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Found 2 results

  1. Cycle Three: Ash Turns Blue Liranil was tired of people telling her what to do. She was tired of offering solutions and being shot down. She was tired of everyone pushing her one way and pulling in another. She’d simply had enough. You know what? I don’t care what any of you think. You think I’m not worthy of making my own choice? That I have to be herded into making a decision? No, I’m going to take matters into my own hand. Liranil stormed into Star’s tent and looked around for them. She finally found them huddling in a corner and reading something. She rushed, reaching over to Star and feeling their source to the One Power. In one clean strike, she cut the link, Stilling them in the process. She turned to look over their belongings, only to realize a knife in her torso. She looked over to Star, realized they had swiftly stabbed her while she was in the process of Stilling them. She smiled, looking at the crestfallen and aghast face of Star. I’ve done it. I’ve found one of them. The long rumored existence of the Black Ajah. The others will find me here, and Star will not be able to hide their Stilling. I’ll always be remembered for uncovering the stain that was the Black Ajah. She thought this wouldn’t have happened if she had listened to the others. It has her decision that mattered in the end. With that, she found contentment and finally closed her eyes. *** Faleast was walking around the camp, whistling to a tune, without a worry in the world. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a bright blue bolt of blistering lighting struck him, and he whizzed out of the world. Ashbringer was eliminated. They belonged to Rebel Aes Sedai of the order Blue Ajah. Liranil was killed. She was a Rebel Aes Sedai of the order Green Ajah. StrikerEZ was killed. They were a member of the Black Ajah hiding within the order White Ajah. Vote Count: Ashbringer (6) : Matrim's Dice, Breaker, StrikerEZ, James Brafin, Illwei, Devotary of Spontaneity Dannex (5) : Gears, Ashbringer, Quinn0928, Lotus, Archer, Liranil Quinn0928 (1) : Dannex @The Unknown Order and @Kings_way have been warned of inactivity. If they do not post during this cycle, they will be removed or replaced. Cycle 3 has begun and will end on January 17, at 23:30 IST [GMT + 05:30]. Please try to bold your votes, and give retractions in green. Don’t forget to put your actions in! Player List:
  2. weemloc! Inverted-Animal Magnet-Snake Arms Never Ever. Ytnad orsti ualet!