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Found 41 results

  1. I will be there tomorrow, Friday 10/07! Bringing my copy of Warbreaker with me. Going to Dragonsteel first thing to get my ticket for signing. If I get to meet him, WHAT SHOULD I ASK? I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY except incoherent crying sounds right now! (Bad advice welcome. ) Lastly, if you're going and attending on Saturday, ATTEND THE Q&A and tell us what happens because it's going to be crazzzzy!
  2. This upcoming weekend is Salt Lake Comic Con and Brandon is planning to be there all 3 days. He announced this on his site yesterday, but some signing times just got posted sometime overnight: Panel and WoB's Brandon did some non-spoiler Q&A and then read the first little bit of The Apocalypse Guard. That audio can be found here: Thursday Signing Line: Friday Signing Line: Saturday Signing Line:
  3. EDIT #1: Event is over, you can find my write-up and recordings in this post. EDIT #2: Here's a [link] to the transcript. In case you've missed the news, Brandon will be in the Oak Brook Barnes & Noble on October 12. For quick reference, here's the snippet from his website: The important bit is that the event will have two parts (as is usual for Brandon's signings), each one with different admission rules. The first part (which will likely consist of a story, a Q&A, and a reading) is free and open to anyone and everyone, while the second part (the signing & personalization) requires a purchase of Shadows of Self on the spot. Which, I believe, is more than a little annoying, but their store, their rules (also, guess who is never preordering from B&N ever again). Come back to the Old Orchard Barnes & Noble, Brandon, they are nicer there! They are 10 minutes away from my house, not hour and a half... Anyway, I'll be there. I'll probably show up a little earlier (around 6, if I can), bother the personnel, and try to ambush Brandon if he makes the mistake of showing up early. For the event itself, I try to ask a non-spoilery Cosmere question during the general Q&A (you have me to thank for extracting the knowledge that unicorns do not exist in the Cosmere, thankyouverymuch), 2-3 juicy questions when it's my turn for signing & personalization, and a dozen or two after the event, if Brandon has time for 10 minutes of lightning Q&A. All of the events I've been to, he's been able to stay for a bit after and suffer my pestering, but there are no guarantees. So in this context, I'll be thinking about interesting questions in the next few days (feel free to post yours - obviously I can't promise I'll ask them for you, but if I like something I'll try to put it on my list). I'll also try to post a final list before the event, as well as an audio recording after. Kurk EDIT: Text of transcript as of 12/2016 for word-searching:
  4. I'm pretty excited to be able to attend a Sanderson signing, and I've got some questions I'm hoping I could get some help with: 1) How many books can I bring along for him to sign? I won't be bringing my entire library, of course, but it'd be neat to have both Steelheart and Firefight signed if possible. 2) I'm going to be attending the Georgia signing; for those who've attended in that area before, any guesses how crowded the event will be? How early I should get there? 3) How about taking a picture with Mr. Sanderson before/after/during the event? Is he okay with those? If I think of any more, I'll be sure to post again. Thanks in advance!
  5. Very last minute, but DH and I are road tripping down there right now! Not sure if we'll quite make it in time for the reading, though, as the weather has been spotty. Anyone else?
  6. Brandon was at the Leipzig book fair on Friday, March 24th and Saturday 25th. There were three readings, three Q & A and four signings, which gave us some opportunities for interesting questions, and we got some meaty WoBs. All announced transcriptions are there now. Big thanks to all of you who went to the signing lines and asked those interesting questions, and special thanks to @She Who Cannot Be Named and @mr42 for transcribing! Reading Leipzig Friday, 24.3.2017 - Schille Theater - Signings (transcribed by @She Who Cannot Be Named) Saturday morning: Q+A during the event and signing afterwards (no writing tipps) (transcribed by @She Who Cannot Be Named) Saturday afternoon: (transcribed by @mr42)
  7. So there are probably lots of people who frequently go to meeting with Brandon. Could those people share how these things usually look like? Any advice, tips? How come there's always some recording? Brandon's coming to Poland in March for the first time and I have zero idea what to expect. This isn't a Con, it probably will be an event hosted by the publisher company.
  8. So Paladin Brewer has been to San Antonio signing and asked a question I asked him to ask (lovely grammar is lovely...). To not-just-my surprise, it wasn't RAFO'd. Without further ado: Q: Is Threnody in the same planetary system as Sel? A: Yes, it is. I dare say that's quite a news - Sel and Threnody at the very least circle the same sun. One may even be a moon of another. We can probably guess that whatever messes with Sel's cognitive realm to make it dangerous is connected to whatever makes dead people into Shades. I've been having this thought for a while that Sel may be the Homeland of Threnodian history, and this only seems to support this. A short distance between the two would mean that it'd be easy to escape from Sel to Threnody, and the planet may've been named in memory of those who didn't manage to run away. This would also suggest that the Simple Rules come from Selan arts (AonDor, ChayShan, Bloodsealing...), not to mention that Forescouts (Silence's family), who were supposedly one of the first people to leave Homeland, were worldhoppers. What is probably more important, something chased Threnodians away from Sel. Odium returning to finish the job it started? Events of the elusive Elantris 2? I have no idea. Of course, it could also be that Threnodians are just one culture from Sel that was hit especially hard by Odium paying a visit to splinter Devotion and Dominion - hit hard enough to worldhop to another world to escape it. This would explain why their names are so different from the cultures we've seen so far (Silence and Theopolis vs. Shai and Raoden). I honestly don't know what to think of this.
  9. So today there is a book signing and a few writing lectures at Ogden high school in Utah today. Anyone else going?
  10. Anyone in or around Atlanta, Brandon will be heading to a con near you this weekend. The information is up on his website now. I highly recommend attending if you are a fan of Brandon and fantasy as a whole. I won't be able to attend, but I was able to go to a con Brandon was at earlier this year and it was a great experience. I highly recommend the "Hour with Brandon Sanderson" event for anyone looking to get some questions answered.
  11. I'll be attending the Lansing signing, hopefully recording the signing, though the employees of the store have not been very friendly so far. I'm super excited. Anyways, here's the questions I've currently got lined up. They're questions I asked on his AMA that didn't get answered, as well as some about SoS. I'll be asking them in no particular order. Let me know if I shouldn't ask any of these questions... Obviously I don't think I'll get to ask all of these, but the store did say I could go through the line more than once, so yeah. If it wasn't clear, this is the thread I'll post the after-signing report stuff into.
  12. Is anyone going to LTUE this Thursday-Saturday? There's a signing on Saturday. Link: I am too far away, unfortunately.
  13. So I was transcribing the Gollancz signing last night, and this happened: So yeah. There's going to be more Reckoners!
  14. The actual signing was weeks ago, and I was wondering why no one had created this forum (although, 2 other authors were there, so maybe that influenced that decision. Anyway, the only reason I made this is because of the questions I had asked him then; if you have any more material regarding this signing, I think someone would appreciate it being added, but I digress. I asked 2 questions which got answers 1) Q: Could wax, vin, or TLR burn nightblood? A: (paraphrased) Firstly, you're assuming Nightblood is not allomantically inert (he didnt say if it was or not), but if it was, it would be like trying to burn someone else's metalmind. 2) Q: Could you tell me anything about the other (Dysian) Aimians? A: (paraphrased) You'll be surprised when you see them, they're barely humanoid. hope you find this useful, and if you dont think these are credible, you're welcome to ask him these questions next time you see him, and if you get a different answer, I will accept being wrong.
  15. Earlier this week we reported about a change in policy with regards to release parties at BYU. Specifically they are instituting a new "digital line", which was just posted. You can sign up here. One important note, if you want to be entered into the raffle for a number between 1-100 you must sign up within the first 24 hours (i.e. between Friday at noon and Saturday at noon, Mountain time). This form is also the place where you can sign up to volunteer, if you wish to do so. In other news it appears that Steelheart is getting a new hardcover release. As we know Steelheart received new US cover art when it got released in paperback, the covers for Firefight and Calamity then continued in the new style. This new release is a hardcover of Steelheart with the "new" paperback design. This means that hardcover owners now have an opportunity to have a matching set. According to Peter this is not an actual reprinting but rather "a rejacketing of warehouse copies of the first printing hardcover". Check out our forum topics here to discuss the digital line, and here the new Steelheart release!
  16. Today, Brandon wrote a blog post about the Shadows of Self release events. We've talked recently about the Weller's Book Works signed copies, but what was most interesting about Brandon's blog post is information about the BYU release party for Shadows of Self. This might not affect most of you, but hey, we are the hardcore Brandon fans, so this is something worth noting. This year, there will not be camping in front of the BYU bookstore. This is a huge change, as people have camped since 2010 with The Way of Kings. (There were release parties before, but camping started then.) I personally came for Alloy of Law and Words of Radiance's release party, and they were a ton of fun. We even have a a ludicrously giant tent for the purpose of camping there, as you can see in the image there. Instead of your low number being determined by when you arrive prior to release, for this release there is going to be a "digital line". It's done rather effectively, because instead of the #1 copy going to the person who refreshes for the link the fastest, the lowest 100 numbers will have a raffle system. If you join the digital line within the first 24 hours, you will be in the raffle for one of the lowest 100 numbers. The higher numbers will be determined by the order you entered this digital line. So, what this means is that there's no reason to camp at BYU. At all. You need to enter this digital line. You also need to preorder Shadows of Self with the BYU bookstore by October 1st. To do this, go here and select "Pick Up Signed & Numbered Copy at Oct. 5 Event," or you can go to the store itself. The digital line opens this Friday, September 18th, at around noon (I assume at Mountain Daylight Time, which is Brandon's timezone). We will tweet and link it out when that appears available. Then, you need to go to the BYU bookstore on October 5th, any time from 8:00am to 9:00pm to pick up your number. Then, the party will begin at 10:00pm. As someone who has enjoyed camping before the release, it was always a lot of fun, and I'm sad it is different this time. It was always special to meet the hardcore fans who came early, and especially to see how far people went to get there. (Of course, many who camped were local.) The night before the release was also great, because a ton of people arrived, and everyone was exhausted the Monday morning when the BYU bookstore handed out numbers. You were exhausted for the release because you were so excited the night before. It's really sad this is gone. (It was also fun that Josh and Mi'ch generally ran the signups, but that was exhausting for them. On the plus side, Utah can be quite cold. Alloy was extremely cold, and even Words of Radiance in March was cold. I'm going to enjoy not setting up a tent and taking it down early in the morning. Regardless of the community aspect, it is really nice to stay in relative comfort. Peter, Brandon's assistant, said on Facebook about the changes to the release parties: And also: So we might see old-style release parties at some point, but not for Shadows. In other news, the Elantris re-release (which according to Brandon's blog is officially titled "Elantris Tenth Anniversary Author's Definitive Edition) also is coming out on October 6th. One of our administrators, Zach, called the BYU bookstore and they said that Elantris would be available at the release, too. Cool! Discuss this post on the forums!
  17. Brandon will be a Guest of Honor at ConQuesT 46 in Kansas City on Memorial Day weekend. Although I haven't seen an announcement on his site, the con has Brandon's schedule here. (And here's the full schedule for those who are curious.) EDIT: Brandon's announcement of his schedule. Will there be any 17th Sharders there besides me? I'm not sure what I plan to ask Brandon, but I'm open to sufficiently interesting suggestions. Also, I've never been to a con before. This one only caught my interest because it's close and both Brandon and GRRM will be there. For those who have attended cons, what suggestions would you give to a "con newbie" to help me best enjoy the experience?
  18. Hey guys, I was at the Nottingham UK signing on August 6th, and thought I would just let you know what went on there. Brandon did two readings, the first was the Shadows of Self extract that is available on his site. The way he did Wayne's voice was hilarious, and I don't think I'll ever be able to read him the way I used to ever again. The second was the new Jasnah extract in full that he's been throwing around recently. I took recordings of both of these, exited in particular to share the Jasnah one, only to find that Tor had beat me to the punch, and posted it on their website, but if anyone still wants to hear it I will add it to this post. The recording is on my phone and I'm working off an iPad at the moment because my computer is broken, so I'm still trying to figure out a way to upload it to soundcloud. Both recordings I took are good quality because Brandon was projecting instead of using a mic, and was stood practically next to me. I foolishly forgot to record the actual Q&A - I blame it on being too star struck to understand the finer motor controls of using fingers, but I will post what I remember here as I remember it. Brandon introduced a new law of magic. This is word for word what he said; the Zeroth Law - always err on the side of awesome I embarrassed myself by asking if there were any flying creatures other than skyeels, to which Brandon replied that there was a type of cremling that could fly but he couldn't remember the name of it at the time. He said that the further west you went the more flying creatures you would find, but with Highstorms being what they are nothing really wants to be flying around in one. Except for a certain Windrunner. I could have misunderstood, but at one point he said that the book he was releasing after Firefight (sequel to Steelheart) was Shadows of Self (sequel to Alloy of Law), but I thought he was doing the next Stormlight book after that, so could someone maybe clarify this. There were a lot of questions asked about writing. One of which was how important is constructing a good magic system to the story? Brandon answered something like if you had an excellent magic system but poor characters you would get a terrible story, but if you write great characters with a terrible magic system it could still be an excellent story. One question that stood out was someone asked whether the third Mistborn trilogy would be like the Cosmere version of the Avengers, which Brandon answered that he hadn't heard it described like that before. He said it would be similar, but not with the heroes from his current books as it would be set in the future. He stated that their books are their stories, and are not building up to some big crossover. Rather it could be considered that it would be like the Avengers in terms of different magic systems being seen together. I hope that made sense. Someone asked a follow up question to this, which was: When writing his magic systems, did he try and balance them all? Brandon answered that no he didn't because he thought of it like in real life some people are more skilled than others at certain things, and so some magic systems may appear more powerful than others, or some are more useful at doing certain things, but it is showing how they overcome their inabilities and weaknesses that he finds interesting. When he was signing I decided to ask about whether Shardplate came from the radiant's spirit web which I got a RAFO for understandably (I kind of wanted a card). I forgot to check here for some better questions before the signing, so sorry about that guys. I tried to stick around and see if I could hear other people's questions, but how the room was set up made this kind of difficult so I abandoned trying. The other questions that I remember have been asked and answered (or in some cases not answered) before, but if anything else manages to surface through my fanboy haze of the event I'll add it to this post. All in all I really enjoyed my first Brandon event. I got hardbacks of the Way of Kings and Words of Radiance signed, apparently I could have brought more books and he would have still signed them all, so I've learned that for next time
  19. Compiled Words of Brandon thread #2! Since the Q&A's got too long for the first post of the old thread, I'm posting a new one, then reserving the first page or so for signing reports. If any of you have Q&A's I'm missing, or audio, please let me know! (Added to the Database) Q: Will we learn more about the character currently known as Hoid in Words of Radiance? A: Yes, you will. Watch for a story told at a bar. (Added to the Database) Q: In The Way of Kings, when Shallan zones out and draws a picture of a dead noble at a dinner table, was she drawing her own father after she killed him with her Shardblade? A: Ooh, good question! You will want to read Words of Radiance, where her flashbacks may indeed involve this scene that she drew. Q: Is Hoid drawn to novel-worthy plots? Or does he ever just show up in a completely normal time/place, with no ramifications on the Cosmere, Shards, etc.? A: He is drawn to places specifically because of what's happening in those worlds. He is there and he is meddling. Q: Could any type of spren bond with a person (even if the results wouldn’t be a Knight radiant)? Or only the ones associated with a branch of the Knights? A: Ooh, that’s an excellent question. This is something theoretically possible for a lesser spren to achieve. From Emperor's Soul personalization signing Ninch Q: Could a person soulcast more Atium and Lerasium if they had a bead? A: No. Investiture messes things like that up. Pinpoint (Added to the Database) Q: Can Shardblades kill spren? A: Theoretically, yes. Q: If Hoid got beheaded, would his body grow a new head? A: Yes. Q: What if Hoid got cut by a Shardblade? A: The Shardblade cuts the soul and what Hoid does heals the soul. Q: Does Dalinar have Surgebinding abilities? A: RAFO. Q: Belief has had a lot to do with the Cosmere. Will belief have a big part to play in The Stormlight archive? A: It already has. The two scholars measuring the spren. scm288 (Added to Database) Q: So, I don't actually own a hardcover copy of The Way of Kings, but I did notice when looking at one that there's a map of Shadesmar. And that the map shows that Shadesmar geography is precisely aligned with Roshar's geography. So I'm just going to assume that other planets we've visited so far also have realms of Shadesmar that are aligned geographically. A: That's very clever of you! Very clever... Q: So I guess my follow-up question is: is Elantris a Dawncity? A: Hmm. I could see where your reasoning could come to that conclusion, but no. No, that's not it. But your earlier extrapolations are in the right direction. Talenelat (Added to Database) Q: Are we going to find out in here, why Szeth and what the Truthless are all about? A: That, you will have to wait for his flashback sequences in a future book. Each character gets a set of flashback sequences. I'm not going to promise that the characters live to the book where their flashback sequences are. You might have a character die and then get their flashbacks the next book to get more information on them. This will be Shallan's flashback, then the next book will be Szeth's flashback, then Eshonai, then Dalinar. Q: A while back someone asked if Hoid's sword is Nightblood, you said that was interesting. Is it similarly Invested? A: I'm going to RAFO that. It is a very interesting question. Q: What you can tell me about Investiture? A: That is the word for someone or something which has gained a portion of the magic of Adonalsium, so the original whatever-it-is. Like a Shardblade is an Invested object, and people if they draw in the Stormlight, they're drawing in the magic-they're Invested. Q: Why does the Stormfather consider himself dead, or will that be covered? A: That will be covered, eventually. Q: What about Kaladin getting sliced with the Shardblade and then being able to rejuvenate. A: That is a clue for what is going on with Szeth and his understanding of Shardblades and the Shardblade he has. Q: Which is an Honorblade, right? A: I can't say, but Szeth says in book one you can't heal a Shardblade wound with Stormlight. There are other very big but subtle discrepancies between what Szeth does and what Kaladin does. Q: The coats that the Alethi wear, that the officers wear. Is it a Prussian sort of thing? A: I'm thinking in my head probably french early 1800's. Just past Napoleonic. Bound tails. Q: Where did you get the basis for the spren? A: The spren are partially based out of Shinto mythology, the idea that everything has a soul and a spirit to it. And partially mixing that with my desire to have some sort of a unique representation of emotion in these books. Q: It seems like a movie adaptation would have just constant spren everywhere? A: That's why I made it so that not every use of the emotion causes them-so it wouldn't get too crazy even when I'm writing them. And what's happening is the spren exist on the Cognitive plane, on Shadesmar, so they have to be attracted, they have to be nearby enough to flock to you, so it depends on how common the spren is. Q: For a Windrunner, if he had enough heating fabrials and enough Stormlight, how high up could he get? A: You could exit orbit. Windrunners, remember they're gravitation and pressure. So if he knew what he was doing, we have actually factored how long it would take to get to the various moons. Q: You very clearly make rules for the wine in this world, like the different colors and different alcohol content. I was wondering what the inspiration for that is, and also what some of them are actually made from, because it doesn't seem like grapes. A: It's not grapes, it's a local fruit. So we would not probably call it wine, we would probably call it something else. And it's based on my desire to do funky things with world building in every way I can. [The color is a cultural thing.] Q: For the Dangerous Women story, are you going to write anything again in that world? A: That world will show up again. Silence probably won't, but the world itself, yes. It's called Threnody, it is one of the Cosmere worlds. There's not a Shard there but there are interesting things happening. There's actually been a character in other books who's from Threnody. It will eventually be clear who that is, but they have shown up in many previous Sanderson novels. Q: Would that be Hoid? A: Hoid is not from Threnody. Good question though. Hoid is from Yolen. Q: When are we first getting a look at the Cosmere coming together? A: The third Mistborn trilogy is going to involve-it's the first one I planned to do a lot with. I doubt I will do much in the second Mistborn trilogy, more than I probably have done [so far]. It's fun for me, so I'll keep including things in. You'll notice that Hoid is a bigger part of the Stormlight than previous ones, but I still don't want it to come to the forefront quite yet. Q: How deep are you going into Shadesmar in WoR? A: Not terribly deep in WoR. We're going to have to wait until Jasnah or Shallan are exploring it more. Q: For the people you have coming back in the Stormlight Archive - how do you pick who makes the cut [in the interludes?] A: It just depends on where I feel like going, the interludes are complete freedom for me. Q: In the Cosmere you have so much going on, what happens when you come up with something that would conflict with something else? A: Then I don't put that in the Cosmere. Q: Does Nightblood rip souls out of bodies, by chance? A: Nightblood consumes Investiture, including the spark of life. Q: Is there a difference between Shadesmar and the Cognitive realm? A: Shadesmar is a word for the Cognitive Realm specifically touching - It's like San Diego is a word for a place in America. It's a local word. Q: What kind of changes do Slivers go through after letting go of a Shard's power? A: It leaves them, imagine it like a balloon that has been deflated. Q: Ok so would Rashekk still have had powers? A: He would have had some residual effects. But it also works the soul in weird ways, like a baloon that has been deflated. Q: If Endowment were killed, would the Returned still come? A: Somebody needs to hold the magic. If no one holds the magic, the magic will start to gain sentience. Interesting and bizarre things happen then, so I would say yes, but with the caveat that with whoever picks up the power or what happens with the power could end up changing that. Q: To the spren, is becoming mindless the same as death? A: They consider it as such. Q: Are there birds outside of Shinovar in Roshar? A: There are, but very few and they are all in the west. So you're not going to find birds in Alethkar for instance. Unless they're chickens that have been brought, or something like that. Q: Can Breath be used to power Surgebinding? A: They are very similar Investitures, and most of the magics can be powered with the other magics if you are capable of making that happen. Q: What would happen to the Breath? A: The Breath would be consumed in the same way that Stormlight is. A renewing resource, much like Atium is. Q: Any chance of a Shardspear? A: Shardspear? YOU are going to get RAFO'd. Q: Does Hoid ever show up somewhere, stand around for awhile, realize that there isn't a novel-worthy plot going on, and leave? A: [Laughed] Yes, Hoid gets around a lot and that has happened a couple of times. He does not know everything. Q: Can someone bond more than one Honorblade A: Honorblade? You can't bond an Honorblade, though it can be given to you. Shardblades, however, come from a spren bond and it is possible to bond more than one. [This was cleared up at a later signing.] leinton (Added to the Database) Someone else’s question was about the safehand and Brandon gave new information on it. The essay that defined masculine arts as being ones with two hands and feminine needing only one was in order to let men secure power over Shardblades. DefiantBurrito (Added to the Database) Q: Can you tell me what Wit put in his drink in Shallan's flashback scene? A: It was something that you or I would probably not want to eat in our world, but that Wit got some benefit from eating. Q: Something we've seen in the Mistborn books, perhaps? A: [sounding pleased] Yes, perhaps like something you've seen in Mistborn.
  20. Should Brandon re-schedule the Philly signing that should have been tonight but was cancelled due to a little bit of snow.... I know Vin would have made it even if she had to use a few Horseshoes...
  21. On 19th April a few UK-ers met up for drinks in London, and lo, 'twas awesome. On twitter, Peter mentioned that Brandon will be doing a signing in the UK sometime in July/August (NOT at LonCon, 'though Harriet will be there) so that's 2 potential meet up dates: 1) The Signing (details to follow when we know when it'll be, I'm thinking pre/post meetup and drinks); and 2) LonCon 14-18 August 2014, ExCel London - if people are going LonCon let us know the dates you will be there and we can maybe meet up for a Sanderfan toast/drinks. Let me know if you're interested in coming along, had a great time at the weekend and would be awesome to meet up and have very involved cosmere convos again
  22. Anyone go and have their questions answered?
  23. This is just a thread to make things a bit neater for reports from the signing tomorrow. The original thread has two pages of "who's coming?" and the like, so better to have a clean start with the proper tags. Content to follow from various Sharders (myself included, hopefully) in the next few days.
  24. This will be my first time going to a book signing, since I was out-of-town for the Rithmatist one last year. And like many others in my position, I'm having a hard time settling on questions to ask. I have a few that I've been thinking about for a while, but if any have already been answered, I wouldn't mind asking something else. And if anyone has some more interesting ones, feel free to pitch them. Edit: Signing has ended. Brandon is awesome--like Lift, but not so flashy. Full transcription will have to wait for a while, but I want to share a few things while it's fresh. He laid out his upcoming schedule again. The reading was the incubation magic (The Silence Divine), described as a short story. There were two mistcloaks, a Szeth, and a Chalking. Edit Mar-17-2014: Here is a link to the introduction, public Q&A session, and reading, 31 minutes long Edit Apr-16-2014: Full transcriptions are lots of work, particularly when life interferes with progress. Rather than continue this charade, I've gone ahead and prepared the audio for distribution. If you want to chip in with transcriptions of questions that interest you, please post them here so I can add them to my master list. You are also welcome to inquire about particular questions, and I'll try to get them transcribed for you. Please be aware that the audio was recorded with a gator clip mike that I carried, so the audio quality varies with my proximity to the signing table. After the first four or five questions, I had secured a decent spot. The original file was three point five hours, but I've taken the liberty of reducing that to the "Good Parts" version posted below. The audio in particular, and perhaps the question index as well, is rife with spoilers, so peruse at your own risk. Here are Dropbox links for the signing audio, and an index for the 85 minute file. 20140313_Sanderson_Omaha_QA_Reading.mp3 (31 minutes) 20140313_Sanderson_Signing_Trimmed.mp3 (85 minutes) 20140313_Signing_Questions_Index.txt Some Questions Asked (with Paraphrased answers):
  25. From Brandon's website: For any 17th-Sharders planning on going to this: Is anyone planning on recording it? If not, I could probably do so.