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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, It's come to our attention that some signatures (that is, the thing that appears after your post) on the forums are quite unnecessarily long in vertical space. With this in mind, we are changing our guidelines on signature length. I think the previous, very loose guidelines worked for a small community, but as the site's evolved, things need to change, and the rules need to be more strict. Here's the general idea: if you make a really small post (a line or two), your signature should not be much longer--vertically--than the space the forum regularly allots your post to be. When signatures are long, this is very annoying to scroll through when a person writes a one sentence post, and yet it actually takes the space of two or more posts. I think we can all agree that we want the desktop viewing experience on the forum to be as pleasant as possible, and long sigs really hurt that goal. Here are the new signature rules: Image Restrictions The total size of all images in your signature may be up to 500 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall. This means you can have multiple small icons next to each other, but all the images cannot take up any more than that space. It's really important that this is the case. Having images much wider than 500 pixels extends the forum length in the Personal Messenger area, and as for height, we generally want to reduce the amount of scrolling that takes place on topics. Yes, this means you can't have multiple big banners any longer. Sorry. Animated GIFs should also not be used. GIFs cause direct page-load and performance problems. Total Signature Size Look at one of your posts. See that vertical line separating the left-hand side--which has your avatar, post count, and rep count--and the post content? That's the minimum height of your post, regardless of how much or how little you write in a post. Therefore, here is the restriction on signature lengths: if you write a one-line post, your signature should be contained within this vertical line. This makes it so short posts actually appear short and do not cause undue scrolling. Note that images also need to be within that vertical line (in a one-line post), but fortunately, if you have a 500x100 banner, you actually have a lot of room for text--like, say, the theories you espouse, or other pithy lines. Also, as should be obvious, your signature (or posts, for that matter) shouldn't increase the width of the site. This has very rarely occurred, so I'm not concerned, but let's make that explicit. No More Spoiler Tags Some use spoiler tags in signatures to hide particularly long content. There's not much reason for this, and hiding large images in these spoiler tags still means that your browser has to load them. Due to the general unnecessary nature of these, and the increase in page load from hiding lots of things, there should no longer be spoiler tags in signatures. Elimination Score Count This one is specific to the players of the Sanderson Elimination games. There should be no more keeping scores in signatures. There have been concerns brought forward about them, and it’s time to stop having that as part of your signature. In Conclusion We'll start enforcing these rules this Sunday, September 20th. We'll generally PM you to alter it, and if that doesn't happen in a reasonable fashion, we'll remove it. I hope this sounds reasonable! End of the day, your signature should tell us a little bit about you, a personal touch, a bit of flair. It shouldn’t be an all-inclusive autobiographical history of your life, or even your time on the site.
  2. A constant problem on the Shard for me has been seeing someone's profile picture or signature and thinking, "Rusts. I need to give that all the upvotes." But then the actual post they made didn't really warrant an upvote to you, so you move on and forget about it. Now, if I'm being stupid and there is already a thread that has this basic functionality or you can do this directly in someone's profile, tell me. Otherwise I thought we could start here! EDIT: I figure we can also upvote for awesome ranks or usernames!