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Found 3 results

  1. guild

    Thel walked out to the front of the Crawler. He amplified his voice, "MY FRIENDS!!! WE HAVE BUILT OUR FORCES LONG ENOUGH!!! TODAY WE ANNOUNCE OURSELVES TO THE WORLD, AND START OUR TRUE MISSION!!! THE SPREADING OF ORDER AND TRUTH THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE!!! WE WILL BE UNITED WITH ALL THOSE THAT JOIN US!!! LET ALL THOSE THAT WISH TO JOIN US, COME!!!" The army cheered and fired their weapons into the air. The sky lit up with the light of rocket fire and the sounds of gunshots. The Precursor army was ready to go into the world, and help anyone in the Alleyverse with their law and order problems, and would respond to any threat to law and order across the planet. They would not force themselves upon other cities, and would not be dangerous. Welcome to the precursors! Our mission, is to maintain peace and order within the Alleyverse. We will go to war, but only if we believe that joining one side will maintain peace and order for a more long term amount than the other. Unless they are erratic and viscous, we will generally join the winning side. We would like to ally ourselves with any law enforcement group, and will go in to try and stop any battle, or disruption of piece in existence. We have 50 regiments, which each regiment has 2 hundred men, and the regiments are shown below. I also have to say this. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY who is not a god, or a member of the precursors, will have command of more than 3 basic soldiers from a normal regiment. That is all bribes will get you. Nobody can bribe crawler guards. Nobody. THE OATH OF THE PRECURSORS *This is in general, and out of character. If it relates to us, don't accept bribes.
  2. Here at Kane's, we sell all sorts of canes! Dueling canes, walking canes, gun canes! Come get your canes! 2 for 1 deal!