thing they fear more than each other - That more of their kind would grow to oppose them, or worse, all the people of the world become gods like them. From this fear grew the Hemalurgically Identified Spirit System. The HISS was designed to track everyone unique via small computerised chips embedded in the skin, acting as spikes to observe and ensure that people did not engage in Hemalurgy. This was not the reason they gave, of course; HISSes are used for every aspect of daily life, including employment, banking and even accessing The Cognitive Matrix. For one reason or another, you despise the Megacorporations enough to be HISSless, one of the forgotten people of the world. What is there for you to do but live in the underworld? But you have less savoury talents than most. You are employed as a Mistrunner, a person employed by the wealthy elite, other Mistrunners, or even sometimes other Megacorporations, for seedy purposes. In your time, you might have been a part of bodyguarding duties, 'retrieving' valuable goods, or even the dangerous task of breaking into and hacking Megacorporation assets. But like the Skaa Rebellion in the tales, you know that it is futile. There are whispers of change on the wind, however. You have a new benefactor, Feis Yolen, a man whom it is rumoured belongs to the most secretive and powerful Mistrunner group in the world - The Seventeenth Shard. And he thinks big. By bringing together representatives from a large number of Mistrunner crews, he hopes to emulate the Survivor himself - Destabilise the establishment, and create a war between the Megacorporations. Then, while they're distracted, he wants to steal the atium that keeps them young and ensures their dominance over the world for many years to come. To that end, they must break into their secure facilities and steal data until they find the location they keep it and the location of the source. But with so many teams in one place, it is inevitable that some will be compromised. The job cannot wait though. The longer it takes, the more likely that the Megacorporations will tighten their hold on the world and kill more Mistrunner crews. The risks are high, but the rewards are greater still. The dingy bar that you are called to for this job is fairly standard for businesses in the underworld. It is dark and poorly lit (though possibly by choice rather than accident or necessity), and there is a lingering smell of strong alcohol in the room. Too strong, in fact. The smell is almost that of pure ethanol, and there is a very real sense that the building would not so much burn as caramelise if a fire broke out. There are no patrons here, or at least no actual ones. It is very obvious that all who are here before you are here for this job. Behind the bar, and surveying the rest of the room with no concealed distaste, is a young woman. It is obvious that she would prefer to be anywhere else; her glares and the wrinkling of her nose at the smell say that much. The other evidence for this is that she is wearing a rather expensive suit, the sort that a higher ranking employee in a Megacorp might wear in order to be noticed. Whenever a drink is ordered, she takes great care when serving it to avoid marking her clothes, slowly filling the glass and placing it between her and her customer cautiously. The service might be poor, but it's quickly forgiven whenever she says that it is a free bar. You take your drink with no small amount of amusement and thanks for the fact that you didn't have to pay for it, and sit with a few people you half-recognise but don't really know. People you have heard of, that you only really know by their Mistrunner handles, their descriptive nicknames. Surveying the room, you also note with some slight sadness that there are fewer of you than you would expect for a job like this. The Lone Shard crackdowns on Mistrunners seem to be having their effect. Returning to your drink and the polite but anxious light conversation that is sprinkling through the room, your mind turns to the job at hand. Your new employer, Feis Yolen, wants to take down the Megacorps, entities that have existed for decades and only become stronger with each passing moment. How it will be done, if it can even be done at all, you have no idea. But at this point, you are past caring. You signed your crew onto this mission because you have a dream of a world without the tyranny of the Megacorporations, and you will go to any lengths to realise it. No matter the cost, you will be free - in this life, or the next. General Rules While the game for the most part runs as a standard Long Game, there is one important addition: Between the Day and Night Turns, there is also a Planning Turn, based on the Resistance deception game. The Day Turn is the same as normal and lasts 48 hours. A vote will be taken and a player lynched, as usual. In the event of a tie, or of no player gathering two votes, no lynch will occur. During the Planning Turn, one player is publicly chosen at random. That player must assemble a team from the living players and inform the GM of their choice in private via their game PM. The Planning Turn lasts 24 hours. If no team is chosen, then the planner is lynched for indecision. The planner does not have to go on the mission. While I will accept Night Actions during the Planning Turn, note that it could be invalidated by the choice of players on the mission, as actions cannot be used on players on the mission. The Night Turn also lasts 24 hours, and for most people is the same as normal. At the start of the mission, the players on the mission will be publicly stated. Players who are on the mission cannot post in the thread, or use or be affected by actions. They must each message the GM via their game PM, informing them of whether they want the mission to succeed or not. If at least one player votes 'no', then the mission fails, and a random loyal crewmember on the mission dies. The players will be informed that the mission failed, but not how many 'no' votes there were, or how people voted. A Loyalist who does not message the GM will be treated as a failure vote, but they will be the one to die rather than one chosen at random. A Traitor who doesn't inform the GM is treated as a success vote. Check the thread to see if you're on the mission! Eliminators Traitorous crewmembers know the identity of their allies automatically, and share a Google doc to conspire on. Each Night, one of them may inform the GM of a player who is not on the mission that they wish to kill. If multiple players are chosen, then the first player who sent the PM will carry out the kill. The Eliminators win if they either outnumber the crew, or if the crew do not have enough players left to carry out a mission. The Eliminators lose if they all die. Roles Flavour-wise, unlike in previous games, your Roles are not based on your character's abilities - Your character may be completely separate from the specialisation of their crew, so feel free to pick whatever Allomantic and/or Feruchemical power you want for the sake of your RP. These Specialisations (as well as the Eliminator kill) cannot target people on the mission. Communications Expert - Your crew is one of the best when it comes to making connections between people in the field. While there is still one Communications Specialist still alive, players may send PMs to each other during the Planning and Night Turns. No PMs may be sent during the Day Turn (as you're all in the bar together anyway, so you may be overheard). As a Night Action, you may also either send an anonymous message to another player through the GM, or send a message to the GM to post in the write-up. Medical Knowledge - Your crew has an extensive knowledge of healing and surgery thanks to its somewhat reckless past, and combined with the advancements 'procured' from Megacorp installations, you can patch anyone up almost instantly. As a Night Action, you may target yourself or another player and save them from death if they would die that Night. Well-Connected - Your crew works best with people, manipulating and misdirecting them into thinking that they want to give you what you want without them ever realising. As a Night Action, you may target another player and... persuade them to see things your way the next day. That player's vote will change to be on another player of your choice. This choice is made during the Day. This change will be reflected in the number of votes in the writeup, but the player will still appear to have voted for their original choice. Temporal Displacement - Your crew consists of many, many Pulsers and Sliders, able to subtly change the flow of time in miniscule ways around people here and there. You may target two players at once each Night Turn. The first will have his action copied onto the second in addition to any other targets it may have. They will be informed of this and the results of both their actions. If a kill is copied in this way, they will be written as separate events in the writeup. Assassins - You're the best at what you do, and what you do isn't very nice. Death is a form of art for you, and you take it very seriously. Each Night, you may target any number of players and take out the key players in their Crew, killing that player. However, if you happen to target an innocent with these attacks, your action will be entirely negated. This attempt is a one-shot use. If you are an Eliminator, you instead get a one-shot kill. Hackers - Your crew is good at sniffing out hidden information from the Cognitive Matrix, no matter where it may be or how many locked doors it is behind. Each Night, you may invade Heron IndustriesTM' computers in a targeted strike, and discover target player's Alignment. Data Gathering - Your people have so much information at your fingertips already, thanks to your plants in the Lone Shard police force and other spies. The problem is just finding it, which will take quite some time, even if you know what you're looking for. Each Night, you may discover target player's Specialisation. False Trails - Your crew is extremely good at covering tracks - both its own, and those of others. Each Night Cycle, you can hide the Alignment and Role of yourself and/or another player during the next Cycle. This causes the target(s) to appear as Non-Specialist and Loyal. Unless stated otherwise by the player, you are assumed to be using this ability at Night on yourself. Non-Specialist - You provide the brute force (or brute intelligence, whichever is required) for the job. While you may not provide a specific strength, your versatility allows you to contribute particularly well to missions. Player List The game will begin on Saturday 6th at 8PM GMT. Quick Links:
  6. “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven…” The harsh environment of the Pantheon islands has gained a new threat. After their success on Patji, the Northern Interests Trading Company have been expanding their foothold in the Pantheon. Experience on Patji has taught a few of their number to survive the cruel jungle, allowing them to explore the islands as freely as the trappers do. Now their gaze has landed on the island of Amaji, and a small party has been sent to scout the island and weaken the resident trappers. The Game: 48 hour cycles, with combined Day and Night turns. Players get one vote and one action per cycle. Actions can include the Trader kill, Trapper special abilities, Aviar abilities (two can be used in one cycle) and giving Aviar to others. Factions: Traders - The Eliminator faction. Familiar enough with the Pantheon to pass as trappers, you are also equipped with advanced weaponry. You get one kill per cycle and can communicate in a doc; you win when your numbers are equal to the Trappers’. Trappers - Native to the Eelakin Isles, you've spent most of your lives in the harsh Pantheon jungle - first on Sori, now Amaji. You win by eliminating the Traders. The surviving Trapper with the most types of Aviar at the end of the game wins a bonus victory. Roles: The jungle has lessons to teach, for those able to learn. Aviar: Players can start with more than one Aviar. Players can have a max of 5 Aviar; up to two can be used in the same cycle. A player can give any number of their Aviar to another player, and they can also be stolen (see below). The first player to vote on the lynch target (excluding retracted votes) will receive one of the lynched player's Aviar at random. Aviar are otherwise lost when their owner dies. Caution: The Pantheon jungle is dangerous, and even the most experienced trappers can't afford to lower their guard. Each player receives a word or phrase (their 'code'), unique to them. They must include this word or phrase in a post a minimum of twice a cycle. Any player who does not has not been cautious enough. The first time is a free pass and will incur a warning. The second time, their code will be strongly hinted at in the writeup. The third time, they will die. If player A believes the code of player B is X, they may tell the GM ('Player B's code is X'). If correct, A steals all of B's Aviar (or as many as possible before reaching the cap). If incorrect, B steals one of A's Aviar. This does not count as your action, though only one guess may be made per cycle. Signups will run for 7 days; the game starts at 30th Jan, 10PM AEDT/11AM UTC/4AM MST Quick Links:
  7. QF 10- The Scadrial Atium Rush The Discovery* As James W. Marshall placed down a log of wood, he stumbled backwards. His friend helped him move the log into place, but James tripped into the river. His friend laughed and reached forward to help James up. James ignored the hand and reached into the river to push him up. His hand touched something cold, with a metallic texture. Huh? He wondered. James looked down and saw a big bead of a dark purple metal. He pulled it out and examined it. “What’s that?” His friend asked, grabbing at it. “Hey, I found it,” James said. “It’s kinda pretty, ain’t it?” “Yeah, it is. What’s it?” “I ain’t know.” James put it in his bag. “Ain’t look like any metal I know.” “Sure it’s metal? Might be some trash or somethin’.” “Yeah, pretty sure. What ya thank it is? Atium, the lost metal?” James joked. “Nah, that’s ridiculous.” His friend shrugged. “Send it back to Elendel for analysis.” “Good idea,” James said, and later that day he sent it in a package back to the city. - The first of the many independent miners to come had a pan made of metal and an insane attitude. He believed the crazy reports that had gotten everywhere- that atium had been rediscovered. The miner sat down on the bank of the river and reached down. It took him under an hour to find the tiny bead he was searching for. It was beautiful. It was a violet shade and when he polished it off with a cloth, it glowed in the afternoon light. Or maybe that was just him. He pulled out one of the glass bottles he’d brought and dropped the bead in. “Atium,” he breathed out. It made a soft clink noise. “I found it.” - That night, as a larger group arrived and set up tents, a shadow crossed the camp. A person stood in the darkness. They were a scout for the larger group that was set to come. “Atium. Rediscovered at last. No way are we going to let these ‘independants’ gain a monopoly on such a vital resource.” The corporate’s scout said as they wrote the report from the cliff. “I think something needs to be done about this.” - The next day, the first immigrant was found dead in the river. The bead of atium he’d found the day before was missing. Rules And the signups are open! Welcome to QF10. The idea of a Scadrial game without allomancy came from Renegade's QF8. Signups will be closed on Sunday, September 27 (exact time to come). The writeup time will come soon as well. If you're on a mobile and can't change the color, write this PERSON WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR[/color*], but get rid of the *s. I will try to keep a link to each cycle's writeup in my signature. And player list in the writeup. Now, happy murdering each other! *this may or may not be how the actual California Gold Rush started. Do not use this and substitute 'gold' for 'atium' for a history report. EDIT: I have switched the rules to the modified version.